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A Cocksucker’s Encounter

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NOTE – This is an alpha top / beta bottom story of an actual encounter. It contains language such as “faggot,” “bitch,” etc., because when I’m role playing as a submissive, it turns me on to be referred to by such language. It perfectly defines my mindset and feelings. If you are offended by such language, don’t read the story.

So I’ve been a cocksucker and sub-bottom for nearly 15 years. I started out as just experimenting with man-2-man sex, but quickly learned I was a cocksucker, submissive to masculine, verbal, alpha men. I didn’t care what they looked like; hairy, pot-bellied, older, ugly guys were my favorite. As long as they had a functioning cock, an attitude, and the desire to use a cocksucker hard, they were my “type.” In my mid-fifties now, the ONLY thing that makes my dick stiff anymore is being a guy’s bottom bitch.

This is a short story about a recent encounter. I had replied to a guy’s post. He was married, late fifties, in a sexless marriage, looking for a dedicated cocksucker to take care of his fat, hairy dick. The picture in his profile made my mouth water. I love having my mouth stretched wide to accommodate a thick dick. Something about the after effect of having a sore jaw after swallowing a guy’s load always enhances my subsequent jerk off sessions. I mean, as a true cocksucker, I never touch my own dick while I’m focused on providing pleasure.

After a few days of back and forth, giving me plenty of time to explore just how aggressive and dominant this guy really was, I invited him to my condo to consummate our arrangement. Things in his emails that got me excited included, “I don’t suck faggot cock,” “I’m not looking for a handjob bitch,” “If I decide to fuck you, I will breed you too,” “You will swallow every last drop slut, unless I decide to give you a sticky facial,” and “When I say I need your services, you damn well better be ready to serve you kinky little whore.”

He wanted me to video the encounter on my laptop, saying he might need to review my performance before he agreed to making me his regular cocksucker. The idea of having a video of me sucking cock was too hot to say no. And since I was the one in control of the video, I wasn’t too concerned. Plus, I was able to retell this story in specific detail based on the recorded evidence.

As agreed before hand, I left my door unlocked, was naked on my knees in front of my computer, camera on, hands behind my back, and head down when he knocked. I was already shaking with anticipation and my boner was rock hard and dripping. I was so ready to suck some nice dick.

“Come in Sir,” I hoarsely said.

“Why did you invite me over?” he asked as he closed the door and locked it behind him.

“To tryout as your regular cocksucker Sir,” I replied.

“Excellent bitch,” he chuckled as he started to strip. With my head down, I could only peripherally catch glimpses of him, but I was happy to see that his fat cock was every bit as delicious looking as the pictures. He was a little overweight, covered in thick salt güvenilir bahis and pepper hair head to toe, with stocky legs built for power. “You get high marks for following instructions, hope you are an equally good cocksucker.”

All I could do was moan in response.

“I’ve got a heavy 7 day load for your hungry faggot mouth,” he said, “If you are good enough to work it out.”

My mouth was actually watering thinking of getting my lips wrapped around his thick pecker. And my dick was so stiff it hurt as he sauntered over in front of me. While I don’t ever use the “fag” word for others, something about being called a faggot just seems so appropriate when applied to me, and it gets me hot as hell.

“What do you want queer?” he asked as his heavy tool swayed back and forth just inches from my eager mouth.

“To suck your big cock Sir,” I whimpered, as I stuck my tongue out inviting him to enter my mouth.

“Beg for it slut,” he laughed as he grabbed his meaty dick and slapped my outstretched tongue and the side of my face.

“Please Sir, I need your hot cock in my horny mouth. I need to worship your dick and make it spurt hot, sticky cum. Please put it in my mouth and feed me.”

“Wow, you are one horny little cumslut, aren’t you?” he said.

“Yes Sir,” I moaned, struggling to stretch out my tongue to taste his cockhead. I was actually whimpering with desire.

“Why don’t you start by licking my hairy balls,” he commanded as he adjusted the camera on my laptop to center my face and his cock on the screen.

I started to lick and kiss his balls, intoxicated by the manly smell of his insanely hairy nuts. He’d showered fairly recently, but having his cock locked in his jeans for a few hours left his crotch musky smelling. He let the full weight of his fat sausage fall on my face and I felt the heat from his thickly veined cock, still soft but starting to show signs of life.

“That’s it bitch, make love to those balls with that faggot mouth. Can you feel my jizz starting to boil in there? Be a good cocksucker and I’ll feed you more cum than you can probably handle,” he chuckled.

I have to admit, I absolutely love thick, heavy loads that I have to swallow several times before it all drains down into my belly. This guy was pushing all my cocksucker buttons.

After a few minutes of quality time with his low hanging balls, he pushed me back. His cock was now mostly hard, somewhere just short of 7 inches, not quite throbbing yet, but his big mushroom helmet was leaking some precum.

“Go ahead cocksucker, lick up that precum, get a taste for what you’ll be enjoying later,” he said.

My tongue shot out and slurped up his juice, getting deep down into his pee slit to taste every yummy drop. I was in heaven.

“Open that mouth wide bitch and get ready to taste my whole cock. And look at me while I penetrate your sissy pie hole,” he barked.

He grabbed the back of my head roughly in his large, strong hand and starting feeding inch after inch of his prick into my güvenilir bahis siteleri mouth and down my throat. I fought back my gag reflex and relaxed my neck to allow his fat fuck stick to slide down my eager throat. Now I’m no newbie to sucking cock, but his girth was a real challenge to immediately deepthroat. Lucky for me, his cock was still not rock hard, so it flexed as he shoved it deeper until my nose was buried in his thick, wiry pubes.

