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A Christmas Surprise

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Time certainly passes exceedingly faster than our perception of actual days and months. Has it in reality been almost a year since I have recounted a new adventure? These fleeting months have been a time of voluminous changes. first-hand exhilaration. and unexpected associations.

Where shall I begin?

Well, I suspect at the beginning would seemingly be the precise point.

Let me take you into my world with a simple recounting of who I am. My name is Layla. I was introduced to the mystery and pleasure of older men in the tender innocent awakening of my sexual consciousness.

If you have read my stories you’re well aware of my journey. My initial immersion into the world of passion and pleasure was by the hands of a loving man of a proportionate difference in age. To say that he shaped my yearning would perhaps be an understatement of fact. I was fashioned in the image of his longing and my own yet unfamiliar hunger and desire.

My initial experience with an older man was clearly an awakening. The fact that he was some sixty plus years my senior could have been just a mere coincidence of circumstance. Looking back, I realize he was my educator. You may wonder how I might accustom his attentions as those of a professor, teacher and tutor? Simply, he was all of these things to me and so very much more.

Much like your own experience in tasting a new delicacy, you are immediately convinced of its deliciousness. You know without hesitation the flavor is one you want to delight in over and over. Conversely, it could be an essence you would certainly be unlikely to cultivate or savor. This was not the case for me, the more I distinguished the attentions and pleasures of an older man the more of them I desired.

There is a tenderness in the mind and hands of an older man that escapes the comprehension of younger men. Perhaps it’s experience or gratitude. The man who has lived a long life learns to appreciate and relish a woman.

Just a few days ago I received a sweet e-mail from a 76-year-old reader. He told me of his pleasure in reading my tales and how his personal steadfast motto was “the woman always cums first”, quite proud of his diligence I have no doubt.

I’ve often been told, unequivocally agree, that imagination is the secret to a satisfying sexual experience. An older man has had years to cultivate this ability and I suspect has an infinite pool of fantasy to delve into and call to mind at the most applicable moments.

To tell you that I receive a myriad of charming, heartfelt words of appreciation and encouragement from countless older men is at the very least wonderfully reassuring and allows me to recount my experiences with you in the very best of my intention.

My level of confidence in what I have to share with you convinces me that I will, without a single reservation, bring you many moving moments of pleasure. It pleases me that you sense the warmth and desire that I feel and you can allow your imagination to join with my words creating deep desire that will hopefully lead to delightful fulfillment.

This is without question my most treasured time of year. I undeniably love the holidays and all the sweet moments that come with them. The promise of a jolly Santa climbing down a warm chimney fills the minds of every heart.

In the spirit of the season I offer you a story that will certainly bring a smile to your heart and absolutely peek your desire.

The northeastern corner of our country provides quite honestly the picture-perfect winter backdrop to the Christmas season.

The snow falls across the farmlands, beautiful lady winter, in all her magnificence, softly sings a lullaby carried on the wings of snowflakes.

Although her song is sweet and melodic, she sings quietly while covering the ground in a sparkling blanket of white leaving cold and ice as she moves through her dynasty.

In my little town there is a richness of older gentlemen. A shiny candy dish of sweets that are forever tempting me to indulge.

There’s a local market that’s accessible by a country bus service provided by the town. Many of the older folks no longer drive so it’s a much needed and appreciated amenity.

I’ve often wondered how these elderly gentlemen manage to trudge through the snow with arms full of necessities. I suppose after so many years of responsibility in the last pages of the stories of their lives they are often left alone and have no choice but to care for themselves.

There was a late morning snow storm that left many waiting patiently for the bus to arrive. One particular gentleman whom I’d seen many times was sitting quietly in the bus shelter, shivering noticeably. We’d stood in the checkout line many times and exchanged pleasantries so I knew his name was Martin. How could I not offer him a ride?

I pulled up to the shelter and rolled down the passenger side window.

“Good morning Martin how are you?”

I saw the familiar broad smile and was now convinced that I’d made the right decision.

“Good morning Layla, a hell of a day huh?” The questioning in his words Fatih escort was more a statement.

“How long have you been sitting here?”

