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A Night Out at Club Erotica

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I awoke on the marble floor unable to move. My body worn out from the total intensity of the night before. I had been out at Erotic Lounge, a new bar that my friends and I had heard about and wanted to try. We had way too many drinks. Vodka shots were being bought for us by a mysterious business woman who spoke with a broken Russian accent. She was probably 5’6 and 135 lbs, built like she did a lot of cross fit or some kind of Eastern European version of it.

She was dressed in a long black pencil skirt and had black lui buton stilettos. Her lower half was perfectly accentuated in the tight pencil skirt and high heels. Her naturally curvy breasts and cleavage were peeking out of the crisp white blouse that was unbuttoned almost to her tummy. Her dirty blonde hair was pinned up with those chopstick hair tusses. Her blue eyes had a piercing gaze that you could tell had seen things, many bad things in her life. She looked like a woman that gets exactly what she wants no matter what. And when she spoke people listened.

I had approached the bar to order drinks for my friends and she was there. She looked me up and down as I stood next to her. As I’m ordering drinks she interrupts me and tells the bartender,

“He Drinks With Me”

Next thing I know the bartender hands me a Vodka shot, not what I ordered, and then I ask about my friends drinks. He motions for me to turn around and I see they are being delivered vodka shots by a waitress. The bartender says they are taken care of. You are now with Ms. Sasha.

Ms. Sasha motions for me to grab my drink and follow her. I think to myself. This could end like the best porn ever, or I’ll be in a bathtub full of ice missing a kidney in the morning. Either way, its going to be a wild night.

I look up and Ms. Sasha grabs my tie and pulls me close to her as she leads me through the darkened club with the music thumping. The music was an intoxicating mix of melodic trance with deep beats, it sounded like a club I had been to in Ibiza when I was younger.

Her svelte body gyrated to the beats as she moved through the club leading me by my tie. I felt my body start to mimic her moves feeling the beats in my body. We ended up near the dance floor and she turns to me and says “WE DRINK NOW, then we dance”.

I nod my Rize Escort head in a yes motion and she starts speaking in Russian, I think it is a toast. Then she speaks slower mouthing the words making me repeat them. I understood and followed along. Yes it is a toast. “Nostrovia”

Then we drank vodka. It was so smooth. Best vodka I had ever had. Next thing I know we are grinding together on the dance floor with other sexy people all around. The people in the bar mostly looked and sounded foreign which made it more exotic for a few Texas boys enjoying a night out on the town. My friends soon joined us on the dance floor and we stood out like a sore thumb, but we had fun anyway without a care in the world. Our new Russian friend took us under her wing and made sure that my friends had beautiful women dancing with them and drinking in the VIP area. She was so commanding that I found myself wondering and hoping that I would be her sex slave for the night. One by one my friends left the club with beautiful women till it was just me and my Russian dominatrix. I was sure of it. Her dominating personality had me convinced, she must be a Domme, and has a whip ready for me in her loft. Finally she said

“YOU, take me home, Fuck me”

“As you wish Ms. Sasha!” I had been thinking of every pleasing thing I could do, to become her sex slave. I had never been in that position before, but tonight I wanted to feel what it was like to relinquish control. I wanted this, Bad.

Outside the club I am trying to call for a cab when all of a sudden a Black Hummer pulls up. Ms. Sasha jumps in the back, pulling me in by my tie

What the fuck, a black Hummer mysteriously appears out of nowhere to give us a ride, now I’m thinking “oh shit, it’s been a nice ride with you left kidney, I’ll miss you.” As soon as we are in the hummer she kisses me and says she likes American men. Well maybe Kenny the kidney is safe. Now I’m wondering, is she is just a Russian Mob boss?

Details don’t really matter at this point, this woman is intoxicating. Kissing her in the back of the Hummer, hands everywhere, her body is so natural and just the right amount of curves and muscle tone. I can’t wait to worship her every curve as she whips me with a flog. My mind is in overdrive and my senses Rize Escort Bayan are on fire with anticipation.

