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A Private House Ch. 02

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After a long day at the office I was driving home and my mind wandered back to that day, about two weeks ago, that I had my first experience with paid sex with the beautiful Emily. My cock jumped when my thoughts went back to her blue eyes and how she had looked at me while I blew my load in her mouth. I was pulled back to reality when another car sounded his horn; I had come to a complete stop on the road thinking about Emily.

After a quick dinner I went onto the web to see if I could find anything else about APH 35. After a few minutes of searching I was stunned by how big this world was, there were ads for lots of houses but also for escorts and even girls who would meet you at their own home. I was completely blown away by the possibilities. After a while I decided to see what the possibilities could be in my own town and went through the ads that came up.

Going through the ads I noticed I was getting hornier by the minute and I decided at that moment to go to one of the houses the next day. I came across an ad of APH 35 but I wanted to see if the other houses were any different of APH 35. One ad caught my attention; it wasn’t that far away from my house but still in a neighborhood where I didn’t know anybody.

The next morning I called the house which I had chosen and asked if they were open and a sweet voice on the other end of the line told me that that was the case. She also told me that the front door would be open so I could walk straight in.

On my way over I was quite nervous, although I had done this before, you never know what to expect. I parked my car a block away and started on the short walk to the house. When I entered the door I was greeted by the hostess and she led me into a cozy waiting room and said that the girls would be along shortly and asked if I would like something to drink. Not long after I got my soda the first girl entered the room. She was a short brunette with nice tits and introduced herself as Wanda, after her came an array of women from short to tall, from skinny to right out fat.

After about six women I was wondering if this was such a good idea but then a gorgeous red head entered the room. She introduced herself as Jennifer and the thing that caught me again where the eyes, she had beautiful green eyes and had a smile that matched her face perfectly. She was wearing a long white silk dress and had on a pair of matching heals which gave her the stance of a lady. The dress accentuated her figure lightly and I noticed that she had nice firm tits which weren’t too big but definitely not too Escort Bayan small. She was a bit shorter than I was, she was just beautiful.

After she had left the room the hostess came back and informed if I had made my choice, I told her that I would love to go with Jennifer. Jennifer came back and took my hand to go to the room, when we were on the stairs I saw her looking back at me and she gave me a smile which made me melt like butter. I couldn’t believe my luck with this girl, after all, my hopes weren’t that high after the first six women. When we got to the room she wanted to take care of business right away so that that would be over, again I paid for an hour and she was off to get her stuff and put away the cash.

Meanwhile I took a seat on a nice leather sofa that was there and took a look around the room. On one side beneath a blinded window was a Jacuzzi and a sink, in the middle of the room was a king-sized bed with its head end pushed against the wall which contained a large mirror and in my corner was the sofa. Then I noticed that there was another large mirror put on the ceiling directly above the bed, that’s just one of the fantasies every man has and I was going to live it.

When Jennifer came back she sat next to me and gave me a very nice soft kiss on the lips, she asked if I had any wishes and I told her that I would love to try out the Jacuzzi if there was time. She said that there was plenty of time and started to fill the Jacuzzi. She then came back and sat on my lap and gave me a long deep kiss where our tongues entwined like there was no tomorrow. I picked her up and laid her on the bed were she took of my shirt and trousers. With only my boxers fighting against my raging hard on, I started to kiss her again and slowly made my way down her neck and further towards her tits, meanwhile I started to undress her and revealed one hell of a body. She wasn’t wearing a bra so in no time I was sucking and playing with her tits. My hand wondered further down her body and was meted by an already moist thong. While my hand was roaming over her inner thighs and occasionally over her clit I gave her a long hard kiss.

All of a sudden she flipped me over and started kissing me while her hands where wondering al over my body and eventually ending in my boxers. A shiver went through me when her hands touched my cock for the first time, she did it ever so gently leaving me wanting for more the whole time. While she played with my balls she started kissing down my neck and upper body, not forgetting to give my nipples some attention. Escort Lightly she bit in one of them and it sent shivers through my whole body again. After a while she went further down with her kisses where she eventually ended just above my boxers.

