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A Chance Encounter: Part 1

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This is my first story. Feedback would be awesome! I want each story I write to be better than the last, and particularly fap-worthy your feedback and comments will help me with that. Thanks in advance!

A Chance Encounter: Part 1

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” Katie had just finished a long day at the office working on several high profile client accounts. All she wanted was to go home and make a nice quiet meal with a good strong drink for herself before she had to hit the sac to rest for what would inevitably be an even more stressful day tomorrow. Now this. Her car shook and rattled violently, there was some sort of white steam billowing out from under the hood and of course her cell phone was sitting dead in the front seat of her car. She pulled to the side of the road and let out a guttural scream “FUCK MY ASS!!” Her hand slapped against the rim of the steering wheel, but slipped and she accidentally laid into the car horn. “Great,” she thought “now every weirdo within twenty miles knows I’m here.”

Katie laid her head down on her hands which still rested on the steering wheel. She took a moment to compose herself. She wasn’t scared, or helpless by any means; in fact she knew exactly what she had to do she was just so irritated with the whole situation that she felt like throwing a fit to herself for a moment before she got her shit together and took care of the problem. A few deep breaths later and she was ready to deal with the situation.

Katie popped the hood and stepped out of the car. Katie didn’t know too much about cars, but she figured it wouldn’t hurt to look under the hood and see if it was going to be a quick thing she could take care of, or if she needed to walk back the the gas station a few miles back. She didn’t see anything obviously wrong with the car, no loose hoses or plugs or anything, so maybe this was just the universes way of making amends for her shitty day. As she peered into the engine compartment of her car she saw the lights of a car rise up over a hill. Nope, the car speed past her. “Awesome.” Then she heard the unmistakable sound of tires slowing to a halt on the gravely roadside. Apparently there had been two cars coming over the hill and she just hadn’t seen the second car over her hood.

Jake had worked a long day, but overall it wasn’t bad. Most of his students turned in their term papers which sat in the back seat, and he had graded a good portion of them before heading home. Why not grade them in his office, there was no one to go home to no one relying on him, plus the internet speed of the University was better than his at home, so his porn didn’t lag out in the middle. Overall he had a pleasant evening. As he drove home he listened to the radio. Some show no one cares about, but at least the music was decent. Even though he had let off some steam in his office earlier he was still randy. It had been a long time since he had really enjoyed himself. The floozies at the bars were good for a quickie or sometimes a one night stand, but he hadn’t found a good pet since Naomi had moved. Nothing compares to the thrill of bending a strong woman to his will, having her completely submit to him willingly. That control, that power was intoxicating and tonight he longed for it.

As his car rose up over the hill the car in front of him slowed. “What the fuck buddy?” It was then, as his car passed over the top of the hill, that he saw the car smoking on the side of the road with a popped hood and a light on in the cabin. The car in front of him speed up again, apparently this person wasn’t worth their time. “Asshole” he thought. Jake wasn’t especially handy or good with cars, but his car worked so he figured at the very least he could help this guy with a ride to the gas station he had just passed, Karma and all that nonsense. He slowed down, and pulled to the side of the road his tires grinding in the gravely roadside where he came to a stop just behind the broken down car.

Jake opened his car door and stepped out onto the highway. He walked confidently over the broken car “Hey buddy need a hand?” It was then that he caught a glimpse of her. She was tall, about 5”8, athletic. Her magnificent tits hung perfectly firm from her chest as she bent over her engine, cleavage peeking out from the top of her blouse and her quarter-sleeve tattoo peered out from under her left sleeve. “She must like pain.” He thought to himself. Clearly she was a businesswoman. Her blouse was tucked neatly into her dark, knee length pencil skirt she exuded confidence london escort agency and professionalism, accept for her shoes and her hair. She was wearing neon green running shoes, no socks, and her long, wavy dark hair fell loosely around her face and traced that perfect cleavage. The woman looked at him from her position bent over the engine, slowly stood up and closed the hood. Her sharp blue eyes cut into him as she brushed her hands off on her skirt and answered him with a confident, playful little smile “Buddy?”

Katie looked at the man who had pulled over to offer help to a stranger. She was instantly attracted to him, not just because of his kind action but because he was hot, really fucking sexy. He was about six inches taller than her, well built with broad shoulders and a full chest. Not at all like those awkward tall guys she works with; the ones with lanky little arms and almost concave bodies. No, this was a man. A fully developed, muscular, tan man easily eight years older than her. She felt a singe of excitement surge through her body, moistening her slit. She stepped closer to the stranger, put her hand on the hood of her car, carefully positioning her arm to make her blouse gape open further, hoping to excite him. Standing closer to him his face became more distinguished and she could see his vibrant green eyes looking her over; his strong jaw flexed as he did so, controlling the intense desire to be completely socially inappropriate.

