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A Moving Experience

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This is a true story, out of prehistoric times, mid nineteen sixties.

I was discharged from the Army in April of 1965 and needed a job. I was hired by Elmhurst Dairy, in Hornell, NY as a milkman — yeah, one of those guys that was on the streets at 6:00 AM, delivering milk on peoples doorsteps, an occupation that today is only a memory. At that time, the dairy had two tank trucks that picked up raw milk from area farms, and processed it as well. They had about 7 delivery routes.

I was also an avid roller skater, (rink rat) and the closest descent skating rink was ‘Joycrest Skating Rink,’ in Elmira, NY, about 60 miles from Hornell. I traveled the distance, and was typically skating on every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. In addition to session skating, I also did artistic skating, doing figures and dance, and was a member of the Skate Club.

The 60-mile trip was getting pretty old, so I decided to try (and succeeded) to get a similar type of job in Elmira, rented an apartment, and a trailer, and moved there. After a month, I realized I’d made a mistake, and contacted my former employer (Elmhurst) and the position I had left was still vacant and they re-hired me, and allowed me to give my current employer a weeks notice. They were even kind enough to loan me the flatbed pickup truck to move my “stuff” back to that area.

My Dad owned a three-apartment house, and I gladly accepted the small one that was empty at the time, about 5 miles from Hornell. My last day of working for the dairy in Elmira was Friday. Saturday, I drove to Hornell to borrow the truck. The plant workers had Wednesdays and Sundays off. One of the younger plant workers, demetevler escort a guy named Earl, offered to help me move, and I was happy to accept. I did have to wait until he could clock out, around 4:00 or 5:00 PM. He didn’t live but a few blocks away from the plant, and normally walked to and from work.

We drove to his house, and I met his wife. Earl was probably in his late 20’s, and I found him to be relatively attractive, but his wife was just the opposite. She was short and dumpy. He explained to her that he was helping me to move back from Elmira. We planned to do the packing Saturday night, then load the truck Sunday morning and head back. Neither of us mentioned sleeping arrangements, but I assumed we would share the full sized bed.

We stopped at a restaurant somewhere and had dinner, and got to the apartment around 8:00 O’Clockish. We packed until about midnight, leaving only the bed intact, and we were tired. We both stripped to our skivvies, and crawled in.

At that period of time, I hadn’t accepted myself as gay, (even though I had sucked a few guys off) but I knew I had an appreciation for guys and cocks and little attraction for women. I guess I was in denial.

As we lay there, attempting to go to sleep, I was feeling horny, and I was really curious as to what lay under his white briefs. My hand, accidentally on purpose, rested at the front of his skivvies, and I could feel his cock starting to erect, and I was already hard as a rock, and he quickly became fully erect. I figured I needed to retract my hand, before he might wake up. I rolled over, my back now towards otele gelen escort Earl, and my hands in front of me, slightly rubbing my own hard prick through my skivvies. I was too close.

Earl spoke, “You started it, now finish it.”

I’m like, “What?”

Earl, reaching around and grabbing my hand and then placing it on his skivvie covered hardon, “Take care of it!”

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Whatever you gotta do, to get me off!” he remarked, throwing the sheet off from us.

I made a feeble attempt to lower his briefs, he took both sides of the waistband, raised his ass and lowered them to his thighs, exposing his leaking erection completely. I played with his precum a little, sliding my finger around the head of his cock.

Earl had, in my opinion, a perfect dick. He was probably between 6″ and 7″ in length, and not very thick, a comfortable mouthful, and it slid comfortably into my mouth. I worked it slowly, doing whatever I could to make him feel good. He, in turn, ran his fingers through my hair and caressed my back. I was so hot by this time I thought I was going to cream my skivvies, without even touching my cock, and he made no attempt to touch me, down there.

After a relatively short time, only about 5 or 6 minutes after I engulfed his member, he started pulsing, and I felt his cream shooting into my mouth, and swallowed it. At the same time, with minimal “touching”, I discharged my load into my skivvies.

Earl pulled his underwear back up, and I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, as best I could, considering almost everything was packed. balgat escort We both fell asleep quickly.

We woke up about 9:00 the next morning, and I made us some coffee. I thought to not pack the coffeemaker, and kept 2 mugs out, and a couple of spoons. After we each had consumed a couple of cups of coffee, Earl suggested we start loading the truck. We worked together, and did a final check of the apartment. Everything was on the truck, and we left about noon, stopping for a late breakfast at Molly’s Diner.

Arriving at the apartment in my Dad’s house, we unloaded everything, and Earl helped me to set up the bed. I was expected to resume my former milk route on Monday.

It was about 5:00 PM Sunday evening when we arrived back at the Elmhurst plant. I had a key for the garage, (all the route drives had a key) drove the truck inside and locked the door. Earl and I hopped into my car and I took him home to his wife. I told him I really appreciated his assistance, I could never have done it alone.

Earl worked for Elmhurst for several more months before he moved on to another job. We saw each other in passing quite frequently, but neither of us ever mentioned, even to each other, what transpired that night. I never had another chance to service his beautiful cock. I delivered milk for Elmhurst for several more years, leaving for the last time in 1972.

Afterthought: This “moving experience” happened around 50 years ago. Today I cannot recall Earl’s last name or his face, but I can still picture his beautiful cock!

Elmhurst Dairy was a fixture in Hornell for many years, and when they first were in operation, the delivery drivers used horses and wagons. The plant where Earl worked no longer processes milk, it is only a distribution point for a larger corporation that bought them out. I think, on a national scale, home delivery of milk is a relic of the past. If anyone reading this knows of an area or company that still does home delivery of dairy products, I would hope they might leave a comment.

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