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Whispers in the Vineyard Ch. 06

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Wine, a college coed and retired cop… A recipe for heat. Jake and Kitty will give you a front row seat to their X-rated fun. A big age gap doesn’t stop them… In fact, it’s just the opposite. Toss in another college coed and you know what’s cumming and cumming and cumming.

Kitty and Jake’s current and upcoming stories may have triggers of strong excessive sexual content, squirting, ass fun, girl/girl, kink, strong excessive sexual content, pregnancy, breastfeeding, unmarried infidelity, and more strong excessive sexual content

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Whispers in the Vineyard Ch 06

Kitty & Jake’s Story

Part 02

The day of the wedding was a flurry of activity everywhere. Ellie asked me to do a few things which I’d already accomplished. Nothing to do until it was time to get dressed.

“You know I’m hard for you all the time,” Jake growled in my ear.

“You know I’m wet for you all the time,” I whispered back.

He guided me out of the winery, down a hill to a small building. It was damp but warm inside. My eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, and I saw rows of oak barrels lined up on each wall. The fruity scent hit me, and I breathed deeply.

“I need you to fuck me, little one.”

“Sit down and get your dick out,” I said. I loved the new me that was so free. It was all because of Jake. He made me feel that way.

“I love when you dominate me.”

He sat in a wooden chair. His pants and shorts were pushed to his knees. His cock stood up throbbing from his lap.

I shimmied out of my panties and pushed them into his mouth. He moaned, his hands going to his cock.

“No touching.” He growled through the panties.

I straddled his lap, held his cock, and slid down the hard shaft. My head fell back, and I moaned when his cock stretched the walls of my cunt. He jerked and drove up. I put my hands on his shoulders and rode a few strokes, then pulled off.

“Oh, come on, you can be going to tease me like that,” he moaned, gripping my panties in his hand.

I knelt in front of him and pulled his pants to his ankles, spreading his thighs wider.

“Take your top and bra off.”

“You want to titty fuck me, Jake?” I held his eyes while is pulled the shirt over my head and unhooked my bra.

My tits were bigger and swollen and burst out when I released them.

“Oh my god. Those fucking tits give me wet dreams. Fuck yeah, I want to fuck them. I want to fuck your cunt. I can’t get enough of you Kitty. My Kitty with the hot pussy.”

“My cop with the big fucking cock,” I murmured before I opened my mouth and took his cock down my throat.

“Oh god damn,” he moaned. “Your mouth.”

I moaned and hummed and sucked. I tasted myself along with his precum. I hefted his full balls in my hand and lightly scratched them with my nails. He growled and his hips rocked. My teeth raked the hard shaft, my tongue swirled on the sensitive head. I milked up more precum with my hand.

“I want everything you got in those big fat balls.”

He hissed and rocked. I let him fuck my mouth at his pace. Between the heat of my mouth, my swirling tongue, and vibrations he built up quickly and was ready to cum. I heard the hard grunt, his balls drew up.

I pulled off on the first hard squirt out the tip and aimed it at my tits, watching arcs of hot white cum splatter on my tits. He watched, shouting louder as his cock continued to pump.

His head fell back for a moment, then he looked at me, his eyes still lusty.

I watched him as I rubbed the cum into my tits. I licked my fingers and plucked at my nipples, rubbing cum over them.

“Fucking hell. You are so fucking hot, darlin’.”

I smiled. “You liked”

“What the fuck do you think?”

I stood up and leaned over him letting him lick and suck his cum off my tits. It was a light touch of my finger on my clit that brought me to a shuddering orgasm while he bit and pulled on my nipples.

I picked up my bra. “We need to get ready for the wedding.”

I slipped the bra over my shoulders and turned around to let him hook it for me. He seemed surprised but happy. Acting like someone that has paid attention, he smoothed the bottom band around my body.

“Bend over.” I did and he pulled out a cup, put his hand inside, and adjusted my tit. He did the same with the other.

He pulled me back against his chest and kissed my neck and nipped my earlobe. He hefted my tits in his hands and pulled my nipples, so they were bulleted through my bra.

“You are bad!”

He laughed. “And you love it.”

“I do.” I reached back and gave his semi-hard cock a squeeze. “Now put him away and let’s go.”

I dressed for the wedding in my room. I wanted to see him dressed in his new suit, and I wanted him to see me. Not to mention that we could rarely get through anything without fucking. I never knew I could be so sexual until I met Jake. He brings out a different me.

