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A Night Out – Part 3

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Part 3 – Introduction

You had not set out any clothes and realise that I must have placed some there before I joined you in the shower.

You walk over to the chair and examine the outfit which I want you to wear.

There on the chair I have laid out a new set of black lingerie comprising a very sheer black bra, a matching thong, a matching suspender belt and a new pair of black, lace topped stockings. Next to the underwear I have laid out your favourite little black dress. Your pair of black heels had been placed at the foot of the bed.

You look across and raise an eyebrow, then you return the smile I beam towards you.

“Back in a moment” you say.

You return to the bathroom where you quickly but carefully apply a little make-up and arrange your hair.

When you return to the bedroom, you begin to put on the clothing. You start with the black lace suspender belt, fastening it at the waist, and turning it around your body. You pick up the sheer black stockings, sit on the edge of the chair and carefully roll each one up your legs and then fasten them to the belt. You then step into the black shoes with 4” heels.

You turn to face me and the huge grin on my face lets you know I approve.

You pick up the bra which has ultra sheer cups and lace details which match the belt, and put it on fastening with the clip at the front. You then pick up the matching thong panties which have a very sheer patch of material at the front, making them almost completely see through, and which would offer anyone who might see them a very good view of your pussy.

Once you have put on the complete set of underwear, you look at yourself in the full length mirror. You smile at your reflection pleased with how good you look.

You pick up the dress and step into it. It is mid-calf in length and shows off your stocking covered legs to full effect.

You look at the completed outfit in the mirror and you like what you see. You look over to me as I pull up my trousers and fasten my belt. You watch me put on my long sleeved shirt and button it, before attaching the silver cuff-links. Finally, you see me pull on black socks and black laced shoes and stand ready before you.

You lean towards me and kiss my cheek softly.

“Ok, Anna” I say. “Shall we go?”

We leave the apartment, climb into the waiting taxi and head into town.

Part 3

It is now 8pm. You are sat on a bar stool in the newly opened wine bar near the centre of town. You are half way through your first large white wine of the evening. You are relaxed and smiling. The bar is about half full. There are those who have popped in for a couple of drinks after work, mostly small groups of men, and those who have just arrived for an evening out, some couples and some small groups.

You smile as you catch your reflection in the large mirror opposite the bar. You are remembering getting ready to go out that evening, and the hot sex you have enjoyed already today.

Now, in the bar you are enjoying the glances and looks you are receiving from the men in there. Most glance quickly and look away, hoping you have not caught them looking, others are looking and hoping to catch your eye, maybe hoping that you are with your brother and not your lover.

You take another sip of your wine and look at me. I am sat on the stool next to you. “Same again?” I say, pointing at your wine glass. You nod and flash me a smile.

The waitress walks over and takes the drinks order. You notice that she gives you a knowing smile. She has seen the attention you have been getting from male customers. She brings the drinks over and goes to serve someone else.

You feel my hand on your knee. A shiver runs up your spine as I lean in and my hand slides a little further up onto your thigh. “Shall we get more comfortable” I say and nod towards a table towards the back of the bar. You smile and slide off your stool. Your dress catches as you dismount, rising up to reveal your stocking clad thighs, not only to me but to a few onlookers also. You don’t rush to adjust your clothing, you are enjoying the attention. You are not sure whether it is the attention you are getting or the wine, but you feel a familiar warmth between your legs and you know that your panties will soon be moistened by the juices you can already feel beginning to build up inside your pussy.

You take hold of your wine glass and follow as I lead you by the hand to the quiet table at the back of the room. The table has a bench seat facing outwards. We sit together facing the room. Nobody is now paying us much attention. Everybody has returned to their conversations. Only one or two men who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of your lace stocking tops look over now and again. They obviously liked what they saw and they are hoping to see some more.

I am sat to your right. You feel my left hand rest lightly on your right thigh. I give a gentle squeeze before sliding my hand higher up your leg raising the hem of your dress and revealing more of your stocking clad legs to the onlookers. I lean towards you and whisper in your ear “Are you ready to have some fun, Anna?”

I lean closer and kiss your lips. You respond and kiss back. You feel my hand rise further up your thigh and you instinctively part your knees a little. The kiss is passionate and your body responds. You sense your chest flush and your pulse quicken. You feel my hand reach your stocking top and my little finger touch the bare flesh of your upper thigh beneath your dress. You part your knees a little further and my hand slides between your soft thighs. My little finger touches the thin material of your panties which is now wet with the juice from your pussy.

