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A Bet Between Brothers Ch. 3

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While Sebastian and Amanda slept together after a light lunch, and the black security guard serviced the eager young orifices of Anouscha in her bed-room, Debbie and Baptista returned from the village pub with two new friends, both strapping young local farmers. They opened more champagne and continued drinking and frolicking in and around the pool. Soon they were all naked and ready for more fun.

Amanda awoke and joined them by the pool, introducing herself to Tom, the brother of Sebastian who had made the bet. He was making sure that everyone had a plentiful supply of condoms, except of course Sebastian who had more serious business ahead. Then Tom invited Amanda to join him in a stroll around the grounds; she joined him, wearing nothing but her bikini bottom, her breasts swinging invitingly as they walked across the lawn to the path up the hill through the woods.

As soon as they were out of sight, Tom innocently remarked.

“By the way, Amanda, my brother and I share all things!”

Amanda smiled and immediately slid her panties off and put her arms round him. He felt the length of her naked body, soft except for the large pink nipples against his chest, warm and willing. She whispered in his ear “I’m all yours!” and then lay on the ground with her legs apart, her pussy open and ready.

Meanwhile, as Tom mounted Amanda with enthusiasm, back Sex hikaye indoors, Sebastian felt tired; his muscles ached and his balls were a little sore now. He called for a massage and was soon joined in the bedroom by a tall, athletic African beauty with short black curly hair and a wide friendly smile.

“Hello there. I’m Gladys – what can I do for you?”

She was wearing a simple, short white dress and, it seemed, very little else; she carried a bag from she took a few bottles and tubes of lotion. She stood there for a second while he looked her up and down. Then he stood up and slowly unbuttoned the front of her dress, enjoying the perfection of her breasts as they sprang free and the strong firm flesh of a well-toned body.

“I thought I needed a massage, but that can wait now!”

He had forgotten all about his aches and pains now! He ran his hands all over her body and marvelled at the perfection of her black skin and long sinuous limbs. The dark triangle between her legs was for later – first, they kissed and held each other, rolling on to the bed together.

“I have never been with a white man before” she whispered. “You are bigger than I expected!” The touch of her soft hand brought him to full attention; the touch of his long finger between her legs sent a sudden shiver through her body. As he felt her wetness, Sex hikayeleri they both smiled.

“Your eyes are so blue.”

“Your pussy is so wet!”

“Taste and tell me if it is like a white woman’s”

Sebastian moved his head between her legs and breathed in the warm, musky air; as she pushed urgently on his head, his tongue entered her and slid up and down the hairy, ticklish lips. It was different but then all women had their own distinctive taste. This was strong, sweet and earthy. Gladys began to moan with pleasure as he found her clitoris, pushed his finger on the top of it so that the hood folded back. Than when he tongued again softly and then harder, she squealed more loudly and pushed up against him. Her hips began to gyrate; Sebastian tried to keep still so he could bring her to orgasm. She went suddenly quiet and her body tensed; in the silence, Sebastian could hear for a second the laughter and cries of pleasure from outside.

Then she screamed, long, hard and with no inhibition. Sebastian drank from her, a new even sweeter stronger taste, then quickly moved up and into her tight juicy pussy.

“Now fuck me hard!” she yelled as she went into a second wave of orgasms felling him big and strong as she tightened around him. He drove hard up her, maintaining his rhythm as she fucked him back. Ensest hikayeler To his surprise, he came quickly enjoying a long and powerful feeling of ecstasy as he unloaded into her, stronger and more extreme than he had ever felt. She wrapped her pussy muscles around him and tried to keep him hard and inside her. But he soon wilted and slipped out of her. They lay quietly for a while, listening to the party outside gathering momentum.

When Gladys went to the window, she laughed. “Come and look. Is this how the English relax at the week-end?” On the area by the pool outside, they could see a tableau of naked bodies. It took a while to work out who was who and who was doing what to whom!

Debbie in the middle (what a surprise – the sex mad American minx!), her mouth in between a farmer’s legs sucking and licking on his seven inch dick. Another farmer taking her from behind while Anouscha sat on the other farmer’s face at the same time masturbating the cocks of the security guard and Tom. Amanda was between Tom’s legs sucking on his balls and finger fucking his tight arse hole. The African queen joined them and did the same to the guard who stood with an expression of pained resignation on his face as he got ready to come yet again.

As Sebastian circled and filmed them in glorious Technicolor, he became aware of two elegantly dressed ladies, one Indian and one Chinese, watching inscrutably in the shade. Their expressions barely changed as they watched and listened to the cavorting flesh in front of them. But Sebastian thought he glimpsed just a hint of a reluctant smile on the Chinese face and wondered what was still in store for him before the day was out!

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