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18th Birthday takes the wrong turn Part 2

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Summary of the first part:

I had just turned 18 and was alone at home on my birthday, with my parents away on a birthday trip. My neighbor, Mr. Smith came to our home on the pretext of staying for the night because he had lost his keys. However, his true intentions soon came into light as he took advantage of me and brutally raped me, using each of my entrances and violating my body without any mercy. He kept me quiet by threatening to leak the video.

Part 2 begins

It had been a couple of weeks since my neighbor Mr. Smith had raped me while my parents were away. I didn’t tell anyone, afraid that he’d leak the video. After all, I had enjoyed it a bit near the end and he had it all recorded. I was still pretty traumatized from the incident, but was trying to forget about it. Guilt and shame washed over my body everytime I remembered myself pinned under him, with his raping cock inside me. As I sat down for lunch with my parents, my dad spoke up “Hey Alice! I and your mom would be away on a trip again. This one will be a bit longer, about a week”. I looked at him, my heart trembling with fear as I remember what happened the last time they were away.

-“Daddy! How can I live for a week all alone?!” I asked.

-“I am sorry honey, but we really need to go”

-“But dad-“

“Don’t worry! Mr. Smith said he’ll look after you while we’re away.”

I was dumbstruck. I would have to spend a week with my rapist? He was probably going to use my body over and over again, every single day. But I couldn’t tell dad about that.

-“It’s fine, dad. No need to trouble Mr. Smith. I’ll be okay”

-“No, honey. I’m not going to leave you all alone at home for so long. You’ll be staying with Me. Smith till we’re back”

I rushed to my room as soon as lunch was done, shut the door and started to weep. I knew Mr. Smith would rape me again, as soon as he got the chance. Part of me craved for his cock, wishing he would violate me again. But I wasn’t going to take it. I wasn’t going to give my body away to a vile pervert like him.

The next morning, my parents dropped me at Me. Smith’s house. My blood churned with anger as I heard him telling them “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your daughter”. Good care my ass. He was probably fantasizing about fucking me already. I went to the room that had been given to me, buried my face into the pillow and started to cry. Soon enough, I heard the sound of my dad’s car leaving. I lay still, sobbing into the pillow.

Suddenly, I felt a presence over my body. I knew it was Mr. Smith. I didn’t move. I felt his hands plant themselves on the either side of my head and his knees in the either sides of my hips. He was directly above me, ready to have his way with my body once again. He lowered himself, rubbing his body against mine. I could feel his boner rubbing against my buttocks. He whispered into my ear “My slut is wet already, isn’t she? Oh my cute slut Alice…I am gonna have so much fun with you”.

I could bear it no longer. I raised my head, turned it around to face him and screamed “LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE”. He laughed loudly and said “Sorry girl, too late. I’ve already taken a stamina boosting pill which would give me a 2 hours erection.” He started to swing his body up and down along mine, dry humping my ass. I knew very well that soon he’d be fucking me for real. I elbowed him in the nose, grabbed his hair and yelled “Never, you filthy bastard!” It only seemed to entertain him. He rubbed his genitals against my body harder, filling me with disgust. I could feel his erection getting harder. He kept whispering filthy things into my ears while I struggled.

Soon enough, he unzipped his pants and revealed the monster that I was very familiar with. “Pl-please Mr. Smith! Just let me go!” I pleaded.

-“Nah girl, I have plans for you”

-“what plans?”

-“you’ll see soon enough” he said and got naked. “Now, why don’t you just shut up and suck my cock?”

-“Over my dead body!”

-“Fine, let me upload those videos and pics. They’ll help me fetch some decent money”

-“No-No way! NO FUCKING WAY!”

-“If there’s a hole, there’s a way” he said, poking my clit.

-“Please… don’t do this. It’ll ruin my life!”

-“Well, you can always prevent it. By taking this inside your mouth” he said, waving his dick.