I opened to the knock on the door.

“Wow,” I said, running my kaçak iddaa eyes up and down. The grey suit was tailored to perfection, and he carried it well.

“Wow is right,” he said, pushing in the door. “What say we blow the wedding and stay here and fuck like rabbits?”

I laughed. “The fucking you part sounds delicious, but later. Let’s go!” I took his hand and led him out the door while he grumbled under his breath. “you’re a sex fiend!”

He retorted, “You are too!” I thought to myself, yes, I do know that for a fact.

“You two look like you stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine!” Ami hugged us both. “I’ve never seen my brother so handsome,” she smiled.

My pink floral sundress was the perfect match to his dove grey suit. It did look like we put a lot of thought into our clothing. I smiled broadly thinking it was just a happy coincidence.

“You look gorgeous, Ami,” I said. She was older than her brother but looked younger. She was alive and vibrant which I believe overrides the years.

“Thank you, dear. I had better go see how the bride and groom are doing,” she said, hurrying off into the winery.

The ceremony was set outdoors at the edge of the vineyards. Everything was set up. All it needed was the bride, groom, and officiant.

Jake put an arm around my waist. “You do look beautiful, Kitty. I see people giving me a second look because they thought you were my daughter. But they’ve never seen a father do this to his daughter in public.” He kissed me.

Lightly at first but our passion overrode common sense and it quickly turned hot. I pulled away and did notice some shocked onlookers. I’m sure the bulge in his pants sealed the he’s-a-pervert deal.

“That gave them something to think on. Daddy,” I added, giggling.

“Daddy huh. That does sound delectably pervy. I think you should call me that. Especially when we are in public.”

I laughed and patted him on the ass. “Later, Daddy.”

The wedding was beautiful and made me cry. Ellie was gorgeous in a white sundress casual wedding dress. Gregg wore a dark grey suit. They said their vows at sunset. It was so romantic, I sighed.

Food was buffet-style in the dining room. An open bar, music, and dancing are set up on the deck.

“Let’s eat before you whisk me off to fuck me,” I whispered in his ear.

“Now I have to walk the buffet line with a hard-on.” I laughed loud enough that turned heads. “If they only knew what we were talking about. The old guy and his daughter.”

“Ohhhhh, you’re going to pay for that, little one,” he warned. I just raised my eyebrows and walked away.

The moon was full that night, casting an eerie glow on the grapes.

“Let’s go for a walk,” I said after we ate. “I want to enjoy the full moon.”

He led me down the steps and into the darkness of the vines. The party sounds faded as we wandered further away. The moon turned my skin an almost iridescent white. I reached back and unzipped my dress, and carefully placed it over a post.

“Damn Kitty,” he breathed.

My tits bulged over the strapless white lace bra. Matching thong panties and garter belt, thigh-high hose. I kicked off the strappy high heels and danced down the row.

“Take your bra off.” I did and tossed it to him.

My nipples puckered in the breeze. I had taken years of ballet and could still dance gracefully. My tits swayed with my movements, and I knew he was going wild watching. My tit man. I was made for him, I thought to myself.

I was shameless when it came to Jake. Where stupid guys would use the term slut, smart men knew that this woman was comfortable with her sexuality, and you should appreciate it instead of calling her names. My older smart man reaped the rewards of his encouragement of my sexuality.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. My nakedness against his clothed body was erotic.

“My vineyard nymph,” he whispered before kissing me.

He squeezed my ass and pulled me up against his throbbing cock.

“You want me.”

“There’s never a time I don’t want you. That I’m not thinking about you. You have me under your spell, my Kitty,” he said softly.

My Kitty. I loved the sound of that. I never thought about the future. I was afraid to even consider my life without Jake. But I would soon have to go back to school. I wanted to finish my education. I owed my stepfather that much. He raised me as his own and I loved him as much as I would a biological father.

“Why so sad. It’s a happy day.”

“Yeah, I’m happy for Gregg and Ellie. They’re the perfect couple. So romantic.”

“You’re a sucker for romance aren’t you,” he smiled.

I lowered my eyes before he could read me. “I am.”

“Get dressed. Much as I’d love to slide inside you right now, right here on the soft grass, I want you in bed more. Under me. Wrapped around me. Needing me.”

We stopped at the bar and ordered drinks. I smiled watching Ellie and Gregg, lost in each other’s arms on the dance floor.

“So romantic,” I whispered to myself.

“They seem made for each kaçak bahis other, don’t they?” I nodded. “Sorta like us.”

