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4 Degrees

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Roger was in a flurry of moods. He had just gotten home and he was still taken aback by what had just happened. He was one who had to tell people every detail of his life, much like a woman. Thus, the first thing that came to mind was to call his friend Tony. He picked up the phone and dialed his number.

Hours before this, Roger could be found at the Wherehouse. He had heard a lot of Tool’s new album on the radio and decided to purchase it. As he was doing so, he ran into a friend of his girlfriend’s.

Teresa. What a bitch. She would have liked nothing better than breaking he and Amber up. Why this was Roger wasn’t entirely sure, but this was certainly something he didn’t need.

“Oh,..hi Roger.”

She was holding a Counting Crows CD. Roger hated them. He often marveled at how they were total opposites. They had absolutely nothing in common. For all that though, she had a great ass.

“Hi, Teresa.”

Neither of them really had much to say. They were mere acquaintances, and not even friendly ones at that. “So,” Teresa began, “is Amber around?”

Roger shook his head. “She stayed home. I think she’s feeling sick.”


Roger was amazed. No sarcastic comment had exited her lips. Maybe she was a bitch because of Amber. Now that he thought of it, this was the first time he had spoken to Teresa without Amber’s presence. It seemed as though she was just trying to be friendly, which was an odd thing for her to do after six months of being a bitch to him for no apparent reason. Roger wasn’t one to hold a grudge though; he saw no real reason to not be nice back.

“So, how’ve you been?” he asked.

“I’m good, thanks,” she replied. “Yourself?”

“Good,” he answered. He was puzzled not only by her friendliness but by her nervousness too.

Why did she seem so nervous?

Teresa was in front of him in line and was about to be rung up. She turned to say something, but the clerk called to her, and she turned back. Roger wasn’t sure of what he should do. He saw this as a great way to build a friendship between them, though, and thought that something was in order. She bought her CD and was about to leave.

“Wait,” Roger called. “You wanna wait while I buy this?”

A faint mile appeared on her face.

“Maybe afterwards we could get a cup of coffee or something,” he continued.

“Sure,” she answered. “I’ll wait outside.”

Roger watched the sway of her ass as she walked out. Her tight black skirt greatly accentuated her gorgeous lower body, and her top barely concealed her bursting breasts. He remembered that when he met her and Amber that Amber was the pretty one and Teresa was the one with the knockout body. He shook this from his mind, though. If Eryaman Escort he was going to try and get closer to Amber’s friends, it wouldn’t be the best choice to fuck them.

He bought the CD and walked out, finding Teresa in front. “So,” she asked, “where do you want to go?”

He hesitated. “Starbucks is right across the street…”

“Works for me,” Teresa smiled. “Let’s go.”

They walked across the street, talking of the weather. When they got inside even, their conversation didn’t stop expanding. Roger found it extremely bizarre. They sat in stools adjacent to each other and kept talking until Teresa told a joke that had them both in tears. They sat silent for a moment until Roger spoke up.

“Uh, Teresa,” he started, “I have to ask you… why did you always act like such a bitch in front of Amber? You’re so nice.”

Teresa’s smile disappeared. “You really want to know?” she asked.

“Of course,” Roger answered.

“Well,” she began, rubbing the back of her neck, “I kind of had a thing for you when I met you, and to be truthful, I still do.”

Roger blushed. “Shit, if I had known that, I would’ve had a much harder choice on my hands with you and Amber.”

She smiled. Her hand found its way down to Roger’s inner thigh and she started rubbing his penis through his pants. She looked back up into his face. “You want to go to my place?”

Roger was surprised by this move. “Sure,” he said, suddenly overcome with lust. They stood up and grabbed each other’s hands as they walked out.

Hand in hand they walked to Teresa’s car across the street. “I can give you a lift back to your car later,” she huskily told Roger. He nodded stupidly and got in. He really couldn’t help himself; he didn’t know what it was that was alluring him to this forbidden fruit except that he liked it.

To Roger the car drive seemed to last a bit too long. Sitting in the passenger’s seat, his hand found its way to her leg. His fingers dragged up her leg, finding their way inside her skirt. Teresa laughed, but a little nervously. “Rog, I’m trying to drive.”

“I don’t care,” Roger said lightly. His fingers found the cotton panties between her legs and rubbed them gently. He felt her pussy lips and felt the panties get a little damper. Teresa’s leg jerked sharply as she let out a squeal. “Stoppit, Roger,” she squeaked frantically. He pushed a little harder with his fingers and smiled slyly. She moaned and tightened her grip on the wheel, determined not to lose her concentration, despite the marvelous job Roger was doing. Roger slipped one of his fingers into her panties and caressed her clit. Without warning The car turned quickly and almost crashed Sincan Escort into a brick wall. “Stop!!” Teresa screamed, but with a huge smile on her face. Roger stopped and slowly pulled his hand out. It was covered in her liquid. He brought his fingers to his lips and licked them. “Mmmm,” he uttered. “I can’t wait.”

