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A Journey by Train

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I was late, dammit! Any other morning but this one. I ran into the station just as they were announcing the departure of the train. I scrambled through the barrier thankful that at least I already had my ticket. It was just starting to move as I managed to open the door. I flung my overnight bag on board and climbed in after it. I slammed it shut after me and then leant against the wall trying to recover my breath. Jeez, what a start to what I guessed was already destined to be a boring day.

I don’t mind meeting but why did they have to hold one two hours away. I was going to miss the first part anyway now. I was supposed to have caught the earlier train which would have left me plenty of time. I picked up my bag and made my way into the carriage. I flopped down on the nearest available seat still breathing heavily. Looking round I found I was sitting opposite a slightly older woman who glanced at me before going back to a sheaf of papers that she held, almost protectively, in front of her. I turned and glanced down the rest of the carriage. It was only half full which made a pleasant change from my usual commute. I sat back in my seat and started to enjoy the cool air that battled against the high summer temperatures outside.


I’d taken this train so many times. I have one of those jobs that demands my presence several times a month at head office. Over the time I’d been catching it I was lucky that I always managed to get the same seat, right at the end of the carriage, and one which afforded a degree of privacy. Normally I could almost guarantee that no one would sit near me. That is why, initially, I was annoyed when my peace was shattered by the late arrival.

At first glance she was young, mid-twenties at a guess, and looked extremely flustered. She had fairly obviously only just made it on to the train. I looked up at her and smiled before returning to the notes I was reading.

My apologies, I should introduce myself. My name is Judy and I’m a department manager for a successful large firm. You’ll forgive me I’m sure if I don’t be too specific, certainly in the light of the story which is about to unfold. I’m 35, and look after myself and married to a gorgeous woman. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I was gay. We’ve been together for several years and finally tied the knot two years ago and I am totally and utterly in love with her. This last statement may come as some surprise when I reveal what happens.


I sat there for some time while the train picked up speed and my breath slowed down to somewhere approaching normal. I glanced at the woman opposite and she smiled before going back to her work. I started to try and find someone to blame for my lateness but too quickly came to the conclusion that there was only me at fault. Possibly I could shift some onto that damned woman and her stories. If it wasn’t for her I’d have gone to sleep at a sensible time.

I hadn’t meant to start reading but force of habit made me have a quick look around my usual sites before I turned off the lights. Then her name caught my attention as did the title and subject matter of her stories. I thought I’d just give one of them a read before sleep. Oh Em Gee was it good. By the time I found out that it was just the first of many chapters I was hooked and one hand had already crept under the covers and inside my underwear. Of course I couldn’t stop! I clicked on the next chapter and carried on reading. Two chapters and two orgasms later it was gone midnight and I reluctantly turned off the light, turned on my side and went to sleep.

I woke the next morning with my head still full of images until I realised what time it was and then panic stations set in. I grabbed a quick breakfast of toast and coffee and whirled around the place like a dervish. I’d left my laptop logged in from last night and I was just about to log out and switch it off when I noticed that it was logged on to the start of chapter four. Some days I curse myself for being so weak and gullible. Yeah, you guessed it, I started to read. All thoughts of trains and meetings had vanished from my head. It took a further two chapters and another orgasm for me to come to my senses. I finally switched the machine off, stuffed it in my bag and dashed from the house. As I sat in the taxi I could feel the wetness of my panties between my legs. I felt like such a slut but at least I was on my way.


I tried to concentrate on the report before me. It was some long and quite complex report and forecast of the next three years of the company. I knew it was important which is why I had left work early to take it home to study over the weekend. I turned over to the next page but try as I might I couldn’t stop myself being distracted Üsküdar Escort by the young girl opposite.

I decided that my first estimate of her age had been about right with the slight adjustment from mid to late twenties. She was pretty without being beautiful and her clothes were smart but without the elegance of expense, a cheap but decent business suit in dark blue almost navy and a white blouse. It appeared to be somewhat thrown on as a last minute thought and I was amused that her blouse was wrongly buttoned. Her hair also seemed a little unkempt although that might have been the wind. Despite all that and there was something about her that aroused my interest.

It may have been the delayed reaction to having had a blazing row with my girlfriend over breakfast that morning but the more I sneaked glances over the top of my papers the more my desire for her grew. In many ways it was a relief when she finally settled down and took out a laptop and began to concentrate on that. At first I assumed it was work related but I very soon noticed that there was more going on.


I dug my laptop out of my bag and switched it on. I honestly meant to have a look at the itinerary of the meeting but I’d switched it off in haste and it logged me back on to the story website. I knew I shouldn’t but couldn’t help myself. I logged on to chapter seven and started reading.

All the old feeling from the night before and this morning came quickly back to the surface. I glanced at the woman opposite but she seemed totally absorbed in her own work so I relaxed and began to read. If anything this new chapter was even more exciting than the others that had gone before. The sex scene at the start was so hot that I could feel the dampness invading my panties. After a quick glance around I slid my laptop half off the table and onto my lap hoping that this would shield me from any prying eyes. Almost without thinking my spare hand strayed below the level of the table and I started to stroke myself through my skirt.