We break off the kiss to look around. We have not attracted too much attention. A couple of men are glancing over. One is directly opposite us and he obviously has a good view under the table. Your dress is now high on your thighs revealing both lace stocking tops. Your knees are still slightly parted with my left hand resting between your thighs. I slide my hand down to your right knee and pull it towards me, opening your legs even wider. Now that my hand is not in the way the man opposite has an uninterrupted view of your tiny soaked panties. The thin material is almost transparent. He smiles broadly at the sight presented to him.

I lean over and whisper “Take them off”.

You begin to rise imagining that you will head to the ladies toilets, remove the panties and return. You feel my hand on your shoulder and I whisper “No. Take them off here.”

You sit back and take in a breath. You look around. The man opposite is now very interested in what is happening and what might happen next. He is no longer interested in his mates’ conversation. He sips on his pint and smiles at you. You look towards me. I kiss you on your lips and whisper “In your own time…….”

You take a sip of your wine and lean back in the bench seat. You put your hands under the table and place them on either side of your outer thighs. You check to see who is watching. The man opposite is still paying attention. There is another man who has glanced over several times but he is not able to see beneath the table from his position in the room. You move your hands higher up your legs, lean forward a little and then lift your bottom up off the seat slightly which allows the hem of your dress to be pushed up and under you. You sit back down and lean back in the seat.

Your hands are now at your sides. You manoeuvre yourself so you can hook your thumbs into the waist band of your panties and begin to slide them from under your bottom. When the tiny piece of material has cleared your bottom you return your hands to the table let out a deep breath and lean forward to take another sip of your wine. You look at the man opposite. He is smiling broadly and staring at your legs beneath the table. You can feel the flush of excitement and trepidation flood over you, your chest and cheeks give off a crimson glow. You look at me for reassurance and my smile tells you to continue.

Your hands return to your sides and you begin to slide your panties down your thighs. They have now appeared from under your dress and can clearly be seen by the man opposite you. You take them over your knees escort london and allow them to fall to rest at your ankles. You carefully step out of the panties trying hard to keep your knees together as you do so. You begin to reach down to retrieve them from the floor. Again you feel my hand on your shoulder and I whisper “Leave them”

You sit back. Your heart is now beating strongly in your chest. You take some more wine and you look around. Nobody else is looking. Only the man opposite is staring intently, his eyes focussed on your legs and the panties lying by your feet.

You feel my left hand on your right thigh once more. You feel it slide up your leg towards your now naked pussy. This time there is no material to prevent my little finger from making contact with your flesh. My hand reaches between your thighs and encourages you to part your legs a little and my little finger moves to touch you and it strokes up and down your soaking wet pussy lips. You moan, softly.

You turn and we kiss as before. The passion of our lips causes a fresh wave of pleasure to wash over you resulting in a further release of moisture between your legs. My left hand between your legs is now moving more freely over your inner thighs. Your eyes are closed as you are caught up in the passion of the kiss. You sense your legs parting even wider as my hand makes more contact with your warm wet pussy.

Again, we break off our kiss and look around. There are now a few men looking over. You take a large drink from your wine glass. You look at the man opposite you. You are sat with your legs wide apart, your pussy is in full view. Your dress has climbed high up your thighs and your lace stocking tops and suspender straps are fully visible. You think about retrieving your panties which are still under the table. You look at me and let me know what you are intending. I shake my head and whisper “No. Leave them there”.

Panties or not, you need to use the ladies. You motion towards the door located to our left. I nod and you slide from the bench seat and head towards the ladies. You don’t look back but you sense that several pairs of eyes have followed your movement across the room. You did not take time to adjust your dress when you stood and you are aware that it is still riding high. You cannot tell quite how much you are revealing but the thought of walking across the room with no panties on and your stocking tops showing gives you a fresh buzz between your legs.

You enter the ladies and catch your reflection in the mirror. You see that you were displaying a lot of thigh and just a fraction of the stocking tops. You go into the first vacant cubicle and lift up your dress before turning around and crouching over the porcelain bowl. You pee a hot stream, letting out a small sigh at the relief. You are holding up your dress with your left hand and you move your right hand in between your legs and with your longest finger you touch your clit lightly as you piss.

