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A Cherry in Las Vegas

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Eric is spending a weekend in Las Vegas.

He checks in at his favorite casino.

He gets dressed and goes down for some lunch. He doesn’t see any hot babes around, so he walks into the casino. His eyes roam over the Black Jack tables. Nothing there either.

He takes a seat at the table and buys in $2000.

A half hour later a very small Chinese girl sits next to him at the table. He looks her over. Small, just under five feet tall. A or B cups. Slender waist. Nice ass that just fits her overall size. She is wearing a UNLV t shirt. A nice looking package.

He smiles at her and she returns his smile. She buys in $500. She wins five hands in a row. Eric congratulates her.

He introduces himself.

“Hey lucky girl. My name is Eric.”

“Hello Eric, My name is Hawn. Nice to meet you.

“I see by your t shirt that you go to UNLV.”

“Yes. I’m a sophomore, my second year.”

“What are you studying?”

“Business management and marketing.”

Eric laughs.

“That was my major too.”

“Where did you go to school?”

“Harvard Business School”

“Wow. Did you get a BA?”

“I went for my Masters.”

She is impressed.

“So, how are your studies going? Are you having any trouble.?”

“The second year is a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

“Maybe I could help you with it. We could meet somewhere. You could pick the place. I could be your unofficial tutor.”

“That’s nice of you to offer. I could probably use some help. It’s important that I do well. My father wants me to join the family business.”

“Is your fathers business here in Nevada?”

“No, it’s in China. He sent me here to study.”

“Let me put my number in your phone. If you need my help, just call me. I’m more than glad to help you out.”

“What is your business?”

“I’m a business and marketing consultant. I help people with their start up ventures.”

Eric says, “It’s nice meeting you, Hawn. I have an appointment in one hour.”

She touches his arm.

“Thanks for the offer Eric. I’m sure I could use some help. Be expecting my call.”

He gives her his best smile and walks away.

Two days later she calls.


“Yes, this is Eric.”

“Hi Hawn. Nice to hear your voice.”

“Yes, the offer still stands. I would love to help you.”

“I’ll be there in thirty minutes. I’ll pull a campus map up and find you.”

He finds her sitting in the library. She has her books scattered on the table. He pulls a chair up beside her.

He helps her for the next hour, explaining everything to her.

“How about I buy you lunch. You pick the place.”

“Oh yes. I’m starving.”

He follows her to a small coffee shop.

He meets her at her car and takes her by the hand and leads her inside. She feels very feminine being led by her wrist. Her nipples perk up and her pussy muscles tighten.

They find a booth in the back and order lunch.

He offers her food from his plate. She takes it. She likes it when he feeds her. Her nipples get hard again and her pussy get a little wet.

He looks into her eyes and she smiles at him.

“You’re very beautiful. I could look at you all day.”

She blushes and drops her eyes. Her pussy tingles. She feels very small next to this huge man. She puts her hand on his arm.

“Thank you Eric. That’s a nice thing to say.”

He decides not to press it today. There is plenty of time.

“Would you like to meet at the library tomorrow. There are some other things I would like to go over with you.”

“Yes, I was going to ask you. You beat me to it.”

“Same time or would another time be better.?”

“Let’s make it for 4pm. Does that work for you?”

“Perfect. I will postpone an appointment I have. I would rather help a beautiful lady instead.”

She blushes again.

He pays the tab and takes her by the hand and they go to her car. He leans down and kisses her on the cheek.

“See you tomorrow.”

She has a strong reaction to his kiss. Her pussy juice soaks her panties and her nipples swell to twice their size. She wiggles her ass around as she drives home.

Eric has seen her reactions to him. He decides to let her make the first move. He is looking forward to fucking this little beauty. She will look good with his nine inches buried in her tight pussy. He will make her beg and beg for his cum.

The meet the next day.

“Hi Hawn. You’re looking very pretty today.”

She blushes.

“Thank you Eric. You’re looking handsome yourself.”

“Thanks. You ready to get to work?”

He helps her for a couple of hours.

“You make it sound so easy. You explain it better than my professor.”

They chat for a while. She feels completely at ease with him.

“I want to repay you for all your help. I would like to prepare a traditional Chinese dinner for you tonight.”

“I can’t turn down an offer like that. A Chinese dinner with a beautiful lady. You’re on.”

He follows her home.

