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A New Day, A New Us part 3

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Saturday comes and goes relatively peacefully considering there is no school and the family had their own plans so I got to chill out and spend time with Kori, Katy and Mathilda over at Kori’s house. Nothing major happened while there aside from Katy and Kori expressing some pride in Matty for bringing in Hanna. Sunday was fairly relaxed until I got a text message from Natsuko saying she needs a favor and for me to come over this afternoon. It’s only eleven in the morning but the request is enough for me to tell her that I can come over, which she replies with a ‘please do’ and ‘hurry’. I let Kori know where I am and who I’m helping via text before informing Mom who gives me a hug before pushing me out the door.

I take my time getting over to Jun and Natsuko’s house at about four in the afternoon when I knock on the door. Natsuko answers and I follow her inside checking her out a little more than I have recently. Jean short shorts and a tight black t-shirt with no bra on should always grab attention but once I get my mind off that as we get to her room I can see she’s a little more nervous about something than I’ve ever seen her. Natsuko’s room has just enough Japanese punk stuff in it to be trendy and just enough American punk in it to be cool, even her bed has grey blankets with black samurai skulls. I take a seat on her bed and I can see her thinking when a noise from another part of the house makes me crane to make out what’s happening.

“That would be Jun and Lilly, on Sunday like clockwork they go to his room and have sex when my parents leave,” Natsuko explains like she’s bored.

“Okay well unless you want me to do something about that I’m curious why my best non-girlfriend needs my help,” I reply curiously.

“Family dinner is tonight and Daddy wants to meet you,” Natsuko explains,” After last year Mom has mellowed out but Dad is worried about his little girl not dating and I told him that I have a really good friend but we’re not romantic at all. He wants me to get a boyfriend but I just don’t need love like that, I have two families and that’s more than enough love.”

“So we’re not romantic but you definitely enjoy having me screw your brains out,” I say getting a smile out of Natsuko, “Okay, so you want me to straighten out your Dad on how you feel?”

“Yeah or just get him to back off like you did with Mom last year,” Natsuko says getting me to choke at the thought.

Having some blackmail sex with Natusko’s Mom last year was one thing but I still haven’t told either her or Jun what happened. Mostly it’s been a secret because I promised her mom, Kimiko that nobody would know. I can see she’s wondering why I choked up for a second and wave her off when we both turn our heads to hear Jun’s voice from the other side of the house as he hits an orgasm. I chuckle but Natsuko seems uninterested.

“I’ll help out but we have a bigger problem than your father,” I tell Natsuko getting very serious.

“What is the problem,” Natsuko asks concerned.

“I haven’t had an Asian girl to hold onto in over a month and I’m here in one’s room and she doesn’t seem interested,” I tell he changing my tone from serious to funny.

Natsuko smiles before she crawls over and I get her to lay down on her side before spooning up behind her. We talk lightly and after a few minutes we can hear Lilly and Jun talking as they head down the hall towards Natsuko’s room and knock on the door. Natsuko and I feign sleeping and listen as they pop their heads in and start talking in Japanese to each other as they creep inside. I can feel the two of them are close when Natsuko mumbles something in Japanese in her ‘sleep’. Jun and Lilly chuckle at the comment which I have no clue about and I take my arm on top of Natsuko and start to grope her chest lightly. Natsuko starts moaning at my touch and I can feel her ass grinding against my crotch as we continue to ‘sleep hump’ each other getting some heavy breathing from Lilly and Jun.

“OH MY GOD YOU PERVERTS ARE WATCHING US,” I exclaim getting them to jump for where standing.

“Holy shit you scared the crap out of me Guy,” Jun says startled.

“You just got off and now you wanna watch me have sex with Guy,” Natsuko says laughing hard.

Both of them are a little embarrassed at the situation and Natsuko and I are having a good laugh about it, we sit up and all settle down to start talking about different things. Jun gets tense when I mention Heather’s new group.

“So why are they bothering you man,” I ask.

“The one with the glasses has been making some almost racist comments to Jun but won’t make any to anyone else,” Lilly explains rubbing Jun’s shoulder.

As we continue talking I feel Natsuko pushing my arm back and crawl against my chest. Before too long she’s got her hand in my shirt and is rubbing my stomach. Lilly is shifting in her seat and Jun doesn’t notice it much as we continue talking. I finally decide to drop the bomb.

“Hey you two, this is great but I’m thinking about learning Japanese in a few minutes,” I say rubbing my hand on Natsuko’s hip.

“You are tutoring Guy in Japanese,” Lilly asks confused.

“No he just makes me cum so hard I forget the English language,” Natsuko purrs curling up onto my lap facing away from me.

“Dude are you gonna keep doing that with us here,” Jun asks a little put off.

“Hey you were just watching us grope each other now either get naked and start giving it to your girlfriend or get out,” I reply plainly.

That’s when the Japanese talk starts in between Lilly and Jun. Both of them are talking fast but it’s not slowing down Natsuko who is giving me a lap dance as they argue. I’m getting hard and it has Natsuko’s attention as she hops off my lap and drops to her knees before taking my cock out of my pants and slowly working her mouth up and down my shaft taking five of the seven and a half inches. Jun starts to leave but Lilly takes the initiative quickly pushing him down onto the foot of the bed before pulling his cock out and before long starts working him with her mouth frantically. I take Natsuko’s head and with Lilly glancing out of the corner of her eye push Natsuko’s head all the way down. Natsuko puts her arms behind her back and makes a few gagging noises while drooling on my cock. Lilly on the other hand starts making sucking noises and I can see she’s getting into what’s happening all the while Jun seems like he’s a little weirded out by the whole thing despite his hard on.

