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A 40th Birthday to Remember

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Bouncing Tits

Amber had been counting down the days for months now. It wasn’t very often that she could say that she was doing something just for herself. No work commitments. No messages and emails constantly interrupting her. Her laptop and work cell were safely stored away in the home office, work wasn’t going to disturb her for the whole weekend. Nor her two boys and their father. They’d been safely shipped away to a lake cabin for a weekend of fishing, hiking and late night camp fires. The boys had been excitedly planning what they would be doing for the last few weeks so she was confident that her little break to help celebrate her birthday wouldn’t be an issue.

“It’s not every day your best friend wants to help you turn forty is it?” she had constantly told herself in the early days when she was trying to salve her conscience.

It had worked, eventually, and the guilt she’d initially felt had all but subsided and now here they were, stood in reception with Nikki enthusiastically explaining to the slightly bemused young girl behind the desk that they were both here to celebrate a very special birthday and that they had chosen this exclusive Spa Resort due to all the great reviews on TripAdvisor.

“Oh, welcome to Hope Springs then!” the young girl replied with a broad smile as she recovered her composure. “My name is Candice and I’m your designated contact during you’re stay with us”.

She handed Nikki a couple of highly glossed business cards that displayed details of a private WattsApp group called ‘Amber’s Special Birthday’.

“As you can see, I have created our very own WattsApp group for this weekend. This group is exclusive and can be used at any time to contact either myself or Eugene” she explained.

The way she said ‘any time’ and the fact that she held Nikki’s hand for just a little bit too long didn’t escape Amber’s attention.

They were led to their suite by Eugene, a smart twenty-something in a stylish black top and fitted trousers. His uniform coupled with his bronzed skin gave off an aura of someone who was very content with himself and his status in life.

“I trust that your stay with us here at Hope Springs will bring you all that you wish for!” he said with a not so subtle wink as he handed over a couple of key cards.

“And remember, if there’s anything that either Candice or myself can help you with to make your stay with us extra special this weekend, then you only have to ask”.

He swept open the door for them and they bounded in giggling like the high school friends they had been.

“Oh my goodness!” Amber exclaimed in amazement. “It’s huge. This can’t be all for us can it?” she gasped in disbelief to the amusement of Nikki who winked at Eugene with a huge smile.

“This is all ours Amber. Remember you’re only forty once and this is my gift to you!” she said.

She ran over to her and wrapped her arms around her and planted a huge kiss on the side of Amber’s face.

“Happy birthday Amber. This is definitely going to be a birthday to remember!”

Then after a peck on her lips Nikki threw herself backwards into one of the two kingsize beds behind them and splayed her arms out sideways, snuggled down into the plush pillows and crisp sheets with an over-exaggerated sigh.

“This is bliss!” she murmured.

Amber turned to Eugene to offer him a small tip for his services so far, but he politely refused.

“We actually have a no tipping policy on site ma’am, but thank you for the kind offer!”

“So how do we get to show our appreciation then?” she asked inquisitively.

He just smiled at the question and then left them alone to explore the suite further and recover from the long five hour journey.

Amber walked into the bathroom and stopped dead in her tracks. She had never seen such opulence in her life. The floor was a dazzling white marble with thin veins of black running through it. This continued up the walls until it met highly polished mirrors that were positioned above a black granite surface which contained large oval sinks complete with ornate gold taps. A wealth of lush exotic plants in sleek black pots and carefully installed LED lighting provided the perfect backdrop and completed the overwhelming sense of luxury.

Running the whole length of one side of the room was a huge bath carved out of the same black granite. It could easily fit four grown adults in with room to spare. In the corner was a walk in rain room with ample space to accommodate at least two people. Large floor to ceiling heated rails were close by providing a constant supply of soft warm towels. It was perfection in Amber’s eyes.

“Race you for a shower!” squealed Nikki who’d followed her into the bathroom.

She fled back into the other room and quickly began casting her clothes into a crumpled heap by the side of her bed. Her athletic body was quickly wrapped in a thick white bath sheet, her slightly tanned skin contrasting perfectly against it’s plush fabric.

“Not fair!” Amber laughed as she tried to pull her izmit escort tight jeans off over her feet. “You had a head start and besides you were hardly wearing anything to start with!” she giggled as the effects of the complimentary Champagne began to take effect.

