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A Girl Called Sami Ch. 04

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“Momma, it’s my life that we’re talking about, not yours,” Bonnie said into her cell phone; well, more like shouted, than said.

Sami was trying not to hear the conversation as she packed her bag for the upcoming road trip with the team, but in the confines of the small dorm room, that wasn’t a possibility.

“Look, if Roy and I are okay with breaking off the engagement, then you and his parents and daddy, will just have to deal with it, okay? And look, momma, I’ve got to go, I’m going to be late for a class; I’ll talk to you later, bye,” and with that said, Bonnie closed her cell-phone and remained sitting in her bed, cross-legged, a bit of her panties visible between her legs under her sleep shirt which had hiked up onto her thighs.

“I’m sorry, Sami, I’m sorry you had to hear all that crap,” Bonnie apologized, looking to Sami with a sort-of sad smile on her face.

“Don’t worry about it, Bonnie, shit happens, you know?”

“Oh yeah, I know,” Bonnie said with a bit of a sad laugh.

“Roy and I had our talk,” Bonnie was saying to Sami as she rooted through her closet for class-clothes, “and you were right, I was right, Roy felt the same way I did about getting married. He felt that it was just what was supposed to be, not really what we wanted, or he wanted.”

“Don’t get me wrong, we still very much care for each other and all, but he felt that we were being pushed into this by our parents, just like I felt.”

“I’m sorry, Bonnie,” Sami said in sympathy.

“Don’t be; if you hadn’t help me to get the courage to talk with him about it, I’d probably made a huge mistake, both of us would’ve, and gotten married. I’m just really thankful that I didn’t wind up pregnant, ya’ know?”

Well, Sami didn’t know, of course, but said that she did.

“So what’s your game plan now?” Sami asked, “Plan to play the field for a while?”

“Nah, I mean, I don’t know; it’s really not that important at the moment; I mean it’s not like I’m really going to miss the sex, ya’ know or anything,” laughing a bit, “I mean, it was okay, but…well, you know, right?”

“Sort of,” Sami answered, zipping her overnight bag afterwards.

Slipping out of her sleep shirt, Bonnie grabbed a bra from her drawer and slipped her arms through the straps, bending forward to slip her girls into the bra, then straightening up to clasp it behind her back.

“Well, you know all of my dirty laundry,” Bonnie laughingly said, “when am I going to hear the details of your love life; you never talk about your boyfriends, or dating, or anything.”

Sami chuckled, picked up her bag to walk out of the door, when she stopped, her hand on the knob; “Yeah, well maybe if you get me drunk enough, I’ll fill your ears with tales of my exciting sex-life one day,” and wishing each other well with class and the game, Sami left to meet Toni at the coffee kiosk in the square.

Looking up from the table in the square, T saw Sami walking fast towards her, bag in hand. T walked up to the kiosk and ordered a couple of coffees for her and Sami, handing Sami hers when she set her bag down at the table.

“Mornin’ Glory,” T jokingly said as they sat down, “What’s new with you?”

Sami filled T in on the latest in her roommate’s on-going drama with her family, both of them shaking their heads sadly afterwards.

“Just another reason for me to like chicks,” T joked, her voice soft so that it could only be heard by Sami.

“Yeah, but T, that can go just as bad as with a guy; you know that,” Sami said, “I mean, it’s about relationships and interaction; the gender doesn’t matter.”

“Don’t I know it,” T said in response, “we bitches can be real bitches when we want to be,” both laughing at the truthfulness of the statement, walking off together to the team bus.


So much blood, so much fucking blood, Sami thought as T and some other teammates pulled Sami back from the net, back from a couple of the other team’s players who were trying to get to Sami.

Coaches and officials were keeping the two teams apart, trying like hell to restore order to the melee that had broken out when Sami broke the opponent’s nose.

The game had see-sawed back and forth, each team breaking the other’s serve. One of the defenders on the opponent’s team had been trash-talking throughout the entire game, more irritating and grating to the ears then it was successfully taking Sami’s team out of their game.

T had set the ball perfectly, and a bit higher than usual, for Sami’s kill-shot. Fueled by the adrenalin that results from close athletic competition, Sami jumped a bit higher than usual and with strength she didn’t know she had, she slammed the ball hard across the net, catching the trash-talker hard in her face, knocking her to the gym floor. bursa escort

Sami heard the bones break above the sound of the ball hitting the girl; she heard it in slow motion, as if the sound of each bone breaking was magnified. The trash-talker had covered her nose with her hands, blood spurting through her fingers, and her scream echoed inside of the cavernous gym.