I read on and little by little my skirt rose up until my fingers could touch my already damp panties. Oh Fuck! This was heaven! Another really hot scene and I was on the verge of something amazing. The reality of being on a train had disappeared and I was in a world of my own. The chapter ended and I eagerly found the next one.


There was something about her that slowly convinced me that whatever she was reading was most definitely not work related. I became aware of a subtle rhythmic movement of her lap top and suddenly realised she was masturbating below the level of the table between us.

Idly I picked through the pages before me but I couldn’t concentrate. I kept stealing glances at the girl opposite me. She seemed oblivious of the world around her and my glances became longer as I watched the expression on her face. Her eyes kept closing for long moment before flickering open to read more of whatever was on the screen in front of her. On a whim I ‘accidentally’ dropped my pen on the floor and when I bent to pick it up I looked under the table. She seemed oblivious not only to my loss of a pen but also to my lengthy attempts to retrieve it.

Below table level I could see her naked legs with the skirt pulled up high. I could also see her hand busy between her legs. I grinned to myself as I straightened up. By this time her expression had changed. Her mouth hung open and she seemed to be gasping for air and her face assumed that fine line between pain and pleasure that brought joy to my heart. It was at that moment the announcement came over the loud speakers.


The ‘bing-bong’ of the tannoy brought me back to reality with a bump. Hastily I stopped what I was doing and tried to smooth down my skirt. Fuck, I had been so close to cumming yet again. Ah well, it would have to wait. I switched off my laptop and prepared to leave the train. The woman opposite me was putting away her papers and gathering her things together. She was obviously getting off at the same station as me.

While I scrabbled around trying to cram all my stuff into too small a bag she neatly stacked her papers into a folder and slipped them into an expensive looking case before standing up and making her way to the door. I followed several people later just as the train was pulling to a stop. When I finally stepped onto the platform there was no sign of her but, more important than that, something didn’t feel right. I looked in my bag to check if I’d left anything behind on the train and it wasn’t till I watched the train slowly disappearing from the station that I realised. This was the wrong fucking station!

For a few moments I stood rooted to the spot staring Üsküdar Escort Bayan at the back of my train as it grew slowly smaller. What a fucking idiot I was! Talk about scatterbrained. I’d managed to get off a stop early. Ok, I said to myself, don’t panic it wasn’t far and a taxi would do, hang the expense. I walked through the booking hall to the car park to see the last taxi leaving. It was at that moment I sensed a presence behind me and a soft voice whispered in my ear.

“You didn’t get to cum, did you?”


I had loitered around when I first got off the train and when she finally stood on the platform she seemed completely flustered. Even from behind her body language told a tale of being totally lost and confused. I followed her through the station building to the car park. As a rule there was only ever one taxi waiting and I was just a little amused to see it already taken and driving off. The girl’s shoulders slumped and it was then that I went up behind her and whispered in her ear. I was enjoying myself and could see the possibility of all sorts of fun and games in the near future.

She gave a quiet squeal and whirled around, blushing like crazy.

“No, errr I mean I wasn’t, I was just …” She stopped and looked around her and I could tell she was very close to bursting into tears. Finally she spluttered, “I’m an idiot,” and the tears began to flow down her cheeks.

“What’s the problem, my dear,” I said, oozing concern.

She waved her hand in the general direction of the station. “Wrong fucking stop!” she declared.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a packet of tissues and handed them to her. She took them gratefully and dabbed at her eyes. She gave me a mumbled thanks.

“Where were you headed?” I asked her, placing a sympathetic hand on her arm. She named the small town that was the next stop along the line. “No problem,” I told her, “come with me.” And I grabbed her wrist and started walking towards my car. I was surprised at how little resistance she put up. I opened the passenger side door and motioned her in. “Its no distance really, I’ll drive you there.” With that I closed the door and walked round to my side and got in next to her.


I spun round quickly when she first spoke, I might even have yelped. It was the strangest opening line ever and I could feel the heat rising in my face and I knew my cheeks would be a bright red. I started to mutter something, an excuse, a denial I have no idea what then it all caught up with me and I suddenly confessed what an idiot I’d been. Then, like a naughty schoolgirl, I started crying. In front of a complete stranger. Her hand disappeared into her briefcase and came out with a packet of tissues which I gratefully accepted from her.

Her hand landed on my arm and she stroked me gently much as one would to console a child. I suddenly felt safe with her. She asked where I was going and the next thing I knew she had offered to take me there and I was being led to a car parked in the far corner. I’m not a car person but even to me it looked expensive. Small and racy and painted a pale blue it gleamed in the sunshine. When she opened the passenger door I simply got in without a second thought. She walked round and climbed into the driver’s seat. As I said before I’m not a car person but when she started her car up the roar from the engine went right through me. It seemed to start between my legs and spread out in all directions. It was a sensation like no other I had felt before and it brought my attention back to my unsatisfied pussy.

