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A Family’s Tale 6

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While mom was gone, I was having the best time in the world with dad because he made sure that I had fun. I loved him, I loved him so much, like I said, he was my dad to me! But my favorite part of it all was that I got to be his copilot for all of his flights while mom was gone. Plus I was still spying on him when he was all naked in the shower. After a few days, mom came home and told us that she passed her test for her masters degree, so we celebrated the next day, actually, Trevor said that we had to, he made us but that’s ok because we loved it. He took us out to dinner and told everyone that mom just got her masters degree in nursing science he was actually bragging about it, that’s how proud he was of mom! But the next day was another one of the best days of my life! He let me be his copilot again only mom was the passenger. We flew to dad’s spot and landed and after we had a picnic and did a small photo shoot together, mostly selfies of all three of us, he asked mom to marry her and gave her a huge diamond ring! That’s when he let me take my ring off of my necklace and put it on my finger and when I told her that he already asked me if he could marry her and gave me a ring and necklace, she cried and hugged him, actually, me and mom both cried.

When we got home I watched them make out a lot while we were watching tv and I watched moms hand when she started to touch his penis through his pants. He must have loved it when she did that because he made a sexy sexy little noise and pushed his bump into her hand. He kept touching her boobs and I loved that she would just push her body against him and his hand, I really liked watching him touch her between her legs. I loved how mom would breath really hard and start moving her hips so she was like, humping his hand. And when he did that to her, she would grip his bump and move her hand up and down on his penis through his pants. I think they wanted to have sex with each other so bad that they just didn’t realize that I was sitting almost next to them and watching while they did all of that. Later on, he made us dinner again, which he did a lot only this time he cooked us some steaks and stuff on his grill to celebrate the fact that mom passed her test. I loved that he was so proud of her and I loved that he kept telling her how proud he was! Mom loved it to because she was smiling so so big and she kept blushing and kissing him. Only when she kissed him this time, I saw her tongue lick the corner of his mouth like, right before she put it in his mouth and I actually saw his tongue lick hers and go in her mouth too. I sat there and watched them kiss like that so many times and when they stopped kissing, I just kinda grinned, bit my lip and made my eyebrows jump while mom looked at me. She just kinda grinned and bit her lip too because she knew that I liked what I saw, which was true. So when he went out to check the steaks, I went into the kitchen to help mom with a couple of things.

“My baby liked what she saw didn’t you?” Mom asked after she got her face close to mine making me nod my head yes.

“What did you think about it?” She asked with the hottest look on her face.

“It was really sexy.” I said while making her look at me all surprised, like she wasn’t expecting me to say that.

“That didn’t gross you out?” She asked.

“Mmm mmm, I liked it a lot.” I said while she looked at me like she wanted to kiss me, I won’t lie, I wanted her to.

“He’s a really really great kisser.” She said almost like she was whispering.

“Yeah, I noticed that you like it a lot. You must be really good too because he can’t stop kissing you like that.” I whispered.

“I love that.” She said while I got my face closer to hers to where our noses were almost touching.

“Maybe one day you can kiss me like that.” I said making her look at me with her mouth open and her eyebrows slanted.

“Maybe, you want that?” She asked making me nod my head yes.

“Maybe one day he’ll kiss me like he kisses you.” I said making her smile like she was excited that I was saying all of that.

She just kissed me on my lips like she usually did, only this time it was softer and a little longer, but the part that really made me feel sexy, was that I felt her lick my upper lip.

“Can you kiss me like that all of the time?” I asked while I looked in her eyes making her kinda bite her lip and nod her head yes with her eyebrows slanted.

She kissed me again just like she did before, only this time I was going to lick her lip too, but I ended up licking her tongue and we ended up kissing like that a few times. When we were done kissing, mom and I just looked at each other while we were grinning and smiling and when dad came back in we just kind of looked at each other. Later that night I went to take a shower and was getting ready to go to bed, so I was going to go to the den and say goodnight and kiss mom like she kissed me in the kitchen and kiss dad like that too. But when I got there I saw something that made my knees weak and shaky and I started to get so tingly and slimy between my legs. Mom was completely naked and I mean I could see her boobs perfectly, she was on her back with her legs spread really wide, and dad, was kissing her naughty place and licking her. I even saw that dad was naked too, but after moms body was like, rolling and turning while she was breathing so so hard and making noises like she was for so long, she sat up and kissed Trevor like crazy. Then she stood up and made Trevor lay back on the couch and that’s when I saw his huge boner. I kinda gasped when I saw his boner just kind of fall on his abs. Then I saw mom get on her knees and grab it. Then she started to jerk him a little and all of a sudden I watched her lick and kiss all over his boner, then I saw her put it in her mouth.

“Oh fuck I love it when you do this.” Trevor said quietly making mom kind of moan while she started to move her mouth up and down on his boner.

I was breathing hard and before I knew it, I was sliding my fingers between my legs while I watched mom and dad. I kind of hid behind the corner so they couldn’t see me because I wanted to see them have sex. After a few minutes, I watched her get up, move dad so that his feet were on the ground and sit in Trevor’s lap. Her back was to me, so I got to watch her grab his boner and hold it while she sat on it making it go inside of her and I could see it all perfectly. I watched her head fall back and her back arch and I watched dad’s back arch too and they were both moaning. I got to see mom move so that dad’s dick kept going in and out of her all slow. I actually stood there and watch mom and dad have sex for a long time and I loved how hot, sexy and yummy they both looked! After I watched them for a few minutes, I snuck back to my room and got naked before I got on my bed, grabbed my pillow and started to hump it like crazy. After only a minute or something like that, I got so hot and so tingly that I couldn’t even think, and before I knew it, something happened that made me pee all over my pillow. I didn’t know what it was then, so be nice. Anyway, it felt so good and so amazing that I almost didn’t believe it, I actually loved it and wanted to do it again, but I already peed all over my pillow so I didn’t.

Those images of mom and Trevor were in my head so bad that it’s all I could think about after that. It was the hottest and sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life and I wanted to see more, way more. So when I got done having the sexiest feeling I ever had, I got dressed and went back to the den to see if they were still having sex, and they were!

“Oh my god.” I whispered while I watched mom get on her hands and knees, dad get behind her and push his boner inside of mom.

I watched him make his boner go in and out of her kind of fast and I got to hear mom making all kinds of sexy yummy noises.

“Oh my god I’m cuming, you’re going to make me cum all over your big dick baby.” She said through the heaviest breathing ever.