“Oh, this is divine” she shouted as Amber heard her enter the shower.

“Come on, hurry up, there’s plenty of room for both of us!”

Amber sat back on the bed and finally retrieved her leg from the constraints of her figure hugging jeans. She quickly slipped out of her panties and picked up a large bath towel and wrapped it tightly around her body just above her ample chest. She’d always been proud of her breasts and they’d certainly helped her get enough attention when she started college and began her sexual exploration.

“Thank god I shaved myself thoroughly before leaving this morning!” she mused as the thought of displaying herself in front of her dear friend crossed her mind.

Amber walked through into the bathroom and headed for the steaming rain room in the corner where she could make out the naked form of her beautiful friend. She was a couple of inches taller but whereas Amber was blessed with full large breasts, Nikki was slim and petite. Her skin shone as the water fell softly onto her subtle curves. Her breasts were tiny in comparison but complimented her physique perfectly. Amber couldn’t help gazing at her as she drew closer. Her nipples were surprisingly long and surrounded by much darker areolas than her own. Nikki’s stomach was flat and her eyes fell to the small vee of dark hair that was carefully manicured above her pussy that had also seen some attention before the trip.

She turned to Amber with her beautiful smile and beckoned her in.

“Come on birthday girl, it’s amazing in here!”

Amber dropped her towel and stepped into the steam thankful that her blushes were partially obscured and turned her face up to meet the water that was cascading down over them both.

She began to soap her body as the hot water fell from above. The Champagne continued it’s assualt on their inhibitions and before long Amber’s fingers circled her nipples and began to gently tease them until they began to swell. She opened her eyes and noticed Nikki was watching her with a strange expression on her face.

“Amber, that looks kind of hot what you’re doing there!” she giggled. Then she reached out her slender arm and briefly stroked the closest one for a couple of seconds before stepping back and gazing into her deep brown eyes.

“I hope you didn’t mind me doing that?” she said a little nervously. “Don’t know if it’s this place, the wine or that I was so incredibly turned on watching you play with yourself just then? I’ve not touched another female like that since college days and it feels sort of strange that I just did again!”

She looked at Amber cautiously with worried eyes, her furrowed brow threatening to chase her pretty smile off her face.

“Come here!” Amber said quickly, pulling Nikki towards her.

“Let’s wipe that frown right away!”

She giggled and grabbed her body scrub and theatrically began scrubbing it across her friends forehead. Nikki laughed and fell into her arms. Her small breasts squished into Amber’s as the hot water streamed over them. Amber looked into her eyes and leant into a kiss. Nikki’s lips were surprising; full of tender eagerness and she slipped her tongue into Amber’s mouth. Amber’s hand fell to the curve of Nikki’s ass and pulled her towards her. Nikki’s tongue swirled around hers as they began to kiss passionately. It was tentative at first but Nikki grabbed the back of her head and pulled herself tightly against Amber’s body. Their lips moved together, pressure building and easing as their surging emotions crashed together like waves in a storm.

Amber trailed her hands down her side and slowly pushed her away a little so she could look at her friend. Amber couldn’t help thinking that her swollen nipples complimented her pert breasts perfectly.

Nikki looked at her as streams of water ran down her body.

“Kiss my breasts Amber! My nipples are aching to be sucked”.

Amber dropped her head and slid her tongue down from the side of her neck until it reached her small breast. Nikki cupped it in her slender fingers and presented it to Amber’s hungry mouth. She flicked her tongue across her long hard nipple and began to circle around it, drawing it further into her mouth before her lips fastened onto it and began to suck in earnest.

“Oh god Amber!” she groaned.

Amber continued to suck and then drew her teeth gently down its long length. Nikki giggled as Amber nibbled softly and then pulled her tighter against her skin. Amber felt Nikki’s hand slip down to her ass and then begin to trail her fingertips in circles on her cheeks moving closer and closer to the centre. Her skin tingled at her touch as her fingers sent shivers through her body.

