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12 Labors of Hercules, Caged Pt. 02

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The 12 Labors of Hercules, caged. Part 02

§ Chapter 03. Quick negotiations.

They’d played with the cage before, so they didn’t need to repeat all that boring stuff we all already knew: he was always fully shaved, his skin didn’t react badly, the safeword system was Ireland/Brazil/Portugal (from soccer) meaning green/yellow/red.

It would have been Spain, but as there was a risk of confusing “It’s pain!” with “Spain”, they’d agreed on the state of Lisbon, which was easy to refer to even in public without being understood…

Cathy hugged him, visibly aroused, pushing her very hard nipples against his chest.

“OMG, it’s so hot for me, knowing we’re going to have sex but you’re not going to have any orgasms tonight! My first order is for you to get on your knees, and eat my pussy until I pass out.”

Cathy sat on the edge of the large armchair, spreading her legs and showing off her perfect feet. She moves the dress, showing him a mini lace thong.

Even in these small details, she wants to remember him that she is not naked but clothed.

Instead of undressing, she simply moved the tiny triangle of fabric to the side, rubbing her clitoris with her fingers.

He placed his hands on her knees.

He began to lick from far away, almost from the middle of her thighs, and every time he got close to her clit, he stopped and started again from the other thigh… forcing her to moan with pleasure.

He knew that one of the things that most annoyed Cathy was haste… and, with the cage barely closed, Richard could hardly hope to be released immediately.

So he chose to proceed with the utmost slowness, almost exasperating.

When he heard her moan, he began to lick her clitoris and labia… he especially liked to suck them, like a suction cup, as if he could capture them with his mouth and take them away.

Another thing he (but also his wife) loved was that he would bite only one lip at a time, only the right one, or only the left one: thrusting his tongue as deeply as possible and swallowing all her vaginal humors.

Other men would have refused – or so he had heard – but he loved eating pussy, he had loved it ever since, as a university student in his twenties, he had had his first experiences with his young girlfriends (until then, strange but true, little Richard had only thought about books and ancient art).

He was good with his mouth and managed to wrest orgasms from even the most stubborn and tenacious women.

But his wife was very horny that night, and after twenty minutes she had already come.

Nearly passed out on the armchair, her legs spread wide and her toes contracted in orgasm, Cathy told him in a hushed voice:

“My second order… for tonight… is that you go get your handcuffs, and come back here to be handcuffed…”

He returned, with the handcuffs and keys. He saw that she had hooked the cage key to his gold necklace, and the sight of the small, glittering key on his cleavage caused him a huge erection – or rather: it would have caused an erection, had he not been locked in the cage.

With Kartal Escort soft, sleepy gestures, Cathy cuffed his wrists behind his back, then she said:

“be kind, darling, would you hand me the hors d’oeuvres cup?” (chuckle).

Richard, naked, caged, handcuffed, without any orgasm (orgasm-free, so to speak…), he was obliged to serve Cathy, clothed, orgasm-saturated, and completely free… the acknowledgment of asymmetry made both him and her so horny.

His cock filled the cage completely, straining to achieve an impossible erection.

Her pussy was like being assaulted by fireworks.

Hesitating in his movements, he approached the table, struggling to turn his neck to look at where the cup of hors d’oeuvres was, grasping it with his hands behind his back, struggling to avoid dropping something… Richard barely had time to take the first step towards his queen, elegantly seated in her chair sipping from the goblet, when she raised a hand to stop him.

He remained motionless.

With an imperious gesture, she turned her forefinger downwards, and in a firm voice ordered him “on your knees.”

No exclamations, no whip, just her voice, her eyes, and her finger.

Richard shivered down his spine.

He bent first his right knee, then his left, struggling to keep the cup balanced.

He slowly advanced towards his Miss Cathy, his eyes full of adoration, and as excited as he had ever been.

Cathy was overwhelmed by this unprecedented feeling of power, amplified by all the projects she had already planned for the future, and of which Richard still knew nothing.

A proud grin appeared on her beautiful mouth. Everything was going according to plan, the only exception being this arousal within her, which was unexpected but no less… welcome.

§ Chapter 04. Plan for a month and a barbecue.

“Now let’s talk about your trip to Greece: you’re leaving in a month. If you want to interrupt, you can use a safeword, mentioning Rio, or even Lisbon if you want. But if you are as green as an emerald…”

Still kneeling and handcuffed, Richard nodded.

“Perfect… from today for a whole month, I want to experience you wearing the cage all day, every day… and every night, we both know that you can sleep with the cage, you were already doing it two years ago… and this choice will help you focus on finishing your academic Book, and your other duties. In the next coming weeks… giggle, giggle, help me say «coming», please…”

Cathy laughed heartily, but Richard also laughed with her. She looked so beautiful to him when she laughed… each time it was as if he fell in love with her for the first time.

And the pun was cute, so, in a serious voice on a hilarious face, Richard said “in the next COMING weeks, while I’m not allowed to come…”, getting sincere joy on his loving wife’s face.

“Yeah! In… those… weeks (chuckle!)…you have to prepare yourself properly, for this important Greek mission, and I don’t want you to waste whole hours looking for porn on the internet, or picking up unknown women Yakacık Escort in a bar. All clear?”

With a blissful smile, Richard replied “Ireland: greener than ever.” He felt like a child whose teacher for the first time shows that she cares about his results.

