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A Mother’s Conflict Ch. 05

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The next morning, Selena was brought back home by Alan. It was early enough that everybody was asleep, so there was no risk of getting caught by anybody that mattered. Not wanting to go, Selena made out with Alan in the front seat for a good five minutes, which Alan didn’t mind in the slightest. His kisses were far more aggressive than before, asserting a kind of dominance over her, making her heart flutter with excitement. It was a role she’d forgotten how to play as the last time she inhabited it was with her husband.

“Hard to believe.. You’re my girlfriend now,” Alan mumbled against her lips, “Can’t wait to tell Jojo.”

The moment he mentioned his plan, she slowly pulled away, still embracing him, but her expression shifted ever so slightly.

“Mm mm. You don’t get to tell him.”

“Heh heh, so what? You gonna tell him today?”

“No, I can’t tell him. I don’t want him knowing about us.”

With a smirk, Alan leaned forward, taking her lips against his once more. He knew the chances of Joaquin finding out on his own were high, but something about the way Selena treated this new relationship with such secrecy made him feel he had leverage over the older woman. She grabbed his arms as she returned his affection with her own and she continued mumbling through sweet kisses.

“Promise me..you won’t tell him,” she asked, hoping her plea would get Alan to comply.

“Alright babe, I won’t..at least I won’t be direct about it. I’m sure he could handle a few jokes about his mom being hot.”

In a playful tone, she responded, “Am I or am I not?”

“Haha, you’re the hottest slut in the world, Selena.”

His crass language almost made her want to slap him again, but the way he so arrogantly used the term with such confidence turned her on.

“Is that my new nickname, Allie?” she jested, giving him a nickname of her own.

At first, he leered at her over the nickname, but hearing her so willingly accept being called a slut made him feel as if he could let her get away with anything. “Yeah, that’ll be one of your nicknames, ‘Bully Slut Selena.'” She chuckled at the name and added another nickname to her now growing list.

“So then, you’ll be my little ‘Bully Boi Allie?'” she said with a smile as her forehead made home on his.

“Whatever you like, Selena. As long as I get to have you, I don’t care what you call me.”

They shared another kiss and then said their goodbyes, realizing they’d just been sitting in Alan’s hovercar for a half hour and people were starting to stir out of their beds to start the day. After a final wave and a blown kiss goodbye, Alan took off back home as Selena went inside her home. The lights were all off and two empty pizza boxes were laying on the living room table.

“Didn’t I teach that boy to clean up after himself?” Already she found herself getting annoyed all over again, but it was a long night and she needed a shower so she ignored the mess and went to her room. As she began showering, Joaquin slowly woke up groaning as he stretched out his arms.

He wiped his eyes and waited for his vision to become less blurry. A hand crept up his chest and he soon felt the warmth of her cheek resting on his shoulder. Once he could see clearly, he looked at the person he shared a bed with the previous night.

“Morning Laina, you sleep good?” He asked through a yawn.

“Mmmhmm, I slept amazin’ thanks to you, sweet caramel chocolate.”

His laughter couldn’t be contained, so he let a cute giggle escape as she traced over his chest. Laina put her leg around him, pressing her naked body against his and began kissing him good morning. As they kissed, she snuck her thumb over his right nipple, making him arch his back and groan. Her lips curled into a smile against his and she began pinching and teasing the hardening bud, feeling his thick member bonus veren siteler begin to stand at attention. Breaking the kiss momentarily, Laina straddled Joaquin’s hips and rested both hands on his chest, over his now hard nipples.

“Honey, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these thick hips you got here.”

“O-Oh.. heh heh I do have some pretty hefty hips don’t I?”

“…and a nice, big butt too, sweetheart.”

She ran her finger over his heart tattoo on his chest and slowly lowered herself onto his cock, holding in moans through her bitten lip. She felt him whimper from the sensation but covered his mouth, taking one of her hands off his chest to do so. Her hips began moving front and back, grinding Joaquin’s dick inside of her. He filled her to capacity, making her want to scream, which she stopped herself from doing by completely leaning down, wrapping her lips around one of his nipples and began sucking and licking the sweet, brown bud.

