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Timmy’s Torment Pt. 02

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An hour or so must’ve gone past since Beth pushed me down between her legs. She had cum dozens of times and now breathing heavily with every stroke of my tongue. Gently kissing and sucking on the clit, her right leg wraps around the back of my neck. Both her hands grab at my hair and squeeze. I feel her whole body clench.

“Fuck!” Beth gasps as her orgasm ends and her body collapses back onto the bed.

“Want another one?” No reply.

I look up at Beth and her eyes are closed. That last orgasm must have knocked her out.

“Not bad for a virgin?” I congratulate myself as I lay a blanket over Beth and gently kiss her rosy cheek.

Dropping my shorts to tend to my swollen blue balls, the amount of pre-cum is ridiculous! If I had actually cum, it wouldn’t be that bad. I grab the lotion and moisturize my sack. Being locked is fun, but fuck it does chaff.

With fresh shorts on and balls now soothed, I lay next to Beth on the bed. Fuck she’s amazing. I tell myself, staring at her face. Hopefully she unlocks me in the morning as a reward. I ponder yawning as I fall asleep.

Waking to an excruciating pain in balls, from my cocks attempt at morning wood. I jump up out of bed and jiggle the cage in a futile attempt to relieve the pressure.

Beth sits up in bed and starts stretching. She looks over at me. “Damn, Tim. Your tongue. I mean. Wow!” She feigns clapping.

“Beth, any chance on the key? This thing is killing me!”

“Seriously? I just pay you a compliment and not much as a thank you?”

“No, yeah. Sorry. Thank you. But the key?.”

“Tut tut tut. The key can wait. How about a kiss good morning first.”

Jumping onto the bed. I plant the most passionate kiss I could muster on to Beth.

“Aww. That was sweet. But I meant down there.” She giggles pointing between her legs.

“Really? Are you not worn out from last night?”

“NO! It’s not like We fucked.”

“Well we could. If you want?”

“Umm it’s a little more difficult than that. Not that I don’t want to. I do. But I haven’t got a change of underwear, or clothes for that matter. So I’d be sitting in your juices all morning.”

“We could use a condom?”

“Where’s the fun in that? I’m not on the pill for fun you know.”

“A blowjob?” I plead.

“Sure! But ladies first.” She winks, spreading her legs.

I dive straight in and start sucking on her clit like I did last night. She moans instantly. Sucking away what she just said pop’s into my head. The pill? Why is she on the pill if we’re not having sex yet?

Her back starts to arch and her legs wrap round my head once more.

“HOLY. FUCK. SHIT. FUCK. FUCKITY FUCK FUCK! How are you that good at that?” Beth pants.

I shrug my shoulders and smirk.

“My turn!” I jump to my feet and drop my shorts.

“Eager, aren’t we?” Beth giggles at me. “Now where’s the key?” She says checking her sock.

She pulls out the key and gets down on her knees.

“You wanna take it off, or me?” She asks, looking curiously at the cage.

“Umm, yeah I’ll do…”

“Actually, never mind. I want to.” Beth interjects as her hand cups my balls.

She kisses both my testicles and then starts to suck on one. Fuck it feels good. Beth licks the slot of the cage and I can feel her tongue on the slit of my penis.

“ARGH…” escapes my mouth and my body quivers, as streams of cum start to intermittently shoot from the cage.

“HOLY JIZZ BALLS, TIMMY!” Beth shrieks, as cum blasts on her chest.

“Aw fuck!” Is all I can stammer and the fun finally stops.

“Wow…now aren’t you glad we didn’t fuck? That would’ve been over in a flash. You wouldn’t have even gotten in me.” She says matter of factly.

“I can’t believe that happened. That was like the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“It looked like it. So…I need to get cleaned up. Why don’t you go make me one of your famous omelettes.”

“Yeah…sure.” I mumble, still confused by what just happened.

Walking across the landing, my head throbbing from that orgasm. It dawns on me that I’m still caged. Should I head back? Or just crack on with Beth’s breakfast. I decide to ask Beth for the key once more. As I get to my door I can hear moaning from inside. I gently crack open the door to find Beth furiously fingering herself while simultaneously twisting her nipples. What the fuck! I slowly close the door and head for the kitchen.

Making Beth her omelette my mind is racing with questions I need answered. Did me cumming in the cage turn her on? Is she as kinky too? Hell why didn’t she let me finger her?

The omelette hits the plate as Beth walks in wearing one of my t-shirts.

“You were a while.”

“Well you made a rather BIG mess.” She winks tucking into her food.

Grabbing a water I sit down opposite her, ready to probe for the information I need. “Sooo…” I begin.

“Sooo…” She mimics shrugging her shoulders.

“So…I’m still caged?”