“Dude this is so fucked up,” Jun says rolling his head back,” My sister is sucking off my best friend while I get a blowjob.”

“As opposed to me cumming inside her last year while you fucked Katy,” I reply chucking.

The blowjob on my end stops with Natsuko letting me fall from her mouth before she stands up and strips down in front of me, I quickly start to follow her lead but we both start getting distracted by Jun and Lilly. Lilly has stopped giving Jun his blowjob and has an upset scowl on her face while she speaks angrily in Japanese and Jun tries to save himself meekly. As Natsuko starts to climb on top I decide to change things up for her and instead of her riding me I lay her down on her back. Natsuko is surprised but I watch as she spreads her legs wide hooking her arms under her knees. I crawl up and position my cockhead against her tight pussy all the while Jun and Lilly continue to fight in Japanese, I make eye contact with Natsuko and slam my cock deep inside her pussy. As I hit bottom Natsuko lets out a loud moan causing Lilly and Jun to stop arguing. I pull my knees up under me and rest my upper body on my forearms next to Natsuko’s head. Once I’m all lined up I back my cock halfway out and slam it back down getting another moan from Natsuko. I keep the pace slow but hard enjoying the feeling of my cock banging against Natsuko’s cervix. Natsuko lets go of her legs and wraps them around my waist and her arms around my back as I methodically pound into her.

I keep pushing my cock deeper into Natsuko when I feel a shift in the weight on the bed and see Lilly down on her hands with her bare ass in the air as Jun moves in behind her, the two of them having stripped down again I distract myself by checking out Lilly for the first time. I can see her breasts, b cup at least hanging and her glasses are off and as soon as Jun is in position he slams inside her hard and starts pounding away. Lilly is moaning and enjoying the attention but her eyes are watching my hips and the beating I’m giving to Natsuko’s pussy. I smile a little and Lilly realizes that I know she was watching and her face gets more flushed at the embarrassment of being ‘seen’.

I turn my attention to Natsuko who is trying desperately to get me deeper into her pussy, I lock my forearms under her shoulders and instead of deeper I switch into high gear going just as deep as I was before but a lot faster. Natsuko isn’t so much thrashing underneath me as she is shaking and speaking in Japanese, her pussy is clenching down hard and when her mouth opens to scream I latch mine onto her’s and kiss her deeply. The kiss and the hard fucking have Natsuko shaking hard as I clamp down and hold onto her till the shaking stops. I start to move again unfortunately I get the slightly disappointing surprise of Natsuko’s limbs falling off of me as she has passed out. I pull out and curl her limp form up to the head of the bed and put a pillow under her head.

I turn my attention back to Jun and Lilly, Jun is hammering away and while Lilly is feeling it I can tell by her eyes that she wants more. I start to put my underwear on when Lilly stops everything by speaking to Jun in Japanese. I watch his face as the mood goes from ‘I’m gonna cum’ to ‘the fuck you say’. They start to have a small fight and I decide that I should probably step out of the room but no sooner am I in the hall and heading to the bathroom do I have Jun hot on my heels.

“Dude this is fucked up,” Jun says in a not too happy tone.

“Okay but you’ve seen me have sex with your sister before,” I reply plainly.

“No, it’s Lilly. She’s pissed that I’ve been with someone other than her and she says it’s only fair that she gets to have sex with someone else too,” Jun says a little disheartened.

“Well she’s asked me before,” I tell Jun leaning against the wall.

“What? You’ve tried to have sex with Lilly and you didn’t tell me,” Jun says getting angry.

“Whoa, I didn’t have sex with her. She wanted to so that she didn’t feel left out and could come back to you. I value you as a friend and said no,” I explain going on the defense,” Last time she asked was when you two were separated before I left on vacation last summer.”

“Okay man, I’m just pissed off now because she’s holding it over my head like I did something wrong,” Jun says backing down.

“Alright well what do you need me to do,” I ask trying to help.

“She’s not gonna let it go but I don’t want to see her with another guy or let another guy fuck her,” Jun says disheartened.

“So who is the bigger freak, you or her,” I ask forming my plan.

“Lilly, she wants to try a lot of different things and sometimes when we have sex she fingers herself afterwards because she didn’t orgasm hard enough,” Jun tells me with a little embarrassment, “I mean it’s not that I’m not interested in doing the same things it’s just I get into a groove and we end up doing one of the same things we always do.”

“I have a thought but you need to be completely okay with it before I would ever do it and it’s a onetime thing only,” I tell Jun getting a look of skepticism.

I walk through my newly formed plan with Jun which initially gets an immediate no. I continue explaining that this is just for the two of them and that afterwards this is not ever an option again. He weighs it over before he asks me one question.

“Have you been interested in Lilly at all,” Jun asks skeptically.

“Dude, she’s your girl, I stay away from other guys’ women as a rule,” I explain,” This isn’t because I have some fantasy. You trust me and I trust you, only reason I offer this. Do you want me to do this yes or no?”

