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Two Compliments for Erika Ch. 02

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David paced about his room in relative darkness; he had not bothered turning the lights on when he entered nor to change into a pair of boxer shorts. The gibbous moon just rising over the horizon reflected more than enough light through the open curtains for him to clearly see everything in the modest bedroom.

He traveled back and forth from the closed door leading out into the hallway. He would consider opening it and perhaps go looking for his sister, but always decided against it, and promptly turned around. He walked past the narrow twin bed and would stop at the window, pausing to look down at the backyard, and then go back to the door.

Occasionally he would take a detour to his closet and sift through the shirts, khaki pants, sweaters, and jeans, wondering whether to put on something nice. What counts as nice when you’re about to go to bed though, he thought, and as he did so he recognized the click of the doorknob beginning to turn.

The short figure of his sister slithered through the door and softly latched it shut behind her. Erika looked over her shoulder and turned slowly to face her brother, but otherwise remained where she stood, illuminated only by the dim moonlight.

“It’s alright… here,” David offered, taking a pair of cautious steps towards his petite guest.

Erika responded accordingly and reached tentatively towards David with both hands. She held her arms aloft lightly, wrists limp and palms facing down, almost as if guided by unseen puppeteer strings. David curled his fingertips into Erika’s and pulled her closer, locking fingers and bringing her chest to rest just above his navel. Even though she had changed into thick pajamas which covered her from neck to ankles, her body felt cool against his bare skin.

“Did you see Ashlyn and Sara out the door? You’re so cold and your hands are freezing!”

“Ye-yeah, I guess nights are still pretty chilly. They both complained about me kicking them out. Too early to call it a night or something, and Ashlyn wouldn’t shut up about coming from so far away just so that I’d…” Erika trailed off.

“So, I see you’re wearing your pajamas now?” David asked after a second.

“Well of course, I figured since I’m sleeping over I might as well,” she said, twirling in place. Unlike the lone t-shirt from a few minutes ago, Erika’s full attire now masked her curvature quite expertly. Her unassuming pajama pants with a straight cut gave no indication of the full thighs and plump calves David knew were waiting underneath, and the sleeves of her collared top hung some ways beyond her wrists, which she allowed to extend freely as she spun around.

“You still wear nothing but boxers to sleep, apparently,” she teased, tugging and sliding them down a couple of inches.

“Hey! Wait a min–” David snapped.

Wanting to escape punishment for her mischief, Erika made to dive onto the bed. David caught her mid-twirl by the waist, eliciting a small gasp from the intrepid girl, but besides her brief exclamation almost immediately fell back and relaxed in his arms. David pondered if being caught had been her intention all along and decided that in either case, he might as well dig into his fresh catch. His fingers clawed at the thick cotton of her clothing and, as he searched further up his sister’s figure, struck upon a mild surprise.

“You’re not wearing a bra!”

Erika scoffed in amusement, “What did you expect? I’m not gonna wear one to go to sleep!”

“Well, I thought since you were taking so long, you might be putting on some of your lacey lingerie for me. You used to love showing it off, even to bed.”

“You little peeper! How long have you had the hots for your sexy older sister?” she asked, coquettishly rubbing his hands on her perky breasts. “But anyway, I’m a changed woman. Don’t you like me this way better though?”

“Hmm? I rather do. Less to unwrap,” David whispered, squeezing her breasts. “Would it be alright if I touched you?”

“You already are y’know,” Erika smiled.

“Yeah, I know, but I mean under your clothes…” David mustered, realizing how idiotic he sounded. He felt himself go red, though luckily it was probably too dark to tell.

His sister put on her best faux thinking face and said, “I don’t know if you should… but I think it’s what I came here for, so please, go right ahead.”

Not waiting for a second invitation, David’s arms lunged under Erika’s top. He wanted to hold as much of her as he could physically accomplish, and his lips desired nothing except the taste of her skin; they sampled her shoulders, the nape of her neck, her ear. He desperately sought her own lips against his but restrained himself. While her head gave easily to his direction, it also felt terribly fragile, as if he could snap the vertebrae in her neck if he demanded a kiss too greedily.

“I’m going to take this off now, okay?” David whispered between suckles, his hands fumbling to find the button nearest her collar.