Then I watched her whole body start shaking like crazy, I heard her making this really sexy but quite cry and when she did that, I watched dad pull his really really shiny huge boner out of her and I watched mom’s cum spray all over him. That’s how I found out that I didn’t pee all over my bed, I was cuming like mom was! I wanted to see more so I just watched while mom and dad had sex for a long long time and in different ways. I loved watching dad’s boner slide in and out of mom like it did, I loved watching my sexy yummy mom and how she reacted to it, and I loved how daddy reacted to everything too. I loved watching dad’s body get all tense and then seeing him jerk like crazy, but what I didn’t know at the time was that he was cuming in my mom like crazy. They were both laying on their sides but dad was behind her and her legs were spread open, so I got a perfect view of dad’s boner going in and out of mom. I had the craziest and sexiest feelings ever, and I mean it was so so bad! I snuck back to my room and locked the door, then I got naked again and humped my big teddy bear and pretended that my bear was daddy and that mom was kissing me. I ended up getting the biggest and strongest sexy feeling in the world and before I knew it, I was cuming all over my teddy bear. The sexy feelings were so so strong that I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t think, it was so so crazy, but I loved it so so much! After that I tried to clean up my mess before I got dressed and went back to the den. That’s when I finally said good night to mom and dad since they weren’t having sex anymore and they had some of their clothes on. I kissed mom like she kissed me in the kitchen and I kissed my dad on his lips. After that day I was obsessed with sex, and I mean obsessed.

Well, mom and dad got married and I got to meet more of his family from Hawaii, I met all of his other family after he and mom started going out, so I already knew them and I loved them. I could literally see why he was such an amazing amazing guy, his whole family was like him. After they got married, they went on a honeymoon, but when they got home, I tried to spy on them as much as I could. They never knew that I was spying on them, but they did notice something was a little different about me. I started to only wear a bikini top and the smallest little bottoms as possible around them and I started to be all over mom and dad. I loved how their skin felt against mine and it only made my obsession with sex way worse. Mom, she was kind of different though, she started to touch me in places that she didn’t use to, she started touching my boobs and she let me touch hers and we kissed with our tongues all of the time. I still kissed dad on his lips too, and I even started to kiss him like I did mom and he didn’t even stop me. Well my obsession with sex got way worse one day when I was in Jamaica with mom for a photo shoot and I ran into Amy again. I was actually really excited about it because she had been watching her mom and dad have sex the last time we talked. In fact, her parents let her sit on the bed they were having sex on and let her watch up close now so I couldn’t wait till we got to talk.

When I found out that I was doing a bikini shoot with her, I got way excited because now I knew for sure that I was gonna get to talk to her. So we had our shoot together and we had tons of fun, but I noticed that she was really really touchy feely. She touched my butt and boobs a lot during the shoot, so I started to do the same thing to her and when we were done with that set, we went to get changed into another bikini to do another one. But when we got in the changing tent, she turned me around to face her and pushed her body against mine like crazy, I mean I could feel all of her body and skin on mine and it really made me wanna kiss her so so bad.

“You’re so so hot.” She whispered while she touched my face and got hers as close to mine as she could so all I could see were her eyes.

“So are you, I love modeling with you.” I whispered making my breath blow her in mouth.

“I love modeling with you too, you’re the prettiest girl ever.” She sighed.

“Thank you, you’re so pretty and hot too.” I sighed while we started to touch each other’s bodies all slow and softly.

“Thanks, have you ever kissed a girl?” She sighed while her hand slid on my boob.

“No, have you?” I sighed while I started to touch her the same way.

“Yes I have, have you ever thought about kissing a girl?” She sighed while we touched each other making me nod my head yes.

“Yeah?” She sighed while she smashed her body against mine more.

“I’m thinking about it right now, I’m thinking about kissing you.” I sighed while my body got so hot and tingly.

“So I guess that means that you wouldn’t mind if I kissed you then.” She sighed while she moved so her lips were brushing against mine.

“I want you to.” I sighed like, seconds before she very softly pushed her lips against mine.

I got all of those sexy new feelings again, so when she kissed me, I kissed her back. But after we just kissed like, four or five times, I started slip my tongue in her mouth and started doing what I saw mom and dad doing when they kissed. She kind of moaned and then started to kiss me the same way only she pushed me against one of the tables. After we stopped kissing, I started to feel kinda dizzy because of the really strong and yummy sexy feelings I had, so I kissed her again only she opened her mouth and let me put my tongue in her mouth. Then we just swirled our tongues together slowly and licked each other’s tongues before we kissed again and again while we touched each other’s bodies all over. I had never kissed a girl like that, but after that, yeah, I liked girls just as much as I did boys. Amy was fucking sexy, she had short brown hair that went to almost her shoulders. She was about my size and she was so so yummy. She had boobs a little bigger than mine but she had a sexy little body. She had hazel eyes and the cutest little butt, I loved her body so much. I didn’t know she liked me like that until she kissed me in the tent. After we kissed over and over and over again, we sat down and started to take our bikinis off and started kissing again.

“God you’re so hot.” She sighed after we stopped kissing again.

“I think you’re way hot.” I sighed before she kissed me again and again.

“I love love love your abs.” She sighed while she touched my rock hard abs that I finally had.

“I love yours, and I love your boobs.” I said while I pulled her top out and looked at her boobs.

“Thanks sexy.” She sighed before we started to kiss over and over and over again like crazy.

“We better get ready for makeup.” She sighed after we stopped kissing.

“But I like this.” I sighed with a pouty face making her grin and bite her lip

“Me too, especially with you.” She said while we finally backed away from each other and took our bikinis off so that we were naked.

“So, do you still get to watch your mom and dad?” I asked making her smile while she was looking at my little pink slit.

“Yes, I actually get to do more now.” She said making me start getting so so slimy and wet between my legs.

“Really?” I asked making her bite her lip and nod her head yes.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like now I get to suck dad’s dick, I get to eat my mom out and I get to have sex with dad and mom, hold on I’ll show you.” She said with a smile while she got her phone.

She went to her pictures and tapped on it before she showed me. It was sssooo so hot and it made my sexy feelings way way bad. I could see her face and her moms face, they had their tongues out and their lips touching, but they weren’t touching each other’s lips and tongues. Her dad’s boner was in between them and their lips and tongues were touching his boner.

“We were licking his dick and I got to suck it, I got to give him a blowjob.” She said while she showed me more of her with her dad’s boner in her mouth.

“Mmm, that’s so hot.” I said while I stared at that picture.

“I know right? So what about you? Do you have a step daddy yet?” She asked making me smile.

“Yes I do actually, wanna see?” I asked making her get excited.

“Hell yes I do.” She said while I went and got my phone, went to my photo albums and went to one of my favorite pictures of him.

He was all wet from getting out of the pool and all he was wearing was his shorts. You could literally see all of his muscles and tattoos like, way way perfect and he looked so so hot and sexy, that’s why I took that pic of him.

“That’s my new izmit escort bayan daddy.” I said while I gave her my phone.

