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Virginators: College Buddies’ Quest

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We decided to create the “club” when we were freshman in college. You really can’t call it a club; we don’t have meetings or anything, no special handshake, or even a place where we really meet. Anyway, we call ourselves The Virginators. Yeah, it’s corny sounding, but that’s what we are. No, we don’t kill virgins, we just help the poor girls to loose their virginity.

We’d gotten the idea after a party that we’d met up at. At the end of the night after most of the people had left, we came upon two girls, one blond and one a redhead having sex with a guy in the pool. A dozen or so people were watching from the sides of the pool, including us. We later heard that it was the blonde’s first time. We had figured that much because she kept moaning and seemed a little unsure of her movements in the water.

We started with Brittany McDaniel’s. She was in my economics class in our community college and was new in town. I quickly went to Carl and the others after my first class with her. I pointed her out to them during a break and they all agreed that we needed to find out if she was a virgin. It didn’t take much investigating, she told a guy a few weeks later on a date to keep his hands off her, she was still a virgin and wanted to wait.

After that, we all knew that it was going to be hard for her in school. Once all the guys in our class heard she was a virgin, they all tried to get study dates with her to get warmed up to her to break through her moral barriers.

Carl and I discussed who’d be our first to “deflower,” I said Brittany, and Carl’s eyes lit up. I decided that I should be the one to approach her. It was a week before spring break and she was sitting in the quad outside the school store. “Hey, Brittany…” I said sitting next to her on the bench she was at looking over her notes. “What you doing this week?”

“Well,” she started, putting down her cup. “I plan to get some much needed R&R after this next final I have to take.” She held up her class book, extreme physics.

“Wow,” I whistled. “I bet that will be a hard test, huh?”

“I’ve heard from other’s that have taken his class that it is.” She smiled at me and rested her elbow on the table in front of us. She put her hand in her face and kept eye contact with me. “Why? What are you doing this week? Going to some crazy party where all the girls show their breasts?”

“Nah…” I shrugged. “I’m probably going to a friend’s party at Wilson’s College Campus.” I waited for her to take another sip of her coffee and then continued, “It’ll be on Friday, at about 8. You want to go, I’ll be able to drive ya.”

She sighed, looked at her notes and then smiled. “I don’t know…I probably won’t know anyone–“

“You’ll know me…and Carl Mathews. Come on, Brittany….it’ll be fun, trust me.”

She nodded and then scribbled her phone number on an edge of her paper and ripped it off, handing it to me. “Call me on Friday and if I’m up to it…..”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“She’s going? Are you sure?” Carl asked, turning the wheel and heading down the street.

“Yeah, I called an hour ago, she said she wanted to go ahead and go.” I smiled at him and we exchanged glances, “This will be fun to see what happens, huh?”

We’d discussed our plans the day I went to ask her to the party. We already had it set up with Brandon, he was totally into it. He’d even planned who’d start it off, a new guy in his frat house.

We picked Brittany up at her dorm, she was looking so hot, I almost wanted to call off the whole thing and keep her to myself. She was dressed up, in a white skirt with dark red flowers on it. She had on a sweater tank top with wide straps and a pair of white sneakers. She looked so good, her legs tanned with probably that drug store self tanner cream….her legs glowed and I imagined what she looked like naked when I helped her into the back seat of the car.

When we got to the party, it wasn’t out of control but was overflowing with people. Brandon was a good host, introducing himself to Brittany right away. She was a little shy with all the people but loosened up when I got her a drink. She wasn’t for sure what to get, “I’ve never really had anything but champagne…like at New Year’s Eve parties, ya know?” she said loudly so I’d hear her over the music.

“How about a vodka orange juice with some cranberry juice? It’ll give you all the vitamin C you need for the day.” I smiled at her, I didn’t want her to feel like I was trying to get her drunk.

I got her the drink, making it a triple. It was put into a big glass so she wouldn’t be able to taste the powerful alcohol. She sipped it down slowly at first, but after a few minutes, she was almost half done.

Carl and I took turns dancing with her, getting her introduced to other guy’s we knew from the frat. She was slowly opening up to the crowd of people, and before we knew it, she’d finished her drink and was sitting at a coffee table with Brandon escort kocaeli and some of his frat buddies.

