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A Discovery Ch. 14

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Author’s note: Some might think that this part of the story should really be in another category but this is, in total across all the chapters, the story of Debbie and Dallas and their new-found sexual preference – so the category remains the same. GH

Our second day as gap-year students and lovers started with breakfast next to our little pool – coffee and the sun on our bare bodies.

The neighbours, our new friends Lynne and Belle, had waved at us over the fence between the properties and told is they were heading into the town for supplies, moaning at the clothing that they needed to wear in the local supermarket, and asking if they could get anything for us. Debbie had declined the offer on the grounds that we really didn’t have a clue what we might need and that she wanted to spend some time with me anyway, getting used to the sun and the freedom. I heartily approved.

After they had left I turned to her, sipping my coffee, “I’m still amazed.”

She drained her own mug, “Still amazing, true.”

“Charmer. No I meant about that pair.”

“You’re not talking about my tits, are you?”

“Debbie!” I giggled, taking great pleasure in her pair anyway, “No, I meant I’m still amazed that I don’t feel in the slightest bit jealous when they look at you.”

She shrugged, “Me neither. I mean I don’t feel anything when I look at them or when they look at you. Maybe a little pride at that last bit, that’s all.”

“Very sweet,” I told her, “But it seems so weird to me. I know they’re gay and I know for sure that Belle thinks you’re tasty,” the tall Jamaican had been very open about it the night before, “but there’s not an ounce of jealousy in me.”

Debbie gathered my mug and stood up ready to take the empty vessels back for what I hoped was a refill, “You’re right and it’s the same for me. That Lynne was sure staring your way a few times but I just found it really nice. Almost like it was an approval or something.”

I nodded, “It’s like no one else really matters.”

“Well they don’t, Dallas.” She walked behind me and kissed the top of my head, “I just wonder if we’ll feel the same when others see us.”

I stood and followed her into the kitchen, “It feels different when we’re like this,” I gestured at my naked body, “I mean when we’re deliberately nude amongst others who are the same.”

Debbie nodded, pouring more coffee, “I get you and I agree. I don’t think I’d even care if it was a couple of guys ogling you like that.”

I was surprised to find myself feeling the same way, “You’re right – and thanks,” I took the proffered refill, “And yet… just the thought of us being seen by anyone – male or female – who didn’t expect us to be naked… that’s really different.”

“It is,” Debbie agreed as we walked back out into the sunlight, “It’s almost scary. What a difference, huh?”

“You’ve got that right,” I told her, setting my coffee down and drawing her into an embrace, “The thought of some guy – or girl – seeing you like this unexpectedly… well, that’s a real turn on.”

She set her own mug down and grinned at me, “Is my future wife getting all wet at the thought?”

I looked around at the bright, sunlit garden, then down between our naked bodies, “Maybe I am. I’ll let you decide, if you like?” She kissed my shoulder then and I shivered. With a delicate slowness, her mouth moved lower and my nipples hardened just as her lips engulfed one. “Oh, Debbie,” I breathed and looked down at her.

Those big blue eyes were staring up at me, sparkling, even as she began to suckle, teeth nipping gently. “I feel so open here… but so aroused…”

Debbie moved her mouth from my bare breast and began to trace lower, a row of little kisses descending to my right hip. She nuzzled at the hollow there before moving lower, her lips tracing the contour of my upper thigh. Her hands found the ultra-soft skin inside my leg and stroked the most delicate of patterns as my feet eased apart a little. I was whimpering softly, no longer looking at her as she licked and kissed my leg, but staring all around, glorying in my girlfriend’s mouth and the hot sun on my naked skin.

She paused for just one second then and whispered ‘I love you’ before her nose pressed against my engorged clitoris and her tongue lapped once, hard, at my womanhood.

I let loose a little squeal of pure delight and rocked back against the table behind me, my hands finding Debbie’s hair. “Oh, Terror! I love you too!” Her tongue pressed hard against my lips and I gasped as she penetrated me, rocking my hips forward to meet her thrust, my fingers tightening in her wild tresses. “Oh fuck, yes!”

She started to lap and suck eagerly, her hands behind me now, pulling me even closer to her face. I could feel her drinking down my juices and I lost all control to her then, my mind refocused on the tongue inside me.