Some of the other team charged the net and all hell broke loose before the officials and coaches could restore order. Assistants from both teams were busily trying to clean the blood from the gym floor so that no else would get hurt by stepping in it and slipping or something.

Order finally restore, the game was called, officially over and the victory going to Sami’s team. Medical personnel from both teams were helping the girl to her feet and walking her towards the medical station.

“Come on Sami,” one of her teammates was saying as she helped pull Sami from the net, “to the showers, Sami; let’s get to the showers.”

Sami stood under the hi-pressure shower head, the sound of the water, while loud to her ears, couldn’t drown the sound of that girl’s nose breaking. She fended off congratulatory remarks and the like from her teammates, but the blood; so much fucking blood.

“Sami, what the hell happened out there?” Coach asked in the after-game meeting, her teammates looking to her, now.

“I don’t know, coach; T set me up for the kill shot and I guess the other girl didn’t react fast enough to block it and got it in the face,” a ripple of laugher from the team at that remark.

The laughter stopped with a quick, stern look from Coach, nobody daring to look him in the eye.

“So, you didn’t try to purposefully hurt that girl, Sami?” Coach asked with his attention now back to Sami.

“No sir, Coach, I really didn’t and I’m really sorry that she got hurt so bad,” Sami answered, trying to sound contrite.

Sami did, of course, mean to slam the ball into trash-talker, but she thought she’d just knock her down, not really hurt her.

Coach successfully contained his smile after hearing Sami’s bullshit answer and moved on to other business.

“Great game out there and this is a precursor to the caliber of the teams we’ll be facing at the conference finals in a month, got it? You think you’ve worked hard up until now? Load up on your carbs, Ladies, you’ll need it. Okay, be at the bus in the morning at 8 sharp; you snooze, you walk back to N’awlins, ya’ll hear me? And don’t any of you get into any trouble with the locals, got it? Now, be safe and curfew is at 11 PM; be in your rooms or be off the team.”

T didn’t try to engage Sami with conversation as they dressed; she kept her mouth shut, allowing Sami to work through what she knew Sami was working through. Standing at the same time to pack their uniforms into their bags, Toni asked Sami if she felt like going out with some of the team to a couple of nearby dance clubs, or did she want to just grab a bite in the hotel’s dining room.

“Thanks, T, but I think I’d like to stay in and I’ll just order room service or something; but hey, you go on ahead with the girls, I’ll be okay,” Sami answered.

“Not gonna’ happen, Slick; I’d rather hang with you and if you want to talk, we’ll talk and if you don’t, we won’t, okay?”

“Okay,” Sami said while thinking about the good friend T had become.

They ordered room service, and watched a little bit of TV, and when it was time to turn off the lights, they slept together, T holding Sami in her arms. Unlike most overnight trips they had shared, there was no sex between them that night; there was only the friendship which, in the end, is so much more.

I hope that girl’s nose is not too badly broken, Sami thought before dropping off into a restless sleep, but she knew, deep down, that it was, that it was very badly broken.


“Sami-girl, how’s my favorite cousin?” Sami heard Charlene’s voice saying when she answered her cell phone.

“Hey, cuz, how’s that sweet puss of yours?” Sami replied, laughing afterwards.

“Missing that magic tongue of yours is how it is; so, have you changed your mind about going on Spring break with Debbie and me?” Charlene finally got around to asking.

Charlene and Debbie had asked Sami to join them in Biloxi for spring break, at Deb’s parents’ vacation place. Sami had thanked them but decided she’d rather pick up some extra shifts at The Grille, seeing it as an opportunity to make some extra coin.

“Nah, I’ll pass, Charlene, but thanks for asking, okay?”

“Okay, but Deb is really going to be disappointed,” Charlene teasingly said.

“She’ll survive; after all, she’ll have you to take care of her, won’t she?”

“Bet your ass, she will,” Charlene bursa escort bayan joked, “Okay, cuz, just wanted to see if you had changed you mind. Love ya, babygirl, and I’ll call you when we get back.”

“Love you, too, and give my best to Deb, okay?” closing her phone and disconnecting the call.