Brandon worked his magic with the girl, getting her to try a drinking game. She laughed along with them when the only other girl at the table missed her throw with the quarter and had to take two shots. The girl was soon falling over drunk and Brittany laughed along with the guys as she was pulled out of the room and put in one of the bedrooms.

Brittany had her turn soon after and missed, she shrugged her shoulders and took the shots, making a cute squished up face when swallowing. She said the stuff burned and asked for a chaser, I handed her drink and she guzzled it down.

We could tell she was getting pretty tipsy and asked if she’d like to get away from the music, get a little quiet time. She nodded a yes and Carl and I helped her up, guiding her down the stairs in the kitchen to the basement. Brandon was off getting the lucky guy.

The downstairs was set up as their game room, a pool table and a pin ball machine and a dart board. A few couches were lined up against one wall and one chair was next to the round coffee table in a corner. A bong was sitting on the table and when we sat her down on the couch, she looked at the glass piece with a puzzled look on her face.

“What is that?” she asked. She hiccupped and we all laughed.

“It’s a bong, sweetie….” Carl said as he sat next to her on the couch. “You’ve never seen one huh?”

“Nope,” she looked so cute as she got comfortable. Brandon opened the door at the top of the steps and was followed by a few of the guys from our “club” and a meek looking guy, we later found out as Mark, the man for the hour. He looked like a total spazz, he’d only been able to join because his older brother had been a member a few years before.

Brandon sat on one of the other couches with Mark, telling the other guys to rack up the balls on the pool table. “We’re going to have a game,” he said.

Brittany was right on top of it. “Is it another drinking game?” she slurred her words a bit. We all laughed a bit. “Can we play teams though, I don’t think I’ll do so well….” She almost fell over when we got her up and brought her over to the table.

“How about a little bet, huh Brittany?” Brandon asked her, getting a pool stick. “For every ball I sink in, you need to take off a piece of clothing. For every one you sink in, we all take off a piece of clothing. Deal?”

She thought it over for a sec. She’d really drank a lot and lost a lot of her inhibitions in the booze. Plus, she was having fun. She was unwinding after a hard semester at school….she needed the break, she wanted it.

“Deal…it sounds good to me, boys,” she leaned forward after taking a stick from the wall and proceeded to try to break the balls formation. She missed, horribly. The guys chuckled and watched the show unfold.

Brandon went next, breaking the balls and sending them all over the table, sinking one. He looked at the drunk girl at the other end of the table, “I’m stripes…..you get to take off something…don’t you?”

His smile was warm and she didn’t even think of the situation. She pulled off her sneakers and went after Brandon missed his next shot. She hit a ball in and we all took off our shirts. She giggled, looking at the muscled flesh in the room. She leaned over the table to get her next shot, giving a few of us a nice look up her skirt. I could tell she was wearing a pair of nice white panties and I almost wet myself thinking of ripping them off.

She missed her next shot and whimpered when Brandon stepped up to the table, sinking in two balls in one shot. She didn’t even notice that they weren’t his, and she started to take off her socks.

Carl and I exchanged looks as she bent forward in front of all of us, to her total stupidity and drunkenness, and took off her socks. We all got a great look down her shirt and saw her beautiful cleavage pressed together as she undressed.

She stood back up, a head rush made her tip back. I quickly helped her not fall and stood next to her, making sure she was okay.

The next shot Brandon missed and gave her a good chance to hit a few balls in. She hit in a ball and we all either took off our shoes/shorts or our undershirts.

She giggled, giving a long look at us. She bent back forward and missed her next ball and moved away from the table.

Brandon sunk in a ball in one swift move and blew the tip of the pool stick next to his lips, raising his eyebrows at the girl. She moaned, even though she was willing, and took off her sweater. We all gazed at her hot body, her tits pressed together in the bra, almost spilling out over the top of the brazier.

She was so hot. I’d never known what big tits she had, she always hid them under baggy sweatshirts. She leaned forward on the table, resting on the edge with her elbows and we all shuffled to get a good look. She was completely oblivious to our gawking stares at her.

Brandon missed another shot and she stepped kocaeli anal yapan escort up to make another, missing an easy shot and giggling when she smacked the light over the table with the stick. We all laughed along with her and watched as Brandon then sunk in another ball, a look of triumph on his face.

