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A Lost Bet and an Anal Adventure Ch. 02

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“You are beautifully built. I wish I could have done more that beautiful body of yours.”

“Too bad, that’s all you get,” I said as I giggled and walked away from him.

I left the college immediately after that. I was in no mood to walk about the campus wearing just the long coat. Underneath I knew I was naked and was feeling a bit dizzy with what had happened.

Bobby’s face and hot breath in my butt had left a tingling sensation in my loins. I couldn’t figure out what was happening. But that sensation and that whole experience of me showing off my body to Bobby had left me hot and bothered. By the time I got home, I could feel the wetness in my crotch and could feel some warm liquid dripping out of my vagina and sliding down my satin smooth thighs. I had never felt like this before.

Back home, and in my room, I quickly discarded my long coat and sitting on the edge of the bed, I bent over to look at what was happening to me down there. That I was wet down there was pretty evident. Gingerly, I felt my pussy. The slightest touch down there sent a shiver down my spine and I could feel my vagina getting wetter. The sensation in my asshole was equally strong. Curious, I put my index finger around my asshole and felt it relax even as I felt a tremor shoot upwards from it. Closing my eyes, I kept feeling my asshole and rubbing it. In the heat of the moment, I don’t know when and how, I inserted my index finger in my asshole. That sensation itself sent me into spasms as I felt an orgasm building up inside my groin. As I worked my index finger into my ass, I inserted my middle finger and began fingering myself and ended up having an orgasm a couple of minutes later.

The intensity of that orgasm was such that I lost control and ended up squirting on the edge of the bed and the floor. Breathless and with two fingers still inserted in my booty, I leaned back on my side and lay down. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was seeing Bobby’s face and was imagining him naked. That led me to a decision. I needed to see Bobby naked. After all, he had seen my precious assets up close. I decided that I would ask him to come home in a day or two and then do what needed to be done.

I didn’t go to college the next day. Instead, I spent the day trying to get hold of Bobby’s phone number. Once I got it, I called him up and asked him if he would like to come home the next day. Bobby being Bobby, agreed and showed up promptly at Demetevler Escort 11am at my doorstep. By that time, my parents had left for work and I was all alone at home.

Since I knew Bobby would be coming home, I decided to wear a knee-length floral skirt and a thin full-sleeved cardigan. Underneath that I wasn’t wearing anything. My nipples, hard as nails, were visible through the cardigan.

As soon as I opened the door, Bobby’s jaw almost dropped to the floor when he saw me. As I invited him in, I could make out that he was getting a little uncomfortable.

Stepping in, he couldn’t take his eyes off me. And I made it a point to swing my hips a little extra for his benefit.

As he sat down, I asked if he would like something to drink. He refused and I decided that I would come straight to the point.

“Bobby, you’ve seen me almost naked. Now, as a tit for tat, I need to see you naked.”

“But, you lost the bet. I didn’t.”

“Ok, so here’s the deal. I’ll take off my clothes if you take off your clothes. Then we can both see each other naked properly. I might even let you touch.”

What was I saying? Was I falling for that scoundrel? Somewhere deep inside, I think I knew I was.

“Ok. That sounds like a fair deal. Let’s remove one cloth each. I am wearing three things. How many are you wearing?”


“Ok, so let’s even it up. I’ll take off my pullover and then we can start taking off our clothes together.”

“Not here. In my bedroom,” I said as I moved towards my room. Bobby followed.

In the room, I closed the door and went and stood by the bed as Bobby took off his pullover and threw it on the floor.

I looked at Bobby. He was nicely built, his muscles were all clearly visible and there didn’t seem to be an ounce of fat on him. Bobby, being a typical male, began flexing his biceps and showing off. They were decent sized, not humongous, like some other boys in the college. Even though he was lean, he looked capable of handling himself.

“Shall we start then?” Bobby asked, drawing my attention away from his torso.

“Yes, yes, let’s start. What do you want me to take off first? My cardigan or my skirt?”

“Cardigan. I’ll take off my jeans.”

Keeping our eyes locked, both of us proceeded to take off our respective garments.

Bobby whistled as he saw my boobs come into view. Otele gelen escort I looked at him; he was standing there admiring my boobs as I saw a noticeably large bulge in his underpants. His thighs were also well shaped and looked strong.