I looked at him with disgust as he laid down and started to stroke his dick. Seeing no other option, I moved over to him. Although I knew that he was a merciless monster, I looked at him with pleading eyes in one last attempt. He simply grabbed my hair and brought my mouth over his dick. It was rubbing my lips, bringing back the memories from my birthday. I slowly parted my lips, teary eyed in shame. He didn’t seem to care. He kept staring at me, raping me with his eyes. “C’mon girl, make me happy or I’ll sell your vids” he chuckled. I held his dick with a trembling hand and started to stroke it. Soon, my head was bobbing up and down, sucking his monstrous cock. At times, he’d hold my head and push it down to make his dick go balls deep. At other times, I’d try to take in as little as possible and let my hands do most of the work.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Grinning from ear to ear, Mr. Smith pushed me away and got up. “Stay here” he commanded and ran off. As I curled into the bed and started to sob, I heard him open the door and welcome someone. Suddenly the door to the room flew open and Mr. Smith came in with another man. “Hey Alice! Meet my friend Jake! Ah…sorry I forgot to tell you” he said, putting up a mischievous grin. “Jake has a job for you. And now job interview is about to take place” .

-“Wh-what kind of job?”

-“Doesn’t matter. As long as you cooperate, you’ll be paid well”

-“I don’t care about your fucking job. Just let me go home”

-What’s the hurry, hun?” It was Jake. I looked at him. He was a fat guy with short black hair. However, he looked quite strong. As he started to take of his shirt, I realized that I was about to be raped by yet another man. There was no way I was going to let this happen. . Then, I had an idea. I huddled under the blanket and position myself. Suddenly, I sprang up and threw the blanket at Mr. Smith, covering him with it and jumped of the bed. As I darted towards the door, I felt a strong hand grab my arm. I quickly grabbed a vase off the table with my other hand and turned around to face Jake. I instantly smashed the vase on his face, knocking him down. But it was too late. Mr. Smith had recovered and was upon me in seconds. Grabbing me by my hair, he dragged me towards the bed while I squirmed helplessly.

Soon, I was lying on th bed while they both rained blows on me. Jake was especially furious as I had hit him. He called me a cheap slut, smashed my face into the bed and told me he was going to rape me to death. I wailed each time one of them punched my boobs or slapped my ass. The 2 enraged men pinned me down and started to tear off my clothes. I could hear the fabric ripping loudly as they continued to expose my body. Within a couple of minutes, their hands were busy violating my privacy. I squeezed my eyes shut in horror and shame, wishing I was dead. gaziantep escort I felt a pair of hands grabbing my boobs, pressing them and shaking them while another pair ventured between my legs. I kicked out hard and heard Jake scream. It was so satisfying to hear him scream, after what was being done to me.

“You fucking bitch! I’ll teach you a lesson” he yelled and unbuckled his belt. Mr. Smith dragged me to the edge of the bed and bent me over it, making me lie facedown with my knees planted on the floor. I hard a swish, a crack and pain seared through my skin as Jake’s belt found its mark across my back. I bit my lips to stiffle the scream, but cried out loudly as the next strike came even harder. All I could do was be pinned down and bear the torture. Jake started to hit my ass cheeks with his belt, still grunting with anger. I squirmed and cried and begged him to stop, be he seemed to take pleasure from it. Each crack from the belt seemed to send a trail of fire across my skin.

I heard a zip getting pulled down. Before I could even speak, I felt something hard nudging against my asshole. “Pl-please! No!!” I screamed. I felt Jake grab my hips to hold me in place. Suddenly, with one powerful and hate filled thrust, he was balls deep into my anus. The sudden entry made it even more painful than the first time I was raped, by Mr. Smith. Jake started to fuck me wildly, his body slapping against me. My ass cheeks, which I was sure had red marks by then due to getting hit with the belt was burning every single time his thighs slammed into them. I lay there, pinned down and getting ravaged.

Mr. Smith let go of my hands and moved up in front of me on the bed. He sat down, spread his legs and exposed his dick in front of my mouth. “Suck it, slut” he jeered and slapped my face with it. I kept my lips shut and shook my head. He made eye contact with Jake. The next moment, Jake spread my legs open as wide as he could and thrust in deeper. It was most certainly deeper than Mr. Smith had fucked the other day. Unable to bear the pain anymore, I screamed out loudly “Aahh…noo… please…aah”. Seizing the opportunity, Mr. Smith shoved his nasty dick into my mouth. Grabbing me by my hair, he tried to make me suck but I stayed stiff. At this, he got up on his knees, held my held in place and started to fuck my mouth. I was burning with shame and embarrassment as I felt myself being violated from 2 sides. I felt powerless as they raped me mercilessly, going as savagely as they could. It almost seemed like they were in a competition to fuck faster than each other. All I could do was mumble wierd gurgling and gagging noises as Mr. Smith’s cock went into my throat with every thrust.