When you have finished peeing, washing your hands and tidying up your appearance a little you look in the mirror and smile before heading back into the bar area.

You return to the bench seat and move in next to me. You look ahead for the man who had been standing opposite earlier and enjoying the view. He was no longer there. “He has taken a souvenir and left” I tell you by way of an explanation.

It dawns upon you that the stranger has left with your panties! You are at first shocked but then you smile at the thought of him taking them home and wanking whilst enjoying the smell of your pussy juices.

You finish your wine and place the empty glass on the table in front of you and turn towards me. “We can have another at the next place” I say as I rise to me feet. I take your hand and we head for the front door. Several pairs of male eyes watch us cross the room. Most are looking appreciatively at your long stocking clad legs. Their eyes are drawn towards them by the click click click of your heels on the wooden floor.

We exit the wine bar and walk hand in hand towards the centre of town. It is almost 9.00pm and it is fairly busy on the streets as Thursday night has become quite popular. I am holding your hand as we walk. All of a sudden you feel me pull you in a new direction. You are a little surprised because the narrow street we have entered feels more like an alleyway than a road.

As we go further along it becomes darker and darker as the lights from the main road fail to illuminate much beyond the first few yards, and this street has no lighting of its own. We proceed a little further and reach a dead end. It is an eight foot high metal fence completely blocking the street.

You are about to say something but you are cut short as I take you by the shoulders and kiss you deeply on the lips. The kiss is firm and you feel yourself sink a little at the knees as my hands grip your shoulders tightly.

You then feel me release my grip on you and I turn you to face the fence. I am stood behind you with my hands on your hips. With one hand I then push you gently in the middle of your back. Instinctively, you lean forward and hold onto the fence. My hands then move down from your hips, past the hem of your dress and onto your stocking clad thighs. My hands then slide upwards raising the hem of the dress up with them as they pass over your stocking tops and onto the bare flesh at the top of your legs. You realise where this might be leading and you assist by adjusting your position slightly. You lean a little further forward bending at the waist and move your feet a little wider apart.

My hands caress your bottom beneath your dress. The palms press onto your cheeks and begin to spread them wider with each motion. My thumbs take a grip on your soft cheeks and now every circular motion is now opening up your pussy and arse crack wider.

You feel me changing position behind you. I am now crouching down. My hands are still on your arse, spreading it wide with the firm circular motions. Now you feel my tongue on you. This tip of my tongue is on your pussy. It is lapping from side to side touching each of your outer pussy lips in turn. You now bend a little further as you feel my tongue enter into your wet pussy. My tongue is deep inside you, my nose is pushing at your arsehole making it clench and open slightly with each thrust towards you. You feel waves of pleasure wash over you and your juices start to flow from deep within you only to be consumed by my lapping tongue.

You moan as my tongue moves from your gushing wet pussy towards your puckered arsehole. The wetness between your legs begins to run down your inner thighs and soak into your stocking tops. You feel the tip of my tongue playing around the rim of your anus. It is slowly circling the hole causing you to bend a little further and push your bum towards me. You are relieved as my tongue finally makes contact with your hole and begins to push its way inside. Your sphincter muscles contract and relax as the tongue licks and laps at your tight bum hole.

You are now soaking wet between your legs. Your pussy and arse are hot and wet and beginning to contract and relax beyond your control.

You feel me stand up behind you. You feel me flip your dress up over your back. You grip the fence a little tighter, anticipating what will happen next.

You feel my hands grip onto your hips and you tense a little. You let out a quiet gasp as you feel my cock touch your outer pussy lips. You feel my hands adjust their grip, pulling your arse cheeks apart. You feel the tip of my cock force its way a little further inside you. You are wet and your pussy does not put up much resistance. The bulbous head of my cock is inside you. You relax, allowing the full length of my hard cock to slide into your wet pussy.

You grip the fence tightly once more as my cock starts to slide in and out of you. My hands are on your hips, they pull you back towards me each time my cock thrusts into you.

You close your eyes and try to forget where you are. You are being fucked from behind in an alleyway! Instead of making you feel worried about the situation you are in, the feeling of being exposed in this way is making you horny and you are a little shocked to find that rather than fearing an onlooker, you are escort service now hoping that someone is watching you!