Amber wiggled her ass a little to let her know she wanted more and gave a little yahya kaptan escort moan as Nikki’s middle finger made contact with her rosebud. She circled round it causing Amber’s skin to swell into tiny little bumps around the centre. She pushed a little and her body trembled with a thousand tiny shivers as she teased around her opening. Amber bit a little harder on her nipple as the tip of Nikki’s finger dipped briefly inside and then moaned louder as Nikki dropped her fingers further down the valley between her legs until she reached her swollen pussy.

Amber let her nipple slip out of her mouth sucking it softly as she did. She looked into her friends eyes as Nikki brought her hand around to the front and slipped her slender finger between Amber’s pussy lips.

“Mmmm Nikki” she mumbled as her middle finger was joined by two more. She curled them up rubbing the front of her wall. Their lips pressed harder together as Nikki pushed her fingers in and out of Amber’s pussy. Her body trembled as Nikki quickly brought her to the edge and Amber groaned loudly as she came with an intensity that shocked her.

Nikki looked into her deep brown eyes as the steaming rivulets ran softly over their bodies and offered her fingers to Amber’s mouth.

“Here you go girlfriend, taste your sweet cum on my fingers!” she whispered before slipping them into her mouth. Amber sucked them eagerly before they were pulled away and she watched as Nikki opened her mouth and slipped them slowly between her slender lips.

“Mmm Amber, you do taste so sweet!” she giggled. Then after she’d kissed her briefly one last time she turned off the water grabbed a large bath sheet and wrapped it carefully around Amber and gave her ass a quick slap.

“Come on birthday girl, lets go and dry off and plan what to do this evening.”


An hour later, they were dressed and sat at one of the bars that overlooked the outdoor infinity pool. The sun was still blazing down and the loungers and chairs scattered around were occupied by a variety of people, all intent on making the most of this adults only resort. Nikki had slipped into a blue short-sleeved boho maxi dress. It was patterned with dusky pink and white flowers and the buttons at the front were low enough to reveal most of her cleavage. Clearly she wasn’t wearing a bra and every now and then Amber was treated to a flash of her dark nipples that adorned the centre of those small but perfectly formed breasts. Nikki was clearly very aware of what she was doing when she bent forward as they laughed and chatted excitedly as they drank their cocktails.

The sun was behind them shining onto the pool and the dancing sparkles on the ripples created by the swimmers created a magical effect that added to the sense of perfection.

“Pass me that card that’s propped up next to the cocktail stirrers please” Amber said to Nikki. As she twisted round her dress gaped open again and her breast was revealed to her once again.

“Damn girl, you’re going to drive me crazy if you keep flashing me your boobs!” she giggled. “I think Eugene got a quick peek too!” she laughed nodding towards one of their two dedicated on-site contacts. Eugene just nodded slightly and gave a little smile as he made his way over to us.

“Good evening ladies, are you enjoying your time at Hope Springs so far?” he asked as he stood by their sides as they sat at the bar.

“Oh most definitely!” giggled Nikki as she winked at me. “We’re just looking through the list of some of the treatments that you offer. Do you have any recommendations for us perhaps?” she added before taking a long sip from her Piña Colada. She purposely leant forward just enough to provide Eugene a clear view inside her dress and then looked back into his sapphire blue eyes to see if there was a reaction.

Eugene continued to smile and then blatantly dropped his gaze down to her chest before looking back into Nikki’s mischievous eyes.

“What do you have in mind?” he answered smoothly.

“Well this ‘couples massage’ sounds intriguing! Amber said. “What exactly is it?”

Eugene nodded, “I’m sure you’d enjoy that ladies!”

Nikki looked at Amber and they both giggled loudly. “What actually happens in a ‘couples massage then?” she asked.

“Well as it says, we take a couple; could be partners, lovers or friends into one of our massage suites where we have two tables side by side. Each person has a masseur or masseuse working on them at the same time meaning they everyone will be able to share the experience together. We find from feedback that this always rates very highly as one of the most rewarding and enjoyable treatments on offer at the spa!”

“When can you book us in?” they both said together before bursting into laughter.

“Whenever you like.” he replied. “We have a suite reserved for you all weekend and Candice and I are both fully qualified therapists. We keep up to date with all the latest techniques and trends so we are able to fulfil any or all gebze escort expectations!” he added with that little smile of his again.