“About half an hour, the 10:25 is already almost 30 minutes late. I think the snow has put everyone behind schedule today. I waited for the bus this morning almost 40 minutes before it finally showed up. I wasn’t going to come down but I needed a few things so decided to take the chance. I hope it gets here quick, I’m freezing.”

It was certainly obvious that he was cold and more than ready to get out of the weather.

“Listen Martin, why don’t you let me give you a ride home. I know you live down in Spotswood, it’s not that far and I’m headed home anyway so it’s on my way.”

The truth was I wasn’t headed home but it really wasn’t out of my way and I couldn’t in good conscience not make the offer.

“Jesus, you’re a sweet lady Layla. I sure would appreciate you riding me home and getting me out of this cold. I’ll accept on one condition; that you come on in and at least let me make you a cup of coffee and let you warm up a little before you head on out again?”

I smiled and shook my head in dissent. The last ting I wanted was a cup of coffee. I wanted to get him home and myself as well.

“Thanks Martin but I don’t drink coffee and besides I’m pretty warm here in the car. Come on, just get in and let’s be on our way, I’ll have you home in fifteen minutes.”

Watching him getting to his feet reassured me once more that leaving him there would have been a grave injustice. Martin gathered his packages and held on to the rail so he could get his feet under him. I had no idea just how old of a man he actually was, I knew he was in his seventies. I watched as he barely got to his feet bags in hand trying to get sure footing. Moving slowly, he was breathing deeply from the obvious strain it was taking to get up on his legs.

“These damn old legs aren’t what they used to be, I’ll be glad to get out of here.”

I realized he probably needed a hand to the car so I put it in park and got out. I walked around to him and grabbed his arm to give him a steady hand to hold on to. Martin wasn’t a very tall man, however, he was clearly pretty stocky. I had all I could do to hold onto him and make sure he didn’t pull us both down into the snow that was now incredibly fast accumulating.

“Hell Layla, I don’t want you to fall down!”

Martin’s footing was precarious to put it mildly. If he fell down I suspected he might be there awhile.

“Shhhhh, just hold on to me and let’s get you into the car.”

Somehow I managed to get Martin and his groceries into the car without any catastrophe occurring. Once he was settled in I walked around to the driver’s side and quickly got myself inside. We were covered in snow so I put the heater on full blast hoping it would warm him up quickly. I reached across his body and buckled the seat belt around him. I could feel his body trembling with cold.

“My God Martin, you’re shaking.”

“I told you, I’ve been out in this for almost the whole morning. I thought I’d warm up once I was in the market but sitting out here waiting for the bus I got chilled to the bone. When I get like this the only thing that helps is a hot shower. Of course the alternative is a hot woman cuddled up next to me, now that would definitely raise my body temperature.”

Martin had a knack for turning any given situation into an opening to tell me that he was a single man who didn’t enjoy the company of a woman in his life. On more than a few occasions I could sense him glaring at my breasts as if he was contemplating what he would do if he had the chance to get his hands on me. To be perfectly honest, there may have been a few moments when I wondered what he would do if he had the opportunity.

“Unfortunately, at this juncture, I couldn’t offer you a hot body since my own is frozen. Sit back and give it a few minutes, the heater is on high and you should warm up pretty quickly.”

Now that he was secure and warming up I reached for my seat belt, strapped myself in. I headed out of the parking lot to the main road. It was pretty bad, looking down the road I could barely see oncoming traffic. The snow was really coming down and admittedly it was becoming increasingly difficult to see the road.

“My God, are you going to be able to drive in this?”

“It’ll be fine, I’ll just go slowly and you’ll be home in a jiffy. I can’t believe that it’s gotten this bad in just the last fifteen minutes. You could have been sitting there forever, doesn’t look like the bus is anywhere in sight.”

We were heading east on Spotswood Road; it was the bus route. The asphalt was covered in snow and as we headed down into the valley it was clear that the bus would never make it up the hill to the shopping plaza. All I could think of now was that he would have been sitting there till next Christmas if I didn’t pick him up.

“Can you believe this weather? I should have stayed home but the weather man said it wasn’t going to get this bad until later this afternoon. The Fındıkzade escort bayan only job in the world where you can always be wrong and still get paid, what a racket.

