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The Wedding Guests

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The Wedding Guests

By The_Shadow_Rising

Quiet clouds lazily drifted across the sky as late afternoon began to turn to night-time in the City of Taboo Dreams. Warmth permeated the air and filled the residents of the City with a playfulness that only sparked hotter with the twinkling of the neon lights flashing on in places.

Shorehaven was alive and about to go out to play. And everyone knew it. People were getting ready to head out for the night, whether to a bar, a nightclub, or to their friends’ places. Fun was on the agenda, and so was a lot of sex. Beautiful girlfriends headed out, ready to kneel in front of their boyfriend’s best friends when something happened, eager to take their cocks into their mouths. Desperate to swallow cum.

Hot wives leaned over tables and counter tops so that their husband’s bosses could plough them wildly from behind. Naughty fiancées looked at their engagement rings as they were fucked into their beds by their fiancé’s rivals. And sexy mothers, sisters, and daughters cried out into the night as pleasure overtook them as they had sex with their sons, brothers, and fathers.

Shorehaven was where dreams came true, and the sexier those dreams were the better. In one house in Gainborough the warmth was gentle yet persistent, and one person’s dreams were about to become a reality. For that person, their night was about to become wonderful and their future bright. Little did they know what they would unleash by the power of their own dreams becoming a reality.

In that house Noah Young was sitting on the edge of his sofa, eagerly watching the game of baseball on the television. He was enrapt by it. He couldn’t look away even if his sexy girlfriend of three years walked in naked! Which she wouldn’t do as she wasn’t there at the moment. But still, the point stood.

The only thing Noah really paid attention to other than the game was his best friend, Logan Reid, sitting next to him and just as eagerly chanting on the opposite team. He couldn’t not pay attention to his friend when Logan was shouting out loud and almost jumping up and down in his seat. He got very vocal when it came to baseball.

But Noah was content. At least for now he was. He had nothing else to think about except for the fun night ahead and the great game on the television. That was when Logan spoke.

“Looks like you’re going to lose this one, Noah. The game’s almost finished and your team is down. Ready for the walk of shame?” The tall, brown-haired man said.

“It isn’t over yet, my man. We’ve still got a chance.” Noah replied confidently. “All we need is a couple more home runs and we’re golden.”

“Well you won’t get them. That’s just wishing for great things. Be realistic.” Logan responded jovially, already thinking he had won.

“Oh yeah? You sound pretty confident. Got something riding on the game, have we?” Noah laughed.

“As a matter of fact, yes. I put a hundred down for the Soarers to win and they’re going to kick ass. Just look at how they’ve performed already!” Logan replied good-humouredly.

Noah looked away from the television long enough to gaze at his friend, who smiled at him smugly.

“You put a hundred on this game?” Noah asked disbelievingly.

“Yeah, makes the game that much more fun to watch when you’ve got something riding on it.” Logan answered amusedly, “There’s nothing like the adrenaline of knowing you’re going to win big as well as watch your favourite team come out on top.”

For a moment, Noah looked at his friend. He hadn’t thought Logan was the gambling type. He certainly wasn’t. But he did wonder just what that feeling was like if Logan said it was exhilarating. Maybe he was onto something.

“Yeah, well I’m not stupid enough to lose my money on a game.” Noah said prudently.

“You’re just scared. Live a little. Come on, I’ll bet with you now if you’re so confident that your team can make a comeback this late in the game.” Logan jeered playfully.

Noah thought about his chances and how he didn’t like to gamble. The game was almost done and the odds of his team winning were a bit remote. But still, something in him wanted to show his friend how wrong he was. Something wanted to believe in his team and to take a chance.

But if he lost money to Logan, who may be his best friend, but Ashlei, Noah’s long-term girlfriend, didn’t like him very much, he was sure to get into trouble. So he wracked his brain in the few seconds his friend smirked at him, thinking he’d won.

That look was almost unbearable, and so was the smugness radiating off his friend as if the game was already done with. That irked at Noah and he wanted to do something to wipe the smile off his friend’s face. That was when a brilliant idea came to the dark-haired boyfriend of three years. He did believe in his team, and they could win. He just had to have faith. The game wasn’t over yet, and his team was the better team overall.