We arrive at what i assume is her residence in the heart of downtown. We are in a parking garage of what seems to be a high rise loft. Out of the Hummer and we jump in an elevator. We were kissing so much that I didn’t even notice the driver is in there with us. I did however notice there is only one button in the elevator. Weird I thought. Back to kissing as the driver pushes the button. The elevator ride takes a bit so I can tell we are in a high rise building. Finally the doors open up and we are in her private loft. Must have been a private elevator with the single button. That makes sense to me now. She seriously must be Russian mob or something else nefarious. Either way, I am intrigued and want more of her NOW!

The driver went back down the elevator and it was just me and Ms. Sasha in the loft now. We were on the top floor of one of the tallest buildings in the city. It had floor to ceiling windows and panoramic views of all the buildings and beautiful skyline. I could see the whole city and the people below. It was as beautiful as it was sexy. I kept having thoughts of being flogged on my back as she pressed my naked body against the glass overlooking the city.

As I turned around from the breathtaking views, she had another vodka shot set up. She had also taken her skirt off to reveal her turquoise panties and matching lacy bra. She then sat on a glass dining room table and took the first shot. Then she laid back on the table and poured the other shot on her tummy. I wasted no time and knew exactly what to do. I climbed on the table with her, then kissed and licked every little bit of vodka from her sexy body. Tracing the droplets with my tongue as they dripped down her side…

Teasing her immensely, her body reacting to each flick of my tongue against her soft skin. She was hyper sensitive. Ohh how I love this. Finally tracing the droplets that had dripped downward toward her aching pussy. She spread her legs instinctively, letting me trace the folds of her skin tasting the vodka mixed with her body sweat and starting to flow juices.

It was the perfect cocktail of sex and vodka and I was drunk off of it. Loosing myself in Escort Rize the moment. I get between her legs and pulled her to my tongue. Remembering the man I am and taking what I want. I sit up and look her in the eye. I now see a different woman. She is not a Domme, she is a woman who knows what she wants and that is a man to take her. She is even more desirous to me now, and I am going to show how a man takes what he wants. I lean up and kiss her deeply, everything has changed and I am now in control and she knows it. Our Verbal communication is not great, but her eyes and body are telling me that she understands. She looks vulnerable and sexy in that moment but still commanding in her desire to be taken.

I must take her, I kiss my way down her body teasing her nipples and then further down her tummy, finally my tongue parts the folds of her skin again finding her clit, circling it with my tongue as my fingers make their way inside her to find her G-spot. We create a rhythm between my tongue on her clit, my fingers on her G-spot, and her gyrating hips, to bring her body to an intense quick orgasm. She is on fire and every touch is sending her body to extreme pleasure

I then lean up and take her on the table. My hard cock sliding inside her slowly as her entire body tenses up. When she feels my entire length inside of her, she orgasms again. My God, this woman is amazing. While fucking her on the table in that moment, naked for all the city to see, I thought it was a once in a lifetime moment. I was going to make this last all night.

I would take breaks to pour shots of vodka for us, or pour it on the two of us to lick off of each other. We fucked against the windows with her perfect ass leaving butt prints for the cleaning crew in the morning. She rode me on white leather couch screaming out into the night. Then more shots. We were intoxicated beyond belief, till we found ourselves fucking on the balcony while watching the sunrise over the city.

We finally had made our way inside and I took her again from behind in the middle of the room. Falling to the floor and fucking on the cold marble was an intense feeling, till our bodies could take no more and we passed out.

The next morning I woke up on the cold marble floor. I could see that she was getting dressed before me and pulling her panties up over her heels. The night before a blur, my body sore and completely relaxed. I feel my back to see if Kenny the Kidney is still there. No blood, no cuts, looks like I’m okay. What a great night. Now how do I get home?

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