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What Does Wendy Desire?

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22 year old Wendy Bennett sat at the dinner table surrounded by her husband’s relations. She felt decidedly uncomfortable. It was nothing she had eaten; the food was amazing. Her husband John Bennett’s older sisters, Alison, Mary and Faith were all excellent cooks; as was their mother. The banter was light and everyone, including eldest sister Alison, appeared to be in good spirits. Wendy felt she had been accepted into John’s family. Despite being naturally shy and younger, she easily entered into their conversations.

There were only adults at the table, with the sister’s children seated at their own table in the next room. In normal circumstances Wendy would have been relaxed and enjoying herself. Her issue was Alison’s husband Conway Mendez, seated directly across the table from her. While Conway conversed politely; during the time he was not talking he would stare intently at Wendy. She had felt this stare previously, both from Conway and from men in her past. It was the lustful stare of a predator and as such it unnerved Wendy.

Alison Mendez was the oldest sibling at 34 years old and had three children to Conway, aged 8, 5 and 10 months. Each of the children shared their father’s dark, Latin-American features. They were attractive children and Wendy had to admit their father was a handsome man. Tall, at well over 6 foot, he had olive skin and a full head of dark, wavy hair. Everything about him cried ‘Alpha- male’ and his personality complimented his appearance.

While his wife Alison was also a good looking woman the family had to suffer her poor mental health. Wendy had been told that Alison’s post-natal depression had arrived with each child’s birth and could carry on for some years thereafter. Tonight she appeared to be quite upbeat, but Wendy knew from her short time with the family that by tomorrow she could be bedridden, with low mood and thoughts of suicide.

Alison’s health was the main reason John and Wendy had moved to live on the West Coast, three months previous. That and her mother’s death a year earlier. Wendy had been married to John for two years. Four years her senior, he was born and raised in California. He’d moved to Pittsburgh for work, where they’d met and married. They’d lived happily there until John’s family had asked he move back to rally around Alison and her family.

Wendy knew John was close to his family. All the family, John, the three sisters and their youngest sibling Ben, had attended her wedding. She had observed how much they interacted with each other. Wendy was always eager to please and with hr own mother’s passing there had been little to hold her back in Pittsburgh. She had readily agreed to move west.

Mary continued to converse with her but Wendy couldn’t concentrate. Conway’s eyes were on her again. Mary was 31 years old, married to Ryan and they had two children, 11 and 9 years old. Wendy tried to include Conway in the conversation. As she did so she noted his gaze drop to her breasts then back to her eyes. Her heart began to beat faster and she lost the thread of what she was talking about. Wendy noted Mary quickly glance to her side at Conway.

“Did she notice?” wondered Wendy, horrified that the look between her and Conway might be misconstrued by Mary. Her discomfort rose.

“I’ll clear away some of these dishes,” Wendy said, looking to extricate herself from the situation.

“Yes, I’ll give you a hand,” she was mortified to hear Conway reply, in his thick Latin-American accent.

“No, no; I can manage; you’ve done enough, having us all here.”

“No; I insist,” he said, beginning to gather up some plates.

The rest of the family briefly stopped talking. Wendy hoped someone else would volunteer to help, but no one did. Going to the kitchen alone, with Conway, was not what she wanted. It was a bad look, if nothing else. She looked toward Mary who merely passed two plates across the table to her.

“It’s nice to see Alison so happy,” Wendy said, trying to make light conversation, as Conway followed her into the kitchen.

“Is she?” Conway answered. “I hadn’t noticed because I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you. You’re looking beautiful tonight Wendy.”

Wendy blushed, part of her cringing at such blatant flirtation, with his wife only meters away. However a small part of her couldn’t help but enjoy hearing a handsome man speak of her in such a manner, in his deeply accented English. She made herself busy rinsing the dishes at the sink.

“Oh Conway, I’m not…., I’m not looking that special at all,” she stammered honestly, thinking her black skirt and white blouse were not terribly impressive.

“And you smell great too,” he said, moving closer to loom tall over her.

Wendy swallowed hard as he moved a hand around her and pulled her tightly into his flank. She smelt the musky odour of his cologne and felt his warm breath in her hair.

