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A Not So Trivial Pursuit Ch. 02

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Kevin woke up on the couch at his brother’s place Tuesday morning. It had been a restless nights sleep with images of an emerald towel, wild blonde hair and a pair of perfect breasts swimming through the young man’s dreams. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes he realized he could hear Tom and Jordyn in the dining room.

“Morning Kev,” Tom welcomed as Kevin slouched into the dining room. Jordyn looked up somewhat sheepishly from under her blonde mane and long eyelashes. When Kevin saw what Jordyn was wearing his mild morning hard on really woke up. Kevin quickly sat down at the table and pulled his chair up close hiding his erection. He couldn’t help but continue to look at Jordyn from the corner of his eye. She was wearing tiny white pajama shorts and it little white top that barely came down to the bottom of her breasts. The pajamas were somewhat worn and that mixed with her large breasts pressing against the thin material made it somewhat translucent. Jordyn noticed his looks and a blush slowly overtook her face.

Kevin tore his eyes from Jordyn and quickly grabbed a plate and helped himself to some waffles. He tried to look only at his food so he could banish the naughty thoughts romping through his head.

“We’ve got to go to class in a little bit, bro. I’ll be back around noon and we can go get some lunch,” Tom told Kevin in between wolfing down his breakfast. “I’ve got to go to work around 5 but Jordyn should be back by then and you two can hang out.”

Jordyn coughed up a little bit of orange juice at Tom’s last statement. She didn’t say anything but had what seemed like a guilty look on her face to Kevin.


When Kevin watched Tom close the door it seemed like the sound reverberated through the room for several minutes. Jordyn was off in her room getting changed and Kevin could still feel the tension between them. Kevin walked over and turned on the TV and began nervously flipping throughout the channels. Eventually Jordyn came out of the bedroom wearing some loose fitting jeans and a Red Sox jersey. She sat down on the opposite side of the couch and they sat there in an uncomfortable silence for several minutes.

Finally Jordyn broke the silence “Well as exciting as this is, I thought we could catch a movie, they’re only $3 on Tuesdays.”

“Sounds good. I’ve been wanting to see that new Jet Li movie,” Kevin’s voice sounded strange to him.

On the walk to the movie theater the two tormented young adults began to relax and have some good conversations. They sat down and shortly Isparta Escort into the movie Kevin felt the tension he had been feeling since the night before.

A while into the movie Kevin shifted in his seat and put his hand on the armrest. Jordyn’s hand was on the armrest and soon their hands were intertwined. All the energy between them returned twofold. Soon they were leaned together with Jordyn’s head on Kevin’s shoulder.

Kevin’s logical mind was gone and he extricated his hand from Jordyn’s and slid it onto her thigh. Her breathing seemed to stop as he did this. Kevin’s hand began kneading Jordyn’s firm thigh and inching upwards towards her center. Jordyn’s thighs parted ever so slightly as Kevin’s hand made it’s way up her leg. After an everlasting moment Kevin’s hand reached the crotch of Jordyn’s jeans. Jordyn’s breathing began again, loudly and quickly.

When Kevin’s hand reached it’s destination the thick material of the jeans felt incredibly warm and somewhat moist. It seemed amazing that the rest of the theater didn’t hear Jordyn’s quick breaths, Kevin couldn’t hear the movie over them. Tiny moans began to accompany the gasps as Kevin began to apply pressure. Jordyn’s hips began small thrusts against Kevin’s hand as the movie melted away. As Kevin continued his massaging of Jordyn her hand snaked up the back of his neck and began scratching at the back of his head.

Eventually he pulled his hand away from Jordyn’s pussy eliciting a whimper. Kevin slid his hand up to Jordyn’s stomach and began trying to work his hand under the waist of her jeans. After a moment of this Jordyn reached down and undid the button. Slipping his hand into the silky underwear Kevin felt Jordyn’s coarse hairs. His middle finger curved around and easily slipped between Jordyn’s lips.

The sudden intruding lights pulled them from their oblivion and Kevin quickly pulled his hand back. They straightened themselves up and woodenly left the movie theater. Kevin was haunted by the pungent smell on his right hand.

Unaware they made their way back to the quiet, still apartment. They stood inside the doorway looking at each other out of the corners of their eyes.

“G’night,” Jordyn mumbled and slipped off to her bedroom. Kevin stood staring after her for several minutes. Finally he made his way over to the couch and flicked on the TV.

