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The Room Pt. 01

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Note to All – No one under the age of 18 is engaged in any sexual activity in this fictional story. It is neither implied, inferred, suggested, or endorsed by this author.

The Room, Part 1

Frank Lambert – male – 48 years old. 5’8″, 180 lbs., salt and pepper hair, Caucasian.

Jordan Banks – female – 23 years old. 5’6″ 115 lbs., auburn hair, brown eyes, Caucasian.

Jennifer Banks – female – 21 years old. 5’7″ 120 lbs. brown hair, brown eyes, Caucasian.

Erin Chance – female – 23 years old. 5’5″ 105 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, Caucasian.

Jordan Banks was from a small town in Alabama, population of 5,231 according to the most recent census, daughter of a minister, head cheerleader, homecoming queen her senior year in high school, and recipient of an academic scholarship to the University of Alabama. Jordan was a math whiz when it came to numbers, percentages, calculations, and the like so it came as no surprise that she chose Finance as her major. She knew, by majoring in Finance, she could go anywhere in the United States to work and get out of Small Town USA. Jordan’s only focuses in high school were cheerleading and academics since the selection of boys in town was slim due to most of them being into fishing, hunting, and hanging out in the McDonald’s parking lot on Friday and Saturday nights, none of which appealed to her. Jordan was ready to get out of the small little hick town and see what the world had to offer.

When she arrived on campus in Tuscaloosa, she dove straight into her academics and found that the world of Finance was right up her alley. She took to it like a fish to water. She made a few friends but found that alcohol and other stimulants were on the menu at some of the campus parties so she pretty much stayed to herself. Staying celibate was the most attractive option, especially after she overheard a conversation in the campus cafeteria about the betting pools among some of the males on campus. They were placing wagers on who, when, and where they were going to bed certain female students. Jordan was pretty enough that she could have had her pick of any guy she wanted but the information about the betting pools turned her off to any sort of sexual activity with any of the guys on campus. Sure, lots of guys asked her out on dates but she always politely refused, citing academics or traveling back home on the weekends as a reason to not be intimate.

Fast forward to the week after winter break her senior year in college. It was time for Jordan to think about where she wanted to work and where she wanted to live after college. There was a professional recruiting fair taking place in the basketball gym the entire week. This gave seniors a chance to talk to local, national, and international recruiters about possible employment after college. Jordan’s resumé was impressive so finding a rewarding and successful career after college was going to be easy, for at least she hoped so.

Enter Frank Lambert – he had a booth set up at the recruiting fair for his company – Lambert and Associates based in Atlanta, Georgia. Frank was owner and CEO. They handled everything from financial consulting to investments, to financial portfolios, accounting, and professional athletic contracts. Jordan walked over and approached Frank –

“Hi Frank Lambert from Lambert and Associates, Atlanta, Georgia.”

“Jordan Banks, University of Alabama, Finance Major, Senior. Nice to meet you Mr. Lambert.”

“Nice to meet you as well Miss Banks.”

“Can you tell me about your company?”

Frank went into the customary 10 minute presentation, showed her some brochures, all with his business card attached, and asked for a copy of her resumé and her current transcripts. She gave him a copy of each and he looked them over.

“Very impressive Miss Banks. Have you looked anywhere else here at this job fair or was this your first stop?”

“Thank you sir. This was my first stop.”

“Well, tell you what. I’m going to be here all week here at the job fair. If you think of any questions, please let me know, and feel free to check out our website as well.”

“Thank you sir. Well, it was nice to meet you.”

“It was nice to meet you also Miss Banks. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

Jordan visited some of the other booths during the week. She also checked out the website of each of the companies whose booths she visited. Lambert and Associates still stood out to her. She approached Frank Lambert at his booth on Friday after she had lunch in the campus cafeteria.

“Hi Mr. Lambert.”

“Ah Miss Banks. Nice to see you again.”

“It’s nice to see you again sir.”

“I’ve done a lot of research this week and I would like the opportunity to join your organization after graduation.”

“Very well. According to the campus calendar, your class graduates May 12th. I want you to be able to enjoy some post graduation time with your family. Can you be at our offices on Monday, June 1st at 8 AM? In the meantime, I will email you an official offer mersin escort letter, information about benefits, and information about a place to stay until you find a residence to rent or buy. We will pay for your temporary lodging, pay for first and last month’s rent and deposit if you rent, and the down payment and closing costs if you choose to buy a home.”