You begin to fuck back at me, pushing against the fence to make sure every one of my thrusts is as deep as possible. The fucking continues, faster and faster, harder and harder until you feel me stop and tense up, pulling your hips to mine, I release my load into you. You feel the hot liquid filling you inside. You grip the fence tighter as my final thrust rams into you and then you relax as you feel my cock slide from inside you.

Your legs feel like jelly but the hot warm and now very wet sensations emanating from your pussy makes you smile. You turn and face me, you see my now semi-erect cock standing out in front of me. You take hold of my cock and bend over and begin to lick at the juices which are making the pink flesh glisten in the near darkness of the alleyway.
My cock responds to the attention it is receiving and twitches in your mouth. You are enjoying the moment, so you are shocked when you feel your arse being grabbed. You are puzzled and then a little scared when you realise the hands grabbing your arse are not mine. My hands are holding your shoulders, they are both holding you up and guiding you onto my cock.

With your mouth full you cannot ask who is behind you. You are scared to look behind and instead close your eyes and try to focus on sucking my cock.

The hands gripping your arse begin to kneed the flesh, then you feel what you know to be a cock entering your sopping wet pussy. Your cum filled pussy offers no resistance and the cock slides in fully on the first stroke. The cock in your pussy is now sliding in and out with a steady rhythm, every thrust into you from behind drives you forward onto the cock in your mouth which slides deeper and deeper into your throat.

Your mind tries to picture what you must look like to anyone who should enter the alleyway. There you are in 4” heels and stockings, your black dress is up over your back, and you are being spit-roasted! You don’t even know who the cock which is stuffed in your pussy belongs to!

You are brought back from your wandering thoughts when you feel a hot gush of fresh cum fill your already soaking pussy.

The cock slides from you and you feel the hot cum begin to flow from your pussy and down onto your inner thighs. You sense the dripping cum being wiped from your thighs by a cloth of some sort. You look down between your legs and spot your now cum soaked panties being discarded at your feet! The penny drops. The bloke fucking you from behind was the same bloke who took your panties as a souvenir!

You stand up straight. Your legs are tired from being in the same position for so long. You make eye contact with the mystery bloke. He smiles, zips up his pants and walks away, back down the alleyway towards the main road.

You look down at your cum soaked panties on the ground and decide not to retrieve them. The cum is still oozing out of you as you look at me with an expression which says, “What next?”

You look around and see that you did not have an audience. Your eyes are used to the dim light now. You spot a door which you did not notice on the way in. It looks like a fire exit from the back of the building but it says “Entrance” in dim red neon above it.

You see me looking towards the door and you know that is where we are heading next. You smooth down your dress a little and try to look like you have not just been fucked. The cum oozing from your pussy tells a different story. You consider once again bending down to pick up the panties so you can use them to wipe your pussy but the sensation of the cum sliding down your inner thighs and soaking your stocking tops is making you feel very slutty and you are enjoying it.

I take your hand and lead you towards the plain black door. I knock on the door three times. A couple of seconds later the door is opened by a large black bloke wearing a dark suit. He smiles and gestures for us to enter. Once we are inside the large bloke closes the door and heads behind the counter in what appears to be the entrance hall of the place we have entered. “Great show” he says.

You are puzzled, the comment is directed at you. You look at where his hand is pointing. It is a video monitor located behind the counter. It is showing a cctv image of the alleyway. You feel a tingle between your legs. You realise you did have an audience after all….

You see me hand the bloke some cash and he points towards a dark wood door at the end of the hallway. You take my hand as I lead you to the door. We enter into a large function room. There is a bar at one end, a raised stage at the other, and a dozen or so round tables set out in between. Most are unoccupied. Those which are occupied contain either a single bloke or a couple of blokes. There are two just women who are sat with their respective partners at separate tables.

I lead you to an unoccupied table close to the stage and pull out a chair. You take your seat facing the stage and I sit next to you. A waitress appears. She is wearing what looks like a French Maid’s outfit. Black heels, black fishnets, black skirt with a small white lace apron, and white blouse. The white blouse is unbuttoned to reveal almost all of the girl’s tits, and the fact that she is not wearing a bra.

