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A Night at the Club

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“Oh, God… I’m so close,” she panted. A fine sheen of sweat gleamed on Angela’s nude body. In the firelight, her smooth skin had turned into color of liquid gold. She was gasping for breath as she arched her back. Her hands clutched fistfuls of the black satin bed sheets, her heels making deep depressions on the large mattress as she moved her hips forward. Angela kept her eyes closed as her thighs began to tremble and shake from the strain.

So close… I’m almost there. Closer, closer… Ah!

A quiet scream was torn from her throat as she came, despite her attempts to remain silent. Waves of pleasure washed over her body as she felt her inner muscles contracting around the hardness inside her. Her goal accomplished, Angela slowly stretched out her legs as her heart rate slowed to normal. She released her grip on the sheets as her breathing became more relaxed and even. Exhausted but happy, she reached down between her legs and gently tugged. The vibrator came out with a wet little plop. Her legs twitched in reaction as pulses of aftershocks radiated from the junction of her thighs.

She sighed and stretched a little more, content, for the moment, to enjoy the muted afterglow. After a few minutes of staring at herself in the mirror, she felt restless again. Damn, that was a good one, but not quite good enough, she thought. Tonight, she really wanted to just get laid. She got up from the bed and padded, naked, over to her closet. She wasn’t exactly an exhibitionist, she just didn’t really think of nudity being such a big deal.

She flipped on the light switch and began to think about what image she wanted to portray that night. Hmm… 40’s pin-up? A Latin seductress? Or Asian mystique? Her eyes fell upon her latest purchase: a black leather corset, and suddenly she knew what to wear. She slipped the corset on and laced up the sides, enjoying the way it gave her more of an hourglass figure. She put on a garter belt and clipped her stockings in place and then she put on her underwear—a lovely creation of bits of lace and satin—and stepped into her black skirt that was short enough to show the a couple of inches of smooth skin above her stockings whenever she sat down. A pair stiletto heels and a black velvet ribbon around her neck completed the look.

Angela surveyed herself in the mirror. Her brown eyes didn’t miss a single detail. A light coat of lipstick, a spritz of her favorite scent, and toss of her wavy hair and she was ready to go. She grabbed her clutch bag and was out of the door and on her way to the nightclub.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There was a long line outside the club, but Angela walked Escort Bayan past it, stopping only to kiss Male’le, the bouncer, and to flash her ID card at the hostess, Lina. She stopped just inside the doors to let her eyes adjust to the darkness of the club and to let the rhythm flow through her. With a toss of her head, she strode confidently to the middle of the dance floor and began to dance.

Angela was having the time of her life. She hadn’t danced like this in a few weeks, and she didn’t realize how much she’d been missing the freedom and excitement of moving your body in public. A blonde woman had walked up behind her and started to run her hands down the sides of Angela’s body. So, with a smile, Angela turned around and playfully pulled the woman close so they were dancing hip to hip. She winked at the woman and leaned forward to give her a teasing lick on her lower lip and a kiss. Surprise registered in the green eyes of the woman, who gave Angela’s ass a little squeeze before pulling a card from the back pocket of her jeans and handing it to Angela.

She put her lips by Angela’s ear and said “Call me sometime if you’re free,” before walking away.

With a grin, Angela tucked the card in her corset and walked over a quiet booth in the corner to rest for a few minutes.

“Would you like some company?” came a voice from above her head.

Angela turned, and what she saw was positively mouthwatering. Her eyes took in the long legs encased in loose black slacks, the maroon red shirt that showed off broad shoulders, the wicked smile and that subtle air of command he seemed to have. His lips quirked.

“Do I pass inspection?” He asked, as his dark eyes sparkled with suppressed humor.

Angela smiled and nodded. “You pass the inspection, but I would rather dance with you.”

“My name is Alex, by the way,” the man beside her said.


“Angela, I know,” he replied. Seeing the confusion on her face, he answered her unspoken question. “I saw you greet the bouncer, so I asked the bartender for your name, since I figured you were a regular.”

Ahh, a smart guy.

Once they were on the dance floor, Angela began to tease Alex. She pulled his arms around her body and guided his hands over her curves while staring into his eyes. She parted her lips and slowly licked them, making sure his eyes followed the movement of her tongue. She clasped her hands behind his neck and rubbed her lower body against his, still in time with the music, feeling him harden. He smiled at her as he leaned down and kissed her, licking at her lips until she parted them, and proceeded to give her the most erotic French Escort kisses she’d ever had.