Eventually, they both pulled out. I lay on the bed, tears streaming down my face as I sobbed. I knew they weren’t done with me yet. The thought of having to live with them for an entire week shook me to the core. They continued to molest me, touching me in every inappropriate way they could. Suddenly, Mr. Smith dragged me out of the bed and made me stand on the floor. Confused, I looked at his devilishly grinning face. He walked over behind me and Jake came over to the front. Suddenly, both of them closed in, sandwiching me between themselves.

I continued to beg for mercy as they explored my body. I felt their genitals against my skin. I felt their hands on my breasts. I knew I was nothing more than their sex toy at the moment. I felt a nudge between my legs and looked down. Jake’s dick was poking right into my pussy. I looked at him and shook my head frantically, pleading him to stop. Of course, he didn’t care. He inserted his dick into my pussy just as brutally as he had inserted into my ass, going deep at the very first thrust. As I gasped in pain and shock, he grinned at me and started to fuck me at a rapid pace. Mr. Smith was holding my legs wide apart so that Jake could do his part effortlessly. Suddenly, I felt his dick prodding my anal entrance. I trembled in fear at at the thought of being ravaged by the 2 men at the same time. Mr. Smith gradually pushed his dick into my ass, making me feel every inch of it. And then, they began to thrust together. It was almost like they had a rythm. Both went in together and pulled out together. And it hurt like hell. I struggled and squirmed, only to be fucked even harder. Soon enough, I was crying out loudly and hurling as many filthy words at them as I could.

They seemed to take wild pleasure from the feeling of destroying me. They…they seemed to be nothing more than animals full of lust. With every thrust, Jake seemed to tear something inside my pussy. With every thrust, Mr. Smith seemed to crack my ass open wider. Eventually I could take it no longer and threw my head backwards, hitting Me. Smith on his nose. Grabbing Jake by his hair, I pulled hard and screamed “I’ll kill you you woman raping mediaeval monster!”

Mr. Smith grabbed my hair and whispered into my ear “I tried to be gentle, but looks like you wanna be raped to death.” After all the abuse, my body felt numb as they dragged me to the bed. Jake laid down facing the ceiling, his dick pointing upwards like a monument. My feeble attempts to resist didn’t bear any fruit as Mr. Smith carried me on top of Jake.

-“Now, sit down on his dick and take it in” he commanded.


-“You are going to fuck yourself with his dick”


-“Or else I’ll shove this inside you” he picked up the vase I had hit Jake with. Trembling, I lowered myself on Jake’s dick, screaming at myself for surrendering. Jake grabbed me by my hips and pulled me down, making me sit down with a plop. Instantly, his dick pushed all the way up. As I yelped out in pain, he lifted me a bit and dropped me again. Mr. Smith climbed onto the bed and positioned himself in front of me. As I looked at him questioningly, Jake pulled me backwards, making me lean towards himself. The next moment, Mr. Smith’s dick was at my entrance too. My tight pussy could barely accommodate Jake. Mr. Smith didn’t seem to care, though. He grabbed my breasts and pushed his dick inside me. With 2 cocks inside my pussy, it hurt like nothing I had experienced before.

Mr. Smith started to fuck me as wildly as he had fucked me the other day, while Jake started to thrust up and down too. With 2 massive cocks raping my pussy at once, I started to howl in pain. However, they continued to ravage me, while telling me about how they were gonna rape me till I was dead. While Jake reached up and squeezed my breasts, Mr. Smith kept on pulling and slapping them.

-“Please…I can’t take this anymore” I pleaded

-“Well, you’re taking it anyway” Mr. Smith replied

-“Just…stop. I’ll let you do this some other day. I can’t take it today… I’m gonna die”

-“You think I care?” He started to fuck even harder.

-“aaaahh….just..just..aah..kill me instead”

-“Not until you break”

Grabbing my hair, he fucked me so violently that my entirely body seemed to burn in pain. By now, I was crying and screaming uncontrollably. My voice grew hoarse and my pussy started to feel numb with pain. Eventually, everything darkened and I passed out while still being fucked.

(…to be continued)

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