I made no pretence but rocked against her instead, glorying in her tongue as it fucked me, pumping my hips backwards and forwards. I saw a blackbird land on the fence to my right, bursa escort saw its beady eyes glinting as it turned its head from side to side, saw it watching as my girl, my Debbie, pressed her tongue deep within the soft wet folds of my hot pussy. I could feel everything spiralling up inside me and with a speed that shocked me, I realised that a climax was only seconds away.

“Oh Debbie! Oh my god, oh yes!”

She sucked and lapped faster and harder, her nose pressed against my clit, her fingers digging into the soft flesh of my ass and I felt the scream of orgasm building higher and higher. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh my god oh fuck oh Debbie… oh…oh… oh… OH… YES!” Faster, higher, tighter and she wouldn’t let me go, wouldn’t let me stop, “Yes, yes, yes , yes, yes!” I howled then. Howled for my love and my lust. For my wonderful Terror.

I must have blacked out properly and came to my senses on my shoulders, on the table. Debbie was sitting beside me, stroking my arm. “Welcome back,” she grinned, “Sorry, did I make my baby cum like a steam train?”

I sat up and stared at her in shock, “That was… I mean, yes! Fuck…”

“Tongue-fuck, anyway.”

“The best tongue-fuck ever, I don’t believe I came that fast!”

Debbie laughed, “Me neither, but it saved me from a sprained tongue so I’m probably grateful.”

“Was I too loud?”

“Hell no!” She laughed again, “You probably didn’t hear me, wolf-girl, but that got me loosening my lab as well.”


She kissed the tip of my nose, “I came as well, yes.”

“Good,” I muttered, “I always want us to share.”

Debbie hopped up from the table and grabbed her mug, “Me too. And I think you shared that howl with the whole neighbourhood.” She took a sip, “Coffee’s cold.”

I was blushing, “You honestly didn’t think I was too loud? I just couldn’t control it.”

“Not at all,” she laughed, “Mind you, I think it was just as well my ears were between your thighs.”

I snorted a laugh, “It was your fault, anyway.”

“I’d take responsibility for a climax like that any day. And before you say anything else, I’m glad you came that hard, glad the whole world got to hear how happy I’d made you.”

“It’ll be on you next time,” I assured her.

She grabbed my own mug and turned to the kitchen, “Good. I’m already looking forward to it. Fancy a drive into the country in a while?”

“Sure – but coffee first.”

Debbie paused in the doorway and grinned back at me, her chin glistening, “You’ve sure made me thirsty. I’m not sure how that works given I must have drunk a pint from your pussy but it feels like I’ve swallowed a sponge.”

I managed a laugh, “Well, thank you!”

“You really are more than welcome, angel. More than.”

I leaned back on my elbows, glorying in the sunlight on my naked breasts and my sated belly. I was in heaven.


We grumbled our way into two little dresses for the drive, happy to be naked at home now, but well aware that decency needed to prevail when we went out. Just dresses, mind you. There were limits to our sacrifices.

Rather than make any firm plans, Debbie pointed to distant cliffs that were just about visible in the brilliant sunlight and we headed off in that direction, making for the sea we supposed.

The car’s air-conditioning unit was surprisingly efficient and we were cool enough in a few minutes to actually be glad that we’d worn anything at all. It didn’t stop Debbie overtaking a truck very slowly with the hem of her dress pulled up to her waist – the dopey driver never even looked down – or me from unbuttoning the fronts of both our dresses when we drove through an all too sleepy village a little while later, but all in all it was a comfortably clothed journey.

We arrived at the cliff-top a little after three in the afternoon and my girl found a ramshackle ‘road’ through the trees which we bounced along for a good ten minutes before she decided that we were far enough from civilisation to rest up.

“This will do nicely,” he told me, “Now hop out – leaving your dress behind – and set up our snacks. I’m going to quickly drive back to the last village and fill this thing’s tank.”

“Oh, Debbie! Can’t it wait until we’re going back?”

She shrugged, “Judging by the sleepiness of that place it’ll probably be closed by then and I’m really not sure we’ll make it much further.”

“Couldn’t you have stopped on the way here?”

“Could have and should have,” she agreed, “but as much as I can drive over here, I keep forgetting which dial’s which on the dashboard. I’ve been looking at the temperature gauge instead of the fuel one.”

I rolled my eyes. “I bet you’re just saying that to get me to do all the hard work setting up our snacks.”

“I wasn’t but that’s not a bad idea for the future.” Her grin was broad and infectious.

“Just this once, then. But you hurry back, you hear me?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ll be thinking of your naked bod waiting for bursa escort bayan me every second I’m away!”