Brittany slowly took off her skirt, giggles escaped her lips as she cast over the side of the pin ball machine. Her sweet panties clung to her cute small butt cheeks and she leaned against the table, letting the guys look her over.

Brandon hit in another ball and looked up at her. She shook her head no at him and backed away, laughing as she then bumped against us. “No, come on guys, this isn’t fair…I suck at pool.”

“Alright then,” Brandon said. “You good at pin ball?”

Brittany was led to the machine by Brandon. “Now,” he said in her ear, “if you win, you can keep your clothes on, if you loose, you get to get naked. Sound fair?”

“Sure…” she whispered back to him. “I’m pretty good at this….I hope. You going to play against me?”

“Nah,” Brandon said, “I’m going to go have some pot. You get to play Mark, that okay?”

She nodded, not really caring. She leaned her hips against the front of the machine as she pulled the knob back, then released it, hitting the ball hard and sending it darting around. It pinged and zapped and bounced a bunch of different score zones. She went through her turn in a few minutes, with us watching intently from behind.

Her legs were so toned and hot in those panties of hers. My friend’s mouths open as she stepped back a bit and then tightened her butt as she hit the side buttons on the side, occasionally bumping the front of the machine lightly with her body. She got into the game and when she missed the ball on her third about ten minutes later, she groaned. She turned around and shrugged. “Aww,” she walked away and Mark went to the machine next. “That was fun!” she said. “Beat that, Mark Four million, eight hundred!”

Mark began playing his turn as Brandon sat back on the couch with the other guys. The pings from the machine almost droned out from the music upstairs. Brandon packed a bowl of pot on the bong and the guys took turns taking hits as Mark played the machine.

We watched Brittany leaned against the machine, watching in a small daze as the ball moved around inside the machine. A few minutes later, Mark threw his hands up. He’d beaten Brittany’s score. He did a dance and clapped. We watched as Brittany slowly took off her bra for us…but she paused at the sides of her panties.

“I don’t want to get all the way naked,” she said to Brandon. He stood up and crossed over to her, followed by one of his frat buds.

“Come on, Britt….” He said with a smile. “You said you would get naked if you lost….now you lost, fair and square….you need to get naked, honey….” He spoke slowly and with a soft tone, not alerting her with our plans and keeping her calm. She sighed and pulled her panties down, revealing her gorgeous locks of pubic hairs, she was so intent on pulling them down slowly that she didn’t notice one of the frat guys getting behind her.

When she stood back up, the guy pounced. She struggled against the guys; Brandon, a guy named Gary and another guy I didn’t know. They pulled her up onto the pin ball machine and held her down. She lay on the cold glass, her hands held above her head against the score board by Gary, one leg held up and to the side by Brandon, and the other leg by the other guy.

“Now, now,” Brandon cooed to her. “You just need to relax, alright. You won’t be hurt. Trust me.”

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. “Wh-what are you going to do to me?” she sobbed.

“Don’t worry….I’m just going to make sure you are nice and wet for Mark here when he gets to fuck you in a little bit. Is that alright?”

“What?” she asked, shocked. She looked at Carl and I, hoping for us to help her.

I stood there, my mouth watering as I looked up between her legs. Her slit was dry and her body was trembling with fear.

“What…what are you guys….” Brittany’s voice trailed off.

“You ever have a guy lick your pussy before?” Brandon asked.

“No…” she responded. “I’ve never even let a guy touch my…my….pussy.” Her voice was small, hopeless.

“Well then,” Brandon chuckled. “I guess you need to get used to what it feels like.” He looked up at the guys, we all were standing, almost waiting to be told what to do. “Who wants to make her cum first…don’t worry, everyone will have a chance. But her cherry belongs to Mark here.” He looked to Mark who had a smile on his face.

I stepped up first. “I’m the one who suggested her, I think I should have first dibs.”

She looked at me, horror and hatred in her eyes. I got between her legs and leaned forward. Her flesh was soft and smelled of flowers. I looked up at her and locked eyes with her as I stretched my tongue out to her clit. She quickly izmit yabancı escort jolted as my tongue made contact with her soft button. She let out a small moan as I moved my tongue up and down over her clit.