The almanbahis idea that came to him was so refreshingly beautiful that Noah almost laughed. He did grin broadly all of a sudden and Logan eyed him curiously.

“What’s up with you?” Logan asked confidently.

“You’re that confident that you’ll win?” Noah asked secretively.

“Yeah. This one’s already in the bag.” His best friend answered surely.

“Then I tell you what, I’ll make a bet with you.” Noah said assertively, feeling the rush of gambling suddenly pulse through him and the thrill of hoping that his team would come back and win. “If you’re not too scared, that is?”

“Scared? Of you? Bring it on, boy.” Logan replied amusedly.

“Ok. If my team loses I will clean your house and car for a month.” Noah said calmly.

“And if you win? However unlikely that is.” Logan responded sarcastically.

“If I win then you have to go to this wedding with Ashlei instead of me.” Noah continued on.

“What?” Logan asked confusedly.

“There is this wedding coming up next week that Ashlei and I have to go to. We haven’t RSVPed yet but we can’t really get out of it and neither of us wants to go. So if I win you will go instead of me and I get to kick back and relax. Then you can deal with Ash being in a bad mood all day.” Noah replied simply.

For a moment Logan looked at Noah dumbfounded. Then he spoke up.

“But Ash doesn’t even like me.” He said as if stating the obvious.

“She’ll get over it. It’ll just be another irritation in her day of being there. She doesn’t want to go either.” Noah said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, “I’ll RSVP straight away tonight if you lose and then she’ll have no choice but to go with you. She’ll be fine. She might just be a little sulky is all. She really doesn’t want to go. But we can’t really get out of it. At least one of us should have a good day, don’t you think?”

Logan seemed to mull that over for a second. Glancing at the television he looked back at Noah.

“But I don’t want to go either. Weddings aren’t my thing. Unless I’m nailing a bridesmaid. And Ash doesn’t like me as is, she’ll be a nightmare to be around.” He said defensively.

“That’s what you get if you lose. I thought you were confident you’d win?” Noah asked feeling a little giddy from the gambling. He wasn’t used to this and he felt right proud of himself having come up with this idea.

He was confident his team could win, and that meant not going to that stupid wedding! He couldn’t wait!

Prodding Logan’s ego like that made Noah’s best friend puff up like a proud cockerel.

“You think I’m not!? We’re creaming your ass. Ok, deal. If I win you clean my house and car for a month and if you win I go to this stupid wedding with Ash.” Logan agreed and Noah grinned.

“Deal.” He said, and his giddiness only seemed to double as if the world had suddenly changed around him.

Something seemed to happen anyway, as no sooner had the words left his mouth than his team hit a home run. Jumping off the chair with a cheer, Noah sat back down glued to the television.

“Lucky hit.” Logan said confidently, but his poise quickly lessened as Noah’s team hit another, and then another home run as their batters stepped up to the plate.

It was like watching something heavenly, Noah thought. Everything seemed to go right for him and soon the game was ending and Noah’s team were up by more than they had been down before the bet had been made. And they had won.

Noah jumped up from his seat with a shout of pleasure.

“YES!” He yelled, “In your face!” He added to his down-trodden friend.

Logan just sat there with both a surprised look on his face and a look of loss. He had never seen a comeback like it. It was a freak thing and he was sure that the team would have lost if they hadn’t made that stupid bet! Now he had lost a hundred as well as having committed to going to this wedding with his best friend’s girlfriend.

“Yeah, yeah.” He said disheartened.

“This is what you get for not believing!” Noah exclaimed happily. More so when he realised what this meant qua the bet: he wouldn’t have to go to that stupid wedding anymore! “I guess this means you’ll need a new suit.” He laughed, and Logan looked up at him with a hang dog look.

Sighing Logan leaned back on the sofa.

“Great. Just perfect.” He said despondently.

“I’m going to RSVP right now!” Noah announced as he moved over to where the computer was by the wall, “And I better phone the hotel and change the room booking. This is great!”

Doing just that Noah jumped onto the computer and opened his email while Logan watched on with a lost look in his eyes. Noah typed a few words and then opened up the wedding invitation and clicked ‘reply’.

“Yes, we will be attending.” He muttered pleasantly as he clicked the ‘Affirm attendance’ button. “You will be, anyway. I won’t be.” He said half to himself and half to his friend.