Jun nods and we head back to the bedroom where Lilly has her underwear on and looks confused by the both of us coming back in the room together. Jun takes a seat in Natsuko’s desk chair while I stand there looking for the way to explain what will be happening to Lilly.

“Lilly there is no easy way to go about this but I’m tired of every time I come around it turns into a problem between you and Jun,” I say starting in,” Now I don’t really understand why he’s in trouble considering he’s only been with my girlfriend before you were dating him and I was dating her.”

“It’s just that he has had something different and I haven’t,” Lilly says frustrated.

“I can understand that and so can Jun, he and I talked and this is the offer. You and I will do this one time. It will happen with Jun here in the room watching us,” I explain and cut her off from interrupting me with a gesture,” However, these are my rules and they are not negotiable. First one is that you will not kiss me, this is not a love thing it’s a lust thing. Second we will fuck, again it’s a lust thing. Third you will fuck the way I want to fuck and you will not complain or I will stop and that will be the end of it. Finally I know you are on the pill but you like Jun to wear a condom, I won’t and I will cum inside you if I see fit to. Do you understand?”

I can see her thinking about it hard before nodding her head quietly, I motion her to stand up and strip down. Once her bra and panties are on the floor and my boxer briefs are next to them lean my body down her 5’6” frame and start to suck on Lilly’s nipple which causes her to stiffen up a little. I place one of my arms around her back and spread her legs a little before taking my other hand and start rubbing Lilly’s clit with reckless speed. Lilly grips my head and tries to slow my hand down with her own but it does her no good as I back her up and lay her down on the Natsuko’s bed and after detaching my mouth from her nipple grab the back of her head with my free hand and make her look at my hand on her pussy as I stick two fingers in. Lilly starts moaning at my intrusion as I finger her deep and fast. Lilly’s pussy is almost as tight as Natsuko’s but the suddenness of my actions aren’t getting her as wet as I would like. I take my fingers out and let go of Lilly’s head before hopping off the bed and pulling her ass to the edge. I know Jun is waiting for something to happen but I know I’ve got to get her ready for anything too new. I spread Lilly’s pussy lips and in one stroke shove my whole cock deep into her pussy.

Lilly’s insides are just as tight as my fingers told me but I’m in her deeper than I was able to be with Natsuko and while Natsuko can get like a volcano if she does it her way Lilly is like a warm bath. I back out till my just the head is inside and slide my cock all the way back down eliciting a moan from Lilly. I can see more of Lilly’s body now, her meaty legs spread wide and held by my arms, her breasts moving to her sides under their own weight but what catches my attention the most is her body fat. She’s not huge but she’s got more on her than any of my girlfriends and every time I thrust it causes a ripple up her body. This is so new to me that instead of going slowly and working up speed I start to fuck Lilly’s pussy hard each thrust getting me the same ripple up her body. Lilly’s biting her knuckle as I fuck her pussy and I let of one of her legs to grab her head again and make it look down at my hips as I fuck her.

“Are you cumming,” I ask Lilly who‘s face gets red at the question.

“He asked you if you’re cumming Lilly, answer him,” Jun says from the chair behind me.

I watch Lilly nod her head yes and her eyes show a desperation I’ve seen in women before. I’m not too close and I still have to get what I promised Jun taken care of. I let go of Lilly’s head and watch it fall back, as soon as my hand is free however I take my thumb and start rubbing her clit. Lilly starts to get tighter and quieter as I hammer away before lurching her upper body off the bed and grabbing my arms grunts out a hard orgasm. I slow my pace down and stop rubbing her clit altogether as she calms down from her first orgasm. I pull out and see she’s confused as she checks and finds I didn’t cum.

“But you didn’t cum, why didn’t you finish,” Lilly asks confused.

I smirk instead of answer and start to lay myself down on the floor before motioning to Lilly to follow. A little confused but still very aroused it takes Lilly a moment to get herself into position and straddling my hips finally she gets my cock at her entrance and starts working me in and out of her pussy in slow strokes. I lean Lilly’s body forward till she’s over me and push my cock up into her as she takes me deeper causing more moaning and lip biting. I reach my hands up and taking her jaw in one hand I take my other and slap my hand to get her attention.

“I’m not fucking a mute now either start showing me you like this or I will start doing shit like biting your nipples,” I tell Lilly aggressively.

I take my hands off her face and move them to Lilly’s nipples pinching them a little harder than I would to tease. I feel Lilly’s pussy start to tighten and she starts grunting at the pain/pleasure she’s feeling. We start hammering our hips together but I’m literally keeping my orgasm at bay to hold out for later. I let Lilly’s nipples go and pull her hair back as she starts to speed up on her own trying to cum hard against me.

“Lilly are you gonna cum on my cock again,” I ask her getting frantic nod,” You better say something or I’ll stop.”

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming hard. Jun I’m cumming hard again, thank you Jun for asking Guy to do this. I swear I’ll do a threesome with a girl or anything you want after this,” Lilly gasps pounding harder against me.

I see Jun smirking and I wave for him to get ready. Lilly is a moment away from cumming when I take her arms in my hands and move them behind her back making her rest her weight on me. She’s shocked and being so close I can see she is thinking about kissing me but is confused by my change in position as I take a slow pace fucking her from below.

