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A Perfect Partner

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Big Tits

I was sitting in traffic on my way home from work when my phone rang. The caller ID said that it was my friend Kim. She told me that she had a rough day, was feeling down and needed to talk to someone. I explained to her that I was stuck in traffic, and I invited her to meet me at my apartment in about an hour. She said that she would rather go out, and she asked when I might be able to pick her up. I agreed to pick her up in about an hour and a half, giving myself some time to get home, freshen up and unwind a bit before meeting up with her.

I have always looked at Kim as a great friend and at 5′ 2″ with great curves in all the right places and long brown hair, blue eyes and C cups, she is also a sexy little fireball. At times, I have entertained notions of seeking a romantic interest in her, but I have never though of myself as “her type of guy”. Kim has had a tendency to date “bad boys” rather than “nice guys”. I am more reserved, and quieter than the guys that have occupied her dating history. Kim and I have been close friends for about 3 years now, going back to the time that we worked for the same company. I have since left that company but we have stayed in touch.

When I got home I freshened myself up and changed out of my business casual attire. I threw on a sweater and jeans, sprayed on some cologne and headed to go pick up Kim. Kim was already sitting on the front steps of her building in jeans and a denim jacket when I pulled up. She gingerly sauntered down the steps toward my car. As she got closer, watching her in her stride I couldn’t help but notice how her jeans fit her exceptionally well, and she was wearing a cute and relatively skimpy floral halter-top underneath the denim jacket. She looked exceptionally hot for a girl that reportedly was feeling very upset.

I got out of my car to open the door for her. Instead of sliding right into the passenger seat she gave me a hug the moment she reached me. She thanked me for coming over to see her, as the sweet and sexy aroma of her perfume permeated the air of my car. Her eyes and lips were dressed up to be as sexy and engaging as I could have ever imagined her looking. I told her that she looked and smelled great, and that I was happy to be there for her. She told me that she dressed herself up because it was all she could do to help her feel good about herself. I took her hand and suggested that we talk about over coffee, as I drove toward our favorite café where we have had other such talks. She nodded in approval of my idea and held my hand firmly.

She began telling me about the guy that she broke up with 2 weeks ago. How he did not make her feel loved or special, in any intimate fashion. She was beginning to doubt herself and what kind of person she was, and whether or not she would ever find anyone that would make her feel as desirable and loved as she thought she deserved to feel. I told her that there was no doubt in my mind that she would find that person much sooner than she was presently thinking she would. We pulled up to the café, and Kim mentioned that she would rather just take something to go and head somewhere where there were not so many people. Kim held my arm tightly as we walked in together and ordered our drinks. The smell of her perfume was tantalizing, and I could not help but once again entertain those romantic notions that I had previously had of her. I was thinking to myself that I have, and I would continue to treat her just as she wanted to be treated, I have always cared deeply for her, and I wanted her very badly when we first met.

We left the café and drove down to the pier. We talked about love and relationships on the way there. She said that her drink was making her feel warm and she slid off the denim jacket. The skimpy halter-top magnificently shaped the curves of her breasts. I did my best to make sure that I did not drool from my mouth, but I was certainly drooling from my eyes. I was doing my best to Kastamonu Escort concentrate on acting as a friend to Kim and not trying to rip her clothes off and take her right there in the back seat of my car. She had me so turned on, just from the way that she was dressed, the way she smelled, and her body language. It was as if each word from her lips was lulling me deeper and deeper into a hypnotic trance. She had me completely captivated in this trance, and I was ready to yield to all of my carnal desires. Sensing that she was in a moment of vulnerability I figured that this would be my best chance ever, but little did I know that it was she who had me exactly where and how she wanted me. Kim snapped me out of the trance when she looked deeply into my eyes and asked “Charlie, if I were your girl would you treat me exactly the same way as you do now?”

“Of course” I answered her, “just as well, and maybe even better.”

“I want to be your girl Charlie” she replied. “I love the way you make me feel, and the way you treat me.”

I was so surprised at this unexpected proposal that I clumsily asked, “Are you sure about this?”

