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A Night Away From the Boys Ch. 1

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“You have to go out, Maggie.” Roxie pleaded with me. “Its been 3 months and you haven’t set foot in a club since you were 19! Its about time you let loose and forget about Chris. And, of course, being your best friend, I will be there to help you come out of your shell.” She flipped her short, maroon hair back over her pale shoulder and smiled at me with a devilish grin. Roxie and I have been best friends ever since I started taking classes at North Texas University. I’m the voice major and she’s the cello player. Dorks, the pair of us.

Roxie is a lesbian and she is proud of it. She is very petite and always looks quirky and fun in whatever she is wearing. Not one for commitments, she gets around the girly circuit, a lesbian sexual conquistador, if you will. Roxie is the classic player and is all for having a great time, and with her short skirts and braless excursions, it’s a wonder she comes out of the bedroom at all. I was completely bowled over by her once I found out she was my roommate. Here I was, Maggie Plain-and-Tall, with a long-term boyfriend a thousand miles away and a 4.0 paired with the liberal, outspoken gay roomy.

About 3 months ago, my boyfriend, Chris, told me that he had been seeing someone else for about 5 months, since I left for college. Roxie immediately informed me that I needed to get out, maybe try girls instead of guys. I was so tired of men and their shit, so I finally was wore down by my friend. She dressed me up and made me over and we were on our way to the club, Dress Hoppers, a lesbian club on the outskirts of the campus.

I never wear skirts, but Roxie shoved Bostancı Escort me into a blue jean skirt with heels and a flowing silk pink top. Oh yeah, and I didn’t wear a bra. My 38B breasts pointed forever forward and I knew that she was right. Maybe I should try girls.

Roxie pulled into the DH parking lot and parked about 20 feet from the door. Her chunky wooden heels hit the pavement and her normally short frame looked about 5 inches taller. The short, yellow skirt and dark green halter was only accented by the two entwining female symbols in between her chiseled shoulders. She paid the entrance fee and turned to face me.

“Now, Maggie, this is what you do. This is called the rebound. You find a random, drunk girl, dance with her and fuck her. No strings attached. Just random sex, okay?” Roxie told me, all-knowing, of course. “I’ll be at the bar finding you a good one. Now, go dance, you!”

And with that, my night began. I walked to the middle of the dance floor and listened to the hard techno and watched the writhing bodies of the female audience. Fat and thin, black and white, all the women in the place seemed to not have a care in the world, except to dance and fuck all night. I turned around and a girl grabbed my waist.

“Hi.” she whispered seductively. “I’m Torrence. Lets dance.”

Like I had a choice.

She was so beautiful, I couldn’t believe she was talking to me. She had the body of a cheerleader, and I later found out that she was a cheerleader at NTU, on the same mission as me. Torrence and I ground our hips into each other until both of Bostancı Escort Bayan us were too hot to continue dancing. She grabbed my hand and took me into the bathroom.

I had never tasted the lips of another women and it was completely exquisite. Our breasts rubbed hard against each other, begging to come out of our shirts. I reached around her slim neck, my tongue still playing with hers, and untied her halter top. Her plump tits fell out and the hard nipples felt warm through the silk. I had to taste them. So, I picked her up by her ass and set her on the sink. Women came and went, some washing their hands, some checking make-up and others sucking on various parts of other women. I reached up and grabbed a handful of creamy breast and forced the flesh into my mouth. She threw her head back, her blonde hair falling on my other hand. I loved the feel of her writhing under me while I flicked her nipple with my pierced tongue.

I kissed down to her short skirt. No panties. Perfect, I thought. I looked up at her before burying my face in her snatch. My face was met with wetness as my tongue touched her spot. Her hard clit bounced and pulsed against my lips and tongue, as I did my dance on her cunt. I slurped up her sweet juice and smelled her animal scent. She moaned and gripped the back of my head.

“I’m gonna c-c-cum…” Torrence managed. She bucked her hips and shoved her open cunt against my face and her sex exploded into my mouth. Her cum tasted almost sweet, smelled of saffron and cotton. It covered my face and I licked her luxuriously on her spot and shoved Escort Bostancı a finger up into her. The G-Spot was easy to find and I pressed it, making her scream out. I could feel her pulsing onto my hand and I kept flicking my tongue onto her bulge. She finally subsided and grabbed me up to her.

Torrence shoved me back onto the wet counter where she had been sitting and dug into my hot snatch. My eyes bulged and I felt just… well, amazing. Her tongue swirled, making it almost impossible for me to grab her hair without pulling it out. I moved forward as she put a finger into me, pushing my spot and fucking me hard. I could feel her sucking me like a cock and she bit me gently along my inner lips. She finally started on the home stretch, flicking me until I felt a tingle build in me.

“Here I cum, Torrence…” I grunted. I let it go and she put another finger in me and lapped me up like a starving dog. She sucked me more until my clit grew so sensitive and begged for more. The waves of pleasure finally started to let me go from their grasp and I fell back to earth from my mind boggling orgasm.

She stood up and kissed me, our juices mingling on each other’s lips. “It was fun, baby. What was your name again?”

“Uh… Maggie.” I stammered.

“Right, well, Maggie. Maybe we could do this again later. Here’s my number. Bye, sweetie.” She handed me a business card with her number on it and turned to walk away, putting her top back on, concealing her luscious mounds.

I staggered out to the dance floor, knees weak, and I felt suddenly confident. Roxie appeared in front of me. “You fucked, didn’t you?”

I nodded and smiled. Roxie pulled me close and smelled my breath. Then she kissed me. Hard. She kissed me with such a longing that I knew the only thing she had on her mind involved the two of us. We quickly made our way to the door. A night to remember was only beginning.

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