Finally they arrived at Teresa’s apartment. They groped and kissed roughly in front as Teresa fumbled for the keys. Eventually she pulled them out of her purse and unlocked the door. They stumbled in clumsily, almost drunk on each other. Roger shut the door and shoved Teresa onto the sofa. Teresa pulled her panties down to her ankles and lifted her skirt up to her waist. he freed one leg from her undergarment and rested it up on the bridge of the couch. Immediately, Roger’s face dove in between her legs and buried his tongue inside her. Teresa let out a gratified moan and pulled roughly on Roger’s hair. “Move,” she muttered between gasps.

Teresa grabbed Roger’s legs and directed them to the opposite arm of the couch. He moved them and his crotch was positioned over her face. She opened her eyes and pulled Roger’s cock out. It was almost fully erect, and its resting space took up almost the entire left side of her face. “Jesus, Rog, no wonder Amber raves about sex with you,” she gasped. Teresa leaned her head back and tried to fit in as much of Roger’s manhood as possible. She got about half in and sucked it like a straw as viciously as possible. Teresa could barely move her head, but she tried anyway and was rewarded by deep grunts from Roger. She felt herself about to cum as Roger did, and Roger was the first to lose it. His semen flooded her mouth and as she gulped it down she was pushed over the edge as well. Her nectar hit Roger and sailed straight down his throat. Teresa cleaned him off as her orgasm wound down and Roger did likewise. He got up off of her and removed his pants slowly. She lifted her shirt up just to her shoulders and undid her bra so she could rub on her nipples. The sight of this got Roger good and hard again, and he go back between her legs.

“Wait,” she said.

Roger looked up at her.

“…I want you to do something that I haven’t done before,” she whispered.

Roger nodded. “What?”

There was a pause. “I..I want you to fuck me in the ass,” she continued, seemingly nervous. “Just do it like that,” she went on, “I want it just like this.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes…god, I’m so turned on right now, just do it!”

Roger took orders very well, so the second these words escaped her lips the head of his cock was at her anus. Ever so slowly he entered her, and her body quickly tightened Etlik Escort as she dug her nails into his arms.

“Oh, fuck, it’s so good!”

Her ass was so tight. Roger knew that he was going to cum fast inside her, so he decided to take it slow. She was going insane beneath him, though, and he wasn’t even all the way in.

Deeper and deeper he penetrated her tight little asshole and she screamed in pleasure. Her arms raised to dig her nails into his chest now, leaving marks all over his body. His thrusts grew faster and faster at her demand until Roger knew he couldn’t last and he came again. As he emptied his load into her ass, they heard the stairs squeaking. Immediately Teresa started screaming louder. “Rape!”

‘What the hell is she doing?’ he wondered, until the door burst open, and Amber was standing there.

“Help me, Amber!” Teresa shrieked.

Finally he realized it was a setup, but far too late. The last thing he remembered was Teresa smiling slyly up at him right before Amber rendered him unconscious with a bat.

Roger awoke in a police squad car, curdled up in a ball and handcuffed. He moved his arms up to his front underneath his legs and noticed that his hands were loosely done, possibly because he had been knocked out when they found him. He tightened his hands in a fashion that made them the same size as his wrists. Once he did that, he pulled his hands free ad placed them back behind him, waiting for them to stop. When the car did finally stop, he saw the policemen on either side get out.

“Oh, looks like he’s awake,” one said.

“Too bad,” said the other as he reached into his pocket for his keys. Roger figured on him opening the door so he faced him. When h open the door, Roger exploded into action and kicked the cop in the face, knocking him back, thankfully in a silent manner. He grabbed the officer’s gun and walked over to his partner. The partner finally turned to see what was happening, but it was too late. He turned to see a gun aimed at him and froze. Roger looked at the officer on the ground quickly. “Get up!” he yelled. Slowly he got up, and at gunpoint he cuffed them to each other and the car bumper. With that he ran as fast as his legs would carry him to his car. Mercifully, he still had his keys and wallet, and his car was relatively close. ‘Damn, these were some dumb cops,’ he thought to himself.

Finally after about ten minutes of running at a constant speed, Roger reached his car. He leaped in through the open window and sped towards home, the tires squealing into the night air. He lit a cigarette for the short trip and tried to relax. Thankfully he saw no police cars on the way to his house and once he arrived he slammed the door behind him and locked it three times. The first thing he thought to do was call his friend Tony; at the moment it was the best thing he could do. He picked up the phone and dialed the number, twitching impatiently. Finally Tony answered.


“Hey, it’s Roger.”

“Roger! What’s up?”

“I just got the new Tool album, man!”

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