“Oh. Yes. Yes you are.” She says blankly.

“Can I have the key?” I ask.

“Is that bursa eskort a question or a request?”

“Um. Question I guess.”

Chewing her food Beth cocks her head to the side and stares at me deep in thought. Before she can begin to say anything. Mindy walks in wearing a majorly inappropriate mini robe.

“Hmmm. I thought I could smell something nice. Timmy. Be a good boy won’t you and make me one.”

Is this woman high? After last night, she thinks she can just walk in, ask for food then sit with Beth and I.

“No thanks.” I snort.

“Timmy!” Beth shouts. Catching me off guard. “Do not be awful. Make Mindy an omelette. It’s hardly going to kill you.”

I glare at Mindy, but nod to Beth and get up and start to prep the ingredients.

“Why thank you, Beth.”

I can genuinely feel my eyes roll to the back of the bed in disgust.

“You know, Beth. Sometimes I never know what to do with little Timmy here. I thought yesterday we finally had a breakthrough but today he’s back to being rude to me. Oh and speaking of rudeness. I do hope he didn’t try anything untoward with you?”

“MINDY!” I bark.

“He was a perfect gentleman.” Beth responds completely ignoring my outburst. “Honestly, believe it or not. He actually spent most of the evening practicing his…oral report on me.”

I swing my head around and Beth’s sitting there straight faced. The gall of her. She even somehow manages to shoot a wink at me and wry smile.

“Oh. Yes that does sound like Timmy…and a borefest!” Snorts Mindy.

“I won’t lie. I did fall asleep in the end.” Giggles Beth.

Trying to keep my embarrassment from showing I hand Mindy her food while avoiding eye contact.

“Good morning family.” Dad belows as he walks in.

Beth and I greet back, but it falls on deaths ears. He’s too busy sticking his tongue down Mindy’s throat. I turn away and carry on cooking. I don’t know how Beth can bear to watch. My dad playfully punches me in the arm. So I know it’s safe to look back up again.

“So what’s on the itinerary for you kids today?” Dad asks with his head in the fridge.

“Tim’s taking me to the beach and to the new mall. Though not necessarily in that order.”

“Am I?” I ask befuddled.

“Yes!” Beth snaps back. To laughter from dad and Mindy.

“Listen, Bud. If I teach you one thing, It’s ‘keep your lady happy!’ Now seeing as you have an eventful day planned and you’ve taken care of the house and your step-mom these past few months. I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you I’m giving you half my bonus.”

“You don’t gotta do that, dad.”

“Don’t be silly, Bud. I meant to give it ya last night, but what can I say…my urges got the better of me.” Dad laughs as he pulls an envelope out and hands it to me.

“Thanks, it’s thick.” I replied, surprised at the size of the envelope.

“That’s $1000.00! Don’t spend it all in one place.” He nudges.

“Dad…I can’t…That’s too much.”

“Bud. You’ve earned it. I appreciate all you do around here. You’ve stepped up. That deserves recognition. Hell, take my pick-up. Just have fun.” Then tosses me the keys.

“Wow. That’s so generous of you, Mr Manford. Tim, we should hurry up and leave. Your dad obviously wants some privacy today. You wash up and I’ll pack us a bag. Thanks again Mr Manford.” Giving me a quick kiss as she heads back upstairs.

“Wow, Bud. She has you by the short and curlies.” Dad laughs and pats me on the back as he heads out into the back yard. Leaving me alone with Mindy who now has a strange look on her face. I roll my eyes and start the washing up.

“Just so we’re clear, I fully expect you to keep our little conversation from last night private and in return I won’t mention those filthy drawings of yours. Got it, Cinderfella?”

I turn back from the sink. “Fine, Evil stepmother. But I shall be requiring my property back.”

“The key?” Mindy laughs. “Good luck with that! Your father got rather handsy with me last night. If the key is anywhere it’s somewhere in the backyard. Enjoy looking, Cinders.” She nudges past me, joining my dad in the yard.

“Ready when you are, Mr Tonguetastic.” Beth purrs.

“Umm. Beth, I’m still caged. Maybe we could remove it before we head out?”

“Oh for sure. Sorry, when you came in it you looked in awe and so proud of yourself and then you said it was like the best thing ever…I just thought you’d wanna keep it on a little longer.”

“Oh…um thanks…I mean…Yeah…fuuuuck. why can’t I speak?”

“Look, Tim. Relax. It’s all good. You’re okay. All I’m trying to say is, if you’re into this shit and you think you have to hide this part of you from me. You don’t! If it excites you…arouses You…we’ll figure it out together if ya want.”

