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A Bear Seduction

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It was Sunday and a few of us guys were watching the football game in Kevin’s man cave. Something we do every Sunday during the football season, hang with the guys before starting another work week, a break from the kids. Dogs and burgers on the grill, a few beers, good times. The game ended and everybody was getting up to leave. I just popped another beer and wasn’t ready to go home yet.

“What’s the second game?” I asked. Kevin flipped channels and it was the Broncos Raiders game.

“Good rivalry game.”

I went to the grill and pulled a braut from the grill. I needed to cut open the bun and absent mindly stuck the braut in my mouth and prepared the bun. Kevin walked by headed to the bathroom and whispered.

“Looks good.” Then disappeared.

I took my braut and put some ketchup on it, then returned to the couch. I sat and took a bite when it struck me what Kevin said. Did he drop a suggestion like I use to do with the women I dated and banged in college? I wasn’t going to let that bother me if he did. He couldn’t know I had a couple buddy flings before I got married.

Kevin came back and paid attention to the game. It was almost as if he were ignoring me, and that made me wonder. I would glance over at him, notice his hairy forearms, how thick his thighs were. Son of a bitch, he dropped a mind trick on me. He shifted on the couch so I could see his crotch, the rather large bulge in his crotch. I licked my lips and turned back to the game.

Kevin reached over and across me grabbing the remote that was on the end table. As he returned to his position he whispered.

“Smells good.”

He turned up the volume and got comfortable. He was sitting closer now, I know that for a fact, and I could smell his after shave. Is he working me? My semi hard cock said yes.

There was shot of the Raiders cheerleaders on the TV. Kevin turned to me with a smile.

“Those are some hot chicks. I’d love to get a hummer from one of them babies.” He turned to me. “My wife doesn’t do that anymore.”

“Mine doesn’t either.” I don’t know why I lied, but the frequency had dropped considerably.

Kevin got up and grabbed some beers and sat down again. A bit closer, he opened and handed çankaya escort me one of the beers.

My heart was beating faster, like a school girl sitting next to the high school quarterback.

There was another shot of the cheerleaders and Kevin leaned over.

“Look at that. What I wouldn’t give for a good blowjob.” I looked at the TV, then I realized Kevin wasn’t looking at the TV, he was inched away from my face, glancing down at his crotch. He looked into my eyes and I froze. Nervous excitement coursed through my body, I must have had the deer in the headlights look.

Kevin sat forward again, his hand landed on my thigh for a moment, he gave me a squeeze. He grabbed his beer and drank.

I looked at his strong forearms, glanced at his thick thighs, and the bulge in his crotch. I definitely was making the moves on me. I looked up and realized he was watching me. He smiled and leaned in kissing me. I didn’t kiss back and he pulled away slightly.

“You didn’t pull away.”

I couldn’t speak, I just looked into his eyes. He put his hand on the side of my face, it felt warm and firm. His thumb brushed my lips.

“You’ve done this before haven’t you? College?”

His thumb probed my lips again and I allowed it into my mouth. My heart racing. I wanted to him to stop, but I wasn’t stopping him. He leaned in and was getting high on his after shave, the faint smell of alcohol, and he pushed his thumb further into my mouth. My lips closed around his thumb and I lightly sucked on it. I was high on emotion. He leaned in and kissed me, and I kissed him back. His hand found the back of my head and held me. His tongue lightly probing my mouth. My tongue touching his, he lips on mine. I could feel the weekend stubble grazing my cheeks. While we were kissing he unbuttoned his shirt, he took my hand and placed it on his hairy chest. My lips on his lips, my hand explored his chest, his torso, my eyes were closed and I was going out of control. My hand went up his chest to the back of his neck, his lips found my neck and ear. I opened my eyes and saw the family portrait.

“Hey, your wife and kids might come home.”

He put his finger on my keçiören escort lips.