Logan almanbahis giriş just slumped a little more in his chair. Ashlei was not going to like this. She was going to be a nightmare to be around. Oh, there were good things to being around her – she was hot as hell, for one – but she didn’t like Logan at all, and everything Logan did seemed to grate on her nerves. She would be staring daggers at him the whole time!

“That’s that done. Now for the hotel.” Noah said, feeling good about himself, as he picked up the phone and began dialling. “Hello? Yes, I’d like to change a reservation. For Noah Young and Ashlei Scott. Yes. Yes, I’d like to switch the double room to two singles if that’s possible? Oh? Oh, ok. Yes, that would be perfect. Under two different names. Yes. Logan Reid and Ashlei Scott. Yes that’s it. Thanks. Perfect. Ok then, thank you. Bye.”

In no time at all Noah had the room changed and the invitation replied to, and he was leaning back in the computer chair.

“All done now. Looks like you’ve got a wedding to go to.” He said smugly and Logan eyed him dubiously.

“Thanks.” Logan said unimpressed and Noah just laughed.

Now he just had to tell Ashlei when she got back. He knew she wouldn’t be happy but there wasn’t much she could do now he had replied to the invitation about going.

This was going to be the best day off ever. Noah’s dreams were about to come true. No stupid wedding with people he didn’t like. He could put up with Ash’s mood for that for a while. She would be fine later. He would just need to make it up to her. Which was a million times better than actually going to the fool thing.

Yes, Noah Young was on Cloud Nine. And Shorehaven continued to turn towards the lustful.

– – –

Ashlei Scott walked pleasantly through the warm evening air as she headed home. She had had a good day today and everything was going as planned. At least so far anyway. She was just looking forward to a nice meal and a quiet night in with her boyfriend. Maybe some sexy time for the two of them. That could be fun.

Turning the corner onto her street, Ashlei made her way towards her house feeling content. Nothing could ruin her night now. Life was just going her way for once.

As she walked up to her house, she opened the door and stopped. There were voices coming from the lounge. So much for her quiet night in with her boyfriend, she thought. But still, seeing people was also nice, so she looked forward to going in and seeing who it was.

That feeling lasted the whole of the time it took her to reach the door to the lounge and open it. Once she saw who it was her stomach dropped and all thoughts of a peaceful evening were gone.

“Hey babe. Hey Logan.” She said, first sweetly and then not so much.

Both of the guys smiled at her, Logan a little too friendly for her boyfriend’s best friend, but that was always how he was. It was the reason she no longer felt like things were going her way. Logan Reid was a lecher and a terrible flirt, with her especially, despite her being his best friend’s girlfriend. And he creeped Ashlei out. That and she just couldn’t stand him because of how he was. Any instant to hit on her, look down her top, slap her ass, or anything, he tried it on, even if Noah was nearby! And Ashlei hated him for it.

Hated him more because Noah didn’t seem to ever see any of the bad things he did. Though he believed her and called his friend out he was never forceful enough to put his friend off, and Logan – slimy as he was – was always back to his usual tricks before long. Ashlei shuddered and folded her arms beneath her breasts as if to protect herself. All it did was emphasise their full roundness though, especially in the semi-low-cut top that she had on. Her jeans covered her ass, but they emphasised it too in its tightness.

Shaking herself, Ashlei thought she shouldn’t have to worry about what she was wearing around who. Logan should just be a normal guy, not a pervert. But he was who he was and unfortunately there was no changing him. She would just have to avoid him tonight, which meant a night alone for her.

Sighing she looked over at Noah who looked all cute and attractive, and focused on him. That brought a smile to her beautiful face. And made her feel somewhat better about the night ahead. Logan couldn’t do much with Noah sitting right there and she just wouldn’t let herself be alone with him. She would be attached to her boyfriend all night. That was perfect.

Ashlei’s good cheer, however, was about to be ruined. As were her plans for the night ahead.

“What have you been up to?” She asked Noah, plainly ignoring his friend.

“Oh, just watching the game. You know, hanging out. Having a laugh.” Noah replied good-humouredly.

“Did your team win?” Ashlei asked with genuine interest. She already knew the answer by how Noah was acting. He wouldn’t be this upbeat if his team had lost. But it was cute to humour him.

