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A New Dawn

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Big Tits

The first morning, after a fast breakfast we practically raced each other to the nude beach at our favorite resort. We had been down early in the morning to reserve our chairs on our little patch of paradise. It wasn’t really necessary to reserve chairs there were typically four loungers for each person on the small nude beach. But Mel, my wife, did have a favorite spot or two and wanted to make sure we got one of them. We always did.

We stripped and touched up the sunscreen we had applied in our room before going to breakfast. Mel went to the ladies’ room before settling into her chair. I grabbed my booked and sat looking around at who had already dropped things on tables and chairs.

I could see Kim and Gary things up front under the large sea grape tree. Gary was short but very fit. An IT manager of some sort in the Carolinas. Kim his wife was one of the happiest and gentlest people. I can’t produce an image of her without a smile. She seemed to be smiling even when she was totally engrossed in whatever book she was reading. Kim was a sharp minded lawyer who never invoked her superior intellect on anyone. An attractive blond woman of moderate height, petite upper body and breasts. She carried her weight low, but she carried it oh so very well. I imagined she was great in bed and often fantasised about her taut large thighs pressing against my ears while my tongue was roaming through her labia and lapping at her pussy. MMM Kim. Delicious.

Our hippie friends from Washington State would be on our left. Carrie and Brad probably would have been left out of the mix had it not been for Mel and I. They were odd to most people, but once you talked with them you knew they were smart and good natured, both with a deeply dry sense of humor that at some point during the trip had everyone belly laughing. Brad was soft and round generally. So was Carrie. Her attractiveness came from her free spirit and slyly revealed intellect. Her face was not beautiful but was not unattractive. Her body was natural, of course it was, she was a hippie, so her breasts hung low, the rest of her body reflected the same general droopiness but it all blended together into one of the more desirable combinations of mind, body and sexuality on the beach.

The group from Indiana would be a couple of rows in front of us. They were a mixture of 8 bodies, most of the men fit and buff, the women tending towards softer curves. The men were all members of the police force or fire department. They were nice enough and always open to fun and laughter but by mid-afternoon, after smoking the local herb and drinking their share of the daily special, they could become somewhat boorish.

Glen and Stephanie would be behind us. An average couple, much like us. Glen and I could have been brothers if you looked only at our bodies, but Glen had hair and I didn’t have much. Now Stephanie. She was something to consider. She was obviously into fitness and spent a lot of time on her core and lower body. I often smiled when Stephanie walked about. There wasn’t a male head that didn’t turn and follow her wherever she walked. I think Stephanie enjoyed parading around watching the men trying not to draw their wives’ ire by following her perfect ass and legs everywhere they went. And oh my, the gap between the top of her thighs was glorious and her shaved tightly formed pussy lips carved the top border of that gap into a work or art. It was impossible to have Stephanie stand by your chair talking to you and not stare at her perfect little cunt. That’s why, whenever she stopped by for a chat, I always stood up.

And then there was Dawn and Bill. On previous vacations we had only ever overlapped with them by a couple of days. We had met them but had never had the chance to really know them. This year we had arrived a couple of days apart. Bill ran a small consulting firm which was fairly successful. I’m not sure what Dawn did, some volunteer work of some sort I think. Bill carried himself like an executive I suspect because that was who he dealt with most days. He was in good shape, exercising every morning before coming to the beach. Dawn was just gorgeous. They were no doubt the prom king and queen at high school when their romance began. Dawn had the perfect everything, face, height to weight proportion, square shoulders, breasts that fit perfectly on her v-shaped frame, pert nipples, great legs that weren’t fat or thin, the perfect ass sitting on top of them and a pussy, which she mostly kept covered when standing, that simultaneously cried out to be fucked for days and worshipped untouched for its beauty alone. She walked and dressed like a goddess but never exuded that attitude when talking with her. In fact she was a little shy and pretty humble, which made her all the more attractive.

My wife Mel, is a beauty in her own right. Her body was damn near perfect though she never worked out. Genetics are amazing things. She ate as much as I did and never put on an ounce of weight. Her breasts were a bit large rus escort for her frame but somehow she carried them well. Plenty of men on the beach were prone to staring at them when Mel was talking to them or just standing nearby. Nice ass and pussy and really pretty face.

