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A First Taste Of Manhood

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I’ve never considered myself to be gay, and even after the events described in this tale, I still don’t. But, having said that, there’s definitely something to be said for the feel of a nice hard cock!

It all started one Christmas Eve, we (that is myself and my mother and father) were all at home as normal with my folks banishing me to my room for a couple of hours to wrap my presents. I’m thinking, “I’m 19 for Christ’s sake, I’m too old for that shit”, but I remained silent for a good reason. A couple of hours on my own uninterrupted, only one thing on my mind-a good wanking session.

I often jerk off when my folks are home but usually a quick pull in the bathroom has to do for risk of one of them walking in, but here I was guaranteed at least an hour on my own (or at least that’s what I thought). I rummaged around under my bed until I found my “box of tricks”, that is a case of various aids I used to masturbate with, notably some dirty mags and videos, some tissues, a jar of hand cream I pinched from my mother’s bedside cabinet and a “special item” which will be revealed later. Without wasting a second I drew my bedroom curtains and in a flash my pants were round my ankles. I had found a picture of a fat girl with massive tits with some lucky guy’s cum dripping from her chin in one of my mags and had quickly got a nice solid hardon.

I quickly began rubbing at my firm erection imagining what the guy had been doing to that fat slut’s wet pussy and was soon on the verge of shooting my load. I quickly turned the page of the magazine to a close up of the chubby babe’s huge boobs and furiously tugged at my cock, hissing and panting as I reached orgasm. I threw my head back grunted and my rock hard cock twitched twice in my hand before spewing a stream of thick gooey spunk across the page. I continued milking my softening shaft getting every drop of cum from my dick before wiping the cum from the page and lying back on the bed to get my breath back.

While I did so I put on a video to keep me feeling horny while my cock prepared for another workout. The video I chose featured mature women fucking young guys, around my age. These old chicks really digged being banged by guys half their age and were really going for it yelling and panting as the studs pounded them with their big firm cocks. Well, it didn’t take long before I was ready again and grabbed the jar of hand cream from the table beside me and was rubbing the cool liquid all over my rigid shaft, which just made it harder until it glistened in the dim light from the lamp on the other side of the room. Without further ado I was quickly sliding my hand up and down my greasy pole watching eagerly as the women on my screen begged to be fucked. With such a horny sight going on in front of me and with the added sensation of the cream dripping on my balls I was soon ready to spunk again so I grabbed a tissue and laid it on my abdomen as I worked my hand over my throbbing tool, again it pulsed in my hand and jerked wildly before shooting a long watery stream of hot white sperm across my belly and chest.

Again, I cleaned myself off and tossed the papers down next to the others, where there was quite a collection of soiled white tissue. All this time rus escort the video was still playing and I was amazed at how quickly I was ready to go again. My folks will be finishing soon I thought, so I’ll make this a good one. When I want to cum hard and good there’s always one thing I use. A certain video I found while scouring my parent’s room for porn. I don’t know if she knows I’ve got it but she sure won’t have the cheek to ask for it back. The video in question is a home movie showing my mother fucking herself with a big black dildo, which she made for my father as a birthday present last year. You may think that’s kinda strange, but if you’d ever seen my mother naked you’d understand. On the outside she looks quite plain, long brown hair, large green eyes and large gold framed glasses, average looking figure for a woman her age I’d say, with a bit of cellulite creeping around her thighs and silvery stretch marks visible around her hips when she wears a bathing suit. But naked, WOW!!! She has the biggest, most perfect tits you could imagine, and without her glasses she has a real sexy glint in her eye. The amount of spunk I’ve pumped while watching that film I can’t imagine!

Anyway, I’d just started the film when I noticed I had no tissue left due to my previous sessions. I thought my folks would be a good half-hour at least so I risked creeping to the bathroom still naked from the waist down with my cock semi-erect. I froze for a moment in the bathroom when I heard the front door-bell downstairs but as soon as the door opened it closed again and after a minute or so I poked my head out of the bathroom door and heard voices downstairs so I assumed that it was guests for them so I scurried back to my room ready to jerk off over my mom’s sexy movie. However, when I returned to my room I was stunned to find my best friend Joe sat on my bed amazed at the film on the TV. I didn’t know what the hell to do I wanted to die there and then. I had completely forgotten about my state of dress or my state of arousal until Joe rather sheepishly turned to me and muttered “Bloody Hell, no need to ask what you’ve been up to!!” I had no explanation at all for my current predicament and just hung my head hoping it was a horrible dream.

However, expecting some exclamation about my being stood naked in front of a guy I had known all my life with a semi-rigid cock and a wad of tissue, the next comment shocked me even more. Joe’s attention was again drawn to the screen where my mother was spread on her bed naked staring lustfully into camera licking and sucking on her own massive boobs “Fuck me, she kept those quiet!” sputtered Joe as he stared at my mother rubbing her large pink breasts. “Er….yeah mate”, I sputtered, as I stood frozen to the spot, frozen that is except for my steadily stiffening cock. Joe turned to me once more and seemed to be amused by the sight of my hardon jutting out towards him. “Wow mate”, he laughed, “I take it you like this video then”.