She smiles innocently as she hands me the key back. My heart is pounding. I look down to the key in my hand and look straight back to Beth’s innocent smile. My mind immediately jumps back to under an hour ago when I caught Beth masturbating. Is she into this more than she’s letting on? I puzzle. bursa escort I take a deep breath and hand her back the key.

“No. I want you to hold the key.”

Beth leans straight in and kisses me. “Holder of the key? I love it!” She giggles.

“Actually I think ‘keyholder’ is the proper term.”

“Keyholder? Timmy Timmy Timmy. You’ve been holding out on me. She laughs smacking my arm. “Nothing but honesty now, okay?”

“Okay.” I agree.

We’re on the road but Beth can’t seem to stop fidgeting. I don’t blame her. My heart rate doesn’t seem to have slowed down so she’s probably as antsy as I am. Beth turns the radio off.

“So tell me more about the cock cage.”

“What…um What do you want to know?” I stammer.

“Well you said it was to help you be ‘good’ but you didn’t really elaborate.”

“Um…well…err…there isn’t…I mean there really isn’t anything much more to say than that.”


Beth’s disbelief in my words is blatant. As I open my mouth to start talking she puts her hand indicating one moment preventing me from speaking and pulls out her phone from her handbag.

“Okay Google. Tell me about Cock Cages.”

*Chastity belts in BDSM may be used as part of a practice of orgasm control, to prevent the wearer from engaging principally in sexual intercourse without the permission of the dominant, who acts as “keyholder”.*

“Beth hold on a sec.”

“Dayum. Shit. There’s tonnes of websites and articles too. Look here’s one from Vice ‘why these guys put their dicks in cages’. Oh look, here’s a cool one too, ‘cock cages all you need to know’ let’s try that one.”

“Beth. I’m glad you’re getting into it and all bit…”

“TIM! I’m trying to read. Please don’t be rude! Jeez.”

I mime a “wow” drive in silence. Not knowing what she’s reading sets off a nervous panic over me. What if she has questions? I can’t tell her the truth can I? Trying to get my breathing under control and come up with a good reason why I got into chastity. I definitely can’t say the “humiliation from my stepmom gave me an inferiority complex and cuck mentality” that’s just fucking nuts.

“There is soooo much to read, Tim. Like ‘Benefits of wearing a cock cage’ or ‘the top 10 rules all Keyholders must know’. Oh here is a good one ‘male chastity and your sex life’.”

And just like that, she’s straight back down the rabbit hole, while I panic internally.



“Did you know there are Strap-ons for guys who are caged?”


“I thought strap-ons were strictly for lesbians.” Slips from Beth’s mouth as she continues reading. “PEGGING! What’s that?”

No way I’m admitting to knowing about that one.

“Tim. Pegging is when a woman wearing a Strap-on penetrates the man.”

Her words are sterile. Void of any emotion. She’s clearly not interested, and my silence is rewarded.

“Oh! So ‘some Keyholders use pegging as a method of helping their sub ejaculate in order to maintain a healthy prostate’. Makes sense. But since you can cum in the cage I don’t think I’ll have to do that. Do you?”

She looks at me. Her face scrunched. Clearly trying to gage how I’d react.

“Um…no. I mean, ideally…um…you’ll unlock me and let me cum naturally.”

“HMMMMM.” She hums. Looking at me mercilessly. “I just read that ‘you’ should play no part in my decision to unlock you and any mention of ‘unlocking’ should be met with a punishment.” She smiles at me wickedly.


“I’m joking, Babe. Just teasing.” Giggles Beth and starts reading again. “There is a lot of material on here, Tim. At the very least my vocabulary will improve. Okay what’s next…’cock caged cuck’ oooh alliteration. I like it.”

My mouth instantly goes dry. Did she say “cuck” oh fuck. I don’t even know If I’m breathing right now. Oh shit oh shit what the fuck. I think I’m about to have a heart attack, so I pull over to park up. Dreading her reaction.

We’re safely parked and Beth is still scrolling through her phone like mad. I’m in such a state. My throat is so dry it feels like I’m swallowing sand. I try to look at her phone. But it’s no use, it all looks blurry to me. Just then Beth squeals.


Beth pushes the phone in my face. My eyes focus on the screen to a montage of photos I know all too well. It’s a Cuckold Sessions scene between Tweety Valentine and Shane Diesel. Tweety is holding Shane’s cock and playfully pretending to try to put the cage on it. Obviously a joke because Shane’s helmet is bigger than the whole fucking cage! It’s purely just visual humiliation for the cuck.

I swallow hard and look at Beth. She’s staring back at me. “I…I…” Is all I’m able to produce followed by a loud self defeating gulp. I hang my head in shame.

Beth caresses my face. “Tim?”

I looked up at her and I must have looked like a wounded animal. I can see the pity on her face. I feel my stomach lurch.

