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The Stable Ch. 09

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“Easy, Violet.” Kim coaxed as the show pony tried to lengthen her strides to move forward. A slap of a crop on the pony’s back leg had her correcting it’s position immediately. “Better. You have to have long strides, but you also have to look good. I will give up stride for looks…and I will know if you are far enough. Again!”

Violet focused on the steps, stumbling but managing to keep her hooves and stomped one down, looking down at the harness around her waist. Sending a glance to her handler, she looked at the harness and stomped an angry hoof.

“I didn’t tell you to stop.” Kim scolded and snapped a went onto her leg and Violet squealed, turning to both implore her handler with her look and show fury. A harder snap told her to move again.

Violet went through the steps, taking care to stumble on purpose and stomp her hoof, looking to her handler, wishing the woman would see. Once again the snap got her moving again.

The pair went through the exchange twice more before Violet stomped and refused to move again.

“What in the hell, you disobedient animal!?” Kim swore, reaching for a firmer punishment weapon. Violet stomped her hoof and raised one leg looking down at the harness on her bottom half. Finally Kim saw where Violet was glancing and stayed her hand, moving to look. “What are you doing?”

Violet tried to bend over to her lifted leg and motioned to her harness. Watching the pony carefully, Kim knelt next to her pony, demanding her legs spread to better look at the harness.

Fingers ran over the padded leather, seeing where it was catching the pony on the leg and underside. Violet looked up, seeing her pony glancing down at her. “Are you complaining about this harness?” There was a nod from the pony. “Let me see you try that step again…Behave and no whip.”

Confident her point was gotten across, Violet tried the step required again, squealing as her legs tried to go wide before stumbling, looking back at her handler. Recovering she trotted back to her handler and paused.

“I’m taking the bottom harness off, Violet. I expect you to behave and perform.” she warned and Violet nodded, standing legs spread. Two clasps unfastened the bottom half of the harness, freeing her legs and hips.

Free for the first time in she didn’t know how long, Violet danced around feeling bahis şirketleri her legs. She whinnied over and over as she danced around. Kim allowed her pony to prance for a moment as she stood, moving toward her pony.

Once her handler closed, Violet froze when Kim got to her side, awaiting commands. Seeing the pony stop, Violet motioned to where she had been practicing. “Show me then.”

Now freed of her harness, Violet moved and could extend her strides further by nearly a foot while still maintaining the form Kim demanded. A whinny told the handler that her pony was pleased and continued to perform the movements she had been taught, looking back to see what Kim thought.

“You were trying to tell me that it was stopping you from taking a longer step.” Kim spoke, mostly to herself remembering that she had lashed Violet fairly harshly for trying to tell her something. “That harness wasn’t any good, it will have to be redesigned to let you have the longer stride. I’m sorry it took me so long to understand, I will see about making that up to you tomorrow.”

Violet perked up, curious. A huff escaped the pony as she was herded back into her stall. It felt odd without the belt she had grown accustomed to, but it did allow her to move better. She was curious what might be in store for her next.

Violet had fully embraced being a show pony, after realizing she had to make the best of a bad situation. As a human, she loved the limelight, and now…this was the best she could think of. The nipple piercing had thrilled her, and when they brushed against something, she wished there was something in her harness to finish it off, but had to deal with what she was given.

The showers were good, when she performed well…and Violet strove to perform well. They wanted a show pony, she would be the best there was.

Kim took Violet to the showers, giving her a good rubdown, at least three releases, before taking the pony back to her stall. “We will be redesigning your harness, don’t get used to not having it, but I want you to stretch your legs, see how far you can step. Goodnight, Violet.”

Settling down, Violet sighed as she closed her eyes…as happy as a pony could be.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Daisy was trotting around, blindfolded once again. Joshua had removed the blindfold bahis firmaları from her training after showing she could, in fact, do what was required, and immediately Daisy’s eyes had returned to her hooves.