“Jun I think she’s ready,” I tell Jun who moves up behind his girlfriend.

“Wait, what are you doing Jun,” Lilly asks confused and nervous.

Jun doesn’t answer but I can hear him moving and I know when he lines up his cock with Lilly’s asshole by the expression on her face.

“No Jun we talked about this I’m not ready yet,” Lilly says desperately.

“Better get ready then cause he’s gonna get something that you’ve been holding back, you get something and he gets something,” I tell Lilly getting a wide eyed expression.

I watch Lilly clench her eyes shut and start breathing deeply as I slow my pace down and bury my whole cock in her pussy as I feel Jun start to breach the gates. It takes him a minute and Lilly lets me know he’s inside by bumping our foreheads together hard. Lilly clenches her pussy up hard and I wait till Jun starts moving slowly that I only used two inches of my cock to fuck Lilly. The three of us are in a weird sandwich and it’s the moaning not involved in the sex that draws my gaze as I see Natsuko watching and fingering her pussy lightly at the sight. I keep my slow pace and finally let Lilly’s arms go and watch as she pushes her body up and off mine but doesn’t try to throw us off. It’s minutes at this slow pace before Jun speeds up and starts hammering his girlfriends ass.

“Lilly I’m gonna cum in you again,” Jun tells her pulling her head back to see him.

“Baby this is the best idea you ever had please don’t stop,” Lilly replies before they kiss.

I’m feeling great with Lilly’s pussy but for some reason I’m not close to finishing like I was with Natsuko earlier and while it’s aggravating I keep pushing and hope for the best. Seconds after Lilly and Jun break their kiss I feel Jun slam his cock up her ass one final time and both let out a loud moan, Lilly keeps pushing herself back onto Jun’s and my own cock as she cums hard on me. I push myself all the way down to the base but still no orgasm, not even close but it’s enough to get Lilly to start shaking as she rides out her orgasm.

Jun backs out slowly and I see him hand Lilly something as I figure she’s trying to keep from making
a mess. I pull out of Lilly and watch as she gets up and waddles off to the bathroom. I watch Jun get dressed and start to follow suit when Natsuko stops me.

“Wait, didn’t you cum,” Natsuko asks getting a look from Jun.

I shake my head no and watch as Natsuko motions for Jun to leave the room. I observe as Jun takes Lilly her clothes exiting the room before turning my attention to Natsuko. My little Japanese-American assistant moves me over to her bed and lays me down with my head on the pillow before straddling my hips and lining my cock up with her pussy, I watch her slowly start to take me inside her for the second time today only this time she seems less interested in getting me in and more interested in my expression. I wait for Natsuko to take her usually slow pace but instead of riding me while sitting up she leans down and puts her face over mine.

“You are going to cum in me, you are gonna cum and I’m going to milk your fucking cock till there’s nothing left,” Natusko growls starting to move hard onto me.

I can feel her clenching down intentionally and while I’d normally want to last longer I can feel my blood, and other bodily fluids, start to boil. I waste no time and start pushing up into Natsuko’s tight pussy hard, matching her downward thrusts with ones up against her. She’s taking it well and I’m back to my familiar Asian girls which for some reason makes things seem better as we continue to pound our bodies together. I can feel the tingle in the base of my member and taking Natsuko’s hip in one hand and her head in the other slam myself into her warm folds while shoving my tongue in her unsuspecting mouth. I feel her tense up and then relax as I shoot my cum deep into her, the whole time our mouths tasting each other for the first time in a long time. It’s at least a good five minutes and I know I’m spent but Natsuko is still on top of me and only when I fall out does she break our kiss.

“Why did you do that,” Natsuko asks confused but smiling.

“Seemed like the best thing right then, I couldn’t cum with Lilly. It was just too weird for me right then,” I tell her letting her roll off to my side,” But you are my first not-girlfriend, and while this a relationship thing I do care a bit about you .”

“You sappy dork,” Natsuko says shoving me a little and smirking.

We clean up and return to her room to dress before we just relax and talk, Natsuko tells me about some of the ‘forced compliance’ that the new moralists are pushing and I think about an approach in case I get confronted again. Natsuko and I are only holding for about a half hour when we can hear her parents come in through the front door. I grab my jacket and follow her out to the living room. I’ve seen Junichi’s and Natsuko’s father before but this being a little different since it’s a formal meet I get my game face on. I see him in sitting in a cushioned chair like he’s been waiting for me. He’s dressed like he’s going to the office, button up shirt, blue tie and slacks with thick black framed glasses. What really throws me off is that he doesn’t look anything like Jun. He stands to greet me and I am looking down at a 5’5” Asian man and I take his hand and try to contain myself as I feel him try to grip test me in the handshake.

“You must be the young sensei that has my son walking around like a man and my daughter refusing to find herself a good boyfriend,” Jun’s father says to me gauging my reaction.

“Not a sensei, I just encourage people to stand up, and as for your daughter if she feels strong enough to be single and not need someone else that should say more about you raising her since I didn’t give her that idea,” I reply smiling and matching his grip.

“You take the compliment well and you turn the accusation into a compliment for my wife and me,” Jun’s father says smiling,” You are either a very smart or crafty young man.”

