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A Night at the Theatre

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I enjoy going to the theatre and someone at the office had a last minute cancellation so I found myself awaiting the curtain at the premiere of a musical. I had seen it many times before and it was one of my favourites. I was a week night and I was on my own dressed in a tux. It felt like one of those ‘Desperate n Dateless’ dos. What the hell I thought, it was a great show and I’ll just enjoy myself. I was seated in the stalls on the rear left of the theatre. Not the best as I seldom sit more than five rows back from the stage and almost always dead centre but since it cost nothing I couldn’t complain.

I was about ten minutes into the show that I first felt her. She was sitting on my right and had decided to lean on her partner to her right. The lights were down and the theatre was dark so I couldn’t be sure if she knew what she was doing.

Well who am I kidding? Of course she knew what she was doing. In leaning away from me she had slid her lower body over to my side. To put it more precisely she was pushing her arse against my thigh. We were only separated by an armrest with no partition below it so the only thing separating her arse from me was the clothes we had on.

I had stiffened when I first felt her. I had nowhere to move so I just kept my leg perfectly still. Maybe she’ll think my thigh was the padding under the armrest. Yeah right. It wasn’t easy keeping still and she must have felt my initial reaction but showed no signs of it. A few minutes into this stand-off, she slid lower still under the arm rest. I turned my head slightly to see what she was doing. She was still leaning against her man’s shoulder and seemed engrossed with the show. Meanwhile down below the armrest, she was practically lying on her side so her left thigh was actually against and slightly on my thigh. This meant I could feel the area between her thighs including her crotch pressed against me as well. Her legs in the meantime were now draped around the front of my legs and I could feel her soft calves pressing against my shins. She knew exactly what she was doing. She’d have to be paralysed below the waist not to.

Another glance revealed still no reaction on her face or that of her escort. I had no idea what was going on stage and I no longer cared.

I didn’t do anything but she obviously knew by now that I wasn’t going to protest and she had found a willing if passive partner in her little game. Just when I began to plot my move it was intermission. The lights came up and she got up and walked away from me towards the centre aisle to go into the lounge. From behind I could see that they were an average height couple. She was of of slim build and quite shapely. She had blond shoulder length hair in tight curls and she was wearing a black blouse and a loose black knee length skirt. She Escort Bayan didn’t look back as she walked away but she must have known that I’d be curious. As she turned into the aisle to walk to the exit at the back of the theatre I had a good look at her profile. Age probably mid thirties, good features, almond shaped eyes, cute nose, full lips and not too much make-up. Not bad I thought, not bad at all. This intermission was going to seem interminable.

Now I’m a six foot tall, athletic 34 year old. You could say I good-looking guy and I’ve been picked up by women many times before. I’m a charmer who’s never had to work too hard for female company but I had rules and one of them was to never tread on another man’s toes when it came to women. And I’ve never thought of the theatre as a pick-up spot. I guess she had other ideas. She must’ve noticed me and sized me up before the lights went out.

Could this be how she gets her kicks? I guess a theatre is one place where you can have a bit of fun without it getting out of hand. I always thought it a dignified night out in a dinner jacket, until now. Life sure is full of surprises. I remained in my seat and weighed my options. Were there any options? It may well have started and ended already. It wasn’t until I reached down to rub the side of my thigh that I realised that there was a damp spot on my pants where she had pressed her crotch against me. The sneaky bitch was already getting off on this. I raised my damp fingers to my nostrils. It was pussy juice all right. It was the muskiness of woman mixed with the scent of expensive perfume. My cock reacted even before I did, it was a definite turn-on. I’d have to be brain-dead not to be. Now I know I wanted this saucy bitch. I wanted to touch her pussy, to taste it and if possible to fuck it. The throbbing in my pants echoed the last sentiment. Now that I knew the game I needed to learn the rules. What rules? I’ll have to wait and see what she does next.

She returned just as the lights were dimming. Nothing happened. I began to wonder if I had imagined the whole thing. After a few minutes I again felt her slide her arse over and press her crotch unashamedly against the side of my thigh again. You’d think we were old lovers watching telly in our lounge in our favourite positions. Her lower legs again extended into the footwell in front of my seat as she once again draped her feet over mine. I couldn’t help smiling to myself. What a bold bitch!!!!

‘Well hello there! I’m back.’ she seemed to be saying. ‘Have you thought about me and are you going to have enough balls to do something about it this time? Or am I just wasting my time on some gutless queer?,’ I felt challenged. It was now or never. I could be heading towards some naughty fun or a public embarrassment and Escort even a molestation charge. Well, was it Balls or NoBalls? She obviously had no inhibitions once the lights were down. So it was all up to me.