“No way.” She said like she didn’t believe me after staring at it for a minute.

“Yes way, he and my mom got married.” I said making her look at me like she didn’t believe me at all.

“There is no way that this is your dad, no way.” She said while I smiled at her.

“Don’t believe me? Keep looking, I have more pictures of him.” I said before I took my phone from her and started to scroll through the pictures until I got to a whole bunch of selfies with me and him together, including one of me kissing him on his lips.

“Holy god, this is your step dad?!” She asked while she was breathing hard.

“Yep.” I said making her look at me like I was lying still.

“These are photo shopped, they have to be. He’s a hot yummy porn star and a model that you’re in lust with. You found him watching porn on the internet and you photoshopped him into your selfies.” She said making me take my phone from her.

“Look at these then, actually these are videos we made, he has his own helicopter, here watch this.” I said before I gave her my phone back.

“Oh my god! Oh my god, he really is your daddy!” She said while she watched the video of him and me flying his helicopter.

“Told you.” I said while she looked up at me with her mouth open like she was really surprised then back at the video.

“Oh my god Haylee, holy shit.” She said while she kept watching the video.

“What?” I asked while she went back to my pictures and stared at one of his pictures.

“He’s fucking hot! Oh my god he’s fucking sexy! mmmm, look at that hot yummy body, oh my god. Can he adopt me? I wanna be his little girl too.” She whimpered while she looked at them.

“I know right?” I asked while I laughed.

“Have you seen his dick?” She asked making me grin.

“You have haven’t you?” She asked while she got excited.

“Yeah I have, but I had to spy on him to see it.” I said while I took my phone from her.

“And?” She asked.

“Hold on, I’ll show you.” I said while I went to my hidden folder and found a really really good and clear picture of my dad when he was completely naked.

“Let me see.” She said while I gave her my phone.

Her eyes got all big, her mouth opened wide and she gasped while she stared at the picture.

“His dick is huge, holy shit, it’s way bigger than my dad’s!” She said like she was out of breath.

“He didn’t even have a boner either.” I said making her bite her lip kinda hard and slant her eyebrows.

“Does he know you took this?” She asked making me nod my head no.

“Oooo, you’re a sexy little perv, have you ever seen him with a boner?” She asked making me bite my lip and nod my head yes.

“You have?! Nuh uh!” She said with the biggest smile ever.

“Yes I have, it’s yummy.” I sighed making her bite her lip.

“I’ll bet it is, when did you see it?” She asked.

“I saw him and mom having sex, actually I was spying on them and I watched them.” I said making her get kind of excited.

“That’s so hot, you should try to join them, it’s the best thing in the world. It’s so so fun and it feels so so good, oh my god! And with a dick like his, god, he’s going to rock your world.” She said making me smile.

“I may try.” I said before she gave me my phone back and we started to finish getting ready for our next set.

“You should, your mom and dad are so so sexy and so are you, you guys would look so so hot together.” She kinda moaned.

While we were getting ready, we talked about how she lost her virginity to her dad and how amazing it was for her. She told me that her mom was there the whole time and loved watching her dad have sex with her. She told me that her mom taught her how to give really good blowjobs and now she can’t get enough of it, she said that that was one of her favorite things to do. While she was talking about it, all I could think about was daddy and his naked boner in my sexy moms mouth and inside of her while they were having sex, I wanted to do that now, I wanted to do what Amy got to do. I got to tell her all about how I spied on mom and dad and how I got the naked pictures of my step dad. Then we went to do our set and that was the last one of the day, so mom was there. I was kind of sad because I really wanted to play with Amy. But since I couldn’t, I took her to our tent after our set and started to kiss her. I loved how she tasted and how she touched me all over and how we started to make out like crazy. She was so so sexy and so so hot that I couldn’t control myself at all and I didn’t know what was happening to me. But after we got done making out, we left and went to do whatever we did with our parents like we always did. Luckily we gave our numbers to each other so we could text and call each other, plus she promised that she would send me some pictures of her and her parents having sex. When we were done that day, mom and me just went to the hotel and just stayed in and just went to the pool and ordered room service. Dad was so so amazing about it all because he insisted that we have a suite, not just a regular room like we were always use to, that and he flew us out on one of his private jets. So mom felt like a queen and I felt like a princess and daddy was our king! The next day though, me and mom got to start our vacation only this time, we didn’t have to worry about hurrying home since it was summer and mom had a really really good job that let her take time off.

So for the next few days, I noticed that those really really sexy feelings got so so strong and so bad every time I looked at mom that it was crazy. I wanted to see her naked really bad but since we were in a hotel it was going to be hard to spy on her. Then I found out that there was a nude beach there, I found out because I heard some people talking about it, now the only thing I had to do was convince mom to take me there. But when I got to her room to try, I found out that she was in her bathroom taking a shower. And when I saw her phone sitting on the bed, I got way excited because I was pretty sure that she had a bunch of pictures of dad all naked on her phone. So since it sounded like she just started, I got in her phone and started to snoop around and guess what, I found TONS of pictures of her and dad having sex. I found perfect pictures of dad’s boner and moms pussy. I didn’t know that daddy stretched mom like that, but oh my god it was so so hot, and I wanted that! I sent those to my phone, I had to, I also sent a bunch of other pictures of just my dad when he was completely naked with a huge fat boner to my phone and deleted the history so mom didn’t know I sent all those to myself. But then I started to snoop more and found a whole bunch of pictures of girls my age and younger who were modeling naked on her phone. Mom was a perv, she liked naked little girls and that made me way beyond any kind of, I don’t know because I didn’t know what that feeling was. Not only that, but I found a whole bunch of links to porn called moms teaching teens. Like I said, I watched porn already but I never saw that one before.

I sent myself the links to where she got them so I could go see them. After I sent all of those pictures and links, I went to my room, grabbed my phone and started to put all of the pictures I sent to myself into my hidden folder. My favorite was one that mom had turned into a gif of dads boner moving by itself. It looked like he just got done having sex with mom because it was right next to her pussy. She had white stuff coming out of her and her pussy and legs were so so shiny, and so was my daddy’s huge huge boner. It was so so long and fat, it was so so sexy and so so yummy, I wanted it so bad! My other favorite was the close up of moms pussy while dad slid his huge boner inside of her all slow. I loved all of them! I had to calm down like, now or I was going to get in trouble some how. I got calmed down, but not all the way, I was still feeling all of those feelings and I was loving it, it just wasn’t really bad like it was. Then I went to the places where mom was looking at girls like me posing naked and doing some really sexy things. There was this one girl who had blonde hair that was wearing these white socks that went all the way to her thighs and that’s all she was wearing. She was laying on her back and looking at the camera, I could see her pussy and boobs perfectly, she looked so so yummy! Then I found some more girls that were doing poses that were way way sexy and some where they had boners in their mouths. One of my favorite ones was another blonde girl who was naked, she was standing on the ground like normal with nothing on except for a blue bikini top that was just hanging to the side off of her neck and her back was to the camera. Then there was a guy sitting there holding her, and his boner was in the girls little kitty and the girl looked like she was loving it, it was so yummy. But then, I found one that made those sexy feelings so bad that my little slit got so so slimy and my whole body started to hurt a little. It was Amy’s own website! She didn’t use her name, but I knew it was her, we made out that day and everything!

