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A Conversation with Jinny Ch. 03

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(If you have read the first two chapters, you’ll know that Jinny was a bit uneasy about her daughter, Anna’s reaction to her incest with Wayne, when she returned home. But it seems Jinny need not have worried. As ever, all names have been changed to protect the guilty!)

3 May

Hello Sarah baby!

It’s been a while since I’d heard from you, and Wayne and I had just taken a few more naughty photos so I thought I’d send some over to my favourite lady lover! Quite excited about the next few nights, Wayne and I are planning on trying anal! It will be another step on my sexy adventure feeling his big yummy cock in my bum! I’ll give you ALL the details when it happens!! Love to see a few more of you honey!!! Love you loads darling

Jinny xxxx

Wow Jinny darling.

What an absolutely voluptuous body you have – Wayne must be overwhelmed! And exhausted! Enjoy the anal – and tell me all about it!! Gosh, life is full of new experiences for you darling!! I’ve never done anal myself – except for Heather’s fingers and tongue of course. When is Anna due home? Have fun! With love and kisses.

Sarah xxx

(Over a month past and I was thinking that Jinny had discarded me in favor of real sex! Then, one morning, a familiar name popped up in my in-box.)

Sarah darling!

So sorry I haven’t emailed in a while! Been caught up with family things and work and all sorts! Yes honey, sex is brilliant! And let me tell you, Anna did come home a few days ago and is now well and truly settled into the new lifestyle! Yes, she jumped on board eventually, took a little convincing and some long conversations, but it happened! I have been telling Anna all about you and she’s had a flick through of some of your pictures and loves you! She says she would really love to chat with you sometime!! Lots of love


Hi Jinny

Well, Anna HAS sent me a message – she tells me that she loves my pics to masturbate over! I would LOVE to watch her – do you watch her? Or are you too busy fucking with Wayne still? Lots of love and kisses and feels

Sarah xxx

Hiya Sarah,

Ahhh Anna did say that she would! Oh yes she does! There have been many nights she’s asked for a print out of you before bed, or indeed I come home to a zoomed-in image of you on the telly and her furiously rubbing away! Oh yes, we do have a family “wank” as Wayne says, together. In the first days of Anna joining in she and I used to spend a lot of time masturbating together. We still do have some girly time together. Oh Wayne and I still fuck a LOT but I have to share him with Anna now!! I haven’t had an online chat with you in so long honey! Lots of love and naughty kisses.


Wow Jinny!

Keeping it in the family are you?? And why not? I know you always fancied Anna, but thought she might be a bit offended – or embarrassed. Well, barriers have certainly been removed on your family – I seem to think that you spend all your free time masturbating with Anna or fucking with Wayne. I only wish I could join you – I’d love to have sex with Anna – feel her wet fleshy vulva – tell me about her – have you a photo I wonder? Kiss her pussy for me next time – and tell her it’s from me!!

Sexy Sarah xxxx

Yes I am! Well an old boot like me isn’t going to get anything else so might as well take what I can get at home! No I joke. I love my kids and they love me. Wayne especially loves my pussy, titties and bum he never hesitates to remind me! So as long as my kiddies need a vent for their hormones, slut-mummy is happy to oblige!! Oh Anna! She’s so energetic!!! We thought Wayne had some beans but when Anna gets between my legs its like she’s been starved for weeks! I told her to send you a photo, did she??

Slutty Jinny

Yes Jinny Anna sent me a couple of photos taken by Wayne! Mmmm – no wonder you enjoy suckling those nipples! And getting your face between those firm, round buttocks! You never told me though, just how Anna got involved – your first time together – must have been very emotional! Sarah xx

(Then, the next morning I logged in to find a message from Anna. Attached were photos of her beautiful body.)

Hey Sarah.

Mum said that you would like a picture of me? And it’s only fair, given the fact I have some of you! This is the first time I’ve had anyone take nudes of me so, sorry if they’re a little rubbish. Wayne took them and he’s very good at all that photo stuff. Well here they are, would love to see some more of you? Please? My sex life is more or less limited to home really. I had a boyfriend and broke up with him a little while ago. But mum and Wayne more than make up for it, so I’m happy. So thanks!

Anna xx

Wow Anna

Thank you darling! Certainly not rubbish – lovely nipples to suck and kiss – and what mystery is hidden beneath those panties? I’d love to search inside to discover the secret within. And fondle those luscious buttocks, perhaps slip an exploratory finger into the crack I can see there. I could play for hours with you!! And have an orgasm into bursa escort the bargain – or two. How about you? More of me? Ok how about these? Care to masturbate me? I’d love the feel of your fingers there instead of mine! Lets have lots and lots of sex together!!