I began ever so slowly to show my interest. I tensed and then relax my thigh muscle so that she could alternately feel it bulge against her and then soften. I repeated this twice, three time and then stopped. No reaction. Then she by pressed her calf against my shin and lifted her thigh so that her pussy was more exposed to my thigh. Alright!

Resting my right elbow on the armrest and supporting my chin on my right palm, (Anyone would have seen a man intensely interested in the performance on stage. Little did they know that right here below shoulder height in the shadows of the theatre seats another show was opening) I moved my left hand under the armrest and pretended to rub along my right thigh. What I really ended up doing was slide my hand between my thigh and her crotch. The knuckles on the back of my hand passed smoothly over her damp skirt and the soft moist pussy lips beneath it. I stopped my hand just as it was beyond her lips and held it there. I felt her pussy pull away slightly as it contracted. Then it pressed back onto my knuckles. There was no turning back now. I slowly slid my hand back and forth along my thigh all the time rubbing her pussy with the knuckles of my fingers. My growing erection was now matched only by the increasing dampness coming through her dress. Here I was sitting among a few thousand people, all dressed in the finest evening attire but while they were watching a show, I was busy playing with the pussy of a total stranger and best of all, I, we could get away with even more. She wanted it and so did I.

Certain now that her crotch was available to me, I turned my hand over and starting running my fingertips along her pussy lips. A damp groove soon formed as I pressed harder and began to rub more between the lips of her labia. I could feel her lips become thicker and fuller with each pass I made and I wanted to finger-fuck her badly. I wanted to rub her insides and stretch her naughty little hole. Every time I reached the front of her pussy I felt my fingers bump against the knob that I knew was her clitty and each time I did it felt a little larger and harder. If I pressed any harder I’d punch a hole in her dress, it had to go.

I stopped rubbing. I piched a piece of her skirt and slowly began to pull up, that is towards the back of the seat. At first it wouldn’t budge, then she shifted slightly in assistance. Another glance to the side still showed a couple engrossed in the show. She was a better actor than those on stage. As for me, I was still resting my chin on the palm of my right hand with my elbow firmly on the Bayan Escort armrest. No one suspected a thing, no even the lady to my left.

My movements though urgent were minor and well concealed and my jacket was providing secondary cover to the darkness of the theatre. After what seemed an eternity I finally had her skirt up past her pussy. I reached eagerly for her panties and now understood why her skirt was so damp. She wasn’t wearing any. I palmed her arse cheek. It was smooth as a baby’s bottom and cool against my hand. I gave it a good squeeze. It was the sort of playful familiarity that only lovers shared and right now that was what we were. I moved my hand all over her arse as though I was claiming territory until my hand slid down between her cheeks and my fingers touched her pussy lips. There was only a light cover of soft curls in the way. I teased the moist curls with my fingers spreading her seeping juices all over them. Soon I was running my fingers between her lips once again this time with nothing to stop my probing deeper. Her snatch was soaking wet.

But first I found her clit and with my fingers pushing back the little hood around it I began to rub the little knob with my thumb. It grew and she shifted slightly in an effort to get comfortable. She wanted it but it was obviously too much to bear. I pictured her biting her lips in the darkened theatre whilst trying to stop herself from moaning. I was merciless and persisted until I could feel the heat build up in her clit. Every time it felt a bit dry I would slide my thumb between her pussy lips and renew the assault. She withstood this pleasurable torture for a few more minutes before she trembled and came. In the last few moments she had quietly slipped her left hand over her thigh and on top of my hand. As she came she tightened her grip on my hand in an effort to keep it still. If I had kept rubbing I’m sure she would have screamed out her orgasm. I felt sorry for her but at the same time I must say I was enjoying myself. Nothing like a silent partner suffering from too much foreplay. I’d love to watch her try to keep her composure now, the cheeky bitch. This is what they call turning the tables. Her whole body stiffened for a good few minutes as I felt her cum ooze out of her pussy onto the seat and my pants.

By giving me access to her privates, she had given her cunt to me and I wasn’t about to let her get off that easily. I had left her raw clitty alone for now but not because she wanted me to, I had other plans. When I felt her relax again, I slid two fingers between her cum-covered pussy lips and into her hot hole. It immediately contracted around my probing digits and covered them with juices. Now I have large hands and long fingers and I used these to full advantage twirling around her cervix and pressing against the front wall of her cunt. Her pussy expanded and contracted in response. I don’t know if I could hit her g-spot at this angle but I gave it a good go. I just hoped she wasn’t digging the nails of her other hand into her partner’s arm.

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