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The Old Neighbours – Still Got It

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Anal Creampie

The older a guy gets, the harder it is for him to find a sexual partner. It stands to reason.

My wife, Connie, of 30 years had left me the year before. It wasn’t to another man, I hasten to add but to a dominating woman, older than Connie’s 57 years.

I was ages with Connie and I had to admit that I still missed her. I had tried to hook up with other women but was distinctly unsuccessful.

On this particular sunny morning, I popped out of my front door and saw my next door neighbour, Kenny, washing his car. He was older than me, in his sixties but had a compact body, that seemed to fit his height of 5′ 6″. He wasn’t wearing a top and had a matt of grey hair covering his chest and belly. I wasn’t gay but could appreciate his body.

“Hi Kenny! How’s tricks?” I enquired in standard small talk.

“Not so bad Bob. Beginning to feel a wee bit lonely, to be honest”

“Why’s that Kenny? Has Mags cut your rations?”

“You could say that, Bob. She’s spending a couple of months at her sisters in the Shetlands.”

Is her sister okay? I asked.

“She’s fine. It’s just Mags getting home-sick.” Kenny replied, sounding down.

“What? She’s been here for forty years.”

“Oh, I know. She’s hankering for us to move there permanently but I don’t know, I’m not so sure.” Kenny sounded tired, as if this was a subject that had been done to death with his wife.

“You are missing her though, aren’t you?”

I said, trying to be sensitive.

“I miss not waking up beside her.”

” Huh, tell me about it. It doesn’t get easier, I’m sorry to say.”

Kenny looked at me, aghast. “Oh God, sorry Bob, I’ve got my head stuck up my own ass and forgotten that you lost your wife permanently. “

“Don’t worry about it, Kenny. Who knows where love might appear from for me?”

“Hey Bob, let’s cheer each other up. The Formula 1 race is on TV tonight. How about you coming round and we can have drink or two?”

“That sounds great Kenny. When do you want me?”

Kenny smiled appreciatively and I looked at him in a different light. He was a fine looking guy and without wanting to, I felt a stirring in my pants, not really knowing why.

I turned up at his door at 7pm, just before the race was due to start, carrying a six-pack of beer.

My knock on the door was quickly answered. I immediately escort izmir noticed that Kenny had not put a top back on and I could see the sheen of sweat on his chest-hair.

“Looks like our plans are scuppered, Bob. The race has just been postponed due to the high winds and rain. So you can go home if you want.”

“Do you want me to?” I asked him, a touch of disappointment in my voice.

“No, not all. Maybe we can watch some movies?” Kenny suggested.

“Yeah, that sounds good, Kenny. I’ll leave you to choose.”

“How are you with porn?” Kenny asked suddenly.

“I’m fine with that. What have you got?”

“Let’s just watch the one in the machine already.” I was easy about it.

The film started and it became clear that it wasn’t a boy meets girl situation. Kenny’s film starred two guys who both loved sucking cock. I was sitting on the same couch as Kenny, but at opposite sides and I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his shorts.

“Do you mind if I stroke to this?” Kenny asked me softly.

I was a little stunned, I must admit but I seriously wanted to see his cock.

Kenny slipped down his shorts and I saw his thick 7″ cock for the first time. He had a thick grey bush around it and I was transfixed. I had never before been in the company of a man who was wanking his stiff cock and I loved watching it.

Kenny could see I was interested.

“You want to take the controls for a while, Bob?”

Without another thought, my right hand was on his cock. It felt so hot and hard. My thumb rubbed his helmet and I was surprised at the texture. I know that sounds silly but it was another man’s cock, not mine. Kenny moaned softly as I rubbed him slowly, then he did what I wasn’t expecting and leant sideways to kiss me. I hesitated for a second but soon submitted to his advance.

My free hand stroked his hairy chest, as I let his tongue explore my mouth. I sucked on his tongue, wishing it was his cock but I knew my wish would come true. Then Kenny stopped me.

“I’ve got something for you upstairs, lying on my bed. Once you come back down, I’ll know if you approve or not.”

I wanted to carry on playing with his cock but Kenny said no, in a dominating way that I found arousing.