Erika giggled lightly, kaçak iddaa apparently amused at David’s timid wording, but said what followed in a breathy, sincere tone, “Davy, listen, you don’t have to tell me everything you’re gonna do… I’m yours. Just show me how much you want me.”

David paused for a moment. The mere scent of his sister clouded his thoughts and rattled his voice. He inhaled deeply to bring himself back to conscious reason before responding, “I want you very much. To be honest, I’ve wanted you for years now, you have no idea. And yes, I’ve always loved you as a sister, but more and more I’ve wanted other things from you. I’ve wanted your mouth, and breasts, and touch… your womanhood–“

“I can tell,” Erika interjected, rubbing her hips into David’s groin. His member jerked, a sensation both mildly painful and pleasurable that caused him to wince.

“But I shouldn’t have; I shouldn’t. I know what others will think if they find out. What do you think our parents will say if they do? If we stop here we can still just ignore it and never mention this again–“

“David. Look at me.” Erika turned to face her younger brother, a stern, though not uncaring, look on her face. “I need you to think very carefully about what you’re going to say next. Yes, we could stop. Sure, I won’t say anything, and from what you’re saying you probably won’t either. You’ll go back to just being my younger brother and can go off and have some other girl if you want. Same here, I can have some other guy.”

Erika stepped away from her brother. David tried to keep hold of her hands, but she brushed him off. She crossed her arms, eyes downcast to her side, seemingly wanting to turn her back to him, but remaining motionless.

“Hey… I’m sorry if–“

“No, shut up and listen!” Erika snapped, her tone unsteady. “I took a risk tonight. I know I said my friends egged me on and I thought if you just ended up thinking I was drunk I could just go along with it, but I’ve meant everything I’ve said. I’ve actually wanted to be with you too for a while but now you’re running away from me and I feel like what I’m doing is something crazy and I know that too! I know no one’ll approve! But I can’t help it. For me it’s even worse because I’m way older than you and I feel like some demented pervert hitting on my younger brother and–“

Her voice broke. Erika held her temple, breath shuddering. David’s heartbeat had pounded more and more forcefully against his ribcage with every new phrase his sister uttered, but now that they both had fallen quiet, the interval from one beat to the next grew awfully long, as if his organ were trying to pump slush through his veins. His sister had never been this open with him. As far as memory served, Erika had always kept a certain distance from him.

It was only to be expected, David guessed, given the age difference. They had never attended schools together, and his sister had usually been too busy with friends her age to pay much attention to little Davy as she had been fond of calling him. Of course, David could bring to mind rare occasions when Erika had begrudgingly helped him with homework, watched a television show with him, or acted the dual role of chauffeur and guardian on trips to the park and maybe stopping for take-out after their parents failed to come home at the regular hour. In this way Erika had at once become his closest friend and, coerced into the part of parental figure, the central adult in his life.

David’s breathing calmed and he could not help but smile to himself as he remembered these things, memories shared only between the two of them. With this, he stepped forward to comfort his older sister.

“Eri, do you remember how you used to drive us out to the movies and we’d have Korean barbeque on the way back, when mom and dad weren’t home?” David whispered, taking her right hand between his. Her fingers curled into a fist, but she did not withdraw her hand this time.

“That’s n-not helping… you haven’t called me that in ages,” Erika sputtered, half sobbing, half laughing. “What kinda kid likes Korean food anyways? You little weirdo…”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel worse.”

David chuckled; he was glad his tactic had worked, underhanded though it might have been. He decided to immediately execute the follow-up, and, pretending to embrace his sister, ran a fingernail from the nape of her neck down her back, making sure to apply just the right pressure between her shoulder blades.

“Hey! Don’t do that! If you’re just gonna mess around I’m going off to bed.”

“No- wait, Erika. I just wanted to make you laugh a bit… What I mean is, I brought up those trips because I wanted to say that you’ve always been so much more mature than I am. That’s what I thought until now. Since you were always taking care of me you just naturally became the image of how an adult woman should be and, somehow, because there’s no one like you I think, you became the woman I want kaçak bahis to be with. I want you now, and tomorrow morning, and every day afterwards.”

David paused, wondering if Erika might have anything to say. She stayed quiet.