She was naked, and I mean all the way naked and when I clicked on the tour button, I found even more naked pictures of her. Some where she was in the sexiest little outfits and the yummiest poses. Remember that picture she showed me in the tent, where she and her mom were licking her dad’s dick? Well, I wanted to join her site so since I had my own money, I joined her site and became a member of it, and when I looked more, holy god, I found that picture on it! I found a whole bunch of pictures and videos of her having sex and I mean I could see like, everything! I even found a whole bunch of them where she was naked and modeling with a blonde girl that I saw in another picture like, just a minute ago, and they actually had lesbian sex with each other! I watched that video too! I even saw her with boys with their dicks in her hand, her mouth or in her pussy. It was sssooo so hot! I had to take my pants and panties off and hump the pillow until I came again, only I was watching one of her videos. After I came all over the pillow, I decided that I wanted to have a website and I wanted to do what Amy was doing, only I wanted to do it with mom, and the only guy I wanted to do it with was my dad since he had such a beautiful huge and fat dick. That and yeah, his body was so so hot and sexy, it would make all the girls jealous because so far I didn’t see any guys with bodies and dicks like dad’s. Plus daddy was so so cute, oh my god he had the worlds cutest and manliest face, no wonder mom wanted to be with him so bad, he..was..HOT! I just didn’t see that until way later.

I will say for sure that him being such an amazing and awesome dad to me, and an awesome and amazing boyfriend and husband for my mom, made him the sexiest guy I ever knew in my life, and his looks just made him sexier…yum. So I went to the websites I stole from mom and saved them on my phone because I loved what I saw, that and it made those crazy sexy feeling way way way strong! Then I literally saved Amy’s website to my phone so I could look at it as much as I wanted. Only this time I didn’t even try to close the site because I was going to tell mom that I wanted to do that. So when I went into her room to tell her, I noticed that she was finally out of her bathroom and she was still completely naked. So I got naked, went in and jumped on her bed with my phone.

“Hey mom?” I asked while I jumped on her bed and cuddled with her.

“Yes baby.” She said making me look up at her and smile.

“Have you ever been to a nude beach before?” I asked so I could just see what she would do before I told her that I wanted to have my own website.

“No I haven’t, I’ve always wanted to see what it’s like.” She said while she held me and started to touch my boobs.

“Did you know that there’s one here?” I asked while I held her hands on my boobs so she could keep rubbing them.

“Yeah I did.” She said.

“We should go tomorrow.” I said.

“Are you sure you’re ok with everyone seeing your mom all naked like that?” She asked while she laughed.

“Well you’re really really pretty sexy and hot so I don’t see why not.” I said making her look at me.

“You have a yummy little body too, we have your daddy to thank for that.” She said while she giggled.

“Yeah we do, we need to pay him back somehow.” I said.

“How do you think we should pay him back for that?” She asked with a smile.

“I don’t know, sex maybe.” I said making her look like she just got horny.

“Oh I think I have that covered pretty good baby girl, he gets lots and lots of sex.” She said making me so dizzy from those feelings, it was so bad that I couldn’t even think, well, I could but the first things that came to my mind just came out.

“From you but not me, he never gets sex from me.” I said before I could stop myself.

Mom gasped, then moaned right before she started to breath hard.

“Um, yeah, that’s true. Wait, are you saying that you wanna have sex with him?” She asked while her face turned red and her hips started moving like she was having sex with dad, so I knew she really liked what I was saying.

“Mmhm.” I said while I nodded my head yes.

“Holy shit.” She whispered quietly the way she does when she’s having sex with dad, only it was way quieter.

“Is that bad? Mom I’m sorry…” I said before she stopped me, I got scared because I thought she got mad at me for saying that about her husband.

“No no, not bad, not bad at all and don’t be sorry, it’s just, oh my god, it’s just that like, it’s kind of a sexy little fantasy of mine.” She sighed like she was trying to not go crazy.

“What, me and dad having sex?” I asked making her bite her lip and get a look like she was about to cry.

“Yes, yes.” She gasped like crazy because now she couldn’t talk.

“So you’d be ok with daddy having sex with me?” I asked making mom make her eyebrows slant and while she bit her lip.

“Perfectly, I wanna watch you guys though.” She sighed like she was going to cum like she did with dad.

“Well, why can’t you just like, play with us, we can all have sex together at the same time.” I whimpered while I squeezed my legs together really tight.

“Fuck, I’m cumming.” She said with the quietest little cry while I watched her face.

She kept playing with my boobs while she shook and jerked a little, then she opened her eyes and looked in mine.

“So can we go to the nude beach?” I asked with the sexiest grin I could make, making her push her head against mine.

“Are you ok being naked like that, in front of everyone?” She asked.

“Yes I am.” I sighed while we sat there like we were about to start making out.

“Ok, lets go tomorrow.” She sighed before I grabbed my phone and went to my Internet thing so I could show mom the kind of modeling I wanted to do.

“Ok, one more thing, I was wondering if I can do this, I wanna model like this.” I said while I showed her Amy’s page.

“Holy shit, is that Amy?” She asked making me nod my head yes.

“I wanna do that, and I want my own website like she does.” I said making her gasp while I showed her a whole bunch more pictures of Amy, including the ones where she was naked, having sex with boys and girls, and even with her dad.

“What made you decide you want to do this?” Mom asked after she looked at a bunch of the pictures.

“I don’t know, I’ve just been looking at naughty pictures like this and I wanna try it, I wanna model with you and dad and I wanna model with other girls.” I said making mom look at me like she loved that I was saying that to her.

“Have you been watching naughty videos too?” Mom asked making me nod my head yes since I had been.

“I don’t even know how to do that or how to get you started with it.” She sighed like she was disappointed.

“It’s ok, I’ll ask Amy and see.” I said making mom smile.

“It would be so hot if you had a site like that, oh my god, yeah, ask her and I’ll make it happen if that’s what you really want.” She said making me laugh.

“Thanks mommy.” I said before I leaned up and kissed her all soft and gentle.

“Um, oh my god.” She sighed before I kissed her again only I kinda pushed my tongue in her mouth.