I had thought that recently but wasn’t ready to verbalize it. To continue a relationship with Jake, my life changes would be even tougher than what Ellie went through.

I smiled. “Let’s dance, handsome. I see a woman over there eyeing you, so I better get a dance in.”

“My card is filled,” he laughed.

I couldn’t help but think of him with another woman. Our relationship was bound to be a trainwreck.

“I dunno, she’s sexy, drop-dead gorgeous and she has the big tits too.”

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” he asked.

I snuggled into him as we danced. “No, just saying.” I left it at that. Maybe setting a seed that our time was coming to an end.

After fucking and playing half the night I woke up groggy and tired for my lunch shift.

As luck would have it, my first table of the day was the woman that had her eye on Jake last night. I took her order, got her coffee, and started to walk back to the kitchen.

“Excuse me, but weren’t you at the wedding last evening?”

“I was, yes.”

“I noticed you sitting with a man. Possibly your dad?” she asked in the most innocent voice possible.

‘Yes, I was with him, but he’s my lover, not my dad,” I said just as innocently.

“Oh, I see. You have a proclivity for older men as well.”

That piqued my curiosity. “I really didn’t until I met him.”

She nodded knowingly. “That was how it happened for me. I was in college. He was the manager of our bookstore of all things. He taught me more than I ever could have learned with six guys my age.”

I smiled. “Yes, exactly how I feel.”

“I’ll be around a while if you ever want to talk. I’m in the fifth cottage.” She stuck out her hand. “My name is Naomi, by the way.”

“Kitty,” I said, shaking her hand.

“Mmm, Kitty as in pussy cat. I love that.”

Gregg and Ella had a quick staff meeting between lunch and dinner. First to thank us for putting up with all the wedding shenanigans, which we all laughed about. Next to tell us that they were working on some improvements at the winery and would keep us in the loop because they would like our opinion. I was excited about it until it occurred to me, I wouldn’t be here for any changes.

Jake and I went to get the few things I had in my room to take them to the cottage. I’d be staying with him until I went back to Ohio. It was bittersweet fitting my things in with his, knowing it was only temporary. I don’t know how Ellie did it. Had to leave Gregg here while she went back to her restaurant.

Jake put his arms around my waist. “You’re sad today, little one.”

I put my head on his chest and hugged him tightly. “I’ll be leaving soon.”

He kissed the top of my head. “I know. I try not to think of it, but it’s reality. You have to finish college.” I nodded. I had another full year. Maybe more depending on what I wanted to continue with. “We’ll work it out.”

“I need you.” I pushed his t-shirt over his head and began to fumble with his pants. He brushed my hands away and did it himself, then quickly stripped my clothes.

Desperation sex. I read about it in my romance novels. Never understood it until this moment. I knew Jake was feeling the same way.

He was inside me while he still laying me back on the bed. I loud groaning sigh came through my lips when I felt his hard fullness invade my body, I scored my nails down his back as the thick shaft stretched my cunt. My nails dug into his ass pulling him deeper.

We had no words. The room filled with a staccato of uneven breaths, trembling moans, rasping loud grunts, and steamy hisses. The sound of our bodies pounding together. Considering nothing more than reaching the peak together.

He dropped to his elbows, the weight of his body on mine and I loved it. His hips jerked and drove his cock like a jackhammer. I could hear the blood flowing in my ears. I spread my legs wider. Needing him inside me. He groaned when he ground in. We couldn’t get joined together tight enough. Deep enough.

We were desperate to reach that realm. Jake’s growl deepened and grew more urgent. Not because he couldn’t cum, but because he too needed to reach that unknown point with me.

“Oh my god, baby. I’m gonna cum,” he moaned in my ear.

“Yes, cum inside me. Deep. I need your hot seed inside me,” I said, frantically.

His cock throbbed hard and began to pump. His hot juice flowed out and I shouted, cumming hard. Milking his balls of all they had.

He pulled me into his arms. I threw my arm and leg across him.

He sighed. “I don’t’ know what you do to me.”


“Well, you have to be aware that at my age, I’ve fucked a lot of girls and women.” I nodded, not really bothered by that because he was here with me now. “But never have I ever blasted my load thinking how much I wanted to make you pregnant.”

I let that sink in. I wasn’t shocked. A little surprised maybe. Maybe.