The rules of the beach were simple. Everyone had to be completely nude while on the beach. If you were going the bar or bathroom or in the water you could cover up. When sitting around in your chair you had to be naked. Most people were naked all the time. Some newbies went through a phase where they would put their bottoms on to go swimming or to the bar but that quickly stopped once they became aware no one was looking at them really. The only person who consistently wore their bottoms around was Dawn. She had a story about being stung on her pussy by jellyfish in the water one year, but no one on the beach could ever recall that incident. No one minded her shyness, except of course for the men who admired Dawn’s body any time they go the chance.

This was a resort for couples but was not in any way a swingers’ club. The whole premise of the nude area on the beach, which was about 15% of the total beach area, was respect which included no public displays of affection. So everyone was naked but no one was rolling around on the beach screwing their spouse or someone else’s spouse.

One day in the water Bill confided in me about Dawn’s shyness. I told him it wasn’t an issue for anyone so not to worry about it. He said it disappointed him because she is so beautiful and he loved showing her off and making the other guys envious. That was a very selfish perspective I thought, but shrugged it off as a guy just being boastful.

Our vacation went well but quickly. Glen and Stephanie had left four days after we arrived. Everyone else it seemed was there for 2 weeks, while we were there for 10 days this year. Mel and I had fucked or pleasured each other orally most every night and morning and on a couple of days when it rained in the afternoon. The banter on the beach had been fun and for a change we had no weirdoes or single men invading our area. We had dinner with the hippies one night and Kim and Gary another night.

It was now our last day. We had gotten to know Bill and Dawn really well during the trip. They were really nice people. Not as uppity as Mel and I had once thought. Dawn had actually relaxed a bit and was walking around completely naked the last few days. Bill had commented to me that he was happy she was relaxing more and losing some of her shyness. He had told me that when they were young Dawn had been wild in bed and life but she had mellowed as she aged. I wondered how wild she might have been and just how much fun that no doubt was for Bill.

We had arranged to leave our things in Bill and Dawn’s room for the day after our checkout and before our flight. After we had packed for our departure Mel and I partied a little the last night. As was our tradition we fucked like teenagers when we got back to the room falling asleep entwined and exhausted.

We met Dawn at breakfast on our last morning, Bill was on an early morning dive and would not be back before 11:00. After a lot of small talk we were finishing up breakfast and getting ready to head for the beach.

“We really appreciate you letting us put out valuables in your room until we leave tonight,” Mel said to Dawn.

“It’s no problem. We’re happy to do it for you, as long as you return the favor sometime.” Dawn said laughing knowing we would anytime they asked. “Mel, why don’t you go and check out and Mark can carry your things to our room.”

“Great idea Dawn. Then we will get more beach time on our last day,” Mel agreed.

Dawn was in her standard morning outfit, long white linen pants and pullover white top with a white tank top underneath. I should have been able to tell what she was wearing under her long white pants but I hadn’t ever looked that closely knowing I would have to stare intently. Besides, it was more fun letting my imagination play a little with what I couldn’t see.

“I can wait outside while you dress for the beach if you want to change before we drop our things Dawn,” I offered.

Both women looked at me like they hadn’t considered that activity, then my wife laughed and hit me in the arm.

“You can be such a jerk sometimes. Why would you have to wait outside? We’ve all seen each other naked.”

“I wasn’t joking. Dawn might be uncomfortable and I don’t want to cut into her beach time by making her wait until after I drop our things.”

“Thanks for the offer Mark, but I think I will be okay if you’re in the room while I change.”

Mel headed for the front desk while I followed Dawn to their room lugging all our belongings. Dawn was kind enough to pull our carry-on while I managed the rest.

“It’s been a great vacation. We’re so glad we overlapped with you and Bill on this trip. We really enjoyed your company on istanbul bayan eskort the beach.”

“We enjoyed you too. You guys are so nice. Bill and I can’t believe we didn’t get to know you better on previous trips.”

We walked some in silence. Dawn started up the stairs in front of me.

“And Bill says he’s so happy because you seem to be more comfortable on the beach this year,” I said breaking our silence

“I guess so.”

We were at the second landing and stepped aside for a couple coming down.

Dawn continued, “I guess Bill told you that my jelly-fish story is a bit of a hoax.”

“He did. But that’s okay. I had already guessed that.”