Joaquin’s pleasure was intense. His nipples were always sensitive, so having them teased, licked, or bitten always sent him over the edge and increased his arousal. He wanted to scream out, but Laina’s hand remained over his mouth, muffling his cries. She popped her lips from one nipple and moved to the next, this time circling her tongue around the areola softly before biting down on the sensitive flesh, making Joaquin tense up, moaning crazily against her hand. He wanted desperately to grab hold of her breasts to give her the same treatment and the moment she noticed, she quickly pulled her hand from his mouth and grabbed his wrists, pinning them above his head, allowing him to moan out as he pleased.

Thinking fast, she let his nipple go, arched her back, and shoved her perky tit in his mouth, telling him to suck.

“Mmm that’s it, boy, don’t you stop with that y’hear?”

He obediently sucked on her rosy, pink nipple, getting it as hard as his own, sending Laina into pure bliss. His second helping was much sweeter than the last as he tasted some of the whipped cream she’d put on her breast the night before. She kept slamming her hips onto his; the thickness of his hips and ass absorbed the blows, making her bounce that much more, making Joaquin’s cock already leak precum profusely inside her pussy.

She felt his sweet seed was on the verge of spurting inside of her, so she clenched her muscles, tightening her warm walls on his length, letting out a muffled shriek as she came hard over him. Joaquin was on cloud nine and couldn’t believe how good it all felt. Her warm juices coaxed his juices to squirt deep inside as shockwaves coursed through both their bodies. Laina removed her breast from his mouth and sloppily kissed him as his waning erection remained inside of her.

As they began to make out, Laina heard movement downstairs and softly broke the kiss, listening closely.

“Ay Jojo, y’hear that?”

“Mmm wha..?” muttered Joaquin, still in an incredible daze from the thunderous orgasm she gave him.

“Think that’s your maw down there?”

He slowly snapped out of his daze and listened along with her. “Ah, yeah that’s gotta be her.” He showed more relief than disappointment. Anytime Selena was home, Joaquin nor Clara were allowed to have “friends” in their rooms; a fact that Joaquin reminded Laina of several times, but she still insisted they spend the night in his room specifically.

“I’m just glad she’s home safe and sound.”

The way he worded that statement made Laina just gawk at him with a slight smirk. She leaned down and licked over his lips, leaving them wet as she slipped his now soft cock from her pussy, letting some of his cum leak out onto him.

“You’re a mama’s boy, ain’t ya Jojo?” she teased as he blushed harder.

“Well, I love my ma obviously. Without her, I wouldn’t be here bedava bahis today y’know?”

Laina was touched by his sentiment. Alan never gave her that same devotion. He would often ignore her and brush her off in favor of going out and causing trouble. She never knew what it was like to have a son that truly loved and cared for her, so she became a bit jealous of the way Joaquin treated Selena and she hadn’t even met Selena.

“You’re a good son, Jojo.. A real good son.” she quickly faked a smile to not worry him and he was far too dazed still to realize. She picked her body off of his and started walking to his bathroom, but nearly tripped. She was saved by Joaquin as he shot out of bed and caught her, displaying incredible speed and reflex. Laina was frightened by both nearly falling over and his tremendous agility.

“Woow, you’re fast like them hero people on the TV, Jojo.” Amazed at him, she gripped tight on his arms for support.

“You sure you ain’t one?” she joked as Joaquin guided her to the bathroom. He brushed off the joking comment with a joke of his own and they both decided to get cleaned up. As they showered, Selena was relaxing down in her room.

All she could think about was Alan as she laid in her bed. A refreshing shower was exactly what she needed after the intense night of passion she shared with her new boyfriend. A giddiness overcame her for the first time in a long time. She welcomed the feeling with open arms. Suddenly, she saw an alert on her phone, opening it upon seeing the notification. She’d not donned her super suit for an entire day and while she was busy with Alan, a bank had been robbed. Selena put her hand over her mouth and became overrun with guilt.

She saw there were no casualties, which eased her guilt some, but didn’t do much in the grand scheme. She was already seeing replies to the story asking “Where was Mamacita?” She dropped her phone and sat up, rubbing her temples. She opened her eyes and saw her super suit draped over her loveseat. She knew she had to right this wrong, so she grabbed her suit and left the house. She was beyond livid, but oddly not at the criminals responsible, no. She was angry that another hero in the city didn’t take care of the situation, of which there were at least two others besides her.

It was an odd feeling not being mad at the ones responsible, but in her mind, they might as well have been. They failed to act when she didn’t. She felt a day off from being a hero was deserved, but crime never slept. What made it worse was she was blamed when it wasn’t her fault. She could only do so much by herself, so relying on the network of heroes alongside the police force was something she hoped for. This anger and frustration was taken out on any criminal that stood in her path, once again making many of the high level criminals lay low out of fear.