“I knew this time was illegal bahis different for us both.” I toyed with his chest hair. “It was intense this time. I couldn’t get enough of you. I couldn’t get close enough. Get you inside me enough. It was powerful.” I thought for a moment. “A baby would connect us forever.”

“I imagined my seed creating a baby in you. Your tits getting big and milky. Your belly round with our child.” He hesitated. “But I’ve never really wanted to be a father. I guess I’m all fucked up because I want it all leading up to a child, but just not the child.”

I looked up and pulled him down for a kiss. “No, you’re not fucked up. I’d love all that too. I’ve not thought about children. I’ve talked to Ellie who is sure she doesn’t want them. I sort of felt the same as her. I guess I just don’t know.”

“You’re young, little one. Plenty of time to figure that out,” he said.

I felt as though he was dismissing it as something I could figure out with the next man. If that’s what he had in mind, I had big news for him. He was mine. Forever. He may not realize that yet, but he will.

I was down to my last few days at the winery. Jake and I spent every waking moment that I wasn’t working naked. In bed fucking or watching television. Cooking and eating naked. We just had to feel each other, even if it wasn’t sexual. We were becoming nudists.

“I love you, Jake,” I said one day out of the blue. It just came out and took me by surprise.

He looked up from his chair. I saw a flash of surprise across his face, a softening of his hard face I had never seen before, followed by a lusty half-lidded stare. His legs were spread wide as usual, and I watched his cock stir in his lap.

“I’m guessing I love you too, little one.”

I just stood there watching his cock thickening. The veins popped out and mapped the length. His eyes were latched on my body, his hand went to his balls. He hefted them. They were full and ripe. His heavy cock fell back on his stomach.

“Stroke it,” I whispered.

I palmed my nipples and he milked up precum.

I lifted my tit and flicked my tongue across the hard nipple, he groaned and squeezed his cock.

I kneaded and squeezed my tit and reached between my legs to tug at my already swollen lips. His chest rose higher, his breath deeper and faster.

His eyes locked on my fingers in my pussy. He automatically stroked his cock, palming the head and tightly holding the base.

I flicked my clit. My head fell back, and I shuddered through my first orgasm. Our eyes met and his tongue flicked across his lips.

His hips began to rock, and he fucked his fist. The tendons on his neck stretched with intensity. I licked my wet fingers and trailed them over my lips. He moaned.

He fondled his balls, his hand sliding the shaft faster. His lips parted. I lifted my tit and tongued my nipple.

He shouted, his hand a blur his cock erupted shooting hot white cum all over his belly and chest. I followed with a trembling orgasm.

He held out his arms and I sat on his lap.

“God Kitty, you are so fucking hot. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.”

He said it. I wondered the same. What will I do without him? I curled up and he held me close.

We didn’t talk. There was nothing to say.

Max took time off from the winery to drive me from Florida to Ohio. I lived in a dorm on campus and had little to take back with me. I didn’t have all the stuff in my dorm room like most of the others. I studied and slept there. It wasn’t my home, and I wasn’t going to try to make it be.

Jake and I talked and or texted daily. He began to work at the winery helping Gregg with the changes and planned to stay in the area. He got an apartment nearby and seemed settled in.

I called him late one night when my roommate was gone.

“Hi, what’re you doing?”

“Thinking about you, beautiful,” his voice dropped a notch lower, and I knew he was feeling like me.

“Yeah?” I slipped my robe off.

“Oh yeah. Now you’re in my ear and my head.” I heard the rustling and knew he was taking his clothes off too.

“I’d have you in hand if I was there,” I suggested.

“You would, hmm? My dick is hard for you right now, little one.”

“My cunt is wet for your dick,” I listened to him swallow hard, “and needs your big fat throbbing cock badly.”

“God, I want to be deep inside you right now.” His voice trembled, and I heard rustling and movements.

“Are you stroking your cock right now?”

“I am. Are you playing with that sweet pussy?”

“Oh yeahhh.”

“I want to be there with my mouth on you. Teasing your clit with my tongue. Tasting and smelling your juices.” I moaned.

“I’d have your cock in my mouth. My tongue scrubbed the head before twirling around the wide rim. Flicking the underside before trailing down to your balls. Then sucking your smooth balls into my steamy hot mouth.”

He moaned. The sound of his quickening strokes affected his breathing. “Oh, god baby. Cum for me. I need to hear you cum.”

I flicked my clit and it hit me like a freight train. My body arched and froze. My quiet whimpers turned into louder mews that followed the waves of my orgasm. I came down gasping and trembling.

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