“OK, Ireland. I may notice, from the tone of your voice, and the nervous rabbit you surely have in your pocket… I noticed that you are glad to see me. How would you like it if one day this month, I released you, with no notice, no timetable? Uh! I see you’d love the idea.”

She chuckled, in full happiness.

“And what would you say if I wanted to show you off to some of my close friends, only women, of course, to show them how much dedication you have towards me?”

The twitches in his cock confessed that Richard agreed: but his wife wanted conscious confirmation, and waited until he said, “Yes, I agree, my Queen, you may show my caged cock to any woman you want.”

She took a glass to toast their agreement, then with a smile paused and said:

“Oh, just one more thing…” said his wife, nonchalantly, as if it were a small setback to be dealt with for business reasons, “I almost forgot, forgive me… professor van Middenstorm… From our accountant’s office, we have summoned four doctoral students…”

Cathy’s voice changed: from the orgasmic moans of just before to the flat oratory of economic accounting:

“Each one between twenty-four and twenty-nine years old, each one graduated and advanced reader of ancient Greek… they all seemed to me to be a very reliable team, very deep in their field.”

A condescending glance towards her slave, still kneeling and handcuffed.

“I’ve invited them for a barbecue tomorrow, and only if you accept, I’d like you to wear the cage the whole time.”

Cathy saw a flash in her husband’s eyes.

Shame? Arousal? Fear?

She couldn’t say for sure, at least… for now.

But she knew it was important for the work to go on, and the barbecue in their garden had always been the best way to cement a new team: even if Richard had behaved like a womanizer in the past.

Cathy sighed as if a weight was oppressing her lungs: “You know, honey, unfortunately, your reputation as a ladies’ man doesn’t make it easy for you, and some of the female students I tried to contact withdrew their applications as soon as I mentioned your name as the leader of the scientific expedition…”

“Ah! I’m sorry…:”

“The past is in the past. We live in the present. And today, in your present time, you are caged and I bet the cage will follow you in your Greek little island… or to be precise, you will follow the cage, on my orders.”

Cathy smiled, very relaxed.

“Tomorrow you won’t talk nonsense, you won’t touch inappropriately, you won’t do flirting. You will be always stern and professional. I expect you are dedicated to grilling meat for your guests, which means no handcuffs tomorrow. May you cope with that, or do we have to fly through Rio and Lisbon?”

“Dublin, Ireland, 100%. It’s just a barbecue…”

“Exactly. Kadıköy Escort Now let’s eat the food from this classy romantic dinner… I’ll have to feed you since now you’re still handcuffed, and you’ll have to give me… a little kiss… as a reward, for each forkful… agreed?”

“Of course, Miss Cathy… it’s always been my dream, to be fed and then kiss you all over…”

The first kisses were very chaste: on the forehead, on one eye, on the cheek. Then, after a piece of prawn, he came up to her face, but she took him in her hands and squeezed the nape of his neck tightly as she kissed him with her tongue… Still dressed, she moved aside the dress and ordered him “Lie down on the floor!”

First, she rubbed her wet pussy on his cage (causing him to attempt a huge erection) then she sat on his face, staring at his throbbing cock in the cage.

With a whisper, Cathy ordered him “now eat me until I say stop.”

And, believe me, or not, this time the word “stop” never seemed to appear, amidst her moans and groans.

Richard thought that the most beautiful thing in life was to make his wife come with his mouth. More beautiful than seducing, more than conquering, more than… even more than coming.

He thought: “Maybe giving orgasms to the person I love is the most beautiful thing in my life?”

He would never stop: not even to breathe.

And from his position, he could see his wife’s perfectly shaped ass, and her graceful feet in heeled shoes… fantastic.

Richard could have gone on for hours. But Cathy was too excited, and he increased the frequency of her moans and the volume of her screams… and after a neverending amount of time, finally she came, straddling on top of his face.

After her orgasm, Cathy was truly crushed.

Oh, and Richard, too, after HER orgasm, he was truly crushed, but without any release.

His cock was marble.

Her pussy was a pond of butter.

“Ah, my love… it feels so good to be clothed while you’re all naked and handcuffed, it gives me such a feeling of power… I wonder if it’s like that for other women too… who knows!”

Meanwhile, she gracefully slipped off her elegant dress. Now she was wearing only a mini lace thong and tiny heels. At that sight, Richard gasped, partly because he had not yet enjoyed himself for a moment.

She bent forward, giving him a perfect view of her marble-carved ass, and untied first one shoe and then the other.

Then she removed her mini thong and said, “would you dare to sleep handcuffed, darling, or are you going to beg me to at least free your wrists?”

“I… beg you… to keep me handcuffed all the night. It feels so good to be in your service… Miss Cathy.”

Her husband was taller than Cathy, but at that moment in the bed, he was all curled up like a shrimp… his whole body, as a metaphor and analogy to a precise body part, which at that moment genuinely resembled a small shrimp.

Cathy was doing the Big Spoon, stroking his cage with her hands, pointing her erect nipples against his back, rubbing her clit against his cuffed clenched fists, and stroking his legs with her graceful little feet.

Finally, she whispered “Good night Dicky…” and she fell asleep, with an angelical smile; while he lay awake for several hours wondering what would happen in the weeks to come.

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