“Really? How?” Dawn asked a little surprised and possibly a little embarrassed.

“Honestly?” I asked.

“Yes, honestly,” she encouraged me to go on.

“Well in previous years I had noticed that you never got up without your sarong or your bikini bottoms on and when you wanted a drink, Bill always went to the bar.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“I wouldn’t say so, but people don’t mind. It’s okay if you’re uncomfortable having people see your most private parts. When you’re sitting in your chair you’re naked and that’s what the rules on the beach require. When you’re walking to and from the water or the bathroom it’s okay if you cover up. But this year I noticed you were standing around and moving about completely exposed.”

“Well not really I wasn’t,” Dawn replied.


“I only did that when I came over to talk with you and Mel,” Dawn interrupted me as she opened the door to their room.

“Really? I hadn’t noticed that.” I paused and thought for a moment tilting my head as if that would allow me to better recount the last few days. “No. Really? It was only when you were talking with us?”

The door closed behind us.

“Really. I just felt really comfortable with you two, well, with you actually.”

I was surprised. “Gee. Thanks. I’m a little embarrassed I think. Can I just drop these here? Why was that? Why me?”

“Yes there is fine.” I dropped the suitcases beside the stack of wicker drawers, hopefully out of Dawn’s and Bill’s way for the remainder of the day. “Well you came over one day while Bill was diving. I think you stood and talked to me for half an hour or more. You were naked the whole time, your cock right at eye level for me. Normally I would look away and would have felt uncomfortable. I think I did when you first came over to see if I needed anything. When you left I noticed my legs were wide open with my pussy sitting in plain sight for you to gawk at had you wanted to. But you had maintained eye contact with me the whole time and I wasn’t fussed by your penis being inches from my face.”

Dawn had been undressing while she was talking to me and was now standing in front of me completely naked. God she was gorgeous. I turned to look out their balcony door so Dawn wouldn’t catch me gawking and drooling over her.

“Gee. I hadn’t noticed I had done that. “Nice view by the way. Much better than the one we have. Can I put these laptops and tablets in your room safe?” I said turning away from her so as not to stare at her body.

“Sure.” Dawn kneeled down to open the safe. “It happened again that afternoon when you were talking with Bill. Normally when anyone comes over I clamp my knees together so they can’t see my pussy. It’s just the way I am. But with you, it wasn’t bothering me. So I started coming over to talk with you and Mel and it didn’t dawn on me to cover up and I wasn’t uncomfortable. With other people I still covered myself, but with you I didn’t feel the need to.

“WOW. I will have to tell Mel.”

“Please don’t.”

I was kneeling down at the safe putting our things inside. I looked over my shoulder at Dawn. She had a pleading vulnerable look in her eyes. “Sure. It can be our secret. You can tell people when you’re ready. It’s your story, not mine.”

“Thank you. Have you put your sunscreen on yet?”

“No. I normally do before breakfast but because we were getting our things together…”

“Good.” Dawn interrupted me again. “Can I ask you another question?”

I had finished putting our things in the safe. “You can lock up now.” I said to Dawn. “Sure. Of course. Ask away.”

I stepped aside while Dawn bent over to enter their code and lock the safe. She bent over from her waist, knees straight, ass sticking up and out, her pussy peeking out between her thighs asking to be fucked. I looked away to keep myself from getting what would have been an embarrassing erection.

“I don’t quite know how to ask this.” Dawn continued.

“Go ahead Dawn. Ask me anything. It’s okay.” I tried to gently encourage her thinking she struggled a little with confidence.

“Um,” she hesitated and lowered her eyes. “Um, Will you,” another pause, “Can I, we,” pause “Will you, um, will you show me your penis?”

“Excuse me? Uh, Can’t you wait until we’re ukraynalı escort down at the beach?” I was now standing there totally surprised and confused by her question. Dawn seemed confused as well and unsure of what to say next. I decided to try to lighten the mood.

“Let’s go down to the beach, I will come and stand by your chair and talk to you as long as you want. You can look at me as much as you want. I really don’t see your attraction to my penis anyway, it’s really rather tiny.”

I turned to leave. I reached for the door. Dawn grabbed my arm. “Please.” She pleaded. “I’m really. ummm, uncomfortable with public nudity. I would, um, hate to have someone think I was staring at a man’s penis.”