I gave another eye roll, “You’re really going to leave me here in the middle of nowhere with nothing to wear?”

“Well, like you say, it’s the middle of nowhere. We must be a million miles away from the nearest person. And besides, it’ll make me drive that much faster to get back here.”

I laughed, “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Absolutely. You’re not too chicken, then?”

I opened the car door and stepped out into the grassy clearing we’d stopped in. A sense of newness, of being somewhere alien and strange, overcame me for a moment. “This is weird,” I said, “But for you…” I reached down and in one swift movement pulled the dress over my head. I threw it into the car’s interior, “You’re bad, Terror.”

“And you are one fucking cute girl. Now grab the snacks and let me get going. The sooner I eave, the sooner I’m back to play.”

“I’ll give you twenty minutes,” I told her, grabbing the hamper containing the food and, to be fair, mostly the drinks. “If you’re not back by then, I’m starting without you!”

It was Debbie’s turn to roll her eyes, “I’ll be back before you lay a finger on that gorgeous pussy!”

With that parting shot, she gunned the engine and swung the car around the edge of the clearing, already accelerating as she passed me. As she left me there.

It wasn’t until the car’s engine noise faded among the trees, and silence settled all around me that I finally realised just how alone and exposed I was. I looked down at my bare breasts and the lightly shaded triangle that pointed to my heat and delight. I pointlessly covered both and looked around at the tall trees surrounding the clearing.

All was calm and still, the grass all around me barely stirring in the gentlest of warm breezes, and even the birdsong among the trees was muted. The afternoon sun was still high enough in the sky to cast its light directly onto me and I let my hands drop, baring every inch of my soul and my body to its calming caress.

I was about to sit down and organise our snacks – and to sample some of the wine we’d found at the villa – when I heard a distant engine rumbling through the trees. I grinned. Debbie, my Terror, just couldn’t wait, could she?

I lay back among the grassy stems and let a hand drift down to my already slightly moist pussy. I was going to offer her a fine surprise… As I started to warm up my girl’s surprise snatch snack I listened to the engine noise grow louder.

And then furrowed my brow. Surely that was not a second engine noise rattling beneath the leading bass rumble?

My heart started beating faster and I sat up. Had someone followed her? Maybe she was trying to evade a police car…? Maybe…

My heart lurched into my throat. There was a third engine noise.

I looked down at my nakedness – stupidly expecting that I might suddenly have sported a dress; something to cover my body – and then looked around at anything that might be available as protection against being seen. I was in no doubt that it wasn’t Debbie alone returning and the accompanying vehicles could contain absolutely anyone, and most certainly strangers.

The trees at the edge of the clearing were, I realised, simply too far away now that the engines -= and whoever was driving them – were so close, and one glance at the stupid little tea-towels we had brought along as a makeshift table-cloth were just as clearly too small to offer the cover I was now so desperately seeking. Even the damned grass itself was too short to hide my presence.

I was still kneeling there, panicking, when the first vehicle burst along the lane and into the clearing not twenty metres from me. It wasn’t Debbie’s rental car at all. For a start, it only had two wheels.

That first motorbike screeched to a halt and the rider’s helmeted head turned immediately my way. I was frozen as whoever it was simply stared at my naked body. My hands were useless as cover even thought my tits are not exactly big, but I covered myself with them as best I could.

I had never felt more exposed and more alien. I couldn’t even scream at whoever it was to go away – politely or, more appropriately very coarsely – because for all Debbie’s mutterings, I hadn’t by that point picked up any French phrases.

The problem was trebled as the two other engines appeared – also attached to motorbikes. It wasn’t just not Debbie’s car there, my girl wasn’t present at all. When all three riders killed their machines’ motors, the near-deafening lack of any other engine sounds told me that my Debbie wasn’t even approaching. I was alone – and very, very naked – with the three strangers.

Almost as if they were choreographed, the three riders pulled their crash helmets off at the same moment. Three young guys.

“Go away!” My cry was small but heartfelt. I didn’t care that they probably didn’t understand my words, but surely they could glean bursa sınırsız escort my meaning?

“Like that’s gonna ‘appen,” the first biker laughed, his accent and his English pure London.

“I sure as fuck ain’t goin’ nowhere in a rush, the second one said, kicking a stand down on his bike and slipping from the saddle to better stare at me.

“I ain’t either,” the third added, following the second rider’s actions.

The first rider joined his companions, pulling a balaclava off his head to reveal long, dark and clearly dirty hair. “What’re you up to, darling?”