Listen Layla, I can’t thank you enough for this but seriously, I can’t let you drop me off and see you drive in this so you’re going to have to stay at my place until it slows down, I’m not taking no for an answer.”

Whether I protested or not it was clearly futile to even suggest that I would drive in this. Luckily I didn’t have anything to do that couldn’t wait and no one to worry about me. As much as I wanted to drop him off and head home I also knew it wasn’t wise.

“Unfortunately Martin, you’re right. I don’t mean about staying at your place for a while I mean that the roads are getting really bad and I would be a fool to try and drive in this.”

I turned my head for a second and saw a smile on his old weathered face. I knew he was concerned for my well being and that was sweet. My immediate thought was just how long this was going to last. I didn’t have anyone home waiting for me but I certainly wanted to go home.

“Listen Layla, I have to warn you, I live alone and I’m not a great housekeeper, as a matter of fact I have the sink full of dishes and haven’t swept the floor in a week. The place isn’t a pigsty but it’s probably not what you’re used to. I’m apologizing now for the mess.”

I had to smile to myself. Here was an old man who had most likely lived alone for some time and he was more concerned about a sink full of dirty dishes and an UN-swept floor than the raging snow storm. Funny the things we think about most. At this point I could have cared less about dishes and wanted nothing more than to get the hell out of the car and inside off these roads.

“Martin, don’t worry about the house, I’ll just be glad to get there and off the road. As much as I don’t want to impose on you there’s no sense in even trying to drive in this. Listen, how about I do the dishes and help you clean up? It will make the time pass and hopefully by the time we’re through the snow will have let up enough and I can get home. When we get there just worry about getting inside and I’ll grab the bags and take them in. If you were to fall you might be there till spring. I don’t think I could pick you up and both of us on the ground wouldn’t be a good idea.”

“Jesus Layla, I’m sorry about this. Listen you just get us to my house and we’ll be fine. I’m quite capable to get myself inside and that’s all that matters. You can pull into the garage, it’s open and then we can go into the kitchen from there so don’t worry about the snow or falling down okay?”

I realized I might have hurt his feelings and began to regret saying anything at all. Within a few quiet minutes we were turning down his street and we were pulling into the garage just as he said we would. The house was a small Cape Cod style and I could see the years on it. The snow was fast accumulating, covering the ground and drifting from the wind. Right now all I wanted was to get inside and make sure Martin warmed up.

Once we were in the protection of the garage Martin slowly got out and closed the garage door behind us. He reached in and gathered up his packages and nodded for me to follow him into the house. I tried to help him by taking some of the bags out of his hands but he flatly refused.

“Listen little lady, I’m old and my legs aren’t what they used to be, but I can surely get this stuff in the house. You just worry about yourself and let’s get inside. The light switch is on the left.”

I opened the door, felt for the light switch and stepped inside. I was holding the door so Martin could get himself and his groceries inside and was sorry I offended him. He managed to get the whole lot inside and dropped the bags on the kitchen table, sat down and took a few deep breaths trying to gain his strength back. I looked at him and saw a very old man who was not only freezing but obviously exhausted from the entire ordeal.

“Thank God we made it. Okay I’m going to get this stuff put away, make yourself at home Layla I think you just might be here awhile from the looks of the roads.”

I was quite surprised at what I saw. The house was neatly kept, not at all what I thought, not what he had suggested. Yes, the furniture was dated, but it was warm and comfortable. Martin closed the door in the kitchen and took off his jacket. I could see his body trembling, his hands were red and raw from the cold. He took off his hat and he was completely bald save about an inch of very white hair that ringed his ears.

“Damn it’s a bitch of a storm out there”! That was an understatement to say the least.

Martin continued speaking while beginning to put away his groceries and start a pot of coffee. “I count myself pretty lucky that you decided to offer me a ride, I don’t think the bus was coming at all and I would still be sitting there if you hadn’t come along.”

“Well I’m just glad we got here. Can I give you a hand with anything?”

“No, you just sit down and relax while I get Escort Gaziosmanpaşa this put away and the coffee going.”

Looking around the room, yes, the sink was filled to the brim with dishes and there was an obvious need to sweep the floor but it wasn’t that bad at all, in fact it was kind of welcoming and as I said very warm and comfortable.