Sami finished dressing for work and double checking that she had everything, left her dorm room, the hallway of the dorm empty. Most of the students were somewhere or another, getting drunk, getting laid, and/or getting in trouble on this spring break. Sami had already picked up four extra shifts from other wait-staff that wanted to get drunk, get laid, and/or get in trouble. Fine by her, Sami thought, as she walked across campus, it’ll be more coin for her savings account.

“Sami? What are you doing here; I thought you’d be at break?” Billie said as they met at the computer terminal to sign on for their shifts.

Chuckling, Sami said, “Nope, decided that I’d rather work than nurse a hangover,” Billie laughing with her as they went to roll silverware together before the doors opened for the evening meal.

Billie was a sophomore and lived in the same dorm as Sami. She was a cute, bi-racial girl with dazzling hazel-green eyes, which contrasted sharply with the Café Au Lait coloring of her skin. Billie was also an art major and shared a couple of Art classes with Sami.

They made small talk as they mindlessly rolled the silverware into the napery, laughing and gossiping about the art department’s instructors.

“Say, have you seen that film Johnson assigned for class homework yet?” Billie asked.

“Nah, but I think I’ll see it tomorrow; I’m off the schedule for tomorrow and working doubles on Saturday and Sunday, so I’ll have time.”

“Want to see it together? I’m off tomorrow as well.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Sami said, walking to unlock the front doors for the happy hour crowd.

Billie and Sami walked out of the theater together, stopping under the canopy of the old theater which now showed only art-films or indie-films.

Staring out to the street, they slowly turned and faced each other, Billie speaking first.

“Well, there’s two hours of our lives we’ll never get back,” Billie said, turning to walk towards the streetcar stop on Canal as Sami turned and walked with her.

“I hear that, girlfriend; I don’t know what the fuck the director was trying to say, but I damned sure didn’t get it,” Sami commented.

“But, on the plus side of the ledger, the sex scenes were smoking hot,” Billie offered as a tidbit.

“Have to admit, you’re right about that as my wet panties can swear to,” both laughing at Sami’s bold reply.

Stopping at the street car stop on Canal Street, Billie remarked, “Well, I guess someone’s boyfriend is fixing to get a call to take care of your problem, huh?”

“Nope; don’t have one of those,” Sami simply said.

“Nah, me either,” Billie said, “I’ve kinda given up on guys for a while, hell maybe forever,” laughing when she said it.

Boarding the street car for the ride down St. Charles Avenue to their school, they sat together, near the back of the street car.

They were silent for about a block, when Billie asked Sami, “You got anything planned for tonight?”

“Nope; since my roomie is gone for the weekend, I’ll probably just watch a bit of TV and think about my ‘problem’,” Sami replied with a chuckle.

“Want to hang out? I mean, I think we’re the only two in our dorm anyway,” Billie suggested.

“That could work; your place or mine?”

“Mine,” Billie suggested, “I have a bit of Tequila you can help me get rid of.”

“That could definitely work,” Sami said with a smile.

The TV was on but nobody was watching.

No, after the girls had showered, separately, Sami went up one flight and had knocked on Billie’s door, and entered when she heard Billie say so. Billie had the TV on one of the women’s channels, Logo, maybe, but with the sound turned down. She had two shot glasses out, some limes and salt, and a half-bottle of Jose.

“I’m ready for you, Sami, and so is Jose,” handing Sami a shot glass, and a lime; sprinkling some salt on the side of her hand, after she had licked it so the salt would stick.

“First one to say ‘No Mas’, loses,” Billie said, downing her shot afterwards, taking a bite of her lime, and licking some salt from her hand.

Sami followed suit, enjoying the feel of Billie’s skin to her tongue when she licked the salt.

They sat cross-legged on the floor, facing each other, the bottle between them and the TV on, in the background. Sami had worn a simple tee shirt and a pair of gym shorts, but not the baggy ones. Billie had a scoop-neck blouse on and also a pair of shorts.

“Ready, bursa sınırsız escort Sami?” Billie asked, as she poured them each another shot.

Licking her own hand and sprinkling salt on it, as Billie had done, Sami answered, “I am now,” and downing her shot, she repeated the ritual as before.

Billie followed suit, grimacing as the Tequila stung her throat.

“Hey, this is your idea; don’t wimp out on me now,” Sami teased, pouring refills for them.

They waited for a bit, letting the buzz settle down from two quick shots.