“Holy god, she’s fine.” Jake thought as the woman before him addressed him. “Sorry mam, I thought you were….well I didn’t think I was addressing such a beautiful woman.” Shit, that was so cheesy, he almost doubted himself all of a sudden. This stunning, confident woman was making him lose his wits. He never lost his wits, not since Naomi. He felt his substantial cock throb in his jeans.

“Hi, I’m Jake by the way. Is there anything I can do to help? ” he asked with a smile, mustering the gentle confidence he wanted to show her.

She smiled even brighter, “I’m Katie, and yes I could really use a lift to the gas station up the road.”

“Sure thing beautiful.”

Katie grabbed her purse and dead cell phone from the front seat of her car and slid into the passenger side of Jake’s Mazda. As they drove back to the gas station they exchanged pleasantries. Katie told Jake about her job as a marketing executive in the city, and Jake told her about his job as professor of medieval warfare at the university. She told him about the craziness of the day and how all she wanted to do was relax for a bit, he told her about the god awful writing some of his students submitted and even quoted a couple of notably bad phrases students used. By the time they had reached the gas station Katie’s stress had melted away. She was laughing and enjoying Jakes company. Not only had he lent a much appreciated hand in the middle of the night, but he had also solved her stress problem. As Jake pulled into the gas station, Katie put a hand on his thigh “I will only be a minuet, do you think you could wait with me until the tow-truck gets here?”

“Absolutely darling” he grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him, planting a kiss on her soft, natural lips then releasing her hand. She sat up, surprised and simultaneously excited. There was nothing sexier to her than a man who knew what he wanted and took it, without apology.

“Be right back.”

Moments later Katie returned. “Apparently the tow-truck cannot get her until tomorrow.”

Before she had time to get upset Jake interjected “Looks like I will just have to give you a ride home then.”

Katie smiled, “Looks like.” She directed him towards her house, and as he pulled onto the road she placed her hand in his lap and started idly rubbing his jeans between his legs. She did not look at him however, and continued to carry on their conversation. Jakes cock throbbed against her hand and it quickly became clear to him that he was not going directly to her house, but was going to pull off the road at the next exit, find a mostly empty parking lot and have his way with her. Katie could sense it too.

She unbuttoned her shirt and un-tucked it, tossing it on the stack of term papers in the back seat. With the shirt gone her quarter-sleeve was clearly visible as well as three other tattoos Jake hadn’t seen before. The quarter-sleeve was vibrant and colorful and depicted a giant orange octopus taking a steampunk airship down into the turbulent ocean; the first of the hidden tatts was located escort london in between her shoulder blades it was three simple mountains with a row of dark green pines below it, but they seemed to be streaking down her back to just above her bra line. There was a line of script in what could have been Latin written horizontally from her right collarbone to the joint where her arm met her body, and the third art-piece was just barely peeking out from below the rim of her skirt and streaked with vibrant colors up her rib cage. Jake couldn’t quite tell what the third tattoo was of, but he yearned to find out and the revelation of three additional tattoos confirmed his earlier suspicion that this woman liked pain. They reached the next exit and pulled into the parking lot of some strip mall. A few cars were scattered through the respectably lit lot, but that wasn’t going to stop them. Jakes erection pressed tightly against his jeans, uncomfortably so. He moved the seat back as far as it would go and looked over at Katie. She had unbuckled, and leaned her seat back as well. Her fingers worked nimbly at her zipper and she slipped her skirt down over her ankles. She pushed her shoes off and turned to Jake. His earlier observation of her being athletic was correct. Her body was perfectly sculpted. Stomach flat and firm, hips curved out from her tiny waist and her black thong covered her smooth mound but left her tight round ass available for his viewing pleasure. The final tattoo was clearly visible now. It was a masterpiece. There, stretching from the front of her right hip and wrapping clear up and around to her ribcage finishing just below her bra line, was a battle scene. A wispy looking blue dragon spit out a breath of fire that transformed into a fearsome orange and red phoenix which turned around attacking the dragon its maker. Jake could not contain himself; he reached over and grabbed her by the sides, pulling her across the center panel of the car onto his lap. He pressed against her, and wrapping his arms around her back, skillfully unhooking her bra. He slid each strap off her shoulders respectively and finally let loose those perfect tits he had been staring at for over an hour now. Her nipples stiffened and he could see them twitching. She ran her hands through his hair, and he leaned in to suck and nibble at those magnificent nipples. She ground her dripping wet cunt against his erection, and moved her hands down to set it free from the constraints of his jeans. He pulled her thong down to her ankles and off, tossing it out of the way. She was now totally nude, straddling him sliding his rock hard cock through her cuntlips, moistening it and rubbing the tip against her clit.

He ran his hands down her back lightly scratching and pulling her hips down into him kissing her neck, and nibbling at her ear. She threw her head back and let out a moan. Jake decided to test her malleability, he needed to know if she would submit to him, needed to see if she could be his next pet. He slapped her ass. Hard. She let out a quick little scream and ground harder against his erection. He reached his hand up to her hair, twisted his fingers around those soft locks and pulled her head back firmly.