“Good enough to eat,” he continued as he dragged his hand up her waist and around to cup her breast.

It happened so quickly, Wendy izmit escort bayan couldn’t believe what was occurring and for a few seconds was frozen to the spot. This allowed Conway the freedom to squeeze and release her breast a number of times. Finally she made a move to break free, both scared and ashamed that the firm grip of the large man had caused a tingling sensation in her nipple. However, Conway wouldn’t release her and they stood like that at the kitchen bench.

“Hmmm, you like that, don’t you Wendy?” he said, deliberately running his thumb across nipple now showing out through her sheer bra and blouse.

“I need to…, I need to get back to…,” Wendy stammered like a teenager, mortified that her body had betrayed her at such a moment.

She pulled free of him and made to move past. Conway grabbed her hand.

“We need to see more of each other Wendy,” he said and deliberately dropped his gaze to run over her body, before returning to look her directly in the eye. “I need to see more of you.”

“That would be nice,” Wendy heard herself say, immediately filled with regret at having answered in such a manner.

She again broke free and quickly moved back to the dining room. Her heart was now racing a million miles an hour and she felt very flustered. Alison, John and their mother were conversing, but both Faith and Mary looked at her. She hoped they wouldn’t notice her discomfort.

“You alright Wendy?” Mary asked.

“Yes fine, maybe we’ll clear up later,” Wendy said, downing her wine, as Conway retuned to the table. He smiled at her as he rearranged the obvious erection in his trousers, before taking his seat.


On the drive home, John looked to chat about the evening, but Wendy was largely quiet.

“You all Ok?” John asked her.

“Yeah; it’s just….”

“Just what Wendy?”

“It’s just Conway. I find him a bit much at times. That’s all.”

This was not the first time she had raised Conway with John. She knew what was coming. She’d heard it before, both from John in regard to Conway and her mother in regard to her step father, Dan.

“Yeah look, I know what you mean Wendy, but he’s always been like that. You need to give him a break; after all he’s been through. You know with Alison and all that. I know he can get a bit fresh, but that’s just his Latin way. I’ve seen him like that with Mary and Faith as well.”

“Really?” Wendy said surprised. “With Mary and Faith?”

“Yeah; he used to be like that with them. Nothing serious, just a bit familiar that’s all. Now he appears to have become quite keen on you. And why not? Look at you with your dark hair, slim body and full breasts. You are just his type. Just let him carry on. He’s harmless. Conway just needs a woman who smiles back at him, that’s all. I give you full permission. Promise I won’t get jealous.”

Wendy giggled nervously at her husband’s attempt at humour and flattery.

“Oh dear, you fool,” she thought. “There is no way that man is harmless.”

Wendy knew from experience that men like Conway were never harmless.

“This is like deja-vu,” she thought as they drove on in silence. “The large physical presence, the fact that others close to me are basically giving him the green light and my reaction to the man.”

It was this last point that concerned Wendy the most. She had felt herself react to Conway’s touch in the same manner she had reacted to Dan. She took a deep breath and pretended to sleep, while her thoughts drifted back to the East, to a time of her life that she regretted and thought marriage would ensure was never repeated.


Wendy was born and raised by her mother, Carol, in North Carolina. Her father had left them when she was still an infant and they’d never heard from him again. Carol was attractive and had boyfriends, but none seemed to hang around for long. This was not helped by the fact that she drank to excess. This initially attracted a certain type of man, but not the reliable type.

Carol wasn’t a nurturing type of mother and didn’t praise Wendy often. At times, especially when drunk, she would actively belittle her daughter. Wendy was a shy girl with bad acne from her early teens. She presented as an easy target. Her mother would call her plain; say she was too skinny and mousy.

Despite this, or possibly because of it, Wendy would desperately seek to please her mother. She never spoke back, always doing as instructed. Some of her mother’s boyfriends were a little free with their hands, but Wendy was loath to tell her mother this for fear of upsetting her. The one time she did, Carol turned it around to be Wendy’s fault and she never went to her mother after that.

Dan arrived when Wendy was fifteen years old. Her mother had met him in a bar when he was down on business. He visited their town a number of times, before her mother announced they were moving to where he lived in Pittsburgh. Wendy was upset by this izmit eve gelen escort move, as she had to leave her few friends behind. Being a shy girl she would have to make new friends and knew she’d not find this easy.