He grabbed my nose between his thumb and finger, cutting off my airflow, “That’s it faggot, get used to my cock.”

When I thought I was about ready to pass out, he let go of my nose and slowly pulled his cock from my mouth. I coughed for air, my eyes watering but never stopped looking him in the face.

“Please put your big dick back in my mouth,” I begged.

“Oh yea, you’re a real cocksucker,” he groaned. “You’ll do just about anything to worship my dick, huh fag?”

“Yes Sir,” I admitted hoarsely.

With his strong hand on the back of my head, he fed his cock back into my mouth. “Lock those sissy lips around my shaft and suck like you mean it.”

He slowly fucked my face with long, deep strokes as I ran my tongue under his sensitive shaft, enjoying the feeling of his big mushroom head sliding in and out of my expanding throat. Occasionally, I tasted another drop or two of his precum as it leaked from his now throbbing shaft.

“Fuck, that feels too damn good,” he moaned after a few minutes. “Your faggot throat is better than most pussy I’ve fucked.”

I swelled with pride. A cocksucker loves to hear he is good at his chosen craft.

“But you’re gonna make me cum too soon,” he announced as he pulled his wet, slimy boner from my lips, a loud pop sounding as the suction was broken. He bent over and offered his hairy ass to my face, “Rim my hole bitch while my cock settles down,” he demanded.

Usually, I’m not big on giving rim jobs, but I definitely wasn’t going to deny this stud. I went to work on his ass like a cheap whore, and he was quickly moaning and grinding his ass against my tongue.

“You are one nasty fucking slut,” he panted. “I can’t wait to drill that hairy ass-pussy of yours.”

I wanted that too, which is not usually on my wishlist, but something about this arrogant, dominant stud made me want to be his full bottom bitch. But that is a story for another time, cause I wanted his cum on my face, in my mouth, and down my throat on that day.

I tongue fucked his backdoor for a good five minutes before he stood up and turned around, his cockhead now a deep purple and his shaft insanely hard. The veins were popping and his mushroom head was covered in salty goodness.

“Damn bitch, you’ve got one talented tongue. Never had my ass eaten so fucking good,” he exhaled. “Go ahead, lick up your sissy reward.”

Precum coated his cockhead and I eagerly slurped it up. My own dick was throbbing and leaking as I was totally getting off on being his cocksucker. I moaned uncontrollably as I tasted his delicious iddaa siteleri man sauce.

“You’re a pretty fucking good cocksucker,” he chuckled as he pushed his dick back down my throat, his hand grasped behind my head. “Nothing like getting my cock serviced by a horny faggot. You could really teach my wife a few things.”

I beamed with pride as I opened my throat wide and let him fuck my face hard and deep. My jaw was aching and my throat was raw, but I didn’t give a shit. He was hitting the g-spot in my throat and I knew if he kept up this pace I was going to blow my load without ever touching my raging boner.

Every once in a while, he’d pull his boner from my mouth and slap my face hard with his slimy tool, making my eyes water even more.

“You love this big cock don’t you faggot?”

“You’re moaning like a bitch in heat.”

“Bet you want me to breed your ass cunt don’t you slut?”

“Fuck, I’m getting close to blowing this wad.”

And finally, “Beg for my cum you hungry cocksucker.”

“Please Sir,” I moaned, “Feed me that hot, sticky cum. I need to swallow every last drop.”

“Open wide you cocksucking faggot, I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed as he shoved his full length down my throat. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, yeaaaaaaaaaaa, oh shit, goddamn, mother fucker, take my jizz you hungry bitch. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I felt his cock twitch as he exploded, shooting his load straight down my throat. Slowly, he pulled back, jet after jet of thick cream now filling my mouth.

“Take that load you filthy cocksucker,” he screamed. As cum started leaking out of the corners of my mouth, he yanked his cock free and finished with several large spurts on my bearded face, leaving me marked as his bitch.

“Turn to the camera and tell me you’re my dedicated cocksucker,” he barked, “Then swallow that mouthful of my hot cum.”

“Thank you Sir for making me your cocksucking bitch,” I gurgled. “I’ll be ready and willing anytime you need to feed me a load of your delicious jizz.” I swallowed his viscous seed and smiled with satisfaction, tasting his salty goodness, before returning my attention to his slowly deflating member to lick him clean.

“You are one demented cocksucker,” he chuckled. “Your little cock is rock fucking hard and dripping. Bet as soon as I leave here, you’re gonna give your tiny penis a couple of quick jerks and blast a huge fag load, huh?”

He knew me well. “Yes Sir,” I replied.

As he pulled up his pants he said, “E-mail me that video and I’ll be in touch.”

I have literally jerked off hundreds of times watching the video of me being his submissive cocksucker. After some editing, including blurring my face, I sent the 25 minute video to him and he posted it on the internet. While the video isn’t the highest of quality, when I come across the video on various porn sites, I smile knowing the cocksucker is me, doing what I do best.

For the next year, until I moved to a new town, I sucked his glorious cock several times a week. A few days later, he bred my hairy hole for the first time and I came like a volcano without ever touching my penis. His alpha dominance just pushed all my buttons. His load leaked out of my stretched hole the rest of the day. So happy I found my calling as a true bitch bottom.

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