She held onto my face, opened her mouth and started to kiss me exactly like she kissed daddy, it made me weak and kinda moan. So I just let her kiss me a few izmit eve gelen escort times so I knew how to do it, then I started to kiss her back the same way. So after we stopped kissing over and over, we went and ordered dinner, then we watched movies, well, kind of since we kept kissing and kissing, and went to bed. The next morning I got up and got ready to go to the nude beach. All I wore was the tiniest little swim suite ever, it was so so small and tiny that I might as well have been naked. Only now I knew why mom got it for me, she liked seeing young girls naked and having sex, so since I knew that, those yummy feelings started to come back like crazy because she was going to get to see me dressed like that. I tried to look as sexy as I possibly could for her because I wanted her to want me like I wanted her now. Then I put a t shirt on over that before I went out and waited for mom. When she came out, we left and got a ride in the taxi to the nude beach, I was so excited about it. When we got there, we walked to the beach and I saw all kinds of naked people. We just walked around for a few minutes before we found a really good spot and when I looked to my right and next to some bushes, I saw a young girl who was about my age with short brown hair on her knees. She was completely naked like a lot of the people were, but she had one hand on a dick and she had the dick in her mouth. She was sucking the guy’s dick right there in front of everyone.

“Mom.” I said while I pulled her arm.

“Yeah baby.” She said before I looked at the naked girl sucking a dick.

Then I looked at her and bit my lip while I was grinning and made my eyebrows jump.

“Oh god.” Mom sighed making me moan and watch the cute girl.

“She’s really pretty.” I said while I looked at her and him, he was wearing clothes still but he had his dick out for the girl.

We watched them for a minute before we went and walked down the beach, and when we were doing that, I literally saw people having sex, guys eating girls out, and girls giving guys blowjobs. We actually picked a place that was close to some people that were having sex, but there was one guy and two girls. It was like, a little overwhelming but I fucking loved it! I didn’t care anymore, so I just got naked right there, and when I looked at mom, she was getting naked too. Then we laid the blanket out and we laid down and watched people have sex like crazy.

“So, can I ask you something?” Mom asked all excitedly like a girl my age (she was way young anyway) making me look at her.

“Yeah.” I said while I looked at her.

“Were you serious when you said that you’d have sex with your daddy?” She asked making me get excited since she was the one who brought it up.

“Yes.” I sighed.

“Really?” She asked.

“Mmmhmmm, he’s so hot.” I whimpered while we listened to the people around us having sex.

“When did you start liking your dad like that?” She asked making me kind of nervous at first, but since we were way open with each other, the nervousness went away.

“Um, remember when you went to take your test in the big city?” I asked making her nod her head yes.

“I spied on him a few times and saw him naked in the shower.” I said making her lay on her side all excited.

“Was he all hard when you saw him?” Mom asked making me smile.

“At first I didn’t know if he had a boner or not, I just knew that his dick was really big but then I found out that he didn’t have a boner at all.” I said making her grin.

“How did you know he didn’t have a boner?” She asked while we snuggled against each other so that our naked bodies were smashed together.

“Because his dick wasn’t as big as it was when you and him were having sex. When you guys were having sex it was way way bigger and, yeah.” I sighed since I started getting so so slimy.

“You saw us having sex?!” She asked making me bite my lip and nod my head yes.

“When did you see us having sex?” She asked like she was way turned on .

“The day daddy asked you to marry him, you guys were on the couch in the Den, I got to see all of that.” I sighed making her bite her lip.

“Did you like what you saw?” She asked.

“I loved what I saw.” I sighed while I turned towards her and smashed my body against hers more.

“So um, what all did you see?” Mom asked making me kind of grin.

“Wanna know everything I saw?” I asked making her bite her lip and nod her head yes.

“Please.” She sighed

“I saw you with his dick in your mouth and you were moving your mouth up and down on it, but I saw him kissing you down there.” I said making her make her eyebrows jump.

“He was licking and kissing my pussy, and I was sucking his dick.” She said like she was kind of out of breath.

“Does it feel good when he does that?” I asked.

“It feels amazing, it feels really really good especially since your dad is so so amazing at it, he makes me cum so hard every time he does that. Most of the time he doesn’t even use his fingers and he doesn’t need to, he’s that amazing at eating me out. You’re going to love it.” She replied like she was getting way way horny.

“Does he still lick and kiss your pussy?” I asked making her face turn red but not because she was embarrassed.

“Yeah he does. He does it all of the time except for when I’m on my period.” She said making me kind of moan.

“Does he like it when you suck his dick?” I asked while I moved so I could smash my pussy against her leg a little.

“He loves it, he loves getting his dick sucked because he says that I’m really really good at it, he says that it feels really really good when I do that to him.” She said like she was out of breath.

“You should teach me how to suck his dick like you do.” I sighed and whimpered at the same time.

“I will, and we’ll even use his dick.” Mom said making me moan.

“Wanna know what else I saw?” I asked making her nod her head yes.

“Please.” Mom said while she started to touch my face like she was about to start kissing me.

“I saw you stop sucking his dick then I saw you get up and sit in his lap, only I watched his dick go in your pussy all slow, I watched his huge dick make your pussy all wide and I saw your pussy make his dick all shiny.” I sighed while I started to smash my pussy on her leg a little.

“He’s got a gorgeous dick doesn’t he?” She sighed while she started sliming my leg like crazy.

“Yeah, I want it, I want him to do that to me.” I whimpered.

“I wanna see him do that to you.” She sighed making me get those feelings so bad that I couldn’t help but really hump her leg.

“I don’t want to be a virgin anymore mommy, I want him to take my virginity.” I whimpered making her kinda moan and smash her pussy against my leg so so hard.

“Yeah? You want your daddy’s dick inside of you?” She asked making my pussy and legs so so slimy and making me so so dizzy.

“Yes mommy, I want daddy’s big boner inside of me.” I sighed while I started to shake like crazy.

“Want me to talk to him about it?” She asked making me kind of moan.

“Can you please?” I sighed while my body got so so hot and tingly.

“I’ll talk to him but we have to do some things that will make him want you.” She said making me smile.

“Like what?” I asked making her grin.

“Remember that dress you picked out for me for our first date?” She asked making me nod my head yes.

“We need to get some outfits like that for you.” She said making me kind of smile, I just couldn’t smile really really big because those feelings were so so strong.

“Ok, or maybe he can take the pictures for my new website, then he’ll get a boner for me.” I sighed making her breath kinda hard.

“Are you sure you really really wanna do this?” She asked making me breath hard.

“Yeah I am, Amy has sex with her mom and dad so I don’t see why I can’t, besides, you guys are way way hotter.” I sighed making her moan a little while she bit her lip.

“She does?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, some of those pictures where she’s sucking a dick, that’s her dad and I want that. If I can get you and him to model with me all of the other girls would be way way jealous.” I said making her move her face close to mine.