I thank him for the compliment and we sit in the living room while dinner is prepared and his children watch and wait to see if either he loses his temper at me or I pound him into paste. I don’t want any sort of fight with an adult but Jun’s expression is one that tells me he’s waiting for something to happen. I learn in our conversation he’s an accountant for an overseas firm and has been privileged with a good life thanks to his company. I tell him about the ‘tutoring group’ that Jun helps me run and how we are working to get more students through school. I can tell he approves when Kimiko, Natsuko’s mom calls us in for dinner.

The meal is very traditional Japanese but we get to sit at a table with chairs. Kimiko at the end of the table, Jun and Lilly on one side with Natsuko and I on the other. It’s Takehiko, their father that almost has me laughing as he sits in a slightly taller chair so that he’s taller than everyone else at the head of the table. We clear our plates when Takehiko decides to put the screws to me.

“So why are you not man enough to be the boyfriend of my daughter,” Takehiko says to me with a little venom.

“I’d like to think I’m man enough to be her boyfriend but we both are content with our friendship,” I reply as the table quiets to the conversation.

“So you do not honor her with even an attempt to be her boyfriend,” He responds getting upset.

“I honor your daughter by listening to her when she has advice and she has honored me with the wonders of Japanese girls and how amazing they can be,” I tell Takehiko smiling at my not so veiled statement.

“You dare imply that you have had sex with my daughter,” Takehiko says standing up on what must be a step up bar for the chair.

“I’m not implying anything, I have had sex with her because she wanted to have sex with me,” I tell him politely remaining seated,” and if she ever chose to stop because she found herself a boyfriend then I would be happy for her gain for as long as it lasted.”

And while I don’t speak a single word of Japanese I really don’t have to with the expressions of everyone at the table except Kimiko. I can see Lilly and Jun are waiting for a fight, Natsuko has a death grip on my leg and the whole situation would be normally tense except for the fact that I am trying to keep from laughing at the scene. A small Asian man is yelling at me while standing on a step up to look down at me. I don’t know where he is in his tirade and gesturing at everyone at the table but it’s Kimiko who speaks loudly enough to cause her husband’s voice to crack and go silent. Everyone sits in silence as she speaks to him and again I wish I had subtitles or some shit because while everyone is listening I’m the only one not understanding. I watch Takehiko take his seat and finally things seem to calm down.

“Husband, take Lilly home. Jun and Natsuko, I want you to go with your father and explain to him how your lives have improved with Guy’s assistance,” Kimiko says with iron like resolve.

I watch the family get up from the table and Jun nod to me while Natsuko winks a little like everything will be okay as they head out. I check the time and see it’s past six and start to get up to leave when Kimiko locks her brown almost black eyes onto me. I slowly sit back down and wait for her to address me.

“I must apologize to you,” Kimiko says with a little more humility than I’ve seen in her.

“It’s okay, I figured that something might happen and just told myself to be calm and stick to a polite but free comments,” I reply smiling.

“No, not for my foolish husband, he’s is easily dealt with as you just saw,” Kimiko says dismissing my words,” I am apologizing for not contacting you at all since you first visited me last year.”

“Oh, that… I figured you were just too busy or didn’t want anyone to suspect that we had been together,” I reply a little stunned at her apology.

“You tricked me yes but you have to understand that my husband is not very good at home and worse when he’s in bed,” Kimiko tells me explaining,” And with what you did last year it was something that I had been needing for a long time.”

“I’m just glad I made an impression, honestly though, why did you marry him anyway,” I ask curiously.

“Because he’s successful, he comes from a good family with a good history,” I watch Kimiko pause and smile wickedly,” and when I got pregnant he was so desperate to marry someone that I jumped at the chance to get myself a good life. Now I have a good life but every now and then I like to indulge my more carnal needs.”

“Wait you said when you got pregnant. Jun isn’t his is he,” I ask smirking.

She shakes her head no slowly and we both laugh at the joke of it all. Laughing I help her clear the dishes from the table and we continue talking in the kitchen. I tell her about my last summer and she jokes about taking me and my bike for a ride again. I shift in my pants being a little hard near an Asian milf goddess and she takes some notice.

“Problems from earlier,” Kimiko asks curiously.

“Your daughter is really good but I guess she gets that from you,” I leave out the thing with Lilly intentionally.

“Well considering my daughter’s size I’m amazed that she can take you at all,” Kimiko tells me putting her back against the counter across from me and leaning on her elbows.

“Mrs. Nakamura why do I have the feeling your trying to seduce me,” I reply moving in but Kimiko stops me with a hand on my chest.

“Not tonight young man, I have to guarantee that my husband will learn that this family likes you and that you are much better than he believes and that means I don’t put you against the refrigerator and see if you are any larger now than you were almost a year ago,” Kimiko purrs to me putting me in my place.

It’s not much longer with us waiting that the rest of the family returns and I say goodbye to Jun and Natsuko before getting back on my bike and heading out. It’s only seven at night and I decide to take a good long ride out to relax. I don’t know how long I’ve been out driving but it’s pretty late when I pull over and check my clock, it’s almost nine at night and I feel like I’m in a familiar place as I look around at the neighborhood. It takes me a few moments but then I remember that Heather lives a few streets over. I head over and see that the lights inside are on and people are moving around, I also check the light in Heather’s room and see it’s on as well. I park my bike on the street in front of the house and keeping my helmet in my hand cut across the front yard and get up to the front door. I take a calming breath and knock on the door, I can hear movement and talking inside before the door opens to show me Heather’s father, Mr. Daniels and his wife behind him wondering why I’m standing there.

“Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Daniels,” I say smiling politely.

“Guy, what are you doing here and at this hour of the night,” Mr. Daniels asks me a little confused.

“Well I have a problem, your daughter is honestly starting to worry me a little,” I tell them putting some concern in my voice,” I don’t think she’s gotten over our break up last year and a couple times this year I feel like she’s been stalking me.”

“Alright Guy well after you and her broke up last year she was dating your friend Derek but your whole break up was because you went through this lifestyle change that I currently see in front of me,” Mr. Daniels says putting the break up last year on me.

“Wow, is that what she told you? I honestly can say that I’m not surprised by it though,” I say chuckling,” Let me give you the inside track on the events of last year, Heather was FUCKING Derek behind my back. The two of them had been doing it for a few months before I found out. I caught them and all they wanted was for me to just let them make a fool out of me and then go about my life like nothing happened.”

“My daughter would never have sex without discussing it with me first,” Mrs. Daniels says confidently.

“So you knew that the day I broke up with her was because she got caught fucking Derek in the music room,” I tell them plainly.

“How dare you come here after hours and make these horrible remarks about my daughter,” Mr. Daniels growls at me.

The mood in the house is tense and it gets even better for me as I watch Heather in a night shirt and sweat pants come around the corner and see me. Her face shows shock and curiosity as she tries to intervene in the conversation.

“Guy what are you doing here,” Heather asks confused.

“The boy was just leaving and I don’t want you going near him until I’ve had a talk with his father,” Mr. Daniels says turning his attention to his daughter.

“You don’t want to believe me, I can prove what I’ve said right now,” I tell everyone in front of me before turning my attention to Heather,” I will break up with Kori and the other girls tonight if you get on my bike with me in the next two minutes and go with me back to my place so we can have sex like you’ve always wanted.”

The whole family is in shock and I don’t wait to hear the argument among them as I turn and head back to my bike. I get my helmet on and start the engine before turning my attention back to the house, sure enough it’s not a record but Heather comes back out with her parents calling to her as she has put on a coat and looks like she’s going to get all her dreams at once. I let her get within a few feet and kill the throttle before hopping off my bike and walking past her head back up to her parents.

“Your daughter is ready to leave right now no matter what you say because she’s lost her damn mind,” I tell the Daniels’,” What I am going to do now isn’t because I’m mean it’s because I need to make my message clear, to you and to your crazy daughter.”

I pass Heather and hop on my bike; I turn my head to see her looking at me expectantly. I shake my head and motion her to get close so she can hear me.

“I will NEVER love you,” I tell Heather coldly over the engine of my bike.

The look on her face is priceless to me, absolute turn from hope and happiness to shock and pain. I let her back off before I ride away from her house and head home. I’m in the door all of two seconds when my father grabs me by the shoulder and starts growling at me while walking me to the gym.

“You go to Heather’s house late at night and start a fight with her parents in their doorway,” Dad growls dragging me past Mom and Liz.

“Dad I was just trying to get them to listen to me about Heather and help to back off of me,” I try to explain as we get to the door.

“I raised you better than this, I taught you how to respect someone when you are at their home,” my Dad starts in closing the door and suddenly goes from angry to laughing,” and you completely freaked out that little cheater. I swear I could hear her in the background as her mother tried to calm her down. What exactly did you say to her to get that girl into the hysterics?”

“I told her that I would never love her,” I tell my father confused.

“That’s good but there is more than that, give me the whole run down,” my Dad says sitting down in his chair.

I remain standing while all sorts of confused but I lay the whole scene out for my father in detail. He takes it all in and when I tell him about the ‘promise’ I made Heather and sit down finally waiting for his verdict.

“Alright, well your mother thinks were in here and I’m pissed off at you so we can’t go back out there quite so soon,” Dad says still chuckling,” So why did you head over there?”

“She’s been stalking me and every time I turn around she seems to be there trying to push me into leaving everything behind just to be her boyfriend/stooge,” I explain to Dad,” I didn’t plan on a fight I just wanted to tell her parents that she’s going stalker crazy and hoped they would listen enough to me that they’d take care of it.”

“Well you gave them warning,” Dad says getting up,” Now head straight to your room and I’ll talk to your mom. I know you have trouble giving people a heads up but damn if that didn’t get me to laugh tonight. I always hated her parents, damn anti-military snobs.”

Dad shows me out and I head to my room quickly avoiding any eye contact. I get in and close the door before breathing a sigh of relief, Dad really is giving me some lead way and apparently I’m doing things either in a right way or a humorous one to say the least. I send Kori a text saying that I’ll be by her place early for school. She replies with a why and I only tell her it’s a surprise before stripping down naked and putting on some loose athletic shorts. I crawl into bed hoping for some good sleep and it comes quickly for me.

I get one of those funny feelings while I’m sleeping and groggily look around my room before getting shoved hard against my bed and kissed passionately. I feel warm hands running all over my body and I finally pull back for a second and look up to see Kori’s face smiling at me.

“Hey cutie, I couldn’t wait,” she says before kissing me again.