She let’s ankara eve gelen escort him in and he reaches around her waist and picks her up and kisses her on the mouth. She grabs him around the neck. Her feet are off the floor. She returns his kiss. He lets her down.

“Oh my, that surprised me.”

“I couldn’t resist. You are so kissable.”

She blushes bright red. They go in the kitchen. She starts getting stuff ready.

“I’ll be right back.”

She goes into her bedroom. A few minutes later she comes out. She is wearing a t shirt that just covers her small breast, and a pair of loose shorts..He sees her nipples and pubic hair through them.

“I like your outfit. It’s really nice.”

“I’m glad you like it. I like to be comfortable at home.”

He sits at the kitchen table and she opens a bottle of Chinese wine and pours two glasses. She moves around and he watches her closely. She is small and hot.

She set dinner out and they enjoy her efforts.

“That was wonderful. I’ve never had a traditional meal like this. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. It’s nice to cook for someone. Especially someone who appreciates it.”

She clears the table and Eric tops off their wine glasses and takes her by the hand and leads her to the living room.

He sits and pulls her down next to him. She looks up and smiles at him. He kisses her on the forehead. She snuggles up next to him and curls her legs up, her knees on his thigh. He puts one arm around her shoulders and one on her thigh. She shivers a little and her nipples show through her shirt.

They sip their wine and she feels a little buzz. She lays her head on his chest and sighs. He puts his hand on her cheek and holds her. She gives a little moan. He gently lifts her face and kisses her lips. She moans again and he licks her lips. She opens her mouth and he searches for her tongue. He leans back an looks into her eyes.

“You lips are so soft and sweet.”

He kisses her again and she groans and gives him her tongue. She his breathing hard as she responds to their kiss. He reaches up and circles her nipple through her shirt. She pushes her breast to him. He tweaks it and she cries out. Her pussy is getting her shorts wet. He reaches under her shirt and cups her small breast.. She pushes to him. He rolls her nipple between his finger and thumb. He hips twitch as an electric pulse hits her pussy. Her pussy juice is getting on his leg. She looks up into his eyes. He can see the passion there.

“Eric. I’ve never done this before. I want you to make me into a woman. Please be gentle with me.”

She rises and sits astride his lap and hugs her breasts against him. He holds her and kisses her face and neck. She moans, responding to his kisses.

“Just show me your love. I’ll try not to hurt you. It may hurt a little at first, but that’s normal. Just trust me.”

“I do Eric. I do. You are so gentle with me. I love how you hold me in your big strong arms.”

He slowly lifts her t shirt over head. She lifts her arms to help. He kisses her neck and twirls her nipples. She leans her head back and moans. He lifts her and takes a nipple in his mouth. He sucks it and it grows for him. He sucks the other one up while he twirls the other. Her pussy is dripping and she is breathing hard.

“Stand up and take you shorts off for me. I want to see all of your beauty. Can you do that for me.”

In a little voice she says, “Yes. I can do that. No man has ever seen me naked, but I want to be naked for you. I know how much you like it. I want to please you.”

She slowly pulls her shorts down. He pulls her to him by her ass cheeks. He parts her natural bush and slips his tongue to her lips. She squeal and humps to his face. He stands and sits her on the sofa. He pulls her ass out to the edge of the cushion. He kneels between her legs and licks up her crack. She jerks and spreads her legs for him. He licks as he watches her lips fill with blood and open for him. He licks her clit and it pops out from under it’s hood. She squeals as he sucks on it. He slowly brings her to an orgasm. She grabs his head and cries out.

“Eric, Eric. What did you do to me. That was wonderful. I’ve never felt like that.”

“That was an orgasm, baby. It’s part of becoming a woman. You will have many more of those tonight.”

“Oh god. I hope so. That was amazing.”

He takes her in his arms and carries her to the bedroom. He lays beside her and takes her in his arms. He kisses her lips and she grabs him around the neck and holds on. Their tongues find each other. He sticks his finger in her pussy and feels her hymen.

“I need to break through this, baby. It will hurt a little for a minute. Just relax and trust me.”

He pushes his big finger in and pokes through it. She cries out and he holds her close.

“It’s over now, baby. No more pain.”

“That wasn’t as bad as I though it would be. Those books were all wrong. Thanks you for being gentle with me.”

He drops between her legs again and licks her. She gaziosmanpaşa escort responds with a little moan. He tastes her blood. He licks it away and brings her passion up again. He legs wrap around his shoulders and she humps up to his face. He makes her cum and cry out four more times. She forgets about the slight pain he caused.