Once upstairs, I entered Kenny’s room. Lying on the bed was a full set of women’s clothes, escort izmir amazingly in my size and a blonde wig too. So that was what he meant. If I dressed up, I was giving my approval, if I went straight back downstairs the evening would be over.

I thought for a moment. I’d still not sucked his cock, so what the hell!.

He had left a powder-blue bra and panties set, with matching stockings. The bra was a padded lacy affair, to give the look of some real tits. The panties were cotton and wouldn’t keep my stiff cock in them.

Next on were the stockings, which also felt so good.

I put on the skirt next, a leather affair that came half-way up my thighs. I now put on a tight button-up white blouse and left the top few buttons undone, so my bra was visible. I just had to put on some cherry red lipstick as I wanted to leave rings round his cock. I finished by putting on the wig, the hair had a fringe just above my eyes and was shoulder length. Kenny had left me sensible flat shoes for that walk downstairs.

I descended the steps, my mind in a whirl. I had come over to watch motor sport, ended up watching porn and wanking Kenny. Now I was dressing up like a woman for him and I felt good.

I entered his lounge and was met with a loud wolf-whistle.

“Darling, what have you done to Bob?” Kenny asked as he looked me over.

“Oh, I left Bob upstairs, I’m Bonnie.”

I answered, not sure where this was coming from.

Kenny still had his cock out and it looked so good. The veins were standing out and his purple head was just asking to be sucked.

“Good girl, Bonnie. Why don’t you come over here, so we can get to know each other better?”

I crossed the room slowly, trying to look sexy, It seemed to work.

“Oh Bonnie, you are a beautiful lady. Come and sit beside me.”

“Only if you’re nice to me.” I tried a girlish giggle.

“Oh, uncle Kenny plans to be very nice to you, Bonnie darling.”

I sat sideways on. Kenny moved quickly, pushing me gently on to my back on the couch. I could have resisted but at that point I had no intentions of that. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stockinged thigh, as he kissed my neck, then nibbled at my ears. My arms went around him, stroking the forest of hair on his back, right down to the top of his ass.

Kenny’s hand was now roving up my short skirt and I shuddered with excitement as he played around the top of my stockings. Then he slipped his fingers into my panties but instead of heading for my cock, he went for my hole.

He had lubed his fingers and he rubbed his thumb over my virgin hole, then inserted a stubby finger. I thought it would hurt more but he seemed to quickly find my prostate and as he rubbed that, I knew I would do anything he asked. I was now kissing his chest, biting his nipples but I wanted his cock.

He climbed on top of me and his hairy ass-cheeks landed on my face. He spread the cheeks and then gave me a clear order.

” Lick my ass, Bonnie, you slut!”

I did as I was told and licked at his sweaty hole, letting my tongue flit inside, as I grew confidence.

Kenny was moaning loudly and then he moved down a little, to let me suck his gorgeous thick cock. I started on his loose wrinkly balls, taking each plum in turn into my mouth and letting my tongue caress them.

Then I turned my attention to his veiny shaft. It seemed to pulse and exude heat. I let my tongue slide up the length, then circle under his helmet, which made him roar with pleasure.

“Right, you little slut, now you’re going to get what you deserve!”

Kenny ripped off my panties and pushed my legs up, whilst keeping them apart.

I realised too late he was going to fuck me and he applied some more lube to my arse.

This time it wasn’t a finger but his thick cock that tore into me, showing no sensitivity. The pain was blinding as I tried to push back, to stop him but I knew it was a hopeless cause. Once I stopped fighting it, the pain subsided, allowing the pleasure to take over. Now I was loving it and my cock was rock-like. As one of his strokes hit my spot, I erupted and shot more cum than I ever had in my life before. It shot up and onto Kenny’s chest. A few grunts later and it was Kenny’s turn as he filled my hole with his hot spunk.

I looked into his eyes, thinking he wanted to embrace and kiss but instead he barked out an order.

“Clean your mess off of me, slut, with your tongue, every last drop.”

I obeyed him and licked my cum from his hairy chest.

“Now go upstairs and get cleaned up. Tell Bob to come down here.”

My legs were shaking as I stood in his shower, my hole wrecked by his thick cock. Kenny really thought Bob and Bonnie were separate people. Was I able to play both roles, of course I could. I was now his slut.

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