“This is making me so so horny, is it making you horny?” Mom asked while she was breathing so hard.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what that is.” I said making her smile.

“I can tell you, but I have to feel something.” She sighed while she kind of moved me so that I was almost on my back.

“Ok.” I said while I was breathing hard.

“You sure?” She asked.

“Just do it please mom?” I sighed while everything started to get all foggy.

“Ok, spread your legs for me.” She sighed making me spread my legs as wide as I could.

So I spread my legs as wide as I could and when I did, she slid her hand up my thigh all slow. Then the most amazing feeling in the world just like, I don’t know, it like covered my whole body because I felt mom slide her hand on my pussy from the top to the bottom, then I felt her finger dip a little in me and slowly up to the top again all slow.

“Oh, oh wow mommy, that, that fee…feels so good.” I sighed while I moved my hips up, but wasn’t trying.

“You’re definitely horny, so so wet, so much little girl cream.” She sighed while I rolled the upper half of my body towards her and slid my hand on her face.

“So I’m horny?” I asked while she kept rubbing my pussy.

“Yeah, when you feel like you’re feeling now and when your little pussy gets all creamy and yummy like this, it means you’re horny and want sex.” She sighed making me move my hips more.

“I do, I want it so so bad.” I whimpered while she kept sliding her finger up and down my little pussy.

“Oh my god so much cream from my little girl.” She sighed.

“I’m so so horny.” I sighed while I made my eyebrows slant.

“You’re making mommy so so horny baby.” She whimpered making me moan.

“Good cause I want you.” I sighed making her moan while I started to touch her small perky boobs.

“Wanna know right where daddy’s dick will go when you have sex with him.” She sighed making me nod my head yes while we laid there touching each other.

Just then I felt her slip her finger inside of me.

“Oh my god.” I sighed while I lifted my hips without trying so that her finger went deeper in me.

“Does that feel good.” She asked while I opened my eyes and nodded my head yes.

“I love when you do that.” I whimpered while we kept touching each other.

“I love my little girls little pussy, mmmm.” She moaned.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” I asked making her grin.

“Yeah I have, I’ve been with a lot of girls, have you?” She asked making me grin and nod my head yes.

“I haven’t had sex with a girl but I’ve made out with Amy, I did that yesterday, she makes me horny.” I sighed making her bite her lip and her eyebrows slant while she started to finger me all slow.

While she was fingering me, I slipped my hand off of her boob and down her body until I felt her slimy wet wet pussy, and when I touched her, she gasped and moaned, especially when I slipped my finger in her. We just laid there and touched each other while we stared into each other’s eyes, but I wanted more, so I moved my face close to moms. That’s when I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, and when I did I felt moms tongue go right in my mouth. We started to kiss so hard over and over again and it made me so horny that I started to do what she was doing to me. She was so so wet and so so creamy and when I noticed that, I lost it. I started to kiss her so hard and deep while I rolled so that I was on top of her. That’s when she let go of my pussy and when she did, I moved so that one of her legs were between my legs, and one of hers were between mine. I didn’t know what I was doing at all, so I just kept kissing mom and I also started to smash my pussy on her leg and started to hump. She moaned in my mouth while we swirled our tongues in each other’s mouths and she started to smash her pussy on my leg. She started to whimper like crazy and hump my leg like I was doing to her, but I also loved how her boobs felt against mine! For the longest time me and mom just kept kissing, and when we were doing that, I kind of sat up and started to touch her boobs and then she touched mine. My horny feelings were so so amazing and so so strong that I started to get this really really amazing feeling through my whole body. It got so good that I just sat up a little and pushed my head against moms and looked in her eyes.

“I love you mommy.” I said through heavy breathing making her kiss me a few times.

“I love you too baby girl.” She whimpered while we both started to shake and jerk.

We just kept going until all of a sudden I got the biggest butterflies and chills, and when I saw that look on her face that she got when she started to cum all over daddy’s big dick, I knew she was about to cum all over my leg. That’s ok though because I knew that I was going to cum all over her leg too, and I wanted that to happen. After another few minutes, we were kissing really really deep over and over and over again when all of a sudden, my whole body got so tense that I thought something was wrong with me. Then the most amazing feeling like, hit me like a truck or something and before I knew it, my hips were jerking like hers and I was cuming all over her leg like crazy. I knew she was cuming too because I could feel it spraying all over my leg while her hips jerked too. After a few minutes of that I just kind of fell on top of mom and just laid there before I kissed her over and over again.

“Can we keep doing that?” I sighed while I tried to catch my breath.

“Mmmm, I hope so.” She whimpered and Moaned.

“Now all we need is dad.” I sighed while I sat up.

“Mmmm, I know.” She whimpered while she sat up she kissed me while she hugged me.

“Let’s go in the water.” She sighed like she was my girlfriend.

“Ok.” I said while I got up and looked around.

When I got up, I noticed that we had people watching us and that girl that was sucking a guy’s dick when I first got there was watching us too. She winked at me and mom while we got up and went into the water and some of them followed us.

“I think they liked the show.” Mom said while she giggled.

“That’s ok, I loved that they watched us.” I sighed making her hold me against her and kissed me again.

“Its really hot being watched huh?” She asked making me nod my head yes.

Well, we hung out with our new friends for a while and we actually got to watch that girl from earlier, her name was actually Skye, have sex with the guy who’s dick she was sucking earlier. I found out that that was her step dad too, so now me and Skye has something in common, only I hadn’t had sex with my step dad yet. Watching her made me so so horny though, so me and mom started making out like crazy again and we even fingered each other while we watched Skye and her dad. Only this time, me and mom didn’t cum, so when we started to get ready to go back to our hotel, I was so horny that I couldn’t even think, I wanted more sex. So I put my tiny little bikini on, she put hers on and we put our the shirts on before we grabbed the towel and went to catch our taxi back to the hotel. While we were on our way back to the hotel, I was all over mom because I was so so horny and I loved that we did what we did at the beach. I even touched her pussy and when I did that, she giggled because she knew that I wanted to play with her as much as she wanted to play with me. When we got to the hotel and got in the elevator I just took her hand, lifted my shirt and put her hand in my bikini bottoms because I wanted her to touch my pussy.

“You’re so much like me, oh my god I love it.” She sighed while she slipped her finger in me all slow while I slipped my hand in her bottoms and started to finger her all slow.

“We totally need to bring dad here, I’ll bet if he sees me naked he’ll wanna have sex with me.” I sighed while we started moving our hips at the same time.

“It might not be that easy, you’ll have to seduce him like, you’ve gotta let him know you want him.” She sighed only she couldn’t talk very easy.

“How mommy?” I whimpered.

“I’ll help you, it’s going to be hard to explain it to you right now, I’m so so distracted and you’re making me so so horny.” She whimpered while I rubbed my middle finger down her wet wet pussy.