He rolls over and puts her on top. He holds her pussy against his cock. She squeaks as it touches her. He slowly lets her down on it. It pushes her lips apart as the head slowly slides in. It Pops in and she cries out.

“Oh oh oh It’s so big. It’s stretching me out.”

He pushes a little more in and she moans.

“Just relax you muscles and let it slide in.”

He feels her relax and gives her more. Her pussy muscles squeeze on his cock. He groans. She is so tight he almost cums. He pulls her up and down, getting her used to it. She is moaning and groaning.

“Oh Eric. That feels so good. It’s doesn’t hurt like the book said. I want all of you in me.”

He slowly gives her more and more. Finally, after ten minutes, it’s almost all the way in. He thrusts the last inch in and hits her cervix. She screams and cums on his cock. Her pussy juice runs down on his cock and balls. Her pussy muscles milk his cock. She falls on his chest and hugs him.

“Eric, I had another orgasm. You made me do it. I love when you do that to me.”

He starts gently stroking in and out of her pussy. She meets his thrusts with her own. She pushes down and his cock hits her cervix and she cums again. She is learning fast.

“That’s it baby. Push down and you can make it happen.”

She decides to see how many times she can do it. He helps her and she cums and cums. She is way past thinking about getting pregnant. She is going for it. He feels his cum getting ready. He speeds up and she cums faster and faster. Her screams get louder and louder. He gives one final thrust and cums all over her cervix. She screams and cums with him. She falls on his chest.

After a few minutes she is able to talk.

“I’m a woman now. I feel so wonderful. Thanks you Eric, for making me into a woman. I feel complete now. You are such a strong and gentle lover.”

“I’m your love tutor too, baby. Not just your studies.”

“I hope you will tutor me more. I want more and more. Please tell me you will.”

“I promise baby. I want you more too. You are a sweet lover for me.”

“I don’t care that you put your sperm in me. I still want you more and more.”

She looks at the clock.

“Wow. We did it for two hours. I lost track of all time.”

“I did too baby. You made me forget everything except how good you make me feel.”

“Will you stay with me tonight. I want you here with me all night. I’ll make breakfast for you. I don’t have any classes tomorrow. You can stay all day.”

“On one condition. We stay naked all the time. Then I can see your beauty all day long.”

“That means I get to look at your big strong muscles all day too. It’s a deal.”

She rolls off him and he takes her in his arms and pulls her close. She purrs and burrows in.

“I feel so good in your arms, Eric. You make me feel special and loved.”

‘You are baby. Stay close to me all night.”

The hug and kiss and finally fall asleep.

He wakes alone in the bed the next morning. He gets up and finds her standing in front of the bathroom mirror. He hugs her and holds her breasts. She holds his hands to her.

“I look different today. I feel different too. I think it’s because I’m a woman now. What do you think?

“Let me look.”

He holds her hands above her head.

“I see a beautiful face. I see love in your eyes. I see two beautiful breasts. I see a flat stomach. I see some pussy hair. I see two beautiful legs. It looks like everything is there.”

“You silly. I think I’m different. I see a woman now.”

“I see it too. You are a beautiful woman now.”

He tickles her and she squeals.

“Let’s shower. I want to wash your woman parts.”

“Good. Then I can wash your man parts.”

They hop in the shower and wash each others parts. He grabs her by her ass cheeks and lifts her just above his cock. He slowly lets her fall on it. The head slowly slides into her pussy. She moans and she slides down on it. He hangs on with her arms around his neck and presses her breasts against him. He pulls her up and down and flexes his cock. She squeals and cums. He moves her up and down, flexing every few minutes. He makes her cum and cum. He pulls her all the way down and unloads more cum on her cervix. She cries out and cums with him. Her head falls back as she rides out her orgasm. He helps her out of the shower and dries her off. His cum is running down her legs. She leans against the wall to keep from falling.

“Oh Eric, you make me have so many orgasms. I love when you are in me. I would never say no to you. You make me feel too good. Your sperm is so hot in me. I have an orgasm every time you put it in me. I want more and more.”

He ankara grup escort takes her in his arms and carries her to the kitchen.

“Where is that breakfast you promised me?”

“The coffee is ready. I made it when I got up. Your food will be ready in a few minutes.”