Wendy was unsure what Dan did, but he went out every day and they appeared to be well off. Dan made no attempt to parent her in any way, leaving that up to her mother. However Wendy did find him a kind man. He would often praise her and would tell her mother to go easy on her.

Despite their nice house, it was a tough urban neighbourhood and initially Wendy found it difficult to fit in. However she noted those giving her a hard time at first, quickly ceased doing so. When she related this to a girl in her class she got a surprise.

“Yeah; that’s because you’re Dan’s kid. No one knew that at first, but now they’ve found out, no one will bother you.”

What was meant by this Wendy was never sure and didn’t ask. It was sufficient to know that Dan had some standing in their working class community, meaning no one would bother her.

By and large Wendy complied with her mother’s direction. She moved through High School, had only a couple of real friends and no boyfriends. By 18 years old Wendy’s acne cleared up and her painfully skinny body began to fill out. Dan found her a job in the office of a Lawyer friend of his.

At this time Wendy began to become more aware of her sexuality. In the comfort of her own bed she began to explore her body. She soon worked out what excited her and it wasn’t long after that her fingers brought her to her first orgasm.

In addition to her own awareness, she found men were becoming increasingly interested in her. She quietly enjoyed this attention. Unfortunately one of these men was Dan. While he remained kind toward her, his gaze began to linger on her breasts. They had grown to a nice size, in proportion to her slim body and 5 foot 5 inch height.

Dan, not only looked, but began to take every opportunity to touch her. A kiss goodbye would be accompanied by a hand down to her pat her bottom. Wendy wasn’t too concerned about this at first, because she’d experienced it previously from her mother’s boyfriends. She allowed it to continue without protest. She found it difficult enough to look anyone in the eye, let alone ask Dan to stop. She would quickly avert her gaze from his.

This shyness merely seemed to embolden Dan and his touching became increasingly sexual. It moved beyond what her mother’s previous partners had done. He would come up behind her and give her a hug, then bring his hands up to touch, then lift, the underside of her breasts. When sitting on the couch he would place a hand high on her thigh.

Wendy felt increasingly uncomfortable with this and plucking up all her courage, asked Dan to stop it. He made a joke of it and didn’t stop. One day he came up behind her and as he embraced her, his huge hand enveloped her left breast and squeezed. By this stage Wendy was being groped by boyfriends. Like her mother, she used alcohol to quell her nerves and when intoxicated would enjoy their touch. However Dan was different. He was old and he was her mother’s partner.

Eventually Wendy felt she must go to her mother and tell her what Dan was doing. At first her mother’s reply was predictable and made Wendy wish she had not raised the matter with her. Her mother accused Wendy of flaunting herself in order to get attention. She told Wendy to go and find her own boyfriend and then went on to list the reasons why this would not occur.

However, a day or so later she took Wendy by surprise. In a moment of sober reflection, her mother told Wendy that she’d begun menopause and hadn’t been greatly interested in sex for some time. She thought Dan was frustrated by this and said this would be why he was touching Wendy. She told Wendy Dan was a great provider and asked her to humour Dan, as she was scared of losing him.

Wendy was completely taken aback at her mother’s request. However, she had never rebelled and even as a young adult, was still programmed to accept her mother’s direction. As a result she felt obliged to allow Dan to continue.

From that point on, when Dan hugged her from behind she would not protest if his hands settled on her breasts. He only did it when they were alone and it soon became relatively normal for Wendy. Likewise, after her mother had gone to bed and she was sitting with Dan on the couch he would run his hand far up her thigh. On occasion he would bump her mound, but he never attempted to remove her panties. She would never turn to look at Dan; merely carry on watching the TV show.

As she relaxed, Dan’s touching began to make Wendy’s nipples hard and her pussy damp. As he moved his fingers lightly against her lower lips, wetness would spread into her panties. She knew he couldn’t have helped notice, but he never made comment.