With one tug my boxers were flying across the room and I was totally naked while she was still caressing my balls. She took my cock in her hand and slowly started kissing up my shaft and the moment she closed her lips around my cock I came close to filling her mouth with cum. Jennifer started sucking my cock with long and deep strokes and within minutes I was at the edge of cumming but every time she stopped and squeezed my cock to stop me. After playing this game for several minutes she suddenly took my entire cock in her mouth and started to suck and hum on my cock, this sent me straight into heaven and I filled her mouth with cum. After she had sucked every last drop out of my cock she lied down next to me and I gave her a long deep kiss which she returned with a deep passion.

In the meanwhile the Jacuzzi was full and ready to go, we sank into the water and I laid there totally relaxed with her against me. I asked her if she had any toys with her and she told me she had a remote controlled butterfly in her purse. She got out of the Jacuzzi and handed me the remote, she showed me how it worked and also let me feel the little vibrator egg that was in the butterfly. I had never seen such a toy and was quite anxious to play with this. She strapped the butterfly directly on her cunt and came back into the Jacuzzi with me. The remote had three buttons; pulse, continuous and surprise. On the side there was a wheel which controlled the strength of vibrations.

I decided to start with a soft pulse and she laid back against me and closed her eyes, I slowly increased the strength of the pulse and in no time Jennifer was squirming in front of me. The moment I stopped the toy she looked at me with eyes burning with lust. When I turned the toy on again on continuous she was squirming through the water again. Somehow she managed to turn around and straddle me, now I also could feel the egg vibrate against my cock. My cock came back alive in no time, how bigger my cock became the better I could feel the vibrations. Just before she came I turned the egg of again and didn’t turn it on again till she was totally relaxed. While she sat on my lap and kissed me I turned the wheel to max and turned on the surprise function and put away the remote. She didn’t notice this and the moment she started to beg me to turn Bayan Escort the egg on again, it started. First it came with a few short but hard pulses which were followed by a long pulse, the moment the egg turned off again I got a playful slap on my chest with Jennifer begging me to let her cum. I told her that it was out of my hands now, that moment the egg began again and Jennifer came immediately after which she came again and pulled the butterfly off of her cunt. She sank into my arms and we laid there cuddling for a while, I couldn’t believe that she had let herself go like that but I liked it very much.

We talked a bit and she told me to get out of the bath and lay face down on the bed. She began to give me a very nice massage and I was getting hard again of just the feeling of her hands roaming all over my body. So the moment she told me to turn around I had a huge pole between my legs, she slipped a condom on my cock but didn’t fuck me quite yet. First she carefully positioned herself so that my cock was trapped between my own stomach and her hot and wet pussy. She began to give my chest a massage while at the same time start to slide backwards and forwards over my cock. She gave me a long but soft kiss and positioned herself right at the tip of my cock and with one motion I completely filled her lovely warm cunt, we laid like that for a while before she started fucking me very slowly. After some time I turned her on her back and started to fuck her a bit harder, she whispered in my ear to fuck her silly and from that moment on we fucked like rabbits, I took her hard and deep. She wrapped her legs around me so I could penetrate her as deep as possible. She straddled my lap again and rode me like a fucking bull. In the corner of my eyes I saw the butterfly laying on the bed and noticed it was still on. I told Jen I wanted to fuck her doggy style, while she was getting on al four I picked up the butterfly without her knowing. After a few thrusts I suddenly held the butterfly against her clit and she started to squirm and I felt her pussy contract with the pulses of the egg. In no time I was cumming and the moment I was coming to my senses again she came with my cock still in her pussy. This was a wonderful feeling and we laid there for a while with my softening cock still buried in her pussy.

We hugged and kissed for a while when it was unfortunately time to get dressed, I had completely forgotten again that I had paid for this. After we had gotten dressed she gave me her number, now I could make an appointment with her the next time I would like to. After a few farewell kisses I was back on the street again. While I walked back to my car I couldn’t believe I just had the fuck of my life but now I was walking through the streets. From that moment I knew I was hooked.

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