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A Bitter Rivalry

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I was recording a prearranged catfight between my mom and girlfriend Gina so there was a record not to mention bragging rights for the winner. Gina is nineteen with light brown hair to her mid-back; she’s 5’4″ with a B cup and wears a yellow bra with matching thong. Mom is 5’6″ with dark hair just past her ears, she’s wearing a black bra and leopard print panties.

When I tell them go, both women grab for each other’s hair; they’re fighting in a motel room I paid for so it’s neutral ground. My mom has twenty years and about twenty pounds on my girlfriend but her D cup breasts make for an easy target. As soon as mom gets Gina into a side headlock by her hair, my girl grabs onto mom’s boob; digging her nails into it over the bra. Mom cried out in pain but tried to pay back Gina by yanking her thong up in a nasty looking wedgie while keeping her bent over with a handful of hair.

Gina is not deterred and I can see her nails go from clawing my mom’s breasts to digging between her legs; going for her pussy. They’re both grunting but mom’s eyes go wide when Gina gets inside mom’s panties. She abandons her wedgie to slap at the side of Gina’s face; the blows echoing in the cheap motel room like gunshots. When Gina brings her hand up from her opponent’s crotch to guard her own face, mom switches to a front facelock, trying to choke my girlfriend, while resuming her wedgie attack. She grabbed a handful of Ginia’s yellow thong and was sawing it up the crack of her ample ass, saying, “What’s wrong, hun? You can dish it out but you can’t take it?”

Gina’s squeals of pain were garbled as mom dug her arm into my girlfriend’s windpipe but she countered with a double-fisted wedgie of her own; yanking mom’s leopard panties up so hard it made the old broad stand on her tip toes. They had been fighting near the door of the room and they sort of danced around in this mutual tug of war until mom backed up and they toppled onto the bed. With Gina landing on top she had the high ground and although mom tried to hold her position by trying to keep a firm grasp of my girlfriend’s hair, Gina was able to mount my mother’s chest.

As she did though Gina screamed out as now mom was digging both hands into my girlfriend’s smaller breasts. Gina rolled off, hissing as she clutched her boobs while mom used a handful of hair to keep my girl in place as she spun around on the cheap orange comforter and captured Gina from behind in a body scissors. Using her advantage, she unclasped Gina’s bra before my girlfriend was able to break the scissors by shooting an elbow behind into mom’s ribs. Mom though swung a wild slap across Gina’s face that must’ve rung her bell because she fell back on the https://www.escorthun.com bed, clutching her face-unaware or uncaring that her bra now dangled off her arms-as mom pulled my girlfriend onto her back.

Now it was my mom on top and quickly planted her breasts over Gina’s face; keeping her pinned to the bed with a handful of hair. Her legs kicked the mattress as she tried to push mom up only for my mother to grab both of Gina’s wrists. She sat up, pinning my girlfriend’s arms to the bed under her knees, then slid forward and placed her crotch over Gina’s face. I watched my girlfriend try to buck mom off but she used the headboard of the bed for balance until Gina ceased fighting back.

“Mmm, this is so much fun,” Mom chuckled casually as reached behind her hip, removing my girlfriend’s bra, while she playfully teased Gina’s nipples. My girlfriend shot a hand up and grabbed ahold of mom’s hair, pulling her off; she gave a big gasp of air as mom tumbled off. They rolled about on the bed until Gina was able to get on top again. Mom briefly got both of her talons on my girlfriend’s exposed breasts before Gina was able to pry them off and pinned my mother to the bed.

“No! Noooo!” she screamed before Gina sat down on my mother’s face; muffling her cries beneath her ass.

“How’s that taste, bitch,” Gina said a little out of breath. Gina rocked back and forth, as if adding more pressure, while keeping mom’s wrists out of reach of her hair and tits. I watched my mother’s legs kick on the mattress while Gina reached behind and tried clawing at mom’s tits through her bra-after successfully pinning her foe’s hands to the bed with her knees-before she rolled off. Mom took several gulps of air, coughing a little, as Gina grabbed a handful of her dark hair and rolled mom over onto her belly; unclasping her bra. Gina wanted to finish her off with a breast claw-just like she had promised to do over the phone during the call which instigated this entire affair-when mom twisted to the side and dug her manicured red nails into Gina’s tits.

My girlfriend screamed louder than my mother had but mom also grabbed a handful of my girl’s longer hair and pulled her closer; breaking the mutual breast squeeze. That’s when Gina grabbed my mother’s discarded black bra and began throttling her with it. Mom’s eyes bugged out as she gagged while trying to pry the silky material away; Gina was going for the coups de grace when mom went for another breast claw. This broke Gina’s hold as she first tried to pull mom’s hand off her titty then went for a claw of her own.

