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A Funny Thing Happened Ch. 01

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A funny thing happened Sunday afternoon. I was watching a truck race from last week on my computer when I got a text.

“Hi Greg, this is Jennifer! We met a while ago on a cruise and as I was visiting in town I thought I’d look you up.” She had sent a picture of her body in a leopard print bikini with a bed in the background which had a bed spread also in leopard print. A navel piercing decorated her with a light chain with leaves dripping down . Yum.

Now, my name isn’t Greg and nor have I been on a cruise…ever. But this young lady had my attention right off. She was visiting here in Oregon from Pennsylvania for a week and was feeling frisky. She was surprised that I wasn’t who she thought I was but we started conversing anyway. As it turned out, she was 21 and was travelling before going back for her senior year at a California university.

She sent me another pic in another bikini, skimpier that the previous one. Wow! This pic showed the lower portion of her face. Nice lips, straight black hair just past her shoulders and a neck I’d like to nuzzle and tickle her with my mustache and goatee.

I had sent her a pic of myself and told her that I was quite a bit older than her. She replied that she thought I looked good and didn’t mind my age. Also, she was looking for a bit of fun. Now, I have not been with anyone for about 5 years so my heart rate with right up and so did something else. I found out she was on the west side so I arranged to meet her at a tavern I knew there to meet in about an hour. She said she will look for me when she gets there.

I arrived there a bit early and even though I had not fully seen her face. I did not see anyone resembling her looking my way. As I was looking around I heard a chuckle behind me. A quick glance, a double take and finally turning around I saw a young woman who just took my breath away. She had snuck in behind me as I entered the tavern.

She was about 5’4″ with a slender and small B breasts. She was wearing a floral sun dress with her hair up in a pony tail and her painted toenails peeking out from sandals. “Wow.’ I said and she dimpled into a smile.

“I take it you like what you see?” she asked impishly

“I do indeed, Jennifer.” I gazed at her for a moment more and then shook myself. “Where are my manners? Where would you like to sit?” We were here at a quiet time when the staff were not concerned about who sat where.

She led the way to a booth while I watched her backside sashay back and forth. I was starting to tent my shorts. As she slid into the booth she glanced down to see the tent in my shorts, then flashed a smile at me.

“Yes, you DO like what you see don’t you.” She teased.

Whoo Boy, what am I in for? I have not pursued a woman for more than 20 years so I felt quite disconcerted with the amount of lust that had risen in me and we hadn’t even had more than a few words together yet.

We agreed that we didn’t want to have a full meal so we split a surf-n-turf with a couple of ales and talked. She had come up to visit a friend who had taken ill and was not able to show her around like she had planned and was a bit at odds. I asked her what she was interested escort izmit in and she said she was up for anything. She smirked at me as she placed her toes against my leg and slid them up and down.

I swear, my face flushed red immediately and her devilish grin confirmed it. My eyes dropped to her chest to see her nipples erect under the bodice. She was not wearing a bra. As I made eye contact with her again, she slid her foot up to touch my cock which was as hard as could be.

I sought to control the situation by grasping her foot and begin massaging it. She bit her lower lip as I applied pressure to her arch and her eyes lowered as massaged her. She gasped a bit as I stopped my ministrations. She was breathing heavier now and I told her that there was more of that later if she wished. Then I slid a hand up her leg to her calf and stroked down along her muscles and tendons back down to her ankle, then gently lowered her leg.

The food arrived about that time and the waitress came with our food. The waitress herself, Jean, was pretty good looking too. Maybe mid thirties with full hips, C cup breasts and a bit of a belly. Her auburn hair pulled back in a braid. She gave me an arched eyebrow as she asked us to have a nice meal.

We ate and talked about where she was from, her school, her boyfriends and other things to be said in polite com…wait, this is an adult site…things that she had done sexually. I remember when I was her age and it really was an age of exploration into many things sexual. I had been a part of 3 threesomes MMF but none MFF, how a young woman chose me to take her virginity and how I learned to be an excellent lover from a woman 10 years older than me.

She introduced me to “The Joy of Sex” in 1991 and I highly recommend it. It is like the Kama Sutra but with exploration into types of play as well as positions. When I had asked her if she had a sex swing, she asked if I had been poking into her stuff. Nope, my imaginative 22 year old mind was quite fertile and mentioned I saw the ring bolt screwed into a support beam.

Anyway, Jennifer said that she had never been with an older man before and confessed that she wanted to be with someone who knew what they were doing. My semi-erection (I had really not lost it in the past half hour) sprang back up again at this. I said that I would like to not only show her a good time but to also show her around.

She excused herself while I paid for the check. With the receipt, the waitress slipped me a note. I like what I heard and what I saw. Once you are done with the youngster, perhaps you’d like someone more capable to play with. Thumpa-thumpa-thumpa went my heart. I looked up at her and she tweaked her nipple and then turned to continue with her work. The note also had her phone # and address. Whoo boy!

Jennifer told me which hotel she was at along with the room number and asked me to get a bottle of wine. A store was nearby and I got two bottles of wine and a pack of condoms. I may be horny but I know to be careful.

I arrived with my gifts at the hotel and went to her room and knocked. She was still in her sun dress sans sandals and seemed a bit more demure than before. izmit escort bayan I told her that she looked quite lovely and she giggled a bit nervously. She let me in and I pulled one of the wine bottles out, a merlot and as I opened it up she tore the plastic from the hotel cups.