She had screamed as he lashed her, crying herself to sleep that night. Now, every time she was outside her stall, her eyes were covered…and she blossomed.

“Good pony. That’s good. Legs up a little.” Joshua encouraged her and she changed her gait to accommodate the command. With her eyes covered, Daisy could surrender to being a pony and not worry about her hooves. Her body knew what it wanted to do, it was her mind that was stopping her.

And she loved it. By taking her sight, she flourished. Nothing to think about, the steps she knew by heart, all she had to do was listen to what she was told.

“Good, now trot. This is new, but not hard. A little faster than a walk. Listen to where I lead you.” Joshua encouraged. Daisy knew she was on a circular lead, moving around him in a wide circle so there was nothing in the way.

Taking in a deep breath Daisy trusted her handler and picked up the pace, making sure to bring her legs up. One, two, one two she counted in her head, feeling herself relax into the exercise. There was a tap every now and then, correcting but not painful.

“Good. Whoa there.” Joshua tugged on the reins, bringing her to a halt. “Okay, I’m going to try something new. This is going to be a canter. It’s a skip. One hoof forward, hop, back hoof touches front hoof, then forward.” Joshua explained touching each part of the body as he explained. “Get this today, Daisy, and there will be new tack for the walk tomorrow. You will enjoy it, I promise. Let’s try.”

Daisy moved her hooves, remembered the directions slowly. One hoof, bounce, touch hooves, back hoof forward. That’s all she could focus on since she had no sight. Changing from a trot, she started a new count. One, two, three. One, two, three.

“Excellent Daisy. Great start. Keep going and I will give you the tack before you are done to try it out. Go, higher legs now, always look nice. Good girl!”

Blushing from the praise, she worked harder on her steps, making sure her legs went up as high as she could, keeping the count.

Unaware of the time, but knowing she moved for awhile, her reins were tugged kaçak bahis siteleri to a stop. Collecting her breath she was thankful of the break.

“Stay here, pony. Do not move. I will be right back.” Joshua instructed and Daisy nodded. The noise from the stable comforted her, hearing other ponies. Finally she felt the hand of her handler on her, directing her legs apart. “Easy girl.” Daisy felt something in her legs, moving toward her cunt, letting out a squeal as it moved inside her. There was a belt to hold whatever it was inside her.

Daisy shifted, feeling the dildo move with her. She shivered and felt a comforting pat on her back.

“Okay, Daisy. This is what you will have every time you walk if you keep learning the steps. Good ponies are rewarded. Let’s start a walk.” Joshua directed and Daisy took a step forward.

Within six steps Daisy understood what was going to happen, keeping the pace the same although she desperately wanted to speed up. She moved until pleasure consumed her and she screamed, stumbling to the floor and trembled.

“Okay, Daisy. That’s okay this time. On your feet.” Joshua corrected. “Do that again and I will have to lash you. I know it’s new, but ponies accept new tack.”

Daisy got to her feet, accepting being directed into a walk again. Already she could feel another building. It was four steps before it went through her again, this time she kept her hooves.

Counting time in releases, she moved through five more before directed to stop and relieved of her belt and led into the shower before she was unblindfolded.

“That was very nice, Daisy.” Joshua praised as warm water cascaded over her. His hands worked efficiently to clean her, scrubbing her mane with lavender shampoo. “Being able to canter without your sight is impressive. If you continue to do well, we will exercise, then I will put the belt on you to wind down from your workout. After the canter is being led blindfolded. If you can do that, you can pull a cart and work. Those ponies have the belt while they work. What do you think?” he questioned.

Daisy nodded, feeling his hands in her hair and sighed. He didn’t force any other releases from her in the shower but made sure she was clean. Once out of the shower, the blindfold came back, and she appreciated it. It would be terrible to ruin an amazing day by lashing at her missteps going back to her stall.

Once at her home, Joshua took the sight-stealing cloth off and opened her stall door. Daisy moved in, slowly and lay down on the hay with a contented sigh.

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