“Listen I’ll put a pot of water on and make you some tea, you drink tea right?”

“Yes, that’s just fine, I do drink tea. Tell you what, I’ll start these dishes and you fix your coffee and sit down and warm up. Maybe you can put the news on and let’s see what the weather is doing.”

Martin moved pretty slowly. I couldn’t help but look at him and see the years.

“Layla, the phone is in the living room if you need to call home and let them know you’re okay.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary, there’s no one there to call, I live alone.”

“You’re not married?’

“No, not married, no kids, no pets, just me.”

“What, you don’t like men?”

I laughed out loud. Why would he think I didn’t like men because I wasn’t married?

“I like men, I’m just not married that’s all.”

“Well you must have a man friend, is that what they call it these days, I’m not sure?”

“I think you would still refer to a man as a boyfriend or I guess a significant other but no, there’s no one presently that fits that description.”

“I don’t have a lady friend either. Haven’t touched a woman in maybe twenty or more years. Seems like when a man gets along in years the ladies aren’t that interested.”

I smiled to myself, that’s okay, more for me.

“I guess that might be true for most women.”

Martin stopped moving and turned and looked at me. I was looking down at the dishes but I could feel his eyes. I turned my head slowly and saw him there out of the corner of my eye.

“I take it you’re not most women then or am I wrong?”

“No, I’m not most women, I don’t judge a man by how many years he’s been on this earth.”

He took a deep contemplative breath and smiled. Confidently, he again spoke in a firm voice.

“There might be snow on the roof but there’s always a fire in the furnace. It’s something like that I think, I can’t remember exactly, but I’m sure you get the idea.”

I had to chuckle to myself. Martin just told me that although he may be along in years his motor still fired on all cylinders.

“Yes, I completely understand what you’re saying.”

“Don’t you date?”

This was a conversation I didn’t want to have. Just let me do the dishes, help you clean up and hopefully the snow will let up enough for me to leave.

“No I really don’t date much. I have a very settled life, no complications and no interference.”

“And you did say you like men, I mean you aren’t opposed to dating if someone asked you?”

“No I’m not opposed to going out with a man and yes I’ve been asked but no one who fits the bill.”

Martin had his coffee and was now sitting at the table drinking it. I already knew what the next question would be.

“What do you mean fits the bill, you have a certain type you like?”

Clearly he wasn’t going to go away quietly.

“To be honest I like older men, always have.”

“How old is older?”

“I enjoy the company of men who are much older than myself.”

“Well, how old are you if you don’t mind me asking? I figure you about 40 something, a great looking forty something I might add.”

“Let’s just say I’m old enough to know what I want and young enough to enjoy it.”

“Okay, we’ve established that you like men, older men, and I’m going out on a limb here but I’m thinking you also enjoy the physical part of a relationship?”

He wanted to ask me if I liked sex but being an older gentleman he was taking his manners in hand and being very careful.

“Are you asking me if I enjoy sex?”

“Yes I guess am. If I’m talking out of line forgive me. I don’t get a chance to talk to a lady often and to be honest I wondered why you don’t have a man.”

“I don’t have a man in my life because I don’t settle. I know what I like, who I like. I’m more than willing to wait till he comes along, or for that matter, doesn’t.” Suddenly I was enjoying this inquisition.

“Hey, I completely get it. I haven’t been with a woman for a whole lotta years. Now, it’s not that I don’t think about it. I guess I just haven’t had the opportunity and maybe if I did I’d act on it.”

“There are quite a few single ladies here, why haven’t you asked one of them for dinner? You have a charming home Martin, and I know you can cook, I’ve taken notice of your shopping basket also.”

I watched his face and knew he was thinking just how much he wanted to share.

“Alright then, you asked so I’ll tell. The truth is that I did ask a lady for a date a few years back. I was still driving so I picked her up and we went to a real nice place for dinner. I thought we were getting along just fine. I brought her back to her house and tried to give her a little kiss and Jesus you would have thought I was trying to get her panties off. She said she wasn’t interested in that sort of thing at her age. After that I figured that pretty much it would be the same thing with any other woman so I stopped thinking about it. Okay, I didn’t exactly stop thinking about but I took matters into my own hands if you understand what I’m saying.”

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