“Can we watch naughty videos together?” izmit otele gelen escort I asked while we started to finger each other.

“Mmmmm, yes we can, but I might wanna do everything we see to you.” She whimpered while she smashed her body against mine so hard.

“Good, I want you to.” I sighed while we took our hand out of each other’s bottoms and touched each other’s boobs while we started to grind our pussy’s on each other’s legs.

“Yeah?” She sighed since she basically couldn’t say anything else.

We were going to start making out and I really really wanted to, but the elevator stopped, so I stepped back from her right when the doors opened. Then we went into our room and when we got there, I turned to mom and took everything off so she could see me again. She just looked at me really good with the same look on her face that she had before her and dad ended up having sex and when she did, I started to get so so creamy and wet. I started to breath hard while she took all of her clothes off so I could see all of her again. God she had the sexiest abs ever, she had amazing boobs and I noticed that she didn’t have any hair around her pussy. I did, it wasn’t very much but I had some.

“I thought girls get hair down there when they get older.” I said making her smile while she walked up to me.

“We do, I get mine waxed because Trevor loves it this way, he can’t get enough of my bald little pussy.” She sighed while she took my hand and started to take me to her room.

“If he loves it that way then I need to do that to mine.” I said while we were walking.

“Ok, we’ll get that done for sure, I’ll bet your pussy would look amazing like that.” She sighed right when we got to the big bathroom.

Well, we took a bath together and we made out and touched each other the whole time. It was so fun and I loved it because I got to let mom explore me all over and I got to explore her. When we got done, we got out and dried off, but we didn’t even get dressed, I mean, why bother right? Anyway, we went to her bed and we took her computer out and she went right to the videos that I was hoping she would, one of her moms teaching teens videos. We just kinda laid back on the pillows and snuggled and she pushed play on one of the videos, I was laying between her legs. I watched this young looking lady with this girl that looked younger and they started to make out like crazy. I started to get really really wet while I watched the girl get her clothes taken off by her mom, and when I looked at mom, she was watching me so I just smiled at her before I started watching it again. Anyway, I watched the girl and her mom start kissing and making out while they got completely naked, and when the mom started to touch the girls pussy, I couldn’t help but start touching myself. After a few minutes of that, I almost came because mom started to play with my boobs right when the mom started to kiss and lick her little girls pussy.

“What do you think?” Mom asked making me lift my head so that I was looking up and start kissing her.

“Mmmmm, I agree.” She said after we stopped kissing and I started watching the movie again.

“Oh god.” I sighed while my hips moved and while my pussy creamed all over my fingers.

That happened because I saw the girl on her back on the couch with her legs spread way way wide. Her mom was eating her out and making a motion with her finger, then all of a sudden a guy with a huge boner walks in on them and he’s completely naked! The guy walks up to the girl that notices him right when his dick is in her face and then she just grabs it, turns her head, opens her mouth and slips his dick in her mouth. So she’s getting eaten out by her mom and she’s sucking her dads dick at the same time. But then the mom stops eating her daughter out and starts to help her daughter suck her dads dick the right way I guess and while mom was teaching her daughter how to do that right, she was fingering her daughter. After a few minutes, the daughter gets up and the dad sits down while mom and daughter are making out like crazy. Anyway, I watched them both take turns sucking dad’s dick, but then I watched the daughter climb in her dad’s lap. Her mom holds his boner and I got to see what it looked like for a boner to go inside of a girl up close. I was so horny that I could feel my cream between my fingers and I was moving my hips.

“I wanna do that mom.” I sighed right before I looked up at her while the movie kept playing.

“Do you?” She asked while she slid her hand on my boobs and started to squeeze them.

“Yeah I do.” I sighed before I looked at the computer.

I kept watching that and while I did, I felt mom move my hand and start rubbing my little pussy for me. I started to get all dizzy and started to breath hard because it felt so so good. And right when the mom started to have sex with the dad, I felt mom slip her finger in me until it couldn’t go anymore. After that movie, we watched another one and when we started watching our fourth one, which was a lesbian video, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was so horny that I couldn’t even see at all. I was just kind of laying back against her naked body and she was playing with my boobs with one hand and rubbing my pussy with her other one.

“Mmmm mommy, I love it when you do that.” I whimpered while I moved my legs on the other sides of her legs so that my legs were spread.

“You like it when I touch your little pussy baby?” She half whispered and half moaned while I lifted my hip so I could smash my pussy against her hand.

“Mmmm, I love it.” I whimpered while I looked up at her and pulled her mouth to mine.

I opened my mouth and closed my eyes while I stretched for her and when I did that I felt and tasted her yummy tongue go right in my mouth. We kissed like that twice before we just kind of licked each other’s tongues and swirled them around each other’s like we saw the lesbians doing in the video. I wanted to feel moms pussy, so while we were making out like crazy, I slipped my hand behind me and on her pussy and rubbed her before I started to finger her. After a few minutes of that, she stopped kissing me then moved the computer to the side. She sat me up and started to kiss and suck on my neck and chin while she fingered me. I was gasping and crying a little because it felt so so amazing and so so sexy. I was moving my hips without even trying so it was like her finger was a dick, that and mom kept rubbing my little button. Then all of a sudden she moved from behind me and made me slide back so that I was sitting against the pillows and headboard. And when she got on top of me, it was like I completely lost it, I was way way beyond horny, especially since I could feel moms pussy cream dripping on me. She started to kiss me so hard that it just made my sexy feelings so much worse! I was making all kinds of quite noises in her mouth while she fingered me and kissed me like she was. But then she started to kiss my neck all slow, then down my body all slow.

“Mmm, oh god mommy.” I sighed and moaned while she started to suck on my boobs.

I was looking in her eyes and lifting my hips to her while she looked in my eyes and kept sucking on both of my boobs. Then she started to kiss my body even lower and when she did, I knew what she was going to do. I kept touching her hair and head while she looked in my eyes and kissed and licked my body lower and lower. Then all of a sudden, I was watching mom look right at my pussy like, up close, then I watched her smiled while she looked up at me, then I felt and watched her lick my pussy.

“Mmmuuu.” I moaned while I kinda pushed my pussy in her mouth.

“You like that baby?” She whimpered right before she licked me again making me gasp.

I couldn’t even answer because moms tongue and lips felt so so good on my pussy, so I just grinned and nodded yes while she started to eat me out all slow and gentle. I was grinding my little slit in her face and when she closed her lips around my little button and started to lick it like crazy, I lost it. My whole body went so tense that my head fell back and my back arched so bad because my whole body felt so so good. And when she slipped her finger inside of me while she was doing that, it was like there was no way it could feel better. All I remember was that I was cuming in moms face and in her mouth so hard that I could hear little squeaks and high pitched gasps. I was shaking all over and I was trying to grab anything I could because I felt like I was falling. Then after the biggest orgasm I ever had, I sat up and pulled moms mouth to mine. We both moaned when we started to kiss so so hard and so deep. I loved how my pussy tasted, so I just kept kissing her, and while we were kissing, I kinda rolled so that I was on top of her. That’s when I stopped kissing her and started to kiss down her body like she did to me. And when I finally got to her pussy, I just slipped my finger in her.