“Uh, yes sir. I certainly can. Thank you sir. I will see you on June 1st.”

The first week of February came and, as promised, the information Frank promised Jordan was in her email. She opened the email and was blown away with the starting salary and benefits package. She couldn’t believe how much she was going to be making. She was so excited that she texted her sister and best friend, Jennifer.

Jo – Hey wench. You there?

Je – Hey ho, yup. What you want?

Jo – Well hooker, I got a job after graduation. Start June 1st.

Je – Say what skank?

Jo – Yeah slut. Dis bitch got a J-O-B!!!!!!

Je – Well smack me around and call me Susan! I’m so happy for you girl. What’s da pay?

Jo – Are you sitting down?

Je – Naw. I’m on my knees sucking my man’s dick.

Jo – LMAO shut the fuck up.

Je – But not really. I ain’t got no man. Can’t no man handle all this hotness I be bringing!

Jo – Well you is fine but not as hot as me child.

Je – How much paper you gonna be making?

Jo – $95K to start.

Je – Bitch say wwwwhhhhaaaatttttt? Bring me a spatula and peel me up off da floor.

Jo – LMAO stupid. Ain’t that crazy?

Je – Girl, you gonna make me cry. For reals though.

Jo – You gonna come and help me pick out a place to live?

Je – Yes indeedy. But check this out —– you remember Erin Chance?

Jo – Yeah we were on a cheer dance squad together back in early high school before she moved to Fleming. How is she? She ok?

Je – Yeah she is more than fine. Girl, she bought a big ass house and a nice sports car.

Jo – What? She got a sugar daddy?

Je – Naw. She is a webcam girl. Her younger sister found out by accident so she called me to tell me. But mum is the word LOL. Oh, but hey, get this. She is making some crazy money from what I’m hearing. Like 6 digits.

Jo – WOW! But we know Uncle Sam is getting 40% at tax time.

Je – Yeah true. Call her sometime. I know she would love to hear from you. Y’all used to be so close.

Jo – OK I will. Hey I gotta jet. Study time. I gotta keep these grades up.

Je – OK sis. I love you more than marshmallows.

Jo – I love you more. And KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED!!!!

Je – They only open for you LESBIAN!!!!

Jo – Well you’re MY LESBIAN!!!!

Je – Better be. I love you so much!

Jo – I love you more!

Je – Bye

Jo – Bye

Senior year at Alabama was speeding bye. Spring break rolled around. Jordan was gonna drive home to visit her family and give them the news about working in Atlanta after graduation. But first, she was gonna stop off and visit Erin. She texted Erin about two weeks after Jennifer had told her about Erin being a webcam girl. They agreed that Jordan would come and have dinner with her and catch up on old times. Erin gave her the address, Jordan put it in her GPS, and was on her way.

She pulled up in the circular concrete driveway. In the open, covered parking spot next to the side entry door of the large beautiful tan brick home was Erin’s Volvo S90, black in color, and it sparkled in the Alabama heat. Jordan walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Just a few seconds passed and Erin Chance opened the door for her dear friend, Jordan. They didn’t say anything. They just embraced. They both began to sob. They held each other’s face with their hands.

“I have missed you Erin.”

“I have missed you Jordan. Come in. Come in. Come in.”

Erin took Jordan by the hand and led her to the kitchen and poured her a glass of ice cold lemonade, Jordan’s favorite. She handed the glass to Jordan and opened the oven door.

“The oven baked lemon chicken will be ready in about 15 minutes. The mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans are already done.”

“YUMMY. It’s so good to see you Erin.”

“Jordan, it is so good to see you too. I suppose you heard by now that I am a slutty webcam girl.”

“Yeah. I ain’t judging. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to make a living, right?”

“True. Thank you for being my friend.”

“I WILL ALWAYS be here for you, no matter what.”

“Let’s eat.”

Jordan and Erin fixed their plates and ate dinner. While they ate, they talked about old times. They laughed. They cried. They shared memories about all the fun things they did while they were growing up.

After they finished eating, Erin poured a glass of red wine for each of them and handed one to Jordan.

“Come on. Wanna show you something.” Erin said.