“Tim. Is this what bursa escort bayan you’re into? Is this why you bought the cage?” She asks. Her hand still holding my and her fingers ruffling my hair.

I feel the blood drain from my face. My guilt is obvious. I just let out a sigh. Beth says nothing as she pulls her hand away from my face. I shut my eyes and wish for death. As I sat there. Eyes shut wishing for a black hole to swallow me up while simultaneously waiting for Beth’s repulsion to become vocal, I hear the most unexpected sound.


Opening my eyes and looking over to Beth. Her left leg is arched with her foot resting on the dash. Her left hand is resting on her knee. Phone still in hand scrolling away. Her skirt is hiked and her panties have been pulled slightly to the side. Her middle and ring finger is furiously rubbing her clit. I look back at her phone now focused. I watch on as her thumb swipes through a catalogue of interracial and cuckold pics. As my attention draws back to Beth’s face I see her rotate between biting and licking her lips.

“Beth.” I whisper.

She either doesn’t hear me or completely ignores me. Her moaning increases with every swipe. Looking back down at her pussy she’s now fingering herself with the two fingers and using her right thumb to massage her clit. Paralysed with confusion I watch aimlessly as she pleasures herself. Her speed builds. Her right knee starts to bounce. Her fingers knuckles deep inside her as her hand starts to shake wildly. She’s rocking back and forth. She’s practically riding her hand now. Beth flings herself back. Yanking her hand from her pussy. She closes her eyes and squeals. Squirting all over the floor of the truck.

“I’ve never done that before.”

Her right hand is soaked with her juices. She raises it up to her face then looks at me. She motions me closer. I lean in to her. She slides 3 of her fingers into my mouth.

Sliding her fingers in and out of my mouth as she catches her breath. She smiles at me. “You know…if me squirting becomes a regular occurrence…you’ll be the one who swallows in this relationship!”

I nod in agreement. She pulls her hand from my mouth and pats my cheek twice and begins to re-adjust her clothes and get more comfortable.

“Tim. I’m not going to lie. I want to be one hundred percent honest. That cuckold shit…it’s fucking hot and I’m happy to like…role play and shit. But I’m not going to actually fuck other men! Are you good with that or is that going to be a problem?”

“No…no problem. In fact that’s perfect. I swear it. Hell I even have a puddle in my shorts to prove it!”

“Okay, good.”

“Can’t I just ask a question?”

“As long as it isn’t about me fucking other dudes.”

“What was your favourite part?”

“Hmmm. Well reading all the stuff about cages turned me on beforehand. But I’dbe lying if I didn’t say the big dicks didn’t get me dripping.”

My cock already a leaky faucet, lets out another load at those words. My whole body shivers. Beth totally oblivious carries on talking.

“Like…I imagine it must feel AMAZING taking a dick of that size…But I ain’t wrecking my pussy for that! And seeing as you fit snug in that cage there. I doubt you’re in a position to wreck me anyways.”

I recoil at the humiliation. Though the cum now seeping down my thighs indicates I fucking loved hearing those words.

“How’d I do?”


“With the small penis humiliation? One of the tips was to subtly mock your manhood. Did I get it right?” Beth asks eagerly.

“Baby…I…it…it was perfect. You’re fucking amazing! I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

“I guess I just have a thing for weak whitebois with small dicks and amazing tongues.” She laughs, shooting me a cheeky wink.

I laugh nervously back.

“Alright. Now that that’s settled. Take me to the beach, Tiny Tim.” She laughs and we head off again.

We arrive at the beach with no more mention of the cage or my cuckold fetish. We walk for a bit till Beth finds the perfect spot to lay down the towels. Beth strips down to her bikini and lays down with a book. Looking around we’re surrounded by extremely buff guys so I decide to keep my sweats on and bake in the sun.

Hours pass as Beth flips from her stomach to her back for the perfect tan. My boredom has led me to focus purely on my cage. My balls seem ridiculously full even though I’ve felt like I’ve cummed 3 times. Maybe that’s what makes the cage addictive, I ponder.

“Tim. Will you get me an ice cream? I’m hot.”

“Sure thing.”

And with my train of thought broken I get up and start to walk over to the vendor.

Standing in line, I pull out my phone and Google “my GF is my keyholder.” Maybe this is the way I can figure out what to expect as I doubt I will find what she’s been looking at. Ice cream in hand I head back. I’m not half way back when I notice half a dozen guys surrounding Beth. I panic. Is she okay? My heart starts pounding. I start to speed up but in reality what could I do if they’re troubling her? They’d easily pummel me. That’s when I notice they’re laughing together, she must know them. Not wanting to interrupt, I hold back and wait for them to leave. As the guys start to move on, I hurry back.

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