I order a bottle of lager and a large white wine. The waitress heads towards the bar. You look around the room, taking in the d?r. You know exactly what type of show is performed on the stage. The place is right out of some 70s cop show, or a set from “Life on Mars”. The red carpet is dirty and threadbare, the wood panelled walls contain erotic prints and drawings in heavy gold frames, the once white ceiling is almost brown with years of nicotine staining. You half expect a detective in a long mac to enter and threaten to shut the place down unless he can speak with the manager.

You look across at me quizzically. I smile back. You are about to say something when the waitress returns with our drinks. You take your glass and decide to see what happens next. You take a large drink of your wine and relax a little.

You feel my hand on your knee and you relax fully, deciding that you will let yourself be taken on this adventure………wherever it may lead.

The lights in the room begin to dim and the lights pointing at the stage come on. A young girl with long dark hair walks onto the stage. She is wearing long black boots, laced at the back, red fishnet stockings and a black basque. She is carrying a large black dildo. She walks into the centre of the stage and plants the dildo firmly to the floor. Facing the audience, she then straddles the rubber cock and lowers herself onto it. She begins to move up and down, fucking the toy with her pussy. She carries on for several minutes before changing position, facing away from the audience. She then lowers herself back onto the rubber cock and begins fucking it again.

A man in a suit enters onto the stage, he is carrying a microphone. “Would anyone like to join Caroline on the stage this evening?” he announces. Before you get the chance to look around and see who might respond, a young bloke, who had been sitting at a table on his own near to the stage, climbs up to join the man and “Caroline”.

You think that the young bloke must have been here before because he immediately removes his shoes, his socks and his trousers to reveal that he was not wearing any underwear and instead reveals an eight inch semi-erect cock.

You stare as the young bloke moves in behind Caroline strokes his cock a couple of times to become fully erect and then places it on her arsehole. He pushes slowly into her. He has a firm grip on her hips and he is now sliding in and out of her with a steady rhythm. You imagine being in Caroline’s position and you feel a fresh tingle in your pussy.

You now notice that my hand is on your upper thigh, gently stroking the bare flesh above your stocking top. You have instinctively parted your legs a little and you are hoping that my hand finds your pussy soon. You take another drink from your wine glass and lean back into the chair. Your pussy is clearly visible to the man on stage holding the microphone. He smiles down at you.

Your attention is shifted escorts in london back to Caroline and the young bloke when she starts to scream out “Yes!” and he buries his cock deep into her arse with what you know to be his final thrust. He holds the position for a few seconds before sliding out of her. You see the creamy cum begin to ooze out of her arse and slide down the black dildo which is still stuck deep inside her pussy.

The young bloke gathers the clothes he discarded earlier and exits the stage. Caroline stands up and faces the audience. A few people clap and she too walks off the stage.

The man with the microphone takes centre stage. “Would anyone like to take to the stage during the interval?”

You are about to look around to see if anyone responds to this new request when you are aware that I have stood up and I am leading you by the hand up on to the stage.

You are aware that all eyes are on you as you climb carefully up the couple of steps leading to the stage. The excitement and the wine have left you feeling like your head is spinning. You turn to face the audience and smile. Your heels click click click their way to the centre of the stage, and the big black dildo which is still planted there.

You decide to face away from the audience. You stand over the rubber cock, lift up the hem of your dress, and squat down onto the waiting tool. Your pussy is still wet from the evening’s activities and the cock slides into your pussy with relative ease.

You lift your head and see that I am stood in front of you with my cock out ready to be swallowed by you. My left hand rests on the back of your head. It takes a handful of your hair and pulls your head onto my hard cock.

You try to move up and down on the rubber cock, you want to give the audience a show, but you are finding it hard to find a rhythm.

You suddenly become aware that there is someone else on the stage. They are stood behind you. You cannot look around because your hair is being held and your mouth is being forced down onto my cock.

You feel two strong hands take a firm grip of your arse cheeks. You hear the disgusting distinctive sound of a bloke hawking up a ball of spit and then the sound of him spitting it out, you flinch as the phlegm hits your arsehole.

The bloke gripping your arse removes his hand from your right cheek and you feel something touching your arsehole. You know it to be his finger. He pushes at the hole and the finger begins to enter you. The finger feels large and fat as it invades your most private hole which all of a sudden is on very public display. The first knuckle is in and the finger tip starts to move around inside you. The phlegm is lubricating you and you feel no pain. The second knuckle reaches your hole and you instinctively contract and relax your sphincter muscles before it pushes its way inside you.