Erin walked down the hall with Jordan to two rooms in the back of the house. One very large room was a bunch of shelves with various wigs, high heel shoes, boots, mersin escort bayan thigh high boots, hats, and the like. Off to the side of the room was a large walk in closet with lingerie, outfits, garter belts, hose, bras, thong panties, crotchless panties, sheer covers, and tiny bikinis.

“This is how I make my living. My alter ego is ‘Sasha from Siberia’. That is how my name appears on the webcam menu. No one gets to see the real me or know my real name. I studied a lot of Siberian videos, language books, and language videos to get the dialect and accent down so people have an enjoyable and sexy experience with me.”

She led Jordan across the hall to the room where all of the sexual activity took place on webcam. There were two chairs, a large empty wooden table, a king size bed, a loveseat, and another table with various sex toys and vibrators of various sizes and colors, five video cameras, and a dozen or so bottles of lube. In the corner of the room was a door leading to a shower equipped with three more video cameras where Erin also did shower shows, in a wig of course.

Jordan took it all in. She didn’t realize just how extravagant the set up was that Erin had. She was impressed.

“WOW Erin. This is impressive. I had no idea how much work went into something like this.”

“Me neither. I got into this the year we graduated from high school. While everyone was planning to go to Daytona for the graduation trip, I went to Vegas to the AVN convention. I lied and told my parents I was going to Daytona. I knew that a lot of female porn stars were getting away from mainstream filming and going the webcam route so I sought them out while I was there and had some good, meaningful conversations with some of them. They were all so nice. I was really surprised. One of the female porn stars told me to call her after I had been doing this for about a month and she would come out and shoot with me. That REALLY helped build my following. I made some stupid money that weekend and the income has been amazing ever since. I’ve managed to network and work with some other popular webcam girls and a few more porn stars who also exclusively webcam stream now. The first six months I was a webcam girl, I had to hide it from everyone. All of my shows were in my bedroom and it was going good until my sister, Carla, walked in on me during a scene. Know how embarrassing it is to have your 18 year old sister walk in on you and you’re about to cum on your favorite dildo? She didn’t speak to me for two weeks. When I had been doing this for about a year, I put in a down payment on this house. The following year, I paid it off and paid cash for my car. OK. Enough about my ramblings, tell me about Jordan Banks.”

Jordan spent a few minutes telling her about college and having her first job lined up. But Jordan was also curious about Erin’s chosen line of work.

“I’m shooting some scenes tonight but I imagine that you need to get going to your family. I don’t want you to be late or else your Dad will have you repenting and confessing that you sinned by hanging out with a slutty cam girl.”

They both burst into laughter.

“I do need to get going. Are you shooting anything Saturday?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Can I watch you in action and see what it’s like? I am not judging. I just wanna see what you do and how you do it.”

Erin smiled. “Sure. I would like that. Who knows? Maybe I can drag you into a scene.”

Jordan blushed but she felt a hot sensation in her pussy. Sure, she and her sister joked about being lesbians together but thinking of being naked with Erin suddenly felt like something she was willing to try. Jordan just had to come up with a good excuse to leave home and go “back to campus” on Saturday instead of the usual Sunday.

Jordan and Erin walked together to Jordan’s car and hugged.

“See you Saturday Erin.”

“I look forward to it Jordan.”

Jordan got in her car and drove away, heading home to see her family. She pulled up in the driveway of her family home. Jennifer burst out the front door as soon as she saw Jordan pull up and put her car in Park. Jennifer waited on Jordan to get out of her car and gave her a big hug.

“I’m so happy to see you Jo”

“Glad to see you too Jen. You have no idea.” Before she broke the hug, she whispered in Jennifer’s ear “I’ve got something to tell you later.”

Jennifer looked at her with a confused expression on her face. Jordan looked back at her and winked, letting her know everything was OK. The wink was a sign that everything was fine.

Jennifer walked Jordan inside and she exchanged pleasantries with her Mom and Dad before excusing herself to go to the bathroom. Jennifer went out to Jordan’s car and popped the trunk and brought Jordan’s suitcase inside. Jordan, in the bathroom, sat down to pee but she also noticed a wet spot in her panties.

“What was this?” Jordan thought to herself. “Smells like excitement and not urine. Am I excited about possibly shooting a scene with Erin? escort mersin Could that be the case? Would I? Will? Could I? Can I? I’ve never been with a woman before. Never been with a guy for that matter. I’m just glad no one knows about my two toys, except for Jennifer. Mom and Dad would kill me if they knew if I was cavorting with Erin. But she is my friend. One of my only true friends I have ever had.” Jordan finished peeing, wiped herself, flushed the toilet, washed her hands, and checked her hair and make up in the bathroom mirror before joining the family in the living room.