“Yeah, epically! almanbahis yeni giriş You should have seen it, Ash. Home runs almost straight to the end.” Noah excitedly explained.

Ashlei smiled warmly at her boyfriend. He was cute when he got all excited about things.

“That’s good.” She replied honestly, and then added with what she thought was veiled intent enough for Noah to pick up on but not Logan, “So are we still having that meal tonight?”

Noah looked at her a little confusedly and then glanced so quickly at Logan you might not have noticed it before he smiled back at her deliberately.

“Not sure we’ll be able to. Logan’s hanging out for the night.” He said without any veiling of her intent at all. She could have smacked him for being so blatant. He had no tact. Even if Logan didn’t deserve any.

The news of his best friend hanging around all night put a dampener on Ashlei’s mood. And that she wouldn’t get her alone time meal with Noah because of it just soured her mood even further.

Sitting on the arm of the sofa, away from where Logan was sitting, Ashlei spoke.

“I guess we can have it another night then.” She said, and Noah nodded. It was then that Ashlei noticed he was sitting in the computer chair rather than by his friend in front of the television. “What were you doing on the computer?” She asked curiously.

She shouldn’t have. Her whole night was about to go downhill.

“Oh, yeah. I was sorting out the wedding invitation for next week.” Noah said with a mix of cheerfulness and clear resistant restraint. “You may not like this. But I RSVPed that you’ll be going.”

Ashlei felt her heart sink and her mood sour even more. She had known this was going to happen, that she would have to go to this wedding despite not wanting to, but hearing her boyfriend say it only made her stomach turn even more. She really didn’t want to go. But it had to be done.

“I phoned up about the hotel as well. So that’s all booked and paid for.” He said almost hesitantly yet seeming quite happy with himself at the same time.

Ashlei knew there was more from how he was behaving, and somehow it was something he liked but knew she wouldn’t. She just waited for him to say more but he didn’t.

“At least I’ll have you there to get me through it.” She said finally and Noah put on a sympathetic look.

“Actually, babe, I need to talk to you about that. I won’t be going.” Noah said in definite tones, and Ashlei felt a mixture of confusion and sourness. That only got worse as he explained. “Logan will be going with you. You see I made a bet with him and…” He began to explain calmly, as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

Ashlei’s insides sank and twisted at the same time as Noah told her what had happened. He had made a bet with Logan to not go, and WON. It wasn’t like he had bet this and lost, he had actually won and this had been his bet! That she would go to the wedding with his best friend – who she couldn’t stand! – while he stayed at home. Enjoying himself!

And what was worse, he had already booked the hotel rooms – fortunately he had changed them to two rooms rather than one – under Logan’s and her name and RSVPed to the couple getting married, so she couldn’t get out of it and it was set who she was going with!

Ashlei was furious. Not just at having to go to the wedding with Logan of all people, but with her boyfriend for not going, and for setting all this up! On a bet! That he had WON! By the time Noah had finished telling her what had happened she was fuming at him, but unable to actually DO anything to change it! That just made her even more angry.

“So you’re just going to have the time of your life while I’m at this wedding…with your best friend!?” She asked, clearly implying ‘who I can’t stand’ after the last words. This time there was no attempt to veil her intent to Noah or Logan.

Logan just gave her a sympathetic smile. Ashlei cast him a dark look as if this was all his planning all along.

Logan then suddenly thought that if Ashlei was going to not like him anyway then he might as well be himself around her and enjoy the trip as much as he could. After all, she was hot and he would be alone around her. Maybe he could enjoy flirting with her and seeing her all dressed up. That and he might get to bang a bridesmaid while he was there! It may not be so bad after all.

With that thought Noah’s best friend gave Ashlei his most winning smile. The hot girlfriend only rolled her eyes at him, more convinced that he was somehow behind all of this really so he could get her alone.

“It was a fair bet. And they’re your friends getting married, so you have to be there. No need for us both to suffer.” Noah answered comfortingly, only his words just sparked Ashlei off even more.

He just wasn’t going to see how selfish he was being! And to have her go with Logan of all people…knowing that she hated him!…was just worse.

Ashlei couldn’t find more to say to her boyfriend or anything to get out of what he’d done. She was just fuming at him. And his best friend. And so she stood up and turned around, before walking out of the room, slamming the door behind her and going upstairs to her and Noah’s bedroom.

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