“If you give us half an hour we’ll be ready!” Amber said quickly whilst looking at Nikki. She nodded enthusiastically and took another sip of her cocktail. Eugene smiled at them and asked them to make their way to the Rainforest Suite for five thirty where he and Candice would be waiting.

They quickly finished their drinks and headed back to their suite. They stripped out of their clothes and put on the complimentary bathrobes and headed over to the massage suite. The room was subtly lit and comfortably warm. Soft music played and they saw two massage tables laid out with a small modesty towel on each. As they glanced around the room another door in the corner opened and Candice and Eugene entered together. They both had on similar gowns and each carried two glasses of champagne. They approached the two friends and handed them both a glass.

“Cheers!” said Eugene as he extended his glass towards everyone. Nikki giggled quietly and met his glass with hers just before Candice and Amber joined in.

“Here’s to an evening of unforgettable massage!” exclaimed Candice. “Now slip out of your gowns and lie face down on a table for us please. I take it you’re not wearing anything underneath!” she added as she and Eugene casually undid their robes and placed them on a chair in the corner. Both of them were completely naked underneath which helped to take away any nerves. Amber glanced at Nikki and once again found herself blushing a little as she saw her friend gazing up and down her body with a look of barely hidden desire on her face. She still couldn’t quite believe that her dear friend was standing naked alongside her in a room with two strangers, both of whom were nearly young enough to have been their kids.

Amber walked over to the first table and quickly got into position.

“Come on Nikki, hurry up!” she urged before resting her face into the cushioned cradle as the small modesty towel was draped over her ass. A tingle of anticipation surged through her body as she felt warm fingertips touching her shoulders. She turned to look at Nikki and smiled at her before she closed her eyes with a contented sigh.

The fingers massaging Amber moved steadily and efficiently across her back and moved slowly down her sides. Scents of sandalwood and patchouli drifted as easily around the room as the fingertips drifted down her body. Each muscle and area of tension in her back were slowly treated to an intense workout. Every ache and pain was systematically addressed until she was totally relaxed and in a complete state of bliss.

“Mmmm Nikki, how good is this?” she mumbled as the fingertips dipped lower and lower until they reached the small of her back.

“I’m going to have to lower your towel to work on your buttocks” she heard Eugene say through the foggy haze of contentment.

Amber looked over to Nikki but she had her eyes closed. Nikki had turned over since she’d last looked her way and Amber was mesmerised at the sight of Candice smoothing her palms over Nikki’s pert breasts and circling her hard nipples with her slender fingers. With her back to Amber she could admire the body of the young masseuse. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail that fell neatly between her shoulders. Her hips were narrow and her skin appeared to be without blemish. As she bent forward the curves of her ass were fully displayed and the smooth valley between held the delights of a beautifully manicured pussy beneath her tantalising rosebud. Amber suddenly felt the urge to reach out and touch Candice but resisted as the fingers working on her buttocks brought her thoughts back to what was happening to her own body.

“Am I pushing too hard?” said Eugene softly as his hands caressed her round cheeks.

Amber responded with a slight moan and parted her legs a little further hoping he would take this as a sign that she was giving him permission to continue a little further.

“I’m just going to kneel on the table so I can apply direct pressure to the gluteal muscles,” he said as he stepped effortlessly up and placed the flat of his palms firmly onto her aching muscles.

She gasped as cooling oil was drizzled gently onto her and then moaned softly as his hands began to work away at the knots in her ass. Eugene’s hands moved around in circles, slowly removing the tension whilst all the time avoiding any contact with her most sensitive areas. But Amber yearned to be touched and could feel her pussy juices beginning to flow freely between her legs.

“Mmmm” she groaned quietly as her body became more responsive to his touch. “Press harder” she whispered quietly.

Eugene swayed forward a little, lifting himself up off her legs and pushed his palms harder into her buttocks. As he did she felt the definite brush of his hard cock slide up towards the opening between her legs. She raised her ass up towards the intrusion and urged him on further.

“Mmmmphhh!” she exclaimed as she felt her pussy being stretched by this unfamiliar cock. It was hard, and long and sent shivers through her body as she realised her inner walls were being stimulated by the sudden fullness of Eugene’s intrusion.

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