She revved the engine a couple of times before pulling out of the car park and onto the main road. Secretly I suspect she was showing off just a little bit but I didn’t mind at all, it was having the desired effect. Especially when she put her foot down and I was pushed back into the leather seat.

“I’m Judy by the way,” she said, “and you are?”

As always I inwardly cursed my parents before admitting to her “I’m Tatiana,” I announced with a giggle, “My parents fault. My friends call me Tati.”

“Well, young Tati, when do you have to be at your meeting?” she asked casually.

“About two hours ago,” I confessed, my blushes returning once more, “I also managed to miss the first train.”

“Oh dear, not doing very well are you.”

“I suppose not.”

She seemed to think for a moment and then said, “I have a suggestion.” She paused slightly before continuing, “Today is a bit of a disaster for you, at least as far as work is concerned. Why not give up on it? Do you have a phone and a number to call?”

I nodded in the affirmative.

“Then give them a ring and make an excuse and take the day off. Let’s have Escort Üsküdar some fun you and I.”


To me it seemed the simplest and most logical answer to her dilemma but would she go for it? The answer was quick in coming as she hunted through her bag for her phone. She scrolled through a list of names before punching the call button. I could only hear one end of the conversation but was pleased to hear the easy lie about being ill. It seemed that this wasn’t the first time she had used such a gambit. Finally she switched the phone off and dropped it back into her back. She sat back in the seat and relaxed.

“Sorted,” she announced with pride, “so what are we going to do?”

“I thought we could start by going to my home for some lunch and take it from there. Its a bit early so we can go the long way round via the motorway and I can show you what this little darling can do.”

I’d eased up on the accelerator while she was on the phone so that I could eavesdrop on her call and now I pressed back on it and the car leapt into life once more. Glancing sideways I could see the look of nervous excitement on her face. I was well aware of the effect my little car could have on passengers accustomed to more leisurely transport. Time to be bold I thought to myself. After all she could always refuse.

“We’ll be about half an hour,” I told her, “In the meantime why don’t you get back to what you were doing on the train. Pull your skirt up!” I changed tone suddenly before the final remark and used what my girlfriend jokingly called my commanding voice. I waited to see if she would comply. She looked across at me as if to discover if I was joking. I kept my eyes on the road but smiled. I could sense the inner battle going on and the final surrender to her desires. Almost shyly she hitched up her skirt, spread her legs and began to stroke herself. We were coming down the slip road onto the motorway when I leant across and quietly said, “Take off the panties as well. Make yourself more comfy.”

More eager this time she lifted herself up and slipped them down her legs and over her shoes. As she sat back again and started to massage her naked pussy I eased into the fast lane and put my foot down. The car leapt forward like the beast it was and there was a mumbled “Oh fuck” from the seat beside me.


I could see the sense in what she said about the day being ruined. I was already nearly three hours late and would be lucky to get there for the start of the afternoon session. I found my phone and called my local office. I told them that I was very ill and asked them to pass the message on and then rang off. I sat back and began to breathe more easily. At least until she leant over and spoke to me. It was the last thing I expected and what happened next suddenly made my day go crazy.

There was something about her voice, the way she spoke, that I found utterly compelling. I was already horny from the train and added to that was sitting in an expensive sports car next to a beautiful older woman it was like all my wishes had come true together. When she told me to lift my skirt and get back to what I had been doing on the train I hardly hesitated. When my fingers touched the thin layer of silk that covered my pussy it was like and electric shock. That combined with the sudden roar of the engine and the powerful thrust pushing me back into my seat really got my juices flowing.

When she quietly but insistently told me to take my panties off I jumped at the chance. It seemed so much easier to do as I was told. While I was bent over disentangling them from my shoes I sensed a change in the road and when I finally sat back and looked out I saw the familiar sight of the motorway. As my fingers went back to my pussy the car accelerated and I was suddenly overwhelmed by a mixture of excitement and fear. My pussy was already wetter than it had been for ages and I slipped two fingers inside me. I was almost oblivious to the woman next to me. My eyes were fixed on the road ahead and I was aware of the speed we were going as my fingers plunged in and out of my pussy and my other hand found my clit. The car was like a vibrator sending messages through the seat directly to my bum and the noise was like a hound from hell hunting for it lunch. I came in a sudden rush that was even more crazy than any I’d had that morning or last night. The view through the windscreen became blurred and I was merely conscious of the world rushing past. As I started to return to normality I became aware that the car was slowing down. We slipped easily into the inside lane and turned off the motorway.

She drove a little further before pulling into a lay-by and stopping the car. She took hold of my wrist and lifted my hand up. My fingers were sticky with my cum and she closed her eyes as she took them into her mouth and began to clean them.

“Mmmmm, delicious,” she said almost to herself, “Now time for lunch.” Without glancing at me she put the car in gear and drove off.


To be continued …

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