Jordan and Jennifer made small talk with their parents before their parents went to bed. It was early, only 9 PM. The girls both knew, in 30 minutes, their parents would be snoring, as in “cutting down trees in the forest” type of snoring. Right on cue, 30 minutes later, both parents were snoring. Jordan and Jennifer went outside and sat on the curb in front of the house to chat. Jordan began –

“I stopped by to see Erin.”

“Oh? How is she?”

“She is fine. But I can tell she is sad.”

“Yeah I can imagine. All it takes in Small Town USA is for some news about you to get out, true or not, and it might as well be plastered on every billboard in the state.”

“Hey, I have an idea. Come here. Put your face next to mine.”


Jennifer and Jordan scooted in tighter. Jordan took a bunch of selfies of them together.

“What ya gonna do with those Jo?”

“Gonna send them to Erin and let her know we love her and that we are her friends to the end.”

Jordan attached all the selfies to a message and sent them to Erin. About 10 minutes later, Erin responded with a selfie of herself that said “I love you both as well. Forever and Always”.

Jordan and Jennifer both smiled at the photo and each other. The ladies decided it was time to go inside. Even though it was getting late, it was still warm outside. They went into their bedroom and closed the door. The daughters had their own private bathroom as did their parents. Both girls stripped and jumped in the shower. They had showered together many times before tonight. They took turns washing each other’s hair and soaped each other up really good with their loofas. Both ladies rinsed off, stepped out of the shower, and dried off. They put their hair up in towel turbans to dry their hair and wrapped in their towels to cover up.

Jennifer dropped her towel and stood there naked in all her glory and said “OK, I’m ready for bed.”

Jordan grinned, dropped her towel, and said “Me too.”

Both ladies laughed. Jennifer locked the bedroom door so they wouldn’t get disturbed by their parents. Jordan closed her suitcase, sat it on the floor next to the bed, and turned off the overhead bedroom light. They had a queen size bed upon which to lay. They laid on the bed on their stomachs but with their heads up so they could see each other when they talked. The only light emanating into the room came from the night light next to the bathroom sink. They chatted into the evening and, around midnight, decided to get some shut eye.

“Jennifer, should we put on some night clothes in case Mom and Dad want to know we have the bedroom door locked?”

“No. I always keep it locked at night. Mom or Dad will knock on the door in the morning if it’s really important.” Jennifer reached over to the dresser and pulled out two cotton night shorts that were long enough to cover everything but would let people know if you were nude under it or not, depending on how the light hit it. She sat both night shirts at the foot of the bed. They both removed their head towels since their hair was almost completely dry. They both pulled the covers back and got in the bed. Neither of them bothered to cover up since it was comfortable in the room.

Jennifer was on her back and Jordan laid her head on Jennifer’s chest just above her left breast. Jennifer had her arm around Jordan gently rubbing her back. Jordan responded by rubbing Jennifer’s tummy and legs. The girls decided to keep things at a whisper in case their parents woke up.

“I’m so glad we’re sisters Jen.”

“Me too Jo. It’s nice to have a best friend who is also my sister.”

‘I’m gonna miss you when I move to Atlanta.”

“I will miss you too. But I can come visit, right?”

“You better. And you can stay as long as you like.”

” Awesome sauce.” Jennifer moved her hand further down her sister’s back to where her dimples were at the top of Jordan’s butt crack.

Jordan turned her head so that she was face to face with her sister. “I love you Jen Jen.”

“I love you “Jo Jo”.

Jordan leaned a little closer, closed her eyes, and kissed Jennifer on the lips. Jennifer pulled her sister into a warm embrace. She kissed Jordan back.

“Jo, we have to be quiet if we kiss or anything more. I can hear Mom and Dad raising all sorts of hell about having lesbian daughters.”

“True. True. Open your legs please.”

Jennifer opened her legs while Jordan kissed her some more. Jordan ran her fingers alongside each one of Jennifer’s pussy lips while she sucked on Jennifer’s nipples. Jennifer was breathing heavily.

“Jo, why have we never done anything until now?”

“I don’t know. Maybe timing?”

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