“They won’t be home until six” Then he pushed his finger into my mouth and I started sucking it. My lips caressing and taking it deep. My tongue licking, I pulled away, then went back down on his finger looking into his eyes. He smiled and his hand went to the back of my head. He gently pulled on it and I face went down to his chest. I kissed his furry pecs, my hand glided over his stomach and grazed his crotch stopping on his thigh for balance. I kissed my way down to his stomach like so many of my past girlfriends did to me. Kevin unbuttoned his pants and his hand rested on my shoulder. My heart thumping with excitment. My fingers found his zipper and I pulled it down. He lifted his ass and helped me lower his khaki’s down to his ankles. His underwear showed the shape of his cock and I leaned over to kiss it. I kissed the length of it, I traced it with my fingers and I slipped off the couch and got on the floor between Kevin’s legs. I pulled on the waist band revealing his hardening cock. When it sprang free it bobbed for a moment. He was shaved smooth all around his cock and balls. I took it with one hand and sort of stroked it, staring at it. I coudn’t believe I was about to put this in my mouth, I wasn’t stopping myself. Licked the tip of his head, almost like dipping one’s toe into the water before a swim. I took the head of his cock between my lips and noticed the semi spongy feel it had. Then I let it slip between my lips taking about a quarter of his cock into my mouth and sliding it out. I didn’t want to jam it in and gag on it. I was suddenly afraid of my teeth scrapping his shaft. I carefully took him in and out of my mouth. Sliding halfway down his shaft. As I pulled back I could see where my saliva left his cock shiny. I stroked him for a bit and then had an image of my wife licking my cock from base to tip, so I leaned down and began licking the length of his shaft holding his rock hard cock steady.

“That feels so good” Kevin sighed.

I looked up at him and he smiled, then leaned back. I had his cock in my mouth and looking at his furry stomach and chest I was etimesgut escort highly turned on. I ran one of my hands over his stomach, up to his chest and back down to his strong thighs. There seemed to be so much power in his torso and I was loving it.

My other hand went to his balls, you can’t forget about the balls, and being shaved smooth they slipped right into my mouth. I stroked him with one hand and sucked on his balls. One last run of the tongue across his balls, up his shaft and back to taking his cock into my mouth. I held the base of his cock with my hand and I started working his cock bobbing up and down on him. At one point I realized there was a touchdown on the TV, I glanced up and Kevin was leaning back with his eyes closed enjoying what I was doing. Listening to his heavy breathes I felt proud and took him deep, until he was touching the back of my throat. Afraid of my gag reflex I went no further. I was sucking Kevin’s cock and loving it. He was loving too as he started to tense up, hand on my shoulder. I could taste something, then I realized it was Kevin’s pre cum. I loved it, the taste of him. His hips bucking at my face while I continued going up and down.

“I’m going to cum pretty soon.”

I nodded and now stroked him and sucked him. I pictured my wife stroking and sucking me so I was trying to follow her lead. Stroking his shaft, taking his cock in, then his hand found the back of my head, he body stiffened, then he gasped a bit and started shooting his cum into my mouth. Suddenly I worried about spilling his cum out of my mouth. I was able to keep it all in and I swallowed. I took him deep again and he shuddered and the last squirts emptied into my mouth.

I looked up at him and he had a large grin on his face.

“That was pretty damn amazing. Come here.” He patted the couch as he pulled up his underwear and pants.

“You just surpassed my wife in that department. Listen, I’m married and I don’t like doing this kind of thing.”

My heart sank. I know it shouldn’t be I was really excited doing what I did. It had been over ten year and not something I think about a whole lot.

“I’ve been looking for a bud like this and I hate the internet, you never know what’s out there. We’re both married so if you have some fantasies to fulfill, I know I do. Maybe we should do this again?”

I nodded my head.

“Good. I better start getting something ready for dinner.”

He kissed me long and hard.

“Next Sunday then!” He got up and went up stairs.

I was already hoping it was next week.

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