“What ‘cha watching?” Jordyn shocked Kevin out of his reflections. Looking over Kevin saw she was wearing the same tiny white pajamas he saw this morning.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Jordyn Isparta Escort Bayan answered to Kevin’s questioning look. Jordyn plopped down on the couch and put a cushion and her head on his thigh. Almost immediately Kevin felt a hand sneaking between the cushion and his thigh. Kevin closed his eyes and leaned his head back as the exploring hand found it’s way up into the leg of his shorts. The soft tickling hand was quickly inside the leg of his boxer shorts and he jumped when two fingertips came in contact with his balls. Kevin’s hand slid down from the side of the couch landing on the thin white cotton that constrained her large breasts. Jordyn’s nipples turned to hard nubs as Kevin massaged her breasts. As Jordan’s fingertips continued their ministrations Kevin pulled up her tiny top and released the pair of gorgeous breasts.

Jordyn pulled her hand out and reached up to unbutton Kevin’s shorts. She quickly undid the button and the zipper quickly followed. Reaching in Jordyn pulled his rigid erection free of the constraining boxers. Jordyn’s fingers slid up and down the shaft of his penis with a feather light touch. Kevin shuddered with tantalizing touch as he ran his hand down Jordyn’s taught stomach and under the elastic waist of her small pj bottoms.

As Kevin’s fingers reached into Jordyn’s soaked pussy a loud moan burst from her red lips. The pent up energy from the past two days caused Jordyn to begin bucking wildly into Kevin’s hand. There was no rhythm, just moaning abandon. Jordyn’s moans quickly escalated to a crescendo. Kevin was amazed when the muscles of Jordyn’s slippery vagina began rapidly clenching his fingers in such a short time. Jordyn’s body went rigid and the load moans became a slight high pitched noise coming from between her clenched teeth. It took several minutes for the orgasm to subside.

Jordyn looked up at him with a serene smile and wisps of her blonde hair stuck to her sweaty face. She turned herself around and reached up and pulled Kevin’s head to hers. The kiss was very sensual and lasted for several minutes. Jordyn broke the kiss and began kissing her way down Kevin’s chest and stomach. It was Kevin’s turn to moan as Jordyn’s wet lips began to slide over the head of his cock. Jordyn ran her lips all around the throbbing head occasionally darting her tongue out. Sensing his urgency Jordyn opened her lips and was able to slide most of his rigid cock into her mouth. She slowly worked up and down with her tongue sliding electrically along his shaft.

“I’m..gonna..gonna,” Kevin Escort Isparta managed to get out as he began to feel a deep tingling. Jordyn sat up and began to use her hand to milk his erection that had been lubricated with the moisture from her mouth. Soon Kevin grunted and gobs of cum began to jump forth. Soon his shorts, the floor and the coffee table had milky white streaks on them. Jordyn stood up and took off the small white top she wore and flung it to the side. Her pj bottoms were quickly pulled off, she used them to clean her hands before flinging them off as well.

Jordyn leaned over the spent young man, her heavy breasts swaying. Looping her fingers around the edge of his open shorts she prompted him, “up, up.” As soon as Kevin lifted his hips Jordyn yanked off his shorts and boxers with a big grin on his face.

“Oh do I feel so much better,” Jordyn said to him, still glowing from the orgasm. She then kneeled on the couch straddling his thighs. Throwing her arms over his shoulders Jordyn began nuzzling into his neck. The hungry woman began licking his throat as Kevin leaned down and began lightly biting at her ear in the middle of her blonde mane. After several minutes of this Kevin’s penis woke back up and began growing along Jordyn’s thigh. Jordan felt the newcomer and began grinding her hips. His cock grew to it’s full size as the coarse wet hairs of Jordyn’s pussy ground into it.

Jordyn pulled back from her nuzzling and stared at Kevin with an intense look. Lifting her hips Jordyn reached down and centered his shaft. When Jordyn lowered herself Kevin’s cock began to separate her lips and they let out synchronized grunts. Soon Jordan had lowered herself completely onto Kevin’s lap. The velvety heat was even more incredible than her wonderful mouth. They sat locked together for a moment until the urgency for movement became to great. They began a slow almost circular thrusting. Kevin leaned down and took a hardened nipple into his mouth, rolling it around with his thumb. As Kevin suckled her breast Jordyn dragged her nails lightly across his back.

Grabbing the sides of Kevin’s head Jordyn pulled it up from her breast and pressed her lips to his. The kissing quickly became urgent. Both of them sped up their hips as they moaned into each other’s mouths.

As their passion increased they each wrapped their arms around the others backs pulling the other one forward. Their bodies slick with sweat pressed tightly together. The bucking of their hips became almost frantic.

Jordyn’s vagina began to clench just as Kevin’s dick started to spasm. Kevin squeezed Jordyn tightly as several scratches appeared on his back. Their hips pressed together until it was almost painful as each shook with orgasm. After several minutes they collapsed onto the couch a mass of slippery sweat soaked skin.


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