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Unexpected Call

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Big Tits

I answer my phone and you’re on the line. You don’t bother with a greeting and go straight to what you want to do to me. I sit back on the bed, close my eyes and let your voice and instructions wash over my anticipating body. I always follow your instructions; you like it when I do as you say.

I’d only just got changed from a shower so I was wearing my purple vest and shorts set on over my simple white panties. I explain to you what I’m wearing and that at the right angle my vest is translucent, revealing my large breasts and pink nipples behind it.

Following your instructions I slowly begin to move my right hand from behind my right ear, down over my neck and linger on my cleavage between my heaving breasts, as my breath quickens slightly. I gently slip my fingers under my vest by my left breast and slowly begin circling my fingers, only grazing my skin.

My nipple begins to harden the longer I keep circling my breast without touching it. At your command I take my index finger and thumb and gently pinch and tug at my nipple sending shivers all over my body, which begins to make my pussy warm and wet.

You then ask me to remove my vest and tell you what I see. I tell you about looking down to my large breasts, the left tingling with my hard nipple, and my right breast ever so slightly larger with its nipple only slightly erect. I repeat the same action on my right, like you ask. As I pinch my right nipple I bite my lip as I feel my clitoris begin to wake up and send messages to my brain that I want you inside me.

I lose beşiktaş escort awareness of my surroundings as I concentrate on the instructions you give to me. I swap hands with the phone and take my left hand up and down my sides with just my fingertips and nails. I start at my hips and pull my fingers up to the side of my breast and back again. Occasionally I move across from my belly button to the space between my breasts, under my breast and back to my hips. Each time I do this I feel myself getting wetter and my breathing quickening and becoming more erratic, as I become more and more turned on.

I put the speakerphone option on and put the phone on my bedside table. I run both hands and fingers up and down my sides, making my nipples rock hard and tingle with desire. My left hand begins to linger on my breasts. I bring my right hand up to my mouth and slip in my index and second finger. You tell me to suck my fingers as if they were your cock so I make my fingers wet with saliva and after a while I withdraw them. I gently open my legs and slip my hand under my shorts and panties and over my dripping pussy. I rub my saliva-covered fingers over my clit making me quietly moan with wanting.

You tell me to remove my shorts and panties and use my right hand to stroke my hot pussy. I run my hand over my smooth lips and through the small patch of hair just above my clitoris. I can feel the heat coming from my pussy and I tell you how much I want to feel your throbbing cock inside me, thrusting şişli escort hard and fast until scream with pleasure.

I follow your next instruction and thrust my fingers into my soaking wet pussy. As I begin to finger-fuck myself I pull at my nipples keeping them hard and sending a tingle to my clit. After a few thrusts, I pull out my wet fingers and begin to tease my clitoris by tracing circles around and only occasionally touching it which makes me gasp with delight.

You ask me to taste my juices which are almost dripping out of my pussy. I bring my fingers to my mouth and begin to suck, imagining it is your cock in my mouth. The familiar taste of warm and slightly salted liquid covers my tongue as I lick off every last drop of my juices.

Following your next command, I reach for my favourite vibrator. I love the feel of this vibrator inside me, all 7 long inches, and 6 glorious round inches of it. It fills me up without causing pain and is shaped to imitate a real cock. It’s covered with veins and even has a sucker on the base for sticking to surfaces. As you asked, I rub the vibrator the entire length of my pussy, covering its head with my wetness.

The need to have it inside me causes my nipples to get even harder so that they ache with desire. I beg you to let me push in my vibrator so I can reach the orgasm I desperately want. Just as I’m about to shout out with frustration you tell me to start fucking myself with my favourite vibe. I moan loudly as I plunge it inside me, satisfied bahçeşehir escort bayan that something is inside my hot pussy.

Slowly I thrust the vibrator in and out of my pussy with it on a low-vibrating setting. I alternate between full thrusts pushing the vibrator in to the hilt, and shallow ones where I only push the head into me. As my clit swells, I quicken the pace of my thrusting with my left hand and I begin rubbing my clitoris with my right.

I start moving my hips to match my thrusts, moaning with every thrust knowing I am getting close to orgasm. You tell me to push my vibrator into my pussy as far as it would go and turn it onto pulse setting. I contract and release my pelvic muscle to match the pulse, making sure I contract with the vibration pulse to get the full effect.

I keep the vibrator pushed right in as I continue to contract and release my muscle. I keep rubbing my clitoris until the familiar wetness and shivery tingling begins to surge around my body. My breathing quickens to pants, my nipples get harder and I moan so loudly, I’m sure the wall vibrates. As I cum, my pussy spasms over and over again almost in sync with the pulse on the vibrator. I try to keep contracting and releasing my pelvic muscle but as my orgasm washes over me I find myself losing control. My toes curl and I grab the bed with my right hand, releasing my clit from my touch. I throw my head back and arch my back pushing the vibe in even further. Every part of my body tingles with the warm glow of my orgasm.

I let go of the vibrator and resume my contracting and releasing until my orgasm has subsided to satisfaction. I remove my vibrator and turn it off, admiring the slick effect of my cum all over it. You tell me how hard you are now and ask me to tell you what to do. I turn onto my and pick up my phone. I turn off the speakerphone and start my orders.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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