“Okay, I think I’m ready,” Billie said, downing her shot and then, when she licked the salt from Sami’s hand, it was a slow, almost sensual lick, her eyes on Sami as she did so, slightly glazed over from the Tequila.

“Be careful,” Sami said, “you lick me like that and I might put that salt someplace else,” laughing afterwards, then downing her shot and licking the salt from Billie’s hand, slowly and sensually as Billie had done to her.

“Go ahead,” Billie dared, “put it wherever, I’ll still lick it.”

“Oh yeah?” Sami challenged.

“Yeah,” and suddenly pushing Sami onto her back, Billie straddled Sami, sitting on her stomach, sort of, and keeping Sami trapped with her thighs holding fast to Sami’s body.

Billie reached over and poured two more shots, and moved the glasses closer to them. Then with quickness that surprised Sami, Billie flipped Sami’s tee shirt up over her face and bent down, giving Sami’s breasts’ valley a lick of her tongue. She then sprinkled a little bit of salt onto Sami’s chest, sitting up afterwards and grabbing her shot glass.

Pulling Sami’s shirt from her face so that Sami could watch, Billie swallowed the shot, forgot about the lime, and bent down to lick the salt from Sami’s valley. She took her time, taking long tongue swipes. All the salt now gone, Billie sat up and looked at Sami smugly.

Sami pushed Billie off of her and onto her back, as she had been, and trapped Billie in the same way, between her legs. Sami raised Billie’s blouse and licked the valley between Billie’s breasts, then sprinkled a bit of salt. Grabbing her shot glass, Sami tossed it back, and bending down, licked the salt from Billie’s valley also.

But, Sami didn’t stop when the salt was gone; instead, she trailed her tongue to the underside of Billie’s breasts, licking and kissing them, slowly, sensually. When Billie’s hands tenderly grasped the sides of Sami’s head, Sami moved her mouth to Billie’s nipples, one at a time.

There were no words, except from the TV that nobody was watching, it providing background white noise to them. Sami moved so that now she was more or less lying on top of Billie, but off to the side, sucking and kissing Billie’s breasts. Sami moved her leg so that it pushed against Billie’s crotch, Billie grinding her crotch against Sami’s leg in response.

Sami was too excited, now, to even consider stopping, her sucking increasingly more lustful now. She moved a hand and unbuttoned Billie’s shorts, unzipping them so that she could put her hand inside of them. Billie’s response was only to rub her hands through Sami’s hair and to murmur and coo every once in a while.

When Sami’s fingers found Billie’s pussy under her panties, it was wet, wet as Sami’s was. When Sami fingers starting peeling back Billie’s pussy-lips, Billie brought Sami’s mouth from her tits to her mouth, sliding her tongue deep into Sami’s mouth in a lustful, passionate kiss.

As she and Billie kissed, Sami pulled Billie’s shorts and panties from her body, and using two fingers, Sami finger-fucked Billie to orgasm. Not waiting for Billie to even stop shaking from that one, Sami quickly got between Billie’s legs and lowering her head, she began eating Billie, much to Billie’s delight.

Somehow, someway, Sami couldn’t really remember how, they wound up totally naked, on the floor, in a 69, both relishing the taste of the other’s pussy. After they climaxed, damned near at the same time, at that, Sami rolled off of Billie, and repositioning herself, she lay next to Billie on the floor with Billie’s arm around her, and her hand fondling Billie’s boobs.

They were silent for a while when Sami broke the silence.

“Told you that movie got me horny, but noooo, you didn’t believe me,” Sami joked in her best Belushi voice.

“Shows you what you know; why you think I invited you to hang out? I was horny too, girl.”

“Yeah, but how did you know that I’d be so inclined, Miss Smartass,” Sami asked.

“My ‘gaydar’ told me,” Billie said.

“Your what?” Sami had not heard the term before.

“My “gaydar’,” and she explained to Sami what the term meant, what it referred to.

“What if it had been wrong?” Sami challenged, taking one of Billie’s nipples into her mouth afterwards, and biting it slightly.

“Hasn’t been yet, Sami, not once,” Billie softly said as she became aroused from Sami’s nipple bites.

“Well, in that case, want to move to your bed to test it again?” Sami said, and kissing Billie after she said it.

“Sounds like a plan,” Billie said eagerly.

Sami spent the night.

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