Back at the house, Joaquin and Laina finished their shower together, but not before having another sex session under the hot water. As Laina exited before him, Joaquin noticed a small tattoo on her lower back. It was similar to his heart shaped tattoo, except hers was pierced by a bullet and was decorated with the phrase “Bad Bitch” on it.

“How did I miss that?” he asked, feeling along her lower back, pressing his wet body to hers, letting his still rigid cock rest between her lower cheeks.

“My tat? Ah, it’s nothin’. Just somethin’ I got way back in high school for this guy.”

“Alan’s dad?”

“Naw, his dad was some guy that came through later in my life.” She looked a little bemused when she spoke of him.

“Bad memories?”

She shook her head blankly as she winked up at him and smirked “Just thinkin’ bout how tiny he was compared to you, darlin’.” That revelation made his blush even more severe and the steam surrounding them from the shower didn’t deneme bonus help matters. Still, it was a nice compliment, even if it came at the expense of someone else.

“So uh, Jojo..”


“Mind if I ask you somethin’?”

“Sure, go ahead and ask.”

“This don’t make us boyfriend ‘n girlfriend or nothin’, ok?”

Albeit a little bit disappointed, he was mostly relieved that she didn’t want a relationship. Not that he didn’t want one, but he was in no position to be with any man or woman who showed an interest in him due to his secretive nature and the fact that it was his boss’s mother.

“Hey, that’s perfectly fine with m-..” He was soon cut off the second he felt her finger on his lips.

“This does make us friends with extra benefits, though.” Laina said as she pressed her ample rear against his struggling hard on.

Joaquin groaned and nearly rolled his eyes from the sensation. Once he regained his composure, he nodded in confirmation, agreeing to her terms, earning her neck as she tilted her head for him. He didn’t waste any time and crashed his lips against her shoulder blade, kissing all the way to her neck where he left a considerable bite mark.

“Mmm, might need to get me a collar, Jojo. Cover that mark right up.”

That day began two different kinds of relationships. One where Selena dated her son’s bully, Alan, and another where Joaquin and his boss’ mother, Laina, spent quality time with one another. Two very different relationships which all featured four people that were all connected in various ways. Nobody knew how it would play out, but the only thing that was certain was a conflict was on the horizon.They only knew that they each enjoyed the situation more than they could admit.

As Selena masqueraded as Mamacita, brutalizing even more criminals than before, Alan scheduled another long work week for Joaquin while Laina also scheduled Joaquin for weekend visits. The only thing certain was Joaquin now had an outlet to relieve any tension he built up during the week and that he did.

Months had gone by since Alan confessed everything to Selena. During those months, Alan worked Joaquin even harder than he had before; sometimes causing him to nearly fall asleep at the register. Each time he made a mistake, Alan was right there to reprimand him. Selena was far too busy repairing her reputation as Mamacita to really notice anything. Her life had become heroism and spending time with Alan; sometimes never coming home for days at a time. Despite this, no strain developed between mother and child. Joaquin continued spending what little time he could with his mother, who was frequently trailing off during said time due to constantly thinking about and wishing she could’ve been spending time with Alan.

On the weekends, Laina would call for Joaquin to pay her a visit and he did each and every time. Sometimes, they wouldn’t even say words to each other, they’d just get right to making love. She made him take her in every place imaginable: behind the register, bent over the trunk of a hovercar, on a motorcycle, and on his bed. Eventually, she discovered a kink he kept a secret; he enjoyed crossdressing. Upon discovering this, her lust for Joaquin grew immensely.

While Laina and Joaquin became better acquainted, so too did Alan and Selena. Their relationship was far more aggressive than Joaquin and Laina’s. Alan would always tease Selena about who she was dating, which Selena would always return in kind. They were far more physical and Alan left Selena absolutely dripping on multiple occasions. He was her home away from home; her stress relief from a hard day of hero work. As if testing her each time, he’d reveal to her how badly he mistreated her son, trying to get her to hit him again as she had done before, which she had a few times, but she gradually would hit less and less.

To his surprise, Selena began playing along with him, just to satiate his inner desires. He knew her game, but his ultimate goal was to turn her completely against her own son and that goal never faltered, even though he had fallen for her.

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