“To be completely frank with you, I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen if we decide to be together. It would be naïve of me to assure you that everything will turn out fine and I don’t want to lie or give false hope to you. So, I think it’s best if we keep this to ourselves, and we can decide who we tell about our relationship, if anyone, whether that be mom or dad, friends, or anyone else, as things go on. Would that be alright with you?”

Erika only nodded. David pressed her close, as tightly as he dared. Her skin really is the softest, he thought to himself.

“You don’t know how happy that makes me,” he managed to say, his words muffled by her loose hair. Stray strands tickled his nose, flooding his head with their owner’s sweet scent.

“Will you stay with me tonight?” David drew himself away, just enough to see her eyes.

“Uh-huh… yeah,” she shuddered, quivering breaths seemingly barring a longer response.

With both palms, David tilted his sister’s face up to his and bowed down so as to nuzzle her small, pointed nose.

“Erika, you’re mine.”

He brought his lips onto hers, landing a bit more roughly than he had intended. Erika’s lips parted. Without hesitation, he introduced his tongue into her mouth, and his sister accepted it readily. One after another, every joint in her body quickly gave, failing completely before the hulking figure feasting on her flesh.

Save for one arm holding the melting constitution of his sister, David rid himself of all restraint and pulled apart his prey’s only cover. Every metallic button’s sewing snapped. He barely noticed the clink of one or two hitting the nearby bedside table. Erika herself landed face-up on the bed. Her head came precariously close to hitting the wall; not that either sibling noticed. Both were currently preoccupied with her pajama pants, torn off and on the floor quicker than he or she could have managed on his or her own.

“I need your taste,” David gasped, spreading Erika’s legs apart. He kissed her foot, a calf, both knees, and stopped short of biting into a beefy thigh. Spoilt for choice, David quickly gave in to the allure of the faint aroma emanating from his lover’s sex.

The flavor surprisingly eluded him: sour or sweet, mild or pungent, salty or bland, pleasant or unsavory? None of these words made sense to him. David only knew that he needed more of it. Fortunately, his sister provided him plenty with fresh juice flowing freely from her crevice as readily as he lapped it up. He dug his nostrils into Erika’s unkempt bush, soft and warm, sucking greedily on her generously protruding clit.

“Yeah, keep going… mm-hmm, yeah,” she moaned.

Her breathing, initially suppressed to strained inhalations, slowly developed into rasp groans which filled the room.

“Davy, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna–“

David, still suckling her labia, felt his chest doused with warm liquid. Erika’s thighs clamped shut around his neck, choking him for a second. Once they relaxed, he stole a couple breaths of air and continued to eat his sister’s pussy; long and deep strokes now to ease her out from the final stages of her orgasm.

Sharp knocks rapped on the door.

“David, could you keep the TV down?”

The voice easily permeated through the thin wood into his room, and David recognized it immediately.

“Y-yeah! Sure thing. N-no problem dad,” David stumbled. Responding did not help matters. The knob turned.

“Try to not wake up your sister, alright? I’m pretty sure she’s still a little jetlagged from this morning’s flight,” the burly silhouette said, taking half a step into the room.

“Yeah! Of course, yeah, I’ll put headphones on!”

David had managed to maneuver into a sitting, hopefully natural-looking position on the edge of the bed. His arms held the sheets tersely, fruitlessly attempting to block as much from his father’s view as possible.

“Hmm? You didn’t have to turn it off; you’re not in trouble. You should keep the brightness low if you’re going to watch in the dark though. ‘Night Dave,” his father said, retreating sluggishly and closing the door behind him.

“Erika?” David called out after a few seconds. He blinked rapidly, trying to accustom his eyes to the dark again.

“Why the hell did you have to sound so jittery for!?” his sister hissed. Erika crawled out from the closet and limped to the bed, sitting next to David.

“Can you blame me? I thought for sure dad heard us, what with your moaning and all.”

“Ha!” Erika scoffed, “You think those were my loudest, most unadulterated moans?” She slid her index finger down his cheek and stopped at the chin. Inching her torso closer, Erika’s face approached his.

David leaned forward to meet his sister’s lips, expecting illegal bahis a kiss, but Erika pinched him aside by the grip on his chin. Instead, she gave him a peck on the cheek, making certain to smack her lips and tongue as audibly as possible. As a final touch, she placed her mouth to his ear:

“You don’t have any idea, do you?”