I pulled a chair close to the bed and had her sit down on the bed as I sat on the chair. I gently pulled a foot up to my lap and started massaging it, paying close attention to her reactions.

“I thought we were going to fuck.” She said

Now, there certainly is a time for a good vigorous fucking but I wanted to do better than any young stud in college could do. I replied, “Do you want to fuck or have mind blowing sex?”

“The second one,” she said softly.

“Then enjoy.” I said and motioned her to lay down.

I started kneaded her foot and worked my way up her calf to her knee then did the same on the other leg. Her eyes had long since closed and I asked if she wanted more. “Yes,” she breathed.

I had her lay on her front on the bed and slowly gave her massaging caresses, teasing the shoulder straps down onto her arms. I ran my hands down her back to her hips and back again. I place a kiss between her shoulder blades then ran my tongue up to the nape of her neck and she shivered. I worked my way to her waist, then lower over her firm backside to her thigh and she moaned as her hips started to move up and down in her desire.

I squeezed her ass cheeks a few times then ran my hands down to the hemline of her sundress and then up underneath it. She gasped and lifted her hips up at me. I pulled her dress up over her backside and saw the perfection of it with her shaved pussy for the first time. The lips were already parted and wet from her anticipation and glorious to behold.

I bent down to licked one side of her pussy then her other and she groaned as she raised up on all fours to push herself into me. I gave her what she wanted. I ran my tongue from clit to perineum then speared my tongue into her vagina.

Her taste was pure ambrosia. It was sweet and tangy and altogether wonderful. I do like making a woman feel good. As I backed off she moaned in frustration. Not letting her get her way I flipped her over and laid half over her and kissed her deeply. My tongue thrust into her mouth letting her taste her own arousal on me. She kissed me passionately then and humped against my thigh.

Her hands clutched at my shirt and sought to take it off me. I let her. As I had mentioned earlier, it had been more than 5 years since having sex and I was so close to orgasm just by pleasuring this young minx.

She felt me pull away from her thrusting hips and with a will, pulled me over onto my back and straddled my legs. She pulled out my cock and engulfed it with her mouth and with a cry of dismay and absolute pleasure I shot cum down her throat.

For a timeless time, I drifted in ecstasy.

Moments later when I came back to Earth, she was snuggled up against me, gently stroking my cock and smiling up at me. I brought my fingers to her chin and directed her to me for a kiss. “Ah, sneaky woman,” I drawled. “I’m gonna izmit sınırsız escort have to get you for that.”

“Do you think you can, old man?” she teased.

With a heave, I rolled up, pulled her hips to the edge of the bed and buried my face in between her legs. I lapped her pussy and swirled my tongue around her clit as she cried out, “Oh, Fuck!”

I moved her legs over my shoulders and then reached up to grasp her breasts and gave her what for. I nibbled, licked and nosed her clit and she squirmed and moaned. I then slid my hands down her body so that my left hand was stroking her nubbin and with my right, I slid one then two fingers into her.

I licked and fingered her clit and my other hand probed into her vagina and sought the contours of her. The velvet walls, the node of her cervix and the roughish patch of the G-spot. As she became more aroused, the faster I went as I continued to lick her inner thighs and labia.

My hands were a blur as I brought her to orgasm and her pussy became very wet. I swiftly move above her, lined my re-invigorated cock to her pussy and thrust into her. She screamed as she came again. I’m glad that she made me come a bit ago else I would have filled her at this point. I let her come down, her pussy twitching and clenching my cock in her and softly kissed her face, neck and shoulders.

After a few moments she realized that I was still in her and started to thrust into me, which felt really good. I said that I don’t want to come in her and get her pregnant and she stated she was on the pill. Now, my mother was on the pill when I was conceived so I insisted that I should put on a rubber.

When I pulled out the package, she took it out of my hands and opened it herself. She licked my cock from root to crown and engulfed it. Holy Shit that felt nice. Then she rolled the condom on me. After which she laid down with legs spread and said, “Fuck me lover.” Who was I to say no.

I crawled up the bed between her legs licking and kissing on my was and was momentarily distracted by nibbling on the nipple of one breast , then the other before her hands insistently pulled me up to where my cock was against her pussy. I ground it against her, thrusting in a not quite so dry hump. She arched her back as I pulled back and my cock slid into her in one thrust. Her legs and arms clutched at me for a moment, then I slowly started thrusting into her.

I brought my right hand between us to stroke her left breast and tweak her nipple. I arched to take it in my mouth as I plunged balls deep into her. She cried out in passion and desire and clutched at me. I thrust slowly and firmly starting at a largo, then slowly speeding up. Her hips met every thrust of mine.

If I had not have had a condom, I would have come again at this point. The sex was exquisite.

I sped up, then lifted to pull her legs up and onto my shoulders to get deeper into her. I watched as her small breasts jostled under my thrusts and my cock plundered her depths. As I was about to come, she cried out as her orgasm hit, her pussy clenched on my and I spurted my release into her…well, into the condom.

I released her legs and shakily slid over to one side disengaging from her.

We panted for a moment then she took the condom off my cock and threw it towards the trash can and sucked me clean drawing twitches of orgasm from me before snuggling up against me…and we drifted off to sleep.

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