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My oldest friend and roommate opens me up to guy-guy sex

On a Saturday morning I descended the stairs of my condo and was greeted by Jimmy, my oldest friend and roommate. He had made coffee so we sat in the living room drinking hot coffee and making small talk.

“Greg” he says, “I know you saw me last night down here jacking off.”

“Uh no, but if you were who cares?”

“It doesn’t matter just it would have been embarrassing” he says. “J-bone that is silly, we had threesomes with bitches before, being naked in front of each other is no big deal.”

“Yeah but I was watching some gay porn and thought I heard you on the stairs. If so I was kinda hoping you would come down and see the movie and me jacking my dick.”

“Hey, that might have happened, I don’t know, you know I fuck a lot of pussy but to be honest I do think what a cock would be like to suck and fuck.”

“I was hoping that’s how you felt, when we would tag team a chick I was more interested in watching you than her.”

“You never said anything, I sorta had the same thoughts but never acted on them.”

I could see that a bulge was forming in his shorts, I could also feel my dick getting firmer. What was my body doing? I was the stud that fucked every piece of ass in school and elsewhere, the envy of all my straight friends. Now at the slightest suggestion of enjoying a cock I was aroused, it was strange.

“I have that same movie in the VCR right now, want to watch it?” he asks.

“Yeah ok, I’ve never seen a gay porn movie but always noticed the huge dicks on straight porn guys, geez how do the women take that monster up the ass?”

“Once you relax you’d be amazed what can fit in your asshole” he says.

In the darkened room the TV illuminates. As Jimmy rubs himself over his shorts I see many guys onscreen sucking and fucking man cock. My prick twitches watching the video, I never thought guys would turn me on. The way they swallowed dick and took it up the ass, (better than the chicks I had fucked there) was amazing.

All I could think was it must feel very good by their reaction, they were getting a huge cock in their ass and had a monster boner flapping around. It was thrilling to see a monster cock tearing their ass up and they had this hard cock bouncing around that a mouth could be sucking.

Sitting beside Jimmy he could easily see the bulge in my jeans. “Hey man, I’ve been fantasizing about this since we were kids, I want to suck your dick.”

“Oh shit, I want that but don’t want to be a fag, understand?”

“Man, you aren’t a fag, london escort agency it’s just sex, a nut is a nut, and I have more in mind to please you and make you a bitch, nobody else will ever know.”

He leans over and unbuttons my jeans, I feel the zipper sliding down. Lifting my hips he pulls my pants and jockey’s down to my ankles. A raging hard cock bobbles near his mouth. Now that I’m exposed his mouth starts lapping at my cockhead.

He tongues the precum like it is an elixir, no woman had been that attentative. I can feel his tongue licking my shaft and down to my balls. I keep them shaved for the extra sensitivity. Soon he presses into that area between the balls and asshole, pushing hard with his tongue.

It doesn’t take long before he’s buried his face in my smooth ass and has his tongue darting into my bunghole.

“Jimmy, that feels too good, your tongue and mouth on my balls now darting in my ass is so good, I had fantasized about having your huge cock in me though you know I’ve only fucked women.”

“No biggie Jimmy, I will show you the thrill of having a man fuck your ass!”

My body bucks against his tongue that is licking and going into my ass. I had played with my hole before but this was different, my ass cheeks cupped by a man and his hot breath and mouth working my bung like a whore was too much to take. My young, inexperienced body was reacting to the stimulus it was getting.

He slips a finger in my ass while his tongue and mouth returns to my smooth shaven ball sack. My cock twitches and precum is oozing constantly. Gripping the base of my dick tightly he licks up and down my engorged shaft.

You know that center part that is larger than the sides, he uses his tongue and lips to suck and lick me there. All the while his finger, now a second, is stretching my asshole. He presses upward into my prostate and it drives me wild. So exciting that without thought my hips raise and presses into his face.

Now his tongue is swirling around the bulbous head of my cock. I’ve never seen it so large, that color, and felt so good.

Putting my cockhead in his mouth his tongue continues teasing my dick. In one fast motion he slams my cock deep in his mouth. He has no trouble deep throating me all the way to the base of my dick. I can feel the hot, wet, warmness of his mouth engulfing my boner. He stays there massaging my cock with his throat.

I want to cum now but he’s in control. When I start to severely precum he backs off a little, he’s keeping me on the edge to fuck me later.

All this time he’s saying nasty things about sucking me, escort london me sucking him, and how he’s going to pound my ass.