Erika progressively heaved her breath deeper and deeper, all the while resting her cheek on David’s. First breathing through her nose, then humming along to her lungs’ rhythm. Her other hand drifted from her knee where it had remained up to this point, caressed her opening thigh, and lovingly began its task of pleasing its master between her legs.

“Maybe we should wait awhile until dad goes back to sleep?” he suggested. The rest of his body belied his words, however. Erika glanced down at the hand fondling her breast and smirked at her brother.

“I want you inside me, David,” she said, tugging at the bedsheets and hugging them up with her bountiful thighs, “My pussy soaked your bed just from your mouth. Here… touch.”

Erika guided David’s hand to the suspect spot and, sure enough, he felt a small damp area where his sister sat.

“That’s alright,” David reassured, “To be honest, it’s incredibly hot that you came so much. I love that you’re one of the wetter ones, so to speak.”

With the hand already pressed against his sister’s pussy, David searched for the moist entryway and once found, dug his middle finger in without warning. Erika squealed softly, but otherwise relaxed quickly. Her brother did not stay inside for very long, however, and pulled his finger out after only a couple of tours around her vaginal wall.

“You taste really good by the way,” David commented nonchalantly, licking his wet digit.

Erika giggled, a girlish smile spreading across her face. “You don’t have to say that. It doesn’t taste that great to most people.”

“No, really; I mean it Eri. I won’t say anything ridiculous like ‘you taste like strawberries,’ but even though I can’t quite liken it to anything else, at least to me it’s something I crave more of.”

Erika covered her face with both hands and clasped her legs shut, rolling into a fetal position on the bed. “Oh, I told you not to call me that! And that’s something even sillier to say! Why do you have to be so embarrassing?”

“I’ll be as embarrassing as I need to be, as long as it makes you blush,” he teased. David leaned over the abashed girl and kissed the back of her hands, still covering her face. He kissed her ear, and shoulder, and everywhere else he could reach to coax her to open herself up to him again. A minute went by, and Erika loosened her arms back to a more natural resting position.

“Well, if you like it so much…” she began, turning to lie face up towards David, “finish what you started before we were so rudely interrupted, and I’ll show you something special.”

“What do you mean by special?”

“Well… I mean, I know I said I wanted you inside, but I don’t actually have any protection with me. Do you?”

David’s heart sank, but responded, “No, me neither…”

“I thought not. And I’m sorry but we can’t risk having an accident. We’re already in hot water as it is. But don’t worry! You’ll like what I have to show you. I guarantee it,” Erika smiled. “Here, let’s take these off…”

Erika tugged at David’s boxers and David obliged.

“I think you’ll like it best if you’re the one laying down,” she said, motioning him to her side and simultaneously kneeling up and crawling down towards the foot of the bed, “Wish I had a hair tie…”

David’s sister pulled back as much of her hair as she could and let it fall over one shoulder and, lightly holding his swollen cock between deft fingers, brushed the end across her lips. She kissed the shaft and would occasionally suck the most minimal portion of the tip, all the while massaging his inner thighs and playing with the underside of his sack.

David ran both hands through Erika’s hair. Her waist-length strands cascaded every which way, covering her face, but he cared little for the mess he was making. He only desired the warm moisture of his sister’s throat and progressively pressed the back of her head harder to have her swallow deeper.

“Aah! Erika!” David exclaimed, pulling back and sitting up against the headboard.

“Don’t be wuss, it was only a nibble…” she said coyly, “besides, that’s what you get for pushing me. Don’t force it alright? I’m getting there. Hands behind your back.”

Reluctantly, David obeyed but kept his torso propped up by his pillows. Erika’s sternness reminded him of her usual, everyday scolding which had become a habit over the years. The softness of her touch however juxtaposed wonderfully with her normal attitude towards him and this, more than anything, made David’s already painfully stiff member throb violently in his older sibling’s mouth.

Perhaps noticing David’s growing response to her oral work, Erika also began to venture farther down her brother’s shaft. David exhaled rapidly and groaned whenever his lover sucked his cock as far as it would go and dug her nails into the sensitive flesh around his balls.

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