Aside from Dan, Wendy wasn’t completely naïve as to the ways of men and she began going out on dates. With izmit otele gelen escort a little bit of alcohol for courage, some of these dates had led to the backseat of cars. By the time she turned 19 years old, she’d been going with Martin for three months and their exploration of each other was increasing. It had reached a stage where Wendy would be down to her bra and Martin’s hand would be touching her through her panties. Wendy was not entirely passive and she enjoyed stroking his cock through his trousers. With plenty of kissing and heavy breathing, Wendy very much enjoyed these moments, although she stopped Martin going any further.


John swerved slightly to avoid something in the road and Wendy opened her eyes to look at her husband.

“Bloody cat came out or nowhere. You OK?”

“Yeah, just tired, that’s all.”

“Go back to sleep, I’ll let you know when we’re home,” John said, patting her on the thigh.

Wendy repositioned herself and closed her eyes again. Her thoughts moved back to Dan.


It was at this point, 19 years old, working, dating Martin and allowing Dan to grope her, that Wendy and her mother accompanied him to the wedding of his nephew. They booked adjoining rooms at a motel. One room for Dan and her mother, with Wendy in the room next door.

While Wendy didn’t know anyone at the wedding, she had a fun time. At the reception, she drank freely and as usual her self-confidence rose with each glass. She got plenty of compliments about her lilac, knee length, lace dress. It had thin straps and with her brown hair tied up; she showed off her long neck and tanned shoulders to good effect.

Wendy was proving popular with the young men around her own age. She danced and chatted freely, accepting the drinks they offered her. When Dan mentioned her mother was worn out and he was taking her home, Wendy said she would get a ride later. She danced on for another two hours and then accepted an offer from Logan, a handsome young nephew of Dan’s, to give her a ride home in his truck.

Despite the alcohol, Wendy recalled the events vividly.

They drove toward the Motel, talking and joking. Initially Logan was being the perfect gentleman and she the demure, young female. However, as the drive continued their banter became increasingly filled with sexual innuendo.

“So you have a boyfriend. Would he let you out looking like that?”

“Like what?” Wendy replied, unknotting her hair and letting it fall lose over her shoulders.

“Like smoke’n hot.”

“Oh you have such a way with words, you country boys.”

“I’m better with my hands.”

“Oh my; I’d like to see that,” said Wendy, fully aware she was being very naughty in leading this man along. He’d clearly told her he had a girlfriend and she had Martin. However, here they were, in his truck, heading for a motel room that was hers alone for the night.

“Maybe the time is right?” thought Wendy, considering her own virtue and when she was willing to give it up. “I’m not in love with Martin and it could be a long time until I’m married. This man is handsome, rough and available.”

Wendy thought she would see how it played out, as they continued their sex infused banter. She felt wild and carefree, nothing like the quiet, staid young girl she was when sober.

They arrived at the motel and parked immediately outside her room. Already aroused by the talk in the car, they fell upon each other, exchanging a passionate kiss. Wendy, smelt the bourbon and cigarette smoke on his breath as their tongues touched.

“A bad boy,” she thought and her passion grew.

She was soon filled with alcohol fuelled lust for this handsome young man. The fact that he had a girlfriend, who he had left behind to be with her, only went to increase her ardour. She slipped her tongue in to locate his as his hand fell upon her breast.

“Oh, you’ve got great tits,” Logan said, briefly breaking the kiss.

Wendy giggled at his crass manner. Even through her light dress and sheer, strapless bra, the feel of Logan’s hand massaging her breast sent shivers through Wendy. The bench seat of the truck meant they could move close together and she pushed her other breast into his chest. Logan moved his hand to her back and unzipped the dress. Then her strap came off her shoulder and his hand pushed down the dress and bra to expose her naked breast. They continued kissing.

She now felt obliged to enter the action and moved her own hand to unzip Logan and free his cock. Wendy had never done this with Martin. She was a little taken aback to find Logan fully erect. His cock was bumpier than she’d anticipated. She began to squeeze and pull lightly on him, which he seemed to enjoy.

This sex play saw Logan become more urgent, moving his hand to the hem of her dress, before pushing on up her thigh. He probably did this a little too roughly and without finesse for her liking, but Wendy had now decided he would be the one. Due to period pains her mother had her on contraceptive pill at an early age, so that was no problem. She raised her butt off the seat and allowed him to grab her panties and pull them down her legs. He moved them off over her shoes.

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