“Teach me mommy, I wanna know how to eat you out.” I whimpered.

She had me start kissing her wet wet pussy at first, then she taught me how to lick her pussy, then how to eat her out. She taught me how to do it the same way daddy eats her out, and I knew that I was doing good because she kept smashing her pussy in my face. She kept moaning and her hips we moving up and down so that she was humping my face all slow. I kept looking up at her while I kept licking and kissing mommy’s sweet tasting bright pink pussy. I loved that all of her cream was all over my face and chin and I loved that I was actually eating my moms pussy like I was. Then I remembered what she did to me, so I put my upper lip over her little button and licked her pussy all slow until my lips were closed around her button. That’s when I slipped my finger as far inside of her as I could and listened while she told me to face my hand up and curve my finger. She told me that I was rubbing her g spot while I was licking her clit, but then she lost it. Her body tensed up like mine did when she was eating my pussy, her body rolled and her back arched. She started to shake really bad and her hips started to jerk like crazy, and before I knew it, mom was cuming all over my face and neck. I didn’t know what to do so I just kept doing what I was doing until she sat up and pulled my mouth off of her pussy. She shoved her tongue in my mouth and we started to make out like crazy!

After we stopped kissing, she helped me move so that I was sitting there facing her and spread my legs. She spread hers and made it so that one of her legs were under mine and her other one was over. Then she smashed her pussy against mine and started to grind her pussy against mine all hard but slow. We were making noises and watching each other while I started to grind against her like she was doing to me. After a while we were cuming so hard only it was like we were cuming inside of each other. We weren’t done after that at all, me and mom had lesbian sex all night after that. We did go to sleep, but I’d wake up way horny and start having sex with her. I knew after that that I loved having sex with girls, but sex with my mommy was so so amazing! I don’t think we left our hotel room for at least two days because all we did was have sex with each other and talk about dad. Mom even used a toy on me, but she would only put it in me so far because she wanted to save my cherry for daddy. Which was perfectly ok because I wanted him to take my virginity, actually, I was going to give it to him and while me and mom were having sex, she told me how I could do it so that it wouldn’t hurt as much. I told her that I would but I wanted her to be there when I did that. What I loved, was that daddy kept sending mom naked selfies and she let me see them, that and she sent them to my phone so I had nude yummy boner pictures of my daddy. I loved loved loved the close up pictures of his huge fat boner because I could see every detail of it, and mom was right, he had a really really nice and beautiful fat fat dick!

Mom did start it though because she sent him yummy naked pictures of herself to him so he would send her some of those naked boner pictures so she could show me. Mom and me did get back to the nude beach, only this time we had sex on the beach where everyone could see us, then we’d go back to the hotel and have sex some more. Mom told me about her first date and how dad was so so amazing at everything when it came to sex. She told me that daddy really knew how to use his long, fat, sexy dick really good and that she couldn’t wait for me to experience it myself. I couldn’t wait to get home to see him because I was going to seduce him. Mom actually said that I can do whatever I want to seduce my dad, but I had to be a little careful because we didn’t know what he was going to do since I was his little girl and because of my age. I even talked about letting him see me naked but not for a long time and I mean like, he’d only see me naked for a few seconds and mom got all excited. She gave me so many good ideas, and I mean I would be surprised if I didn’t make my daddy get a boner really fast. So I said to mom that I was going to start when we got home, and she’s the one that told me that I should just start by showing my body to him. She even said that she wanted to watch me flirt with him, so since I knew how to flirt and I was called a flirt a lot, I thought, hey, I can do that.

What I loved was that mom showed me how to touch dad’s bump so like, it wasn’t obvious that I was doing it on purpose even though I was. I was getting excited because mom was excited, she even told me all about her sexy fantasy and how she ended up getting her fantasy. I was way way shocked and excited when she told me how old she was when she started having sex, I was older than her when she started and I hadn’t even had sex yet! So now I was kind of jealous of her and I was also really excited because she was going to let me have sex with dad! So later I told her about that day she had her first date with dad and what I saw the next morning, I was actually surprised that I remembered all of that as good as I did. I even showed her the picture I took of dad when she was in the big city taking her test. She showed me all of the selfies dad first sent her before their first date and she showed me the ones she sent to him. Basically all we talked about was sex and I told mom so many times that I was sure that I wanted my daddy’s dick in me really bad. I wanted to kiss him, I wanted to suck his dick and everything. I had to keep saying that because she kept asking me if I was sure that I wanted to do it all.

I hated that our vacation was over but at the same time I couldn’t wait to get home so I could start making dad horny for me. Me and mom had sex a few more times after she showed me daddy daughter porn and when she showed me that, I loved it! It became my favorite porn, I like the ones where the girl is saying “yes daddy” because I wanted to be that girl, bad and when our vacation was over, I was the horniest little girl in the world! I was way excited because my new little adventure of making my daddy get a boner for me, started the day before we were leaving. She took me to a spa where I got to get a Brazilian bikini wax, so I had no hair down there at all, none and I loved how it felt! Then we went shopping and she got me the hottest clothes she could find and she got me the tiniest little panties. When she picked out a tiny little pink bikini out for me, I tried it on and when I did, I got so so wet. It was way small, I could see the bottom parts of my little boobs and I could see the tops and sides too. I got that, I had to have it. So my outfit for when we go home was going to be that, my small little jean shorts and my tiny sexy little panties.

The next morning when we were going to leave and go home, mom did my make up for me, she told me that dad loves lip gloss, she she let me wear some of hers. Then I got dressed and put my cowgirl boots on and when I saw how I looked, I knew that dad was going to like what he saw. And when we were ready, we went and got on our plane and while we were flying I watched a whole bunch of daddy daughter porn with mom. We also talked more about daddy and we realized that I’d always had the biggest crush on dad and that I started crushing on him ever since I first saw him when I was seven. Finally when we were getting to land, I was way beyond horny since I didn’t get any sex since we were flying. I also went and made sure I looked way hot for dad, I wanted him to see my boobs, I actually wanted him to see me naked, but it’s whatever, at least for now. Mom even helped me with my makeup so I looked way yummy and young for dad, and so that he would get a boner for me. I don’t think you get how horny I was getting just knowing that dad was going to see me like that, I couldn’t wait! Poor dad had no idea what was about to hit him…

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