Katie moaned. The control that Jake was taking made her body ache for more, and the pain made her skin tingle with pleasure. She decided then and there that whatever he wanted to do to her, she would let him do. She reached down and lifted his erection and pressed to the opening of her inner lips. Slowly lowering herself onto him she could not help but to gasp. His cock was hard and thick and she could feel the blood pulsing through each of his veins, fighting against her tight walls which squeezed around him.

His breath quickened. Katie felt so fucking good bouncing her perfect body on his cock, but his movement was restricted, and he wanted so badly to ravage her. He pushed her back, and lifted her tight ass up off of him. Opening the car door he instructed her with a smile “Get out.”

Katie felt a jolt of regret rush through her, but she complied. Was he going to leave here, naked stranded in this parking lot? No, he was a nice guy who had helped her out of a bad spot, brightened her night, and was clearly enjoying their coitus. But why on earth would he want her out of the car? He swung his legs out of the car and told her to kneel on the asphalt. Little stones dug into her kneecaps as she complied, sharp little rocks cut into her knees and she could feel drops of warm blood drip out over them. She wanted to be more comfortable, london escorts but the thrill of being completely exposed in the parking lot of a strip mall and the pain of the rocks digging deeply into her flesh was intoxicating. She looked up from her kneeling position into the face of the stranger who had delivered her from misery and was now taking his reward and waited for his command.

“Suck it.”

His words were all she needed to eagerly lap at his cock, licking her juices from his shaft and around his rim. She tightly squeezed her lips around his veiny cock and twisted her tongue in spirals around his pole as she plunged it deep into her throat. As she reached his base she slipped her tongue out from her mouth and traced his sac, massaging each testicle in passing and retracting it back into her mouth. As she pulled her head back she looked up at Jake’s face hoping to catch a glimpse of his enjoyment, but it was unmoved. She worked harder, sucking and twisting pushing her tongue against his tip then using it to flick his frenulum. Jake remained, with much effort, unmoved.

“You like that, don’t you my little slut?”

Katie moaned “Yes.”

“Are you ready to accept me with those delicious cuntlips of yours?”

“Ummphuhh” Katie mumbled quietly through a mouth full of cock.

“Answer me slut!”

“Oh yes Professor!!” She gasped out lustfully.

With one smooth motion he pulled his cock from her mouth, slapped it across her face firmly, rose from his seat, picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder as easily as he would a bag of sand. He carried her over to the hood of his car flipped her over and slammed her down onto the hood of his car. Her nipples hardened the instant they touched the cold metal of the hood of his car and her legs shook with anticipation. With his right hand he held her head to the car and with his left he spread her legs apart. He rubbed her slit with his still hard cock and unforgivingly rammed it into her cunt. Again and again he pounded her as she writhed in pain and ecstasy, slamming his body into her. He grabbed her hair with his right hand and pulled her head towards him. Her chest rose a little with the force of his pull.

“Keep those tits on the car slut.”

“Yes Professor.” she answered and arched her back so as to press her breasts firmly against the hood. As Jake plowed her she struggled to keep her breasts on the hood, finally she could not sustain the pose any longer and she allowed herself to raise up just slightly.

“I told you to keep those on the car. You disobeyed me.” Jake pulled out from her dripping cunt and took a step back.

“NO! NO! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Please keep going.”

Jake smiled. He had done it. Bent this stunningly beautiful, confident woman to his desires and he had her literally begging for more. He decided that a fitting punishment would be to fuck her ass with the same vigor as he had before. Without warning he thrust his cock into her tight little hole. She let out a scream of agony, but quickly cupped her hand over her mouth to stifle the noise. Jake thrust forcefully, unrelentingly, pulling her into him with both hands on her hips. She was groaning and moaning with each impact, but her juices betrayed her. They ran down her thighs like flooding rivers. Spilling out over his jeans, and coating her legs. He was building so quickly, enjoying the thrill of power and the intense pleasure of Katies ass. He pulled out, flipped her over to her back and pushed her back down on her knees. There in front of him knelt a gorgeous woman, dripping juices down her legs, nipples sharp as pins, submitting herself to his desires and looking up at him and smiling. It was too much. Jake threw his head back and unleashed all his pent up longing. Wave after wave of thick, hot cum shot from his cock and coated her waiting face. It dripped into her eyes, down her chin coating her mouth and finally dripping down to her ripe breasts.

“Leave it there beautiful.” he said gently as he helped her up from her knees and back into the car. He started up the car and drove to her apartment. Katie started to reach for her clothes but Jake gently placed a hand on her arm “No.”

She sat back in the car and complied. As he pulled into her parking complex she turned to him and asked “Can we do this again?” she reached into her purse and pulled out her business card. Jake opened the door kindly and took Katie by the hand aiding her chivalrously from the car. He pulled her still naked body, clutching her belongings, close to him and whispered in her ear “I will call you, and when I do you will drop everything and come to me.” With that he kissed her at the nape of her forehead, released her, and drove away.

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