Sarah ps when you’re ready we’ll chat and fondle!!

Aww thanks Sarah! I really love your pics! I have this thing for older women and their sexy nature and you are definitely so SEXY! Would you believe that mum was the first woman I’d ever been with? So this is all very new to me! That all sounds so lovely and sexy and hot!


You’re welcome Anna.

Now that you’ve found sex with another woman, you should have more – have you sexy lady friends you fancy having sex with? It’s so much more satisfying than sex with a man. Well …. different, but I do get much more intense orgasms with a woman – I always have to finish myself off when I have sex with my hubby! Never when I have sex with Heather! She’s great – and noisy! She is the vicar’s wife of course! So lots of praise. Happy masturbation darling!

Sarah xxx

Gosh Sarah.

I have started noticing many more sexy ladies now!! I never noticed that our next door neighbour is VERY nice. I went swimming the other day and this lady in her mid 40’s came in. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her!! Found myself getting well wet!!! The wonders of being bi, eh? Ahh I LOVE noisy sex!! When mum and Wayne are at it, really noisily, I can’t help but have a rub, it’s so hot!! But, I thought Wayne was kidding when he told me!! The vicars wife?!?!?! Wowee!!! You too honey.

Anna. That’s great Anna

If you find one you think might be bi, give them the look – hold the look between the two of you, whilst thinking ‘I would like to feel your pussy’ – if they respond, smile and touch their arm. So much can be said between people with just a look and a touch – it’s all in the eyes. If you can, give them a light kiss, but hold it a tad longer than is usual.

I might end up feeling you myself, kissing your wet pussy, before finger fucking you! That would be so wonderful! Just follow my earlier advice. I’m sure you must know some married ladies eager for a mutual session – neighbours? I think your mum said you had a possible neighbour for sex?

Sarah xxx

(A week or two passed without contact, so I e-mailed Anna again.)

HI Anna How’s the sex life these days? Have you found a regular lady lover yet – other than mum I mean?? Sarah

Hey Sarah!

Would you believe, I’ve found TWO! The first is a best friend from uni. We started when we were at a party that ended up with us having a slightly tipsy (ok I was more than tipsy) threesome with a super hot guy (his dick was AMAZING!!!). Half way through the guy, I think his name was Darren, told us to kiss. I didn’t think much of it so we did and then got really into it (It’s normally quite gentle kissing with mum). I felt up her boobs and she mine. Then we sucked Darren’s dick for a bit together, kissing in between. Then he came on our faces and just left (men!).

Collen, my friend, and I were left there, faces covered in cum and more than a little worked up. Then I realised how unbelievably hot she was and remembered all the stuff you said. I gently leaned forward and licked some cum of her lips. Then we kissed and fondled before I slowly slipped a hand to her bush (I’ve decided I love a little hair down there) and started to play with her pussy. Well from there she went MAD! She literally jumped around and sat right on my face, riding my tongue like crazy! We 69ed for ages until we both came on each others faces (she squirts!!!). After we licked each other clean I took her back to mine where we just curled up and slept together. It was awesome! From then on we’ve been licking and fingering Practically every day! Mum bought me a strap-on quite recently and it’s so fun fucking her and Colleen!!

Phew!! Im so wet I’ve gotta go and take care of myself! Ill tell you about my second lady lover after I’ve found mum, fucked her with the strap-on and sat on her face till I cum! (Colleen is on holiday for a bit.)


Wow Anna

That’s a truly amazing story. Cocks are pretty interesting in their way and can do some amazing tricks – but there’s nothing to beat a beautiful pussy – and what orgasms other women can give us darling. So much better than Darren, I’ll bet! I’m so very glad you’ve found a regular lover. There under your nose all the time!! What did I tell you?? Do tell me about the other when you’ve fucked your mum. The you can come and fuck me as well!!

Sarah xxxxxxxxx

You said it Sarah!!

I mean fucking mum and Colleen is so different from fucking Darren and Wayne. Mum is so much softer and Colleen is just so silky and yummy!! Plus, they have boobs to play with and mum’s are just so huge and suckable! That’s where I’m going right now!

(The next day I got a message from Anna.)

Hey Sarah,

I forgot to fill you in on my other female conquest. bursa escort bayan

Her name is Carol, and she’s a regular to the swimming pool I was telling you about. Actually I’ve fancied her for some time now, she’s got a really great figure and she’s one of those mature foxy ladies I’m really into (just like you!).

Anyway, she’s not shy at all and is always wandering around the changing area naked. The minute she comes in she’s butt naked till she leaves. I’ve been catching looks at her for ages but now, I decided to take your advice and try and get further.