When he pulled back, her eyes were unfocused and all she could think about was having Alex’s hands on her bare skin. She pulled him to a dark corner of the club to get away from the crowd. She drew his head down for more of his addictive kisses as she slipped his hand beneath the fabric of her skirt. He felt the lace edge of her panties and dipped lower, making his way through silky curls to find the damp heat that was begging for his touch. His palm rested on her mons as he began to thrust his finger inside her. He made a low sound of approval when his other hand found the gartered stockings as he hooked her leg around his hip.

She broke off the kiss. “Wait, wait… we can go back to my place,” she panted. Alex withdrew his hand and chuckled as she moaned at the loss.

“I can wait, but I don’t think you can,” he replied. He stroked her clit through the material covering it and smiled as she shuddered. “Angel, I’ll let you have this one,” he said as he pushed aside her panties and thrust two fingers inside her, using his thumb to fondle the little nub at the peak of her sex.

The muscles in the leg around his hip tightened and trembled. She didn’t want to get caught having sex in public. It really wasn’t her style, but all reason was wiped clear from her head in the mindless pursuit of her climax. She clawed at his back as sweat beaded on her forehead and whimpers came from her, despite her best efforts to hold them back. The hand of the arm supporting her back was delicately tracing patterns on the sensitive skin on her bottom as he kissed and nibbled his way from her shoulder to her ear. She moaned when he lightly bit the side of her neck and clamped her lips together to hold on to her control. His devilish fingers were twisting and curling and rubbing the sensitive tissue inside her until she knew she’d go mad if she didn’t scream. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore and parted her lips to scream, his head came down and captured her lips in a searing kiss that muffled her cries.

After tugging her clothing back into place and easing her leg down, Alex looked at the slightly dazed woman before him.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” she kept repeating as she shook her head.

“Still shocked, Angel? Take me to your place and I’ll make it up to you” he quipped.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Angela warned. She then smiled and pulled him through the crowded dance floor and out into the night.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Once inside Angela’s bedroom, Alex let out an appreciative Bayan Escort whistle. The four-poster king-sized bed with the black satin sheets and mounds of pillows dominated the room. The velvet drapes, the muted lights, and the deep red walls accented the décor that could only be described as a classy boudoir. This was clearly a room designed with sex in mind.

“Now, where were we, Angel?” he asked as he pulled her closer.

To answer, she drew him to the large mirror beside her bed and peeled off her skirt. She got down on her knees and unzipped his pants with her mouth. As his pants fell to the floor, she pulled off his boxers to join them.

She put her hands on his hips and leaned forward, stopping just short of kissing his erection. She smirked as she looked up at him through her lashes and said, “I think I owe you one.”

Angela took her time “torturing” him in retaliation for what had happened at the club. First, she kissed her way up and down the length of him, playfully flicking her tongue and sucking every now and then, but always avoiding the sensitive head. When he put his hands in her hair to guide her lips to where he wanted them the most, she laughed, and the warm air she blew over him made him groan and some shiny drops of pre-cum dripped down. She ignored his silent command and continued to lick him as though he were a particularly tasty lollipop. She kept her hands busy, stroking his hips and thighs, and occasionally giving a gentle squeeze to his sac. She paid particular attention to teasing the underside of his cock and to licking around the base of the head.

Alex had a hard time dividing his attention from watching her lips and watching their reflection in the mirror. Seeing it being reflected was an interesting twist. After a little while Angela stopped her actions, giving him a pause.

“Just wanted your attention,” she said. “Now, watch.”

She wrapped her lips only around the very tip of his cock and, while he watched, he could feel how strongly she sucked, although her lips remained motionless. Then, she quickly flicked her tongue back and forth over that sensitive opening, causing him to reflexively grab her head and to buck his hips forward. Angela was now taking as much of him in her mouth as she could, while stroking the rest that she couldn’t take with her hand. The strong suction and the flicking tongue proved to be Alex’s undoing as he groaned and panted his warning that he was going to come.

Angela moved her mouth back and wrapped her lips around the head to catch swallow as much as she could. Afterwards, she licked him clean and wiped her chin to catch a few stray drops. She watched with amusement as he pretended to stagger and flopped down to sit on her bed. She drew closer to him, propped her chin on her arm draped on his knee and smirked.

“I suppose I deserved to be teased, but damn, Angel, you can drive a man insane!”

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