Thankfully, she answered, “I’m very sure about this” with a sly grin on her face, as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips down to mine. I returned her kiss yielding my lips to hers as she deftly sucked and licked my lips. I grabbed handfuls of her soft hair and I pushed her back into her seat and climbed on top of her. I tore my mouth from hers and began to kiss and nibble her neck. I felt as though an internal dam of pent up lust had just been breached. I was about to tear through the skimpy halter-top and devour her breasts, when I realized where I was and what I was doing. After all that we had been through and the way that we had arrived at this point, I could not take her like this, in my car at the pier. I pried myself away from her and I said, “I’m sorry but we can’t do this, not here, not now, not like this.”

Kim looked at me confused and agitated and said “but you just said that you wanted me, and I just put myself out for you, why are you saying no to me?”

“Its not at all that I don’t want you” I said, “its just that, I don’t want to have you for the first time here in my car at the pier, I want our moment to be more intimate than just the seat of my car” I explained.

I think that my words only made her want me even more as she reached for the bulge in my pants and speaking in short breaths she said “forget about that I want you so badly right here and right now.” She deftly snaked one hand under my sweater running her nails against my chest while her other hand continued to rub the bulge in my pants. She leaned into me heavily and hungrily pressed her lips to my mouth kissing me with heat and passion.

Her heat and sense of urgency were driving me wild. Somehow I gathered my senses and came up with a solution. I pried her hand from my pants, opened my fly and released my hardening cock. I snaked my hand behind her neck and pulled her face down toward my cock. She braced her hands on my thighs pushing them open giving herself more room to be comfortable. Her mouth was open with her tongue sticking out as I lowered her face to my cock. She circled the head with her tongue in a fluid motion with her mouth engulfing the shaft. She pushed her lips as far down the shaft as she could with her tongue teasing the underside of my cock, and she started to suck me.

Slowly and cautiously I began to drive away from the pier heading back to her apartment. Her mouth felt amazing on me, and she was sucking my cock with unbelievable desire for it. I had never before had an earnest feeling from a woman of such a sincere desire to give me pleasure this way. Her head was bobbing up and down my shaft with her tongue wrapped around my cock, every so often she would just suck on the head for a moment and lick the droplets of pre-cum Kastamonu Escort Bayan from the tip, and I nearly drove into a parked car when she did that.

When I stopped at a red light I pried her away from my cock to kiss her. The car sat by the light while we had our lips and tongues enmeshed until the driver behind me started honking that the light was green. As I pulled away from the traffic signal her head once again disappeared from view back into my lap. Her mouth, lips and tongue felt so fucking nice on me, it took every last ounce of brainpower for me to concentrate on driving. As we neared her apartment and I was managing to get into more control of my driving I let one hand go from the wheel, down her back to her ass. I slipped my hand under the waist of her jeans and started to rub and squeeze her ass. It must have been making her hotter because she began to suck and lick me with even greater fervor. When we reached her place I convinced her to tuck my cock back away while I parked so that I wouldn’t have to run to her building with my cock hanging out of my pants.

Stepping out of the car and walking the few steps up to her building I kept myself very close right behind her to hide my obvious arousal from the general public, but there was nothing that we could do to hide the blatant lust that was in our eyes. Waiting for the elevator I pressed her against the wall with my hands at her hips pressing the bulge in my pants against her as we kissed. She placed her hands on my chest and teased my nipples as our tongues danced together.

We stepped into the elevator alone and I opened her jacket and took her tits in my hands. I played with her nipples through her top as we continued to kiss feverishly. Stepping out of the elevator we stumbled our way to her door kissing and fondling. We entered her apartment and I pulled her coat halfway down her arms holding her arms at the side of her body. I pushed her roughly against the door and I kissed, sucked and nibbled her neck. My mouth trailed down her neck to her collar and then back up to her ear licking, sucking and nibbling all along the way. I thrust my body against hers pressing my chest to her chest, my hips to her hips, and my cock against her pussy. I was now releasing my own lust and urgency for this stunning, sexy woman that I have wanted to with for so long. She was starting to sigh and pant and I finally dropped her coat to the floor releasing her arms. She pushed me back from her and pulled her top from her chest, at the same time I pulled my sweater over my head and then grabbed her by the wrist. I pulled her by the wrist straight to her bedroom. I threw her down on the bed and grabbed for the zipper of her jeans. I yanked them down to her ankles taking a brief moment to appreciate her sexy red thong.