It was relatively late one week day, so it was her, me and another older woman who was just leaving. Carol, (I found her name from a label on her bag) went off to shower in one of the cubicles. I was ridiculously horny for some reason that day and as soon as she went in I rushed over to her open bag and had a little rummage around and found her knickers. Now I will confess, I am a knicker whore. Give me a good pair of smelly knickers, smeared with pussy juice and I’ll go mental! Mum and I often swap used knickers and it gets me off so well!! So I couldn’t resist had a whiff and she smells unbelievable!! So HOT! Then she came out and I made a hasty retreat back to my stuff.

Another time I saw her going alone into the sauna and thought it a perfect opportunity and went in after her. I sat down and she smiled at me and I smiled back. She had gone in wearing a really tiny bikini and I thought to try and push the boat a bit. I said to her that I heard it helps your skin to breathe better without a bikinI and whether she minded if I took mine off. She agreed and even took hers off! We got chatting, while being naked, and turns out she lives really close! Her boobs are also amazing! Best pair of nipples I have ever seen!

Well we had a good chat and as we were leaving we had a naked hug and I was SOAKED. She definitely noticed my nipples were hard and look pointedly at them and giggled joking she said she didn’t realise it was that cold. And I told her I wasn’t cold while giggling to her. (I did that thing you said about holding her gaze). She laughed and I leaned forwards and, literally suddenly, we were kissing. She was so hot, her hands were everywhere and I was all over her. She fingered me a little and I sucked her tits a bit then it was over.

When we were leaving she gave me her number and said to call to meet up again. The first time we met, I took mum and we talked. They got to know each other. Mum said that she approved and that she’s one hot chick, and then the next time we met, we fucked and have fucked and fucked and fucked ever since! I love being her slave! Love

Anna xxxxxxxxx

Yes Anna

That’s how it happens – almost by chance. But chance needs a bit of a nudge and an approachable lady. Carol sounds delicious – you can send her to me! Your sex life has really taken off like a rocket! How amazing – and marvellous for you. Now you have THREE lady friends including mum. That’s better than me! Apart from Heather, there’s no other at the moment, though I do fancy our solicitor’s wife – a gorgeous red-head with drop-dead boobs! I’d love to get my palm clutching her pussy – my imagination runs riot! I think I shall invite her for coffee later in the week!

But you young ones have more appetite than we older ones!! Lots of hugs and feels of those delightful boobs of yours – and that bum!!!

Sarah xxxxxxxxxx

OMG Sarah

I’m feeling so horny. Telling you about Carol has turned me on! And mum isn’t around right now! But Sarah … I’d just love to fuck you right now! We’ve talked about it so much. Can you come on msn?? I mean NOW!

Anna xxxx

(I went into IM straight away.)

‘Hi Anna. I came!’

‘Hey babe. That was quick.’

‘You ok Anna? Still feeling horny as usual?’

‘OMG! You know I am. Steaming. How about yourself?.’

‘Always horny when I see your name come up. What are you wearing?’

‘Cotton panties and t-shirt. You?’

‘Skirt and blouse. So you’re fairly accessible then? For prying fingers?’

‘My legs are already open for you.’

‘Gosh you didn’t waste any time!’

‘God! I’m so turned on Sarah! I have already slid my panties off.’

‘I think I’d like to kiss you first. Taste your lips and stroke your breasts, feel the nipples harden. No point in rushing things.’

‘T-shirt is off now … I am fully naked for you.’

‘As we open out mouths for each other, press you against the bed, kissing you hard.’

‘My mouth moves to yours, kissing deeply and slowly sliding my tongue between your lips.’

‘Fingers rolling your chunky nipples between thumb and finger. Oh they feel so good.’

‘Mmmm feel them getting harder.’

‘Other hand smoothing over your belly into your pubic hair.’

‘Mmmm my body shivering at your touch. OMG Sarah, I’m nearly there!’

‘Slowly exploring your body, finger tips trailing into your inner thigh. Mmm nice and warm and silky. bursa sınırsız escort Kissing your ears.’

‘My pussy is already slick as my juices leak between my swollen lips.’


(A few seconds pause.)

‘Oooo Sarah. I couldn’t stop that. I was so wound up. Fuck-ready! All it needed was your touch on the clit — and WHAM! Phew!’

‘That’s good Anna. It’ll settle you. Now we can make love properly. Just lie back. I’m kissing your eyelids … nuzzling your neck … smelling your hair. Mmmmmmmmm. Fingers now caressing your inner thighs. Feeling the warm silky skin. Inching up your thighs. Reaching for the wet labia.’

‘Legs spread as wide as I can open them.’