Her eyes were cast downward again while she talked. She spoke quietly, almost in a child’s voice.

“Sure Dawn. It’s okay. I understand,” I said, though I’m not sure I did.

I turned to face her and lowered my swim shorts enough that my penis was exposed. Dawn stood looking at it. She seemed to be unsure what came next and I was actually a little uncomfortable standing in front of this naked beautiful woman even though she had seen me naked a hundred times by now.

“A little more please.” Dawn’s voice was a bit raspy. She reached out with her hands to touch my shorts then pulled her arms back several times, pointing down, indicating she wanted me to lower my shorts.

I pushed my shorts a bit lower and in my discomfort and nervousness I repeated, “It’s really pretty tiny.”

“I know,” Dawn replied quietly, “But I like it. Will you. Um. Could we. Um.” Dawn was searching for words again. “I want to touch it. May I?”

I was really unsure what was happening but she seemed like it was really important to her.

“May I? I don’t know why I want to, but I’m so comfortable with you. May I?”

It was flattering to have such a beautiful woman want to touch my cock. I was still unsure what was happening. What her need was. Where this was going to end. I suddenly felt sorry for her. What harm could it be?

“Sure Dawn. You can touch me.”

I felt blood surge to my cock and balls in anticipation of Dawn’s touch. Dawn reached out with two hands and began fondling me.

“It’s so nice.” She murmured. “So nice”

She hadn’t looked me in the eyes since I lowered my shorts, in fact her eyes hadn’t left my crotch since it was exposed.

“WOW. It grows fast. It’s so warm. And soft. I love how soft your testicles are.”

Dawn’s touch was perfect. A blend of soft and firm. I was now sporting a full erection in response to her caresses. Dawn wrapped her hand around my girth squeezing, pulling, caressing my balls and giving me short bursts of rapid handjob action.

“It’s big. Wow. And heavy. And so nice and fat.”

I was speechless. She released my cock, bent and quickly pushed my shorts to the floor. I thought she was going to take my cock in her mouth but she didn’t. Dawn just took a close up look at my erection, examining it, continuing to stroke and squeeze it, then she stood up.

“Will you fuck me right now?”

“Uh. WOW. I wasn’t expecting that.” I blurted out. “Uh you know this isn’t that kind of resort.”

“I know. I’m stupid. I shouldn’t have asked you to fuck me.”

“No. No. You’re not stupid. My response was stupid. You just took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting that question or for all this to happen. My god. You’re such a beautiful woman. I mean. How could I say ‘No’? We don’t have much time. Mel will be expecting us on the beach and.”

Dawn stepped forward and put her arms around me. “So you will do it? Bill loves me but he treats me like a princess and he doesn’t just fuck me anymore. I’ve never cheated on him but I feel so comfortable with you and when you said you didn’t have sunscreen on… Bill only makes slow gentle love to me and right now.” Dawns arm was around my neck and she was kissing me. “Feel how wet my pussy is and I’m so nervous.” She took my hand and shoved it onto her vagina. Her pussy was soaked. I instinctively started manipulating Dawn’s labia and clit. Sliding my fingers in and out of her. My other hand grabbed one of Dawn’s breasts kneading and fondling it. “Oh your cock is so hard and bigger than I thought it would be. I just want it fast and hard. Please just fuck me right here up against the wall. Please be fast and fuck me hard. I can take it. I want it hard.”

Dawn jumped into my arms wrapping her legs around me. I grabbed her perfect ass with both hands and stumbled forward pressing her body against the wall. My cock slid into Dawn’s pussy like it had eyes. I just started pounding her. Dawn’s pussy was as tight and wet and hot as it was beautiful.

“God yes. Yes. That feels so good.” Dawn started crying out with each thrust. “Oh. Oh. Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah.”

Our lips locked in a deep mouth mashing kiss. “Oh yes yes! Fuck me. Oh god. I’m loving this. Fuck me. Fuck me. Cum. Cum. I want you to cum.” I increased the pace and force of my thrusts as I closed in on my orgasm.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so good.” Dawn moaned. “Thank you. Thank you.”

I grunted and drove my cock as deep as I could into her pussy when my orgasm started. We grunted and moaned together. I don’t know if she came and she didn’t seem to care.

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