“Oh you think you can handle it?” Mom seemed to laugh and went for a double nipple twist that made Gina emit an ear piercing screech. She yanked my girlfriend over onto her side by her hair, pausing to remove the bra from around her throat, then wrapped her legs around my girlfriend’s skinny frame and squeezed her in a body scissors while yanking her yellow panties up hard in a nasty looking wedgie.

Gina floundered, the attack on two fronts seeming to sap her strength as mom used her angle to dig my girlfriend’s panties up into her pussy as well. Gina was trying to crawl away but mom grabbed a handful of her long hair and pulled her close. She converted the side body scissors into a full on submission hold as she crossed her ankles in front of Gina, pulling my girlfriend on top of her, while locking her arms around her throat in a choke out.

“You really thought you could win, you fucking bitch,” mom hissed as Gina was almost like a ragdoll in her hands. Thankfully my girlfriend slammed an elbow back into mom’s titty, breaking the hold.

“Where are you going,” she hissed and grabbed hold of Gina’s hair while still underneath my girlfriend. She then pulled my girlfriend back and resumed the choke again but Gina was able to slither out from underneath. Mom switched into a headscissors while still on her back; holding Gina’s arms out to the side so she couldn’t try any tricks. With my mom’s legs smothering Gina’s mouth, my girlfriend did the only thing she could.

“Ow, you cheating bitch; you bit me!” my mom screamed. “Crazy bitch,” she cried and tried grabbing Gina’s long hair but my girlfriend slid off the edge of the bed only to turn around and get to her feet first. I saw the look of terror in mom’s eyes as she tried to turn and escape but Gina did a body splash onto mom’s back; knocking the wind out of her. I wanted to cheer as I watched my girlfriend first capture both of my mother’s arms behind her back in a dual hammerlock then put her in a kind of camel clutch only to roll onto her back, trapping mom in a body scissors as my girl lay on her back.

Mom grunted, her face a mask of agony as she was crushed between my girlfriend’s toned legs. She tried rolling out of it but Gina wanted to finish her with a breast claw again; digging both of her hands into mom’s bare breasts again. The two rolled around on the bed before mom was somehow able to reverse the body scissors and actually capture Gina in hers. At first I thought they were tribbing-scissoring pussies-but mom slid up to capture my girlfriend’s stomach between her thighs.

“I’m gonna rip your pussy off, bitch,” she grunted and raked her nails between Gina’s legs. My girlfriend swore and sobbed, trying to pry my mother’s hand from her sensitive lips, but she just yanked down Gina’s panties and shoved several fingers into her twat. Gina was only able to free herself by twisting mom’s titty like a radio dial; both women flopped around on the bed in a sweaty mess.

Gina was able to gain the advantage by pinning mom’s hands under her knees as she lay on her side then yanked down her leopard print panties; looking to get some revenge. Mom however slammed a knee into my girlfriend and once on her back, resumed her cunt clawing. Gina screamed and kicked her legs before mom dug her face down and bit my girlfriend’s clit. Gina screamed, pounding her fists on the bed as mom tore at her shaved pussy like a rabid dog; only getting free by yanking on her dark hair enough to slam a kick into the side of her face.

With mom on her back, on the bed, and my girlfriend furious, she tried to dive onto her but my mother used Gina’s own momentum to roll her over and just like that she was being breast smothered by my mom.

“It’s okay, sweetie, it’ll all be over soon,” mom purred while Gina tried pulling on her dark hair and slapping on mom’s back. Soon her flailing slowed and finally she slid up, facesitting my girlfriend.

“You better kiss it or you’ll be walking around without any tits,” mom said, reaching back to rake her titties. When Gina began to get free, mom slid back down to resume her breast smother.

“Oww! Bitch!” she swore, cupping her titty as Gina came up with a big grin.

Gina was able to sucker punch mom then all at once climbed up to ride her face, getting her mouth and nose completely obscured under her pussy and ass. Gina reached back, kneading my mom’s tits with her sharp nails, saying she hopes she’s going to enjoy the taste from now on, when mom reached up and squeezed Gina’s breasts so hard I thought they were going to pop; her nails leaving deep red furrows.

Gina fell off, quietly sobbing a little before mom went back to work eviscerating my girlfriend’s pussy with her nails. She spread her legs in a big V shape for my camera and used her other hand to twist Gina’s nipple so hard my girlfriend’s body spasmed in pain like she were being electrocuted. Not to be outdone, Gina tried to claw my mom’s crotch but the pain in her tit was too much to focus.

Mom used a headscissors until she was once again mounted over my girlfriend’s mouth in a reverse facesit. Gina vainly tried slapping at my mother’s ass but my mom continued her assault between slicing my girlfriend’s crotch with her nails and ripping her tits to shreds. She finished her by falling forward in a reverse headscissors and dug her hand inside Gina until she sobbed out her surrender.

As per the rules now my girlfriend had to spend the next thirty days as mom’s personal servant and sex slave but somehow I didn’t think the feud would end this day.

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