“Just go away!”

The first rider was clearly the spokesman, “I don’t reckon any of us wanna do that, do we guys?”

His companions laughed by way of agreement and Dark Hair was soon accompanied by a guy so blonde that he was almost albino – the second rider, and the third who revealed a mane of pure ginger.


My cry seemed to do nothing more than delight all three of them. The first began to saunter towards me, “I’m reckonin’ you’re all alone here. That right, darling?”

“Deb… my other half will be back any minute!”

Dark Hair stopped when he was just a couple of feet from me, “You ‘ear that guys? I reckon we got a minute or two to enjoy the view ‘ere.”

Both Blondie and Red joined him, all three staring down at where I knelt with my hands over my breasts and my knees locked together.

“Please! Just go!”

“Stand up first ‘n’ we just might.” Dark Hair glanced at his companions. “That right lads?”

“Suits me,” Blondie agreed.

Red nodded, “We can see all the bare jugs we want on the beach, but full-on nude out ‘ere in the woods beats that, no sweat.”

I shook my head, my hands tightening their grip on my breasts, my knees locking tighter, “My other half really will be back in a minute!”

Dark Hair laughed, “Now see? I reckon it’s gotta be a minute since you last said that, and he – or she, is it? – ain’t back yet are they? Just get up!” His words started out lightly enough, but the final command was just that – a dark command.


His laugh this time dripped with venom, “Bazza? I reckon the little lady needs some ‘elp ‘ere.”

I squealed – really squealed – when the blonde guy stepped behind me.

Before I could so much as shuffle out of his reach, his hands slid underneath my arms and I was yanked to my feet. I managed to keep my hands on my bare breasts but the daylight – and the stares – hitting my exposed groin had me immediately kicking and wriggling.

“‘Old ‘er tighter, Bazza. I wanna better look at this cutie.”

The blonde guy obeyed Dark Hair with a strength that took my breath away. My arms were pulled to my sides in his vice-like grip and I was held there, wriggling and kicking as my exposure was completed.

“Just fuck off!”

Dark Hair’s laugh was even darker than before, “Oh, darling. I guess we mighta done if you’d let us see those gorgeous little tits all on your own, but I reckon you need a lesson in ‘ow to behave nice now.”

I aimed a weak kick at him as he closed the gap between us but my foot was pushed away easily.

“You better stop that right now, darling, ‘cos that’s just made the lesson you’re gonna get all the more well-deserved.”

I screamed then as he pulled off his thick gloves and his hands closed over my bare breasts, “Leave me alone!”

“Not a fuckin’ chance, darling. Gazza, Bazza? ‘Ave a feel of these beauties. Fuck me. Talk about small but perfectly formed.”

I screamed again and again as first the redhead squeezed my bare breasts, and then my arms were moved from my captor to his dark-haired companion when the blonde guy got his turn. Once he’d had a real good grope I was spun back into his grip.

Dark Hair was now grinning at me, “I bet you know you got great tits, right, darling?”

“Fuck off!”

“Now, now! Just answer me.”

I stared into his brown eyes and knew he would make me answer one way or… I couldn’t even let myself think of ‘another’, “Yes…”

“Yes, what, darling?”

“Yes, my breasts are pretty good, I think.”

He reached out and grabbed one again, “Nice and firm, ain’t they lads?”

As I screamed again, Bazza and Gazza muttered their agreement.

Dark Hair released my breast and stared at me again, “Reckon you could keep the noise down a bit? Only I got a stinkin’ ‘angover.”

“Good!” I screamed at him, “Now just fuck off!”

He laughed at first, then his voice dropped, “Well, darling, scream all you want ‘cos no one’s gonna ‘ear you out ‘ere. I’m glad you agree your tits are all right, though. Now tell us – does that snatch of yours feel as good and tight as it looks?”

That cut my scream off as real fear washed over me, “Don’t… don’t, please!”

All the breath seemed to fly out of my body as Dark Hair’s hand shot forward and cupped my sex, “Feels good ‘ere,” he laughed, “Now ‘ow about we find out ‘ow tight you are?”

“Oh no, no, no! No, please no, please, pl–”

The finger that pressed between my pussy lips cut my voice off immediately and I froze for several seconds. I looked to the trees, to the path that ran up to the clearing – looked anywhere that might offer me hope of sanctuary. As the finger started to probe inside me I whimpered and struggled – but I knew, knew, there was no escape.

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