With her pants around her ankles I dropped my own pants and my boxer briefs, and then removed her pants completely. I climbed on top of her wrapping my arms around her pressing our heated naked bodies together. I was again taking a moment to allow myself to be intoxicated by her scent, and by the touch of her soft skin. We rolled on the bed kissing and groping, our hands roaming each others bodies too fast for me to recall what I was touching and when, but I know that I touched her all over and I loved the way her body felt. I sucked and nibbled on her nipples taking each one in my mouth, and first sucking gently but then gradually sucking harder until I pulled my mouth back grazing the nipple with my teeth. She teased my nipples too with her fingers and her tongue, as we rolled back and forth on the bed.

Somehow she ended up on top of me and sat up straddling me with a devilish look in her eyes. She ran her fingernails down my chest sending sensations through my body. I reached for her breasts but she caught my wrists and pushed my arms down to my side. She pinned my arms down with her legs as she adjusted herself Escort Kastamonu to be sitting over my face. My breathing quickened as I could see her pussy glistening with wetness. “I gave you some good head before and now I want to see what you can do too,” she purred as she lowered her pussy to my mouth.

I lifted my neck and snaked out my tongue to lick her lips. I started by rolling my tongue along her sweet wet lips slowly, just to take in her taste. I pressed just the tip of my tongue between her lips and began to lick her up and down. She began to push herself more against my face, wanting my tongue deeper inside her. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could inside her and fluttered my tongue up and down. I pulled my tongue back out of her and licked her lips then pushed my tongue back in, I pushed my tongue as deep as I could inside her and then pulled it back and then pushed it back in, fucking her with my tongue. She was sighing and moaning as she ground her pussy against my face. I could feel her wetness on my chin. I rolled my tongue around in circles inside of her quickly, and then I made slower circles, and then quickly again. The changing pace of my tongue was driving her wild.

I rolled my tongue from between her lips up to her clit. She grabbed the back of my head and held my face against her pussy. I pressed my tongue against her clit and wagged my tongue from side to side over her clit. Her sighs and moans were getting louder and louder and I could feel her climax building in her body. I licked her clit slowly, and then quickly and then slowly again. She was writhing thrusting herself into my face. Suddenly she shoved my head down to the bed away from her. She turned around releasing my arms and grabbed my cock. She bent down and licked up the pre-cum that had accumulated at the tip of my cock. She looked back at me and with my cock in her hand she hissed “I want this inside of me right now.”

I sprung up to my knees and grabbed hold of her hips as she had lifted her ass in the air for me. I rubbed my cock against her wet slit. She started pushing herself back against me wanting me inside of her, wanting to cum with my cock inside her. I slid the tip of my cock between her lips, and her welcoming pussy engulfed me fully to the hilt. I quickly established a fast rhythm rocking my hips against her pushing the full length of my shaft deep inside her. She matched every thrust, pushing herself back against me. The walls of her bedroom echoed from the sounds of our bodies slapping together, and from her sighs and moans. My cock felt amazing inside of her as she clenched the walls of her pussy around me, trying to hold me right there inside of her, milking me.

I sensed that she wanted to be in control, but I wasn’t ready to give it to her so quickly. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and hissed at her “is this what you want? You want my cock to fuck your sweet little pussy nice and hard?”

“YES! YES!” she screamed back at me. “Fuck me harder” she hissed at me.

I tightened my grip on her hair and pushed her down into the bed. I released any energy that I had been holding back and I slammed my cock into her as hard and fast as I could. I let go of her hair and grab her hips pulling her against me with each thrust of my cock. I could feel her body starting to shake again, as she was nearing her climax again. I grabbed her wrists and pulled her up against my body. I reached around her waist and began to rub her clit as I continued to fuck her. She started to quiver more now, and she was sighing more loudly too. I rubbed her clit faster and whispered in her ear “cum for me baby right now”, and that is exactly what she did.

I grabbed the back of her neck and turned her face to me to kiss her as I felt her body quake in her climax. She sighed and she shook as waves of orgasm rocked her body. I pulled my cock from her pussy and pushed her head down to me. I pushed my cock into her mouth and grunting and twitching I filled her mouth with cum. She closed her eyes and sucked me clean. When she had licked the last drop from the tip of my cock we lay down together and laughed. Neither one of us had ever realized that the perfect partner had actually been there all along.

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