I didn’t know how to respond and just stood searching for a response until Joe continued, “I’ll tell you what, looking at those tits, I’m not fuckin’ surprised, I’m getting pretty hot myself”. Sure enough a glimpse yenimahalle escort at Joe’s crotch revealed he was developing a pretty mean bulge in his pants too. “Judging by the looks of all these tissues here on your floor I’ve got some catching up to do too…..don’t mind if I join you do you?” he enquired. I thought it was a joke but before I could respond Joe was taking off his shoes and had removed his pants also. I was absolutely amazed as Joe sat, without a care, on my bed semi-naked watching my mother masturbate not 3 feet away from his face. I stood and stared as he reached down and picked up the jar of hand cream from the floor beside him and began applying it liberally to his swelling penis. Soon he was lying flat on my bed gripping his cock, which had now stiffened to an impressive 9 inches, pumping his large fist violently up and down. I stared in amazement as his grunts grew louder and his jerking grew more vigorous until he was calling my mother (or at least the image on screen) all sorts of filthy names before throwing his head back, biting his lip and calling out my mother’s name as he shot a wad of gooey thick spunk all over his chest, stomach and hand.

As he lay back in satisfaction, as I had done twice just minutes before, he noticed me stood, still in the place I had entered, tissue still in hand, cock still hard as a rock. “Shit mate….” He panted,”…Better do something about that before it explodes!”. He beckoned me over and invited me to sit on the bed next to him, still messy from his ejaculation. I leaned back and stared at the screen, my mother was know bringing herself off with three fingers inside her wet sticky pussy as I prepared to deal with my cock. I was still watching the screen when I felt a cool sensation on my cock and turned to see Joe sat upright beside me “Here mate…have some of this” he offered, as he scraped a large blob of cream mixed with his own salty white spunk from his now flaccid member. In an instant he was applying the mixture to my shaft and balls with his big strong hand insisting it would make it feel better. I was shocked to discover that the feeling of him caressing my balls was extremely pleasant and I closed my eyes and gave a little sigh. “Oh, you like that do you?” ….Laughed Joe…..”Let me do it for you then!”, and with that he was rubbing my cock all over with his spunk covered hands. I couldn’t believe the pleasure I was feeling from this and let myself drift away with ecstasy as my best friend wanked my big hard cock. I closed my eyes and lay back on the bed, totally oblivious to the fact that the tape had now finished, and the next thing I knew my shirt was being unbuttoned and two big warm hands were being rubbed over my naked chest. My cock was still being pumped however, and I opened my eyes to see Joe had stripped me naked and was sucking greedily at my fat cock as he stared into my eyes. I was so shocked, but at the same time really horny and just stared at him as his head bobbed faster and faster along my length.

Suddenly I hissed and knew I was cumming. “Oh shit Joe….I’m gonna cum, don’t stop, don’t you dare fucking stop!” Joe obliged and after a couple more long sucks he whipped my cock from his mouth and lay it across his cheek.”Cum all over my face you dirty fucking bastard” he begged as he wanked me expertly over his face. With no time to reply I thrust my hips and grunted and a string of cum shot into the air and splashed down over Joe’s rugged chin, it was quickly followed by a second and a third as I cum more than ever before until it was dripping onto Joe’s willing tongue. “Shit Joe!”, I breathlessly exclaimed as my cock softened on his face “that was fucking amazing!”. Joe smiled and licked some of my cum from his lips as he reared up towards me. “You like that did ya?” he said gruffly, my spunk still running down his face.

“Too fucking right mate!” I replied happily, amazed at what had just happened. “I didn’t know you were gay Joe” I said, and calm as you like he replied “I’m not strictly, that was my first time!” I couldn’t believe it, he had sucked my cock better than any woman I had been with and seemed to know exactly how to get me off. “You ever felt another guy’s cock” Joe enquired hopefully, as we continued to chat on the bed. I knew exactly what he wanted, and supposed it was only fair in the circumstances. I reached down and stroked along Joe’s muscular stomach until I reached the thick gooey mess where his pubes were. He looked at me and smiled and I stared back at him slyly as my hand continued its journey until it was sliding smoothly along my friend’s thick fleshy penis. I stared into his eyes and said softly “I have now, and it feels good”. Joe smiled and closed his eyes as his big fat dick swelled in my hands as I massaged his balls with my wet fingers. I looked down at Joe’s face still glistening with my cum and he looked so calm and still, almost beautiful in his own way, and I leant forward and kissed him softly on the lips.

His eyes opened slightly and he smiled up at me approvingly. Again I leant down to kiss him but this time he anticipated my action and arched his neck upwards to meet my advancing mouth. Our mouths met roughly and out mouths opened to allow our tongues to meet. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths as Joe’s face slid easily over mine through the thin layer of cream and spunk I had deposited there moments earlier. As Joe’s tongue delved deeper into my mouth I could taste the tangy salty flavour of my own cum and found it to be most pleasant. All the while this deeply erotic kiss has caused Joe’s huge cock to engorge to its full glory and I had greeted its arrival with a furious rubbing and massaging until it was throbbing angrily in my hand. Gripping Joe’s shaft tightly, to stop him cumming until I was ready, I rewound the video which had started all the fun and pressed play on the VCR.

The screen was once more filled with the amazing sight of my mother removing her bra and pulling out her big soft boobs. She was licking her lips at the camera and whispering sexily “What do you think of these then?” With the sound of my mother’s query I furiously tugged at Joe’s twitching cock shouting “This is what we think of those fucking big tits Mom!” and with that Joe was spraying the screen with his hot seed shooting wave after wave of white gooey jism over my mothers ample bosom until they were barely visible. Again my mother issued a question, as Joe’s cum ran down the image on the screen “Bet you’d love to cum all over these babies huh?” and with that I leaned forward and began to lick Joe’s cum from the screen, once more bringing my mothers ample charms into view.

To Be Continued…

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