I wrap her up in my arms and pull her under the covers so we can sleep, it’s still too early for me to do anything and I figure if anything we’ll get some us time in the later morning. Buzzing alarms suck, I know this as I shut mine off and lay back down only to get molested by Kori who is mercifully in gaziantep escort bed with me and not a dream.

“Now that I have you here you’re not working out today, I’m going to work you out,” Kori says kissing down my body.

“I went to see Heather last night,” I tell Kori freezing her in place and changing the mood.

Kori works her way up to my face again and taking my member in her hands grips it tightly. I make eye contact and let her read me for a moment before I watch her gaze soften. Kori smiles and resumes her kissing.

“Tell me about it while I work,” Kori says pulling my shorts down,” and I hope its good news.”

I feel her mouth working the head of me over with her tongue, slow and gentle circles. Kori keeps a slow pace while looking up at me expectantly.

“I went over her house to talk to her parents about how she’s been stalking me,” I explain as Kori starts sucking on the head of my cock,” I told them what happened and they didn’t believe me. God that feels good.”

Kori pinches me a little and before slowly working her tongue up and down the underside of my member. The slow pace is maddening but I attempt to press on.

“Heather came in to the living room after I told them and they said I was lying about her,” I keep on as Kori resumes working my head over with her lips in a hard suck,” They told me to leave and I told them I could prove what I was saying so I proved it to them by telling Heather I would break up with you and have sex with her if she left with me right then. Baby please can I finish this after?”

I watch Kori shake her head before taking half of me in her mouth to wet me down then pulls me out and blows on me causing a cool tingle up through my body. I watch her smirk before putting me back in her mouth and working me slowly expecting the rest of my story.

“I waited on my bike and she was ready in under a couple minutes, I went and told her parents that I did it to prove my point then I got back on my bike and made sure Heather heard me when I told her that I would never love her,” I blurt out praying Kori doesn’t bite me.

I watch her smile big before taking my whole cock in her mouth and bobbing up and down with quick thrusts, take her hand and moan at the pure pleasure of her ministrations. Kori keeps working me fast and deep in her mouth making sure I get buried to the base and back up all the way before going back down. I can’t last long at this pace and she knows it but before I can get her to stop for something else I feel a rush through my body focused in one area. I grunt and start shooting my cum down Kori’s throat hard, I feel her back up and keeping just the head in her mouth jerks me slowly making sure every drop gets out of me and into her mouth. Once I’m sufficiently spent Kori crawls back up my body and cuddles in to my side.

“Best boyfriend ever deserves a morning blowjob,” Kori says smiling sweetly.

“Thank God because I thought you might kill me just for going over there,” I reply relaxing in bed.

I feel Kori shake her head no as we continue to relax. The morning goes pretty smoothly for everyone except Liz who upon seeing Kori gets into a foul mood and elects to take the bus to school. Kori and Katy give me the ‘do something’ look and I decide to leap into action.

“Liz you’re riding out with me right now,” I tell her grabbing my bag and dragging her out the door to my bike.

“Guy I’m gonna take the bus,” Liz tells me shrugging me off.

“I’m not asking Liz, I’m telling you,” I state handing her the spare helmet.

It doesn’t take much more than that and I know we’d get to school early but it’s not school I have a mind to get to in a hurry. We go racing out of our neighborhood and a little ways into town before getting into the neighborhood where Greg lives. I pull up to his house having been over a few times looking for Liz when she didn’t answer her phone and Dad sent me out on a mission. We pull up and Greg greets us as he’s heading out to his car and I watch an exceptionally cute blonde girl heading off towards what I can only guess is a bus stop.

“Okay Greg, I’m tired of this crap about you and my sister,” I tell him taking off my helmet.

“What is wrong with Liz and I being together,” Greg asks confused.

I watch the girl leaving stop in the yard and take interest; I point to her and motion to wait where she is as I cover distance to Greg. I watch him back up a little and I can hear Liz hot on my heels.

“What’s wrong is that my sister is going crazy because you can’t seem to get it in your head that women like to be touched,” I tell him angrily,” Now either figure out a time and place so that you two can feel comfortable enough to at least strip down and fondle each other or some shit or I swear to your god that I will find her a new boyfriend because her current one will be in a coma.”

My words seem to make an impact with Greg who Liz immediately pulls aside and starts speaking with in less threatening yet more desperate words. I however turn my attention to the girl still standing in the yard and beat feet over to her. She’s about 5’7” and has a slightly fuller figure than I’m guessing a sophomore should have but it gives her a c cup breast and a nicely ample butt, she’s got shoulder length hair and is wearing a green letterman jacket and blue jeans.

“Hi there, do you know who I am,” I ask the girl,” other than her brother?”

“Yes, you’re Guy and you’re really dangerous,” the girl tells me confused.

“Yes I am, wanna ride on a motorcycle to school and literally make everyone in your class start talking about how you got close to the one guy in the school that has stood up to just about everyone,” I ask her causing her face to brighten a little.

“Sure, my name is Allison,” She tells me taking the spare helmet.

I watch Liz get into the car with Greg but not before waving a little to me, I get my new passenger on my bike before peeling out hard and fast on my way to school. I pull up next to Katy and Kori who are still next the car waiting with Jun and the rest of the crew. I get odd looks all around but I don’t react much until Allison follows me over and starts to attempt to blend in with the crew.

