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A Note of Sexy

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Ava Taylor

Up goes the garage door and you find a note on the garage/kitchen door saying to step inside and get naked then to put on the blind fold that is hanging on the door handle.

You do as the note asks and are waiting for my next instruction. I come from the bedroom already naked with my cock half hard. I have the paddle in one hand and take your hand in my other. I pull you into me to kiss you and smack your ass with the paddle which gives you a little jump.

I let go of your hand and raise your chin up so I can kiss your neck and explain, “I have been waiting for you and wanting you. I have been thinking about how I am going to use you as my sex toy.”

And with that I lead you to the bedroom where I already have the white wedge on the bed. I sit you on the edge of the wedge and lay you down the incline. I’m gazing down at your beautiful mound want to lightly lick up and down. Tasting your sweet juices then using them to lubricate my penis. But first I need to tie your legs up and behind your head. I don’t want you to leave this position until I am totally drained.

With the last tug on the tie that is securing your legs to the head board I kiss my way down your legs. Starting with your ankle my hands are leading the way by kneading and massaging. I slow down as I get to your thigh. Savoring every kiss; feeling your warm skin against my lips.

I kiss your right pussy lip the softness is incredible. Escort Bayan I kiss down and back up along your slit and jump over to the other side by your clit. I want to tease you more. I want you to be wet before I start to eat you out. Kissing up and down, sucking on your lips.

I kneel in between your legs and have my hard cock hit your ass and I slide it up your slit so it comes up and off your body to slap back down on your mound. Feeling the weight of my cock makes you wetter. I do it again and it is easier this time because you are wetter.

I grab the base of my cock and direct it toward your opening; swirling the head around. I slowly start swaying my hips in and out of you taking my time to not rush. I want to enjoy this for some time.

Since your hands are free one is on tugging at your nipple and the other is feverish circling your clit. We start to get a rhythm with your circles and my thrusts.

I am grabbing your thighs, pulling myself into you. Pulling my full length out then pulling it back in. Every thrust has my head hitting your g-spot. In and out, in and out, your fingers working. Both sets of our eyes are closed feeling the closeness of our orgasms. One last thrust and cum deep in your pussy. The orgasm sending shivers down my body. Your fingers are still going.

With you so close I dive down pulling myself out of you and a stream of cum coming out. I start licking Escort your pussy feverishly. I want you to come; I need you to come. I suck on your clit as both hands are on your nipples. Your orgasm getting closer and closer. As my tongue swirls around I have a finger tease the opening of your pussy before going inside.

Your orgasm is building by the second; our moans are in unison. Mine with my desire to make you orgasm and yours from the sensations. I plunge two fingers into you to massage your g-spot. The shivers are running through your body. Your thighs are starting to squeeze my head with anticipation. I can feel you tightening on my fingers with each penetration and swirl of my tongue gets you closer to the brink. One more suck of your clit and you’re over the edge of sensations. You moan as the waves of your orgasm go over you. I continue to slowly lick you as you come off your high. I pull out my fingers slowly and feel the clamping of your thighs let my head go. I love tasting your sweet orgasm.

I do the best I can cleaning up our juices from your ass to your clit. Feeling your orgasm and now cleaning you up has me getting hard again. I can feel the pressure rising in my cock. I untie your legs and tell you to flip onto your stomach. The wedge puts your ass in the air perfectly. I love seeing your hour glass shape. The curve of your hips makes me wild.

I slap your ass with my cock Bayan Escort to make it fully erect. Then I rub the head of my dick on the entrance of your pussy again making my cock glisten with the fluids still coming out of you. And with that I press the head of my cock on your ass until it lets me in. I hold onto your hips as I let you get used to the new position. I slowly move my hips closer to you. Watching you take all of me.

I hold my self from going faster as the base of my cock is firmly against you. I am all the way in you and you feel amazing. I reach up and pull your hair with one hand to get a little more leverage and slowly pull out and back inside. Picking up the pace with each thrust. I notice one of your hands have now begun to finger your clit and this drives me crazy.

I am pulling myself into you with a firm clasp with both my hands on your hips. My head leaning back in pleasure and your fingers going to work on your clit. I reposition my self higher up so now I’m hitting your g-spot as well. This makes both of us moan harder.

After a handful of thrust I can’t contain myself any longer and I slam my body against yours and cum deep inside you. My cock spasming in your tight ass. I start to thrust again to get you to cum once more. As we continue my cum is now dripping out of you as your fingers are circling around. The extra lubrication is helping you and with that you cum again. I feel your ass tighten hard around my cock squeezing the last few drops of semen from it.

I bend over to lay on top of you and hug you. Our hot sweating bodies coming together as we roll off of the wedge and cuddle. Our post love making nap is about to hit us.

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