The probing digit moves around inside you. You are still being held by the hair but you manage to push back a little onto the finger. You sense the finger rubbing on the thin wall of skin separating it from the rubber cock which is still filling your sopping wet pussy.

The finger then slides from inside you. At the same time I take my cock out of your mouth and release my grip on your hair.

You are still squatting on the dildo. Your legs are aching. The heels you are wearing makes squatting low difficult.

The pain in your legs vanishes from your mind when you realise that I have swapped places with the bloke who had his finger in your arse.

You feel the large hand which had been holding your left arse cheek moments ago now take a grip of your hair behind your head. You look at the thick erect cock which is only inches from your face and you open your mouth wide to accept it. You look into the young blokes eyes. He was one of the group of three young blokes sat at one of the tables close to the stage. He looks to be in his mid-20s, a little over-weight, but not bad looking.

You take this new cock into your mouth. The bloke pulls your head down and thrusts his hips up simultaneously. The cock hits the back of your throat and you gag. You resist the urge to bite down. The cock pulls back a little before ramming into your throat once more.

You want to tell this guy to take it easy but you are now aware that your arse is being gripped tightly once more. You feel your cheeks being spread wider and an object touches your arsehole. You know it is not my finger but my cock which is trying to invade you.

You know that you need to relax to prevent the insertion from causing you pain. You concentrate on the cock in your mouth and relax your arse as much as you can. You feel the tip of my cock begin to part your sphincter. You contract once and then relax. The cock enters a little further. The dildo in your pussy is making the job of accepting a cock into your arse even harder.

You are relieved when you sense the knob of my cock enter you fully. Taking the shaft is the easy bit. You look up at the young bloke fucking your face and you smile.

You can now once again take a moment to imagine what you look like. You are on stage in a seedy club, your are facing away from the audience, your black dress is up over your back revealing your stocking clad legs, you are straddling a large black dildo which is buried in your pussy, you are bent over, being held and gripped by the hair on the back of your head as a young bloke who you have never met fucks your mouth…..and you are being fucked in the arse.

My grip on your arse cheeks has moved round to your hips and you are being pulled firmly onto my cock. Your arse has now totally accepted the invasion and the motion of my cock inside you is beginning to send waves of pleasure around your lower body and pelvis.

You cannot influence the rhythm because you are being held tightly, both at the hips and at the back of your head.

The bloke fucking your mouth starts to tense and you know he is about to cum. Still gripping your hair he thrusts one more time before holding your head tight as his hot cum fires into the back of your throat. He grunts and thrusts three more times forcing you to take all of his fluid down. He takes out his cock and shakes the end depositing a small drop on the edge of your mouth. He uses his cock to push the wayward drop back into your mouth. You lick the end of the cock clean and swallow down the remaining cum.

Your attention now focuses on your backside which is being fucked hard and fast for the third time today! Your body is allowing itself to be completely taken by the waves of orgasm which have been building inside you. You grip onto the legs of the bloke in front of you to steady yourself. You lean a little further forward to allow the cock in your arse to travel just a little deeper, then you cannot hold back. The orgasm takes you and you scream out to release the built up energy. At the same moment you feel my grip tighten on your hips and the thrusting stops. My cock releases its hot load and fills you completely. You sense the liquid not only within your arse but within your stuffed pussy too. Your own juices have covered the rubber cock and these are being joined by the cum flowing from your gaping arse as the cock slides from you.

You just about manage to rise up off the dildo before you sink to your hands and knees. You are too tired to move and cannot turn around as you hear the clapping of the audience behind you.

The young bloke helps you to you feet. You can barely stand. “Thank you!” he says, and walks from the stage.

I take your hand and help you down off the stage and back to our table. The waitress places a large glass of white wine in front of you. “Complements of the house” she says before moving away to another table.

You take a drink from your wine and let the cool liquid slide down your throat to join the fresh cum which you swallowed just moments ago. You feel the cum still oozing from your arse, soaking into your dress and the seat fabric below.

You are expecting to sit and enjoy your wine and maybe the next part of the show, so you are a little surprised when I stand and hold out my hand inviting you to come with me. You take another large gulp of wine and stand up. You are aware that there are lot of eyes on you. You half expect that you are going to be led back on stage but I lead you towards the exit.

It is now 10pm. You are wondering if the night is over, or where it will lead to next….

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