“Everyone I’d like you to meet Allison, Greg’s younger sister,” I tell the assembled crew.

“Hi, I’m just getting a ride today because Guy had to tell my brother off in the front yard,” Allison explains meekly.

I watch Natsuko and Lilly start chatting up Allison while the rest of us lead the way into school. I get through the majority of my day without incident but as soon as homeroom comes around I can’t even get in the door with the goody goon squad blocking my path. Sure enough pretty boy Kyle steps out from behind his wall and decides to confront me personally.

“You got a lot of nerve coming around here after all the crap you seem to be putting Heather through,” Kyle tells me with a little venom in his voice.

“So I can’t go into my homeroom to get a pass because my psycho ex is in the room,” I say with a curious smile.

“Watch your language,” Kyle retorts.

“Or what, you’re going to get a couple of your friends and bully me into taking off my coat or let me guess, wearing some underwear that causes my well used penis shrivel up inside of me like yours has,” I reply to Kyle watching one of his goons almost crack a smile.

“I think it’s about time someone here taught you some manners,” Kyle tells me while unbuttoning his sleeves and rolling them up.

I almost laugh at the scene when we hear Heather call his name, I watch him stop and take a piece of paper from her before she disappears into the classroom. Kyle drops the paper in front of me then heads back into class, I check it and see that it’s a pass to go to another class. I head to the gym as usual and I get greeted by my crew with a few new people just hanging around the outskirts. Coach Campbell is running his girls through their drills and I figure now would be a good time to get a new advisor.

“Excuse me coach, can I speak with you about an academic matter,” I ask Coach Campbell walking across the court towards him.

“Meathead what are you doing on the floor with my team,” Coach Campbell says halting practice.

“Well sir I’d like to switch up to you as my advisor for homeroom,” I state plainly with a smile.

I watch the coach laugh a little before he sees that I’m serious, the whole girls’ team is frozen in place and I can hear some of my crew join me on the court. I have my whole crew with me when Coach starts to speak again.

“I don’t do the advisor thing,” Coach Campbell tells us trying to get back to practice.

“Sir if I may just have a moment of your time to explain this is a way that will help you reconsider,” Jun asks moving up to the front,” Every teacher in the school including other coaches have students they advise. It’s only a matter of time before they give you students that you will probably have to do most of the work to get their files in order then you’ll have to work on a learning plan just to get the students who are behind caught up.”

“Boy you better make your point before I have Mathilda grab you by the neck and slingshot your ass out the door like a rubber band,” Coach says to Jun.

“Alright well the only person behind on credits in our group of people is Katy and she’s only behind for the past three years by one elective credit, the lowest GPA of the students in front of you is held by Devin and he’s a transfer in from another state but he’s still passing,” Jun continues to explain,” Aside from all that the head of our group is probably the one person in this school who would be faster than you to throw the new moral high ground group out of the gym next time they complain about volleyball uniforms or wearing a t-shirt under a girls jersey.”

We all stand there waiting for a verdict when Tracy heads over and pulls her dad aside and has a word with him privately. It takes a few minutes but I see him nod and rejoin us on the floor.

“My students would know to get the hell off my court during practice,” Coach yells causing the crew to head back up the bleachers.

I follow my crew back up and have Natsuko send one of the people hanging around my crew to the office for a change of advisor form if they have something like that. I tell everyone about my warm reception with my homeroom and when I let them know they don’t all need to change over I get a group stare of ‘are you fucking kidding’. I sit and relax as I listen to Kori who is telling everyone about my actions at Heather’s house last night which changes into Jun describing how his ‘father’ attempted to get me to start dating Natsuko officially which gets a puzzled look from Devin.

“Wait, so there are girls in the crew that aren’t your girlfriends,” Devin asks getting a laugh from everyone.

The final bell rings and as we all head out I pull Ben aside, he’s got a denim hooded jacket on but sadly my problem isn’t an apparel issue.

“Hey I wanted to talk with you alone for a second. I know we got off on the wrong foot but I need you to keep an eye on what the Gestapo is up to,” I tell Ben getting a serious look.

“I can do that but are you sure I need to,” Ben affirms and asks.

“Heather has a plan; she picked my homeroom teacher to put herself in front of me. She’s been stalking me and telling me that I have a choice to make. And after what I did last night she’s either gonna go on defense or come after me hard,” I tell him explaining what could happen.

“Alright man, I’ll keep my eyes open. This mean you trust me,” Ben asks heading off to his ride.

“Only until you give me a reason to come after you,” I reply as we part ways.

We all get out of the school lot and I get home to find that Liz isn’t there, I check with Katy who says that she’s off with Greg. I leave that ball of mess where it is and getting into my room hop on my computer and pull up facebook. I spot a new friend request from Allison but I leave it alone for now. I already have one stalker and don’t want to go for two.

The rest of the evening goes pretty well and I get a text message from Kori saying that she’s really happy that I’m giving Ben a real chance and that I’m pushing things forward. I think about it for a second, forward maybe but where? People are happier and it’s nice and all but my last thought before sleep is ‘What am I going to do next?’

Please continue to comment and PM at your leisure. I’ll be posted chapters about one per week if I am able to get it written.

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