He fondles her ass as she cooks. She giggles and tries to concentrate. He reaches up and pinches her nipples and she drops her spatula.

“I’m helping you cook, baby.”

“You’re helping me stay wet for you. It’s hard to cook when you help.”

“While you’re cooking you need to learn sexy words. Sperm is called cum. When you have an orgasm, you are cumming. My penis is a cock. Your vagina is a pussy. When I am in you we are fucking. The fluid from your pussy is called pussy juice. When my cock is big it’s called a hard on. Got it?”

“Yes. I knew some of it. I’ve heard other girls talking about sex. My educations is almost complete.”

“Just make one plate for both of us. I want you to sit on my lap and I’ll feed you.”

“That sounds like fun. I can play with your cock while I eat.”

“I may cum on you if you do that.”

“I know. I think I can make you do that. That’s called a hand job, right?”

“Right. You also need to learn what a blow job is.”

“”I know what that is. Some girls told me. I would do that for you.”

“Did they tell you about swallowing it?”

“One girl said she did. The others said the didn’t. I would swallow for you. I like pleasing you. I hope it tastes good.”

She sets a plate of food down and climbs on his lap. He picks her up and sits her astride him. His cock is against her stomach. She grabs it with both hands and open her mouth. He gives her a bit of egg. Some yolk dribbles on her nipple. He licks it off.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you? You wanted to lick my nipple.”

“Do you want some more egg on your nipple?

“Put some on your cock. I’ll lick it off.”

She is doing a two handed hand job on him as he feeds her. He feeds her slowly, waiting for his cum to rise.

“Go faster baby. I’ll make a mess on you.”

She gets off his lap and puts her mouth on his cock and strokes him faster. He feels it coming.

“Here it comes baby. Get ready.”

“I’m ready. Give it to me. I want to swallow it.”

She puts her lips around the head and waits for it.

He spurts a load in her mouth. She catches most of it and swallows. He spurts again and she catches all of it and swallows it. She takes all the rest and swallows it all. She licks off what ran down on her hand and scoops up some that got on his leg.

“Oh goody. That tastes good. I want more and more. You can cum in my mouth anytime you want. It’s better than egg yolk.”

She gets back on his lap and they finish breakfast. He lifts her by her ass cheeks and settles her on his cock. She cries out as it slides in her. She squeezes it with her pussy. He moans and lifts her up and down. He drops her and his cock hits her cervix and she screams out as she cums. He makes her cum eight more times and then he cums in her. They both cry out in ecstasy. He hugs her to his chest. She kisses him on his face and neck.

“You make me feel so good, Eric. I just can’t get enough of you.”

“You are so beautiful when you cum on me. I love watching you cum.”

Stay on me. I want my cock in you for a while. Your pussy feels so good around my cock. She lays her head on his chest and gives him little kisses on his neck.

“Eric. My pussy is getting tender. I think we should just do oral stuff for a while. I wish we could do everything, but I need to rest my pussy. I still want to cum with you. You are so big it will take a while for me to get used to it.”

“That’s fine baby. I don’t want you to be in pain. Your pussy gets the day off. All you have to do is look beautiful for me.

He walks into the living room. She follows holding his cock in one hand and is feeling of his ass with the other. She wants to be touching him all the time. He sits on the sofa. She sits astride his lap, still holding his cock. She holds it against her stomach. She can feel his heart beat as it throbs against her.

“I love your cock Eric. I want to hold it all the time.”

She lays against his chest, pressing her breasts against him. She snuggles her face under his chin and gives him little kisses on his neck.

“My big strong handsome lover.”

Over the next two days, they enjoy each others bodies and minds.

Monday morning ,Hawn gets ready for school.

“Eric. This has been the most wonderful weekend of my life. You made me into a woman. You made me cum so many times I can’t count. You are a wonderful lover and I want to see you again. I want more of your cum in me.”

“Oh course. I want to see you again too. Let your pussy get better and we can fuck some more. I’ll give you all the cum you want.”

I have some appointments today and you have school. When you’re ready for more loving or for help with your school work, just call me. I’ll be there for you.

A few days later, she calls Eric.


“HI baby.”

“Tonight. Of course.”

“Six is fine.”

“Bye baby.”

He shows at her house right on time. She greets him as the door naked. She jumps into his arms and wraps her legs around him. She pulls his face down and kisses him. They kiss and suck on each others lips and tongues.

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