‘Playing with your pussy lips. They are so thick and pliable. Mmmm. Lovely. It’s always an awesome experience to have your palm hold a strange vulva. I always have a wonderful feeling of discovery. A new experience. And yours is so warm and squishy. Rolling the clit over the finger pads, thumb and fingers pushing your labia apart, exposing the secret of your vulva.’

‘Mmmmm yes. That’s nice. Don’t stop!’

‘I can feel that wonderful cluster of fleshy petals round your vagina. My fingers are searching for the secret opening, the wet, warm fleshy passage, mysterious and perfumed with your private scent.’

‘Oh yes … you feel how wet you make me.’

‘Mmmmm delicious. My fingers are curious to feel your pussy juices. Their warm texture. I love it. A new wet pussy! Awesome!’

‘Grabbing your hand to push your fingers in.’

‘Yes! They are anxious to explore your inner secret. So wet and inviting.’

‘Please fuck me Sarah. I need you to fuck my wet pussy so good.’

‘Gosh – you’re pushing them inside. Three of them, deep and hard. Now all four. I’m straddling you now. My groin is pressing against your thigh.’

‘Mmmmmm yes give me more … fist my dripping cunt and grind yours against my leg.’

‘Fully penetrated, deeper and deeper, other hand feeling for your bum between the cheeks. I need to explore that rosebud, already wet with the pussy juices dribbling over it.’

‘Raising my legs up against your pussy. Oh yes – you want my asshole don’t you? You want my pussy and bum so bad don’t you?’

‘Mmmmm I do! My index finger already entering paradise – your lovely bum, deep and swirling. Finger fucking both passages now, kissing your nipples, rubbing my breasts against yours. Nipple to nipple.’

‘OMG … mmmmm yes. Tell me that you want to own my ass and cunt as you finger them both.’

‘I need you darling, I want all of you. I want to crawl inside you. Take possession of you.’

‘Oh yes – I want to be your lover.’

‘And take your vulva in my mouth.’

‘Take it Sarah! Use and abuse however you want. Make me your whore please. I’ll do whatever you want of me. I’ll finger and fist your pussy and bum. I’ll lick your holes and slide my tongue so deep into both your pussy and bum. I want to be your whore.’

‘Mmmm like your mum! She’s my whore as well. I like both holes being occupied by urgent exciting fingers and tongues. You are my young slut.’

‘Mmmmmmm … yes please.’

‘So I shall straddle you and sit on your face, rubbing my dripping, tingling pussy on your face and mouth.’

‘I’ll do whatever you want me to.’

‘Eat me, slut. Lick me, slut. Get your tongue in my bum.’

‘Tongue sliding all over your wet and swollen pussy lips hands gripping your ass and pulling your forward.’

‘Pull your legs up and stretched wide Anna. Your vulva and bum are facing the ceiling now. Feel my tongue sliding over your tight rosebud. I can eat both chew and penetrate, rough and fast with all fingers.’

‘Oh fuck, yes! Fuck me like a whore. Give me your fingers and mouth.’

‘Fisting you deep and fast, my mouth is chewing your clit. It’s swollen and big.’

‘Oh fuck yes! Don’t stop. Force your fist into my pussy.’

‘Your thighs are trembling and lurching.’

‘And your other into my bum.’

‘Two fingers fucking your arse. Soft, beautiful arse!’

‘Give me more Sarah.’

‘Mmmm fucking fucking fucking … belly shaking … my juices dribbling into your mouth.’

‘Mmmmm yes … fuck me hard.’

‘Deep and hard, Anna.’

‘Sucking on your pussy.’

‘Twisting inside your gorgeous vagina. Biting your fleshy lips and clit. Wanting to eat you all, chewing your flesh. You taste wonderful!’

‘Oh yessssss. I’m nearly there.’

‘Your gorgeous sluttish labia, fisting deep.’

‘So wet for you, Sarah.’

‘Both passages.’

‘Hands and mouth.’

‘You’re moaning loud Anna.’

‘Go deeper.’

‘Screaming FUCK ME! FUCK ME!.’

‘OMG Sarah! Push harder. FUCK ME!’

‘Biting your swollen clit hard. Faster and rougher. Mmm ready to explode.’


‘Your juices taste wonderful Anna. Cum on me, SQUIRT on me.’

‘Yessssssssssssssssssssss I am .’

‘Fill my mouth with your cum.’

‘Covering you with my cum all over your mouth and face.’

‘All over my face and breasts. Mmmmm … you have a violent orgasm, jerking and thrashing jolting.’

‘Ohhhh yessss! Fuck … that felt good. Oh no! And again … again … again. YEEEEEEES. Cumming over you now.’

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