Soon, she was streaming tears as my tongue was sliding up and down her slit. I no longer needed the help with her legs, I placed them over my shoulders. Her hands were still held together above her head, she looked down at me, moaning and whispering her pleas for me to stop.

I held her ass in my hands and held her up from the machine, my tongue darting in and out of her soft skin. I felt her folds open up, and her virgin pussy opened on my tongue. She sighed and moaned, my tongue then rolled around inside her opening, her sweet juices finally being tasted for the first time by man. She began to rock her hips gently against the machine and soon was gasping as she rode my face towards the unknown orgasm.

Brandon leaned forward to her face. “You ever cum before?” he asked.

She shook her head no.

“Get ready then, we can tell you are getting close. We know when a girl is about to cum….and look the part baby.” He stretched his hands over her left breast and tweaked her nipple in his hand. Carl came up and began to do the same on her right breast. She struggled against the hands on her wrists and tried to break free, but I pulled her to my lips and helped her forget she wasn’t enjoying the rape.

She moaned and gasped and felt my tongue slide around inside her pussy. I held her thighs apart, her ankles resting on my shoulders and watched her pussy react to flicks from my forefinger on her clit. It twitched as I flicked it across her hardening clit, and juices crept from her pussy. She moaned and gasped as I then sucked on that clit of hers and brought her to her first orgasm of her life.

She rode my face like a pro, her tits being abused by the two college men. She did her best to keep her pussy against my mouth but I knew my turn was up once she’d let an “Oh god!” be screamed from her throat. I moved away from her, kissing her thighs as I parted from her delicate skin.

She tried to catch her breath, her tits moving up and down gently. I moved away from her, and Brandon had the next turn with her. I watched as I stood nearby, my hand on my cock, like almost everyone else in the room, and stroked my prick gently as Brandon slid a finger into her small pussy. I knew she tight, I felt those walls contract on my tongue. Brandon slammed his finger against the sides of her pussy, keeping her hymen as much intact as he could as he brought her to another mind blowing orgasm. He sucked on her clit as she rode his finger softly, her muffled cries as I then began to kiss her.

She sighed and moaned in mouth as Brandon then stepped away and another guy came up. He had something else in mind for her and picked her up from the machine. He brought her to the pool table and laid her onto her stomach on the felt table. He kept her ass over the side and got between her legs. He pulled his cock free from his pants, Brandon quickly reminded him that the girl’s cherry was for Mark. The guy nodded his head in acknowledgement, and began to stroke his cock between Brittany’s ass cheeks.

She tried to move away, but the guy grabbed her hands and held them behind her back. He held her wrists with one hand and his dick with the other. He didn’t try to enter her ass, he only stroked it between her cheeks. When she realized that he wasn’t trying to enter her ass, she relaxed and he let go of her hands. He gripped both of her ass cheeks and rode between them. Brittany began moaning when his hand then traveled and found her clit. He stroked it between his thumb and forefinger as he slid between her cheeks.

Soon, he threw his head back and moaned as he came, she shuddered and her legs shook as she came on his fingers, her body jolting around as her orgasm was hard and deep.

The guy stepped away from her, leaving her ass cheeks thoroughly soaked with her cum. The next guy brought a bar towel with him and cleaned her off, he then turned her around onto her back and tweaked her nipples in his hands. She gasped as he tortured her. Every few seconds he’d flick them with his finger, making them bounce on their mounds of flesh. She put her head back and moaned as he brought her to a soft orgasm, he rocked his hips against her, dry humping with his cock pressing against his boxers, straining to reach her virgin pussy.

After each guy then had their turn with her, bringing her either close to another orgasm or at least making her tremendously wet, she was no longer putting up as big of a fight. Mark licked his lips when he saw that his turn was next. “Ready for me now, girl?” he asked.

She began to plead again to not be fucked. “Please…it will hurt. I don’t want to loose my cherry in front of everyone…please…” she moaned.

Mark stepped up to her, pulling his boxers down, showing her his 8 inches of meat. She let out a shocked gasp and stared at the cock in front of her. Brandon stepped in front of him and pulled Brittany off the table, bringing her to her knees in front of Mark. “First, suck his cock, baby.” Brandon’s eyes lit up as well as Brittany’s. “I want you to feel how big it is before you feel it in your snatch,” Brandon whispered in her ear.

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