Having seen enough of his legs, I looked at his face. His eyes appeared locked on to my tits. To shake him out of his reverie, I shook my breasts a little. But firm as they are, they quickly settled back on my chest.

“If you are done staring at my tits, shall we proceed?”

“Oh, uh, yeah,” he said.

We removed our last garments slowly, almost as if ashamed.

As soon as I saw Bobby’s organ, a gasp emanated from my mouth. It appeared hard and nearly 9 inches long.

Standing a couple of feet away, Bobby was busy staring first at my boobs and then at my bald pussy.

“Turn around and show me that booty again.”

“Only if you will let me touch your penis.”

“Sure,” he said, stepping closer, his penis waving like a flagpole in front of him.

Tenderly, I put my right hand on his penis. I was afraid if I touch it, it might go soft.

“What do you do with this penis?”

He just laughed and said, “Pee and masturbate.”

“Masturbate, as in with your hand?”

“Yes, silly. That’s all I can do until a girl will agree to let me put it in her.”

“Put it where? In the vagina?”

“Or in the ass.”

That got me thinking. I wanted to save my virginity for my husband. And I was curious as to what the hard penis would feel like in my ass. I remembered the sensation my fingers had caused in my asshole and decided that I would let him put his cock in my butt.

“Will it hurt, putting that cock in my butt?”

“I don’t know. Maybe we can use some vaseline or lotion to lubricate it.”

“Let’s try.”

“Oh wait. I want to get a good look at you and fell you up properly before that.”

“What are you waiting for then?”

That was all the invitation Bobby needed. He ran his hands all over my body, smelling, and licking me all over. His hands were slightly rough and his actions were even rougher. He pushed me on to the bed and turned me over on my belly and with both his hands, he spread my ass cheeks apart and inhaled the musky aroma emanating from my nether hole before he put his tongue on it and began licking it.

I let loose a squeal as I felt Balgat Escort his tongue on my asshole and in my ass crack. He continued to lick me there for a few minutes. Meanwhile, I could barely hold myself and was biting my lower lip and holding on to my pillows as I felt an orgasm building up inside me.

“Can you hurry up? There’s a body oil lying on my dresser, get that and apply it on my asshole and your penis.”

Bobby jumped to the dresser and got hold of the lubricant and applied it liberally on his penis and then using the same hand, he applied it on my asshole and even inserted a couple of fingers, bringing me even closer to an orgasm.

“Hurry up, now and insert it in me.”

I had lost control of myself and wanted it to get over with quickly.

Bobby positioned his cock at the door of my asshole and slowly, holding on to his cock, began pushing at the narrow entrance. It hurt at first, but slowly he entered me from behind.

I was still lying on the bed on my stomach. To facilitate his entry, I had raised my butt a little. Now, with the tip of his penis in my asshole, he caught hold of my hips and slowly began pushing it deeper into me. As more and more of his penis pierced through my virgin asshole, I felt my orgasm nearing climax. Around the time that he bottomed out (the lubricant helped a lot), I had my orgasm and let out a long moan as I felt my body tremble and buck and shiver.

Worried that he had hurt me, Bobby stopped and asked if he should pull out.

“No… don’t. Just stay still for a bit,” I said as I felt my orgasm subside.

Behind me, in my ass, I could feel his penis twitching.

Once I had caught my breath, I looked back at him and asked if that was all there was to it. He said, no and began moving in and out of my asshole.

As soon as he started moving, my left hand shifted down to my pussy and began rubbing it. The sensation of his penis in me and my hand on my pussy was now becoming too much for me to handle together.

I moaned and orgasmed again. But this time, Bobby continued to fuck me.

I was getting breathless and was riding on what seemed like a crest of orgasm after orgasm even as Bobby picked up speed behind me. I could feel his balls banging against my pussy as he held on to my hips and fucked me.

I don’t know how long it lasted, but it felt like forever before Bobby finally let loose a yell and with one final push into me, he collapsed on me. I felt a warm enema being administered deep inside my bowels as Bobby came inside me. I could feel his orgasm, his man juice spilling out of his penis in my bowels in spurt after spurt.

He lay still, pinning me down, for a couple of minutes, before his finally softened penis slipped out of my asshole and he flopped over to the side.

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