“Jimmy, your dick is so big I’m not able to take it in my asshole.”

“Yes you can, either way you’re going to get fucked bitch!”

Jimmy moves onto the couch and tells me to suck him. “I don’t know what to do” was my reply.

“Just do what I did to you” he says.

It was strange, I got on my knees between his legs and slowly moved my mouth towards his huge cock. His dick was throbbing and twitching. My tongue started licking up and down his shaft which was hard as a diamond.

When I got to the head of his penis there was a lot of precum. Tasting it was great, I sucked his cockhead and enjoyed all the precum he kept giving.

Now it was time to bring his enormous member into my wanting mouth. As best I could my mouth engulfed all his manhood I could. Maybe half of it, this was a massive cock. With each slow entry in my mouth I got farther down his swollen dick.

The head kept getting larger as did his shaft. I could feel the veins of this beast of a dick and the pulsations as it throbbed in my mouth.

Between my saliva and his precum it was very slick, that made it easier to put more of his raging cock in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and began face fucking me. Deeper with each stroke his dick was pushing into my throat.

Amazingly he got even larger, I thought my jaws were going to split. Little did I know that soon my ass would be feeling that monster cock tearing up my ass.

He got more forceful, pumping his cock in my mouth harder, faster, and deeper than before. I could feel his dick getting more rigid and small squirts of cum. It gagged me at first then I got turned on by it. Holding my head tightly he rammed his huge dick into my throat and let loose a torrent of salty, thick, hot cum.

I had to swallow all of it or I couldn’t breath. His huge load was shooting in my mouth with a force that was unbelievable. He pressed his hips up and while his cock grew stiffer and head got fatter cum was being forced into my mouth.

Not long after he started to get limp, his cock slowly softer. I thought it was over. I thought wrong.

He pushed me onto the carpet and positioned us in a 69. His dick was still covered with a combination of my spit and his cum.

My cock was rock hard. I had just sucked a monster dick and got a mouthful of jism and liked it. He had sucked me some and tongued my ass, again I liked it. We were now in a 69 sucking each other and he had my dick in his mouth and now three fingers in my london escorts opening ass.

After he got really hard again, and I was too, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and rolled me over on my belly.

“You’re going to be my butt bitch, I’m going to fuck you in the ass boy.”

At this point I couldn’t say shit, I was too turned on to do anything.

He rolled me over, ass available for his pleasure. I felt him get between my legs. His hands spread my ass cheeks and he dived in with his tongue. Licking my outer asshole he was turning me into jelly. Then his tongue went back to entering my bunghole.

It felt too good, I guess I had turned into a bitch.

All of a sudden he removed his tongue and jammed three fingers into me. He was slowly stretching my ass to accept his huge dick.

Several times I felt him spit on my hole.

By now my ass was ready, I could easily accommodate three fingers. Removing them I felt his body slide up my exposed backside.

The pressure I felt at my anal opening was immense. He has a monster sized big cock and no matter what it was going to hurt. But I wanted it now. Positioning his dick at my tiny puckered hole he pressed in slowly. My ass opened enough to accept the purple head into it, about 1 inch deep. He paused.

Knowing I was a total anal virgin he took his time entering my ass.

Now he was pressing harder, not too concerned about the searing pain I was experiencing. It was that kinda ‘hurts so good’ type of pain.

I wasn’t prepared for the next stroke.

In one brutal thrust he rammed that huge cock all the way into the deep bowels of my ass. He had no consideration of my pain at that point. Slamming 8”+ and big diameter cock in a virgin ass is pure rough, he buried himself to the balls in my burning ass.

Grunting he kept pulling out and ramming my hole as if he was crazed. Grabbing the hair on the back of my head he pressed my face into the carpet.

Continuing to rough fuck my asshole his body bucked and slammed into me like an animal.

It seemed like his already huge dick got bigger. My painful moans made him more aggressive. Harder and harder he fucked my virgin ass with no mercy.

His pace became faster and I knew what was cumming…

He stiffened and pressed so deep in my ass releasing a large, thick, hot wad of cum. I never felt that before. There I was, taking a man’s cock in my ass feeling him shoot wads of cum in me. As he did I used my ass muscles to pull each wad out of him.

Contracting my bung then releasing, contracting again, I drained his balls of all his sticky cum.

He collapsed on me, spent and breathing hard.

My first guy-guy sex was great. We still play around 22 years later. In fact he fucked me yesterday and it was as good as the first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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