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The Nudist Father-in-Law

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Jenni hated how she looked. Married life, and now an active career, left her stress eating most of the day and with little time to work out. Add on top of that, now that she was in her late twenties, she was finding it harder and harder to shed the weight once it began to creep back on. Her husband of 5 years, Bryan, wasn’t exactly a voice of reassurance. Sure, he said all the right things when needed “no…you look great,” “I haven’t noticed….” and so on. But, he always undercut it a few moments later “you could watch what you eat.” “it’s important to be at a healthy weight,” “I can help you work out…” She wished she could instantly be back at the body she had when they married: a big full ass, tight belly, and 36c breasts. Now, those breasts sagged a little more, and that butt was now just fat in her mind.

To make matters worse family life has been a bit of a stresser lately. Her mother-in-law passed away about 2 years ago, and Bryan and his siblings were growing a little uncomfortable with their father’s life choices. A little too many expensive trips, extravagant gifts for all his grandkids, and whispers of some ‘odd lifestyle’ he had in secret. It wasn’t that they were worried about any inheritance or his long term health per se, just a general anxiety that he was over-extending himself a bit too much. Just last week, he said he needed to move out of the family’s home of 30 years “for a few weeks,” and there were many little rumors about why this could be. Was he renting it out, some repair that he couldn’t afford, was he looking to sell? Jenni never cared for the undercurrent of animosity there was amongst Bryan’s siblings; Douglass seemed like a sweet man who was trying to enjoy the life he had. So, she gladly offered that he could stay with Bryan and her for those few weeks.

Jenni scurried around the house, cleaning up the last bits of clutter after preparing the guest room for Douglass. They lived in a modest three bedroom ranch home, but have been neglecting some of the more basic household maintenance items. Both she and Bryan were traveling for work every other week, so in some ways their home felt like just another temporary residence. But with Douglass coming to stay, Jenni felt some pressure to make their place welcoming and an actual respite. While Jenni was cleaning out the last moldy items in the refrigerator, Bryan was awkwardly lurking behind, leaning on the counter, nervous even. He finally spoke up.

“There’s something I need to tell you about him….”

It’s been a long time since Jenni has seen him this nervous, “what, is there some health thing wrong with your dad?”

“No, it’s not that bad, it’s just, he has a bit of an awkward issue..”

Now Jenni stopped with her household chore and gave Bryan her full attention. “Is it why everyone’s been so odd?”

Bryan nodded, then finally spoke under his breath “it’s just…my dad is a bit of a nudist.”

That was the absolute last thing she expected him to say. She didn’t find it awkward, unpleasant, or off putting. More than anything she found it funny, and couldn’t stifle a little laugh. “What, like he likes going to a nude beach or something?”

“Oh, I’m sure. But it’s more than that….he’ll just casually walk around the house naked.”

“What, like making coffee or something?” now she was outwardly smirking.

“I guess. I’ve stopped by his house and he’s just all out there, I try to ignore it but, you know.” Jenni was giggling through his words. “Look, I don’t think it’s that funny.”

Jenni now tried to muster a more serious and compassionate tone. “Sorry, sorry, and it’s not funny, I guess it’s almost charming. How long has this been going on?”

“Oh, not long after my mom died. I guess when no one else was around he just kinda stopped wearing clothes and got used to it.”

“Is he going to want to do that around here?”

Bryan shrugged. “He hasn’t raised it and I haven’t asked. Are you okay if he does? I can ask him to wear clothes if you’re at all uncomfortable.”

“Oh please, I want him to feel at home, it’s fine. Nothing I haven’t seen before. But…he doesn’t expect us to, you know.”

Shock came across Bryan’s face “oh not in a million years. He’s joked one or two times I could go around like that too, but never asked me. And look, he’s not some perv, okay? It’s just how he feels comfortable.”

“Hey, look, it’s fine, really. I’m glad he can find ways to express himself and feel at home here. No problem.”

Douglass arrived shortly after dinner. Not for nothing but Jenni he wasn’t a bad looking guy for someone in his late fifties. Tall, with a natural salt and pepper full head of hair, and managed to keep himself in decent enough shape. Jenni gave him a big hug.

“It’s so good to see you! Easy drive?”

“Oh certainly, nothing to complain about. Thanks for being so welcoming.”

“Oh we’re glad to! Please, if you need anything at all don’t hesitate to ask. You know where our guest room is, right? Bryan can get all of your luggage in there.”

She gently nudged şişli escort Bryan with her elbow to get him moving. “It’s good to see you dad,” he finally spoke up, then went in for a handshake that Douglass turned into an awkward hug.

“Yea…you too. Say, once I’m settled in a bit, I’ve brought some nice bottles of wine as kind of a thank you gift. Would y’all like to break into them and have a nice night?”

Just as Jenni was about to say yes, Bryan spoke up, “thanks, but I’m out really early in the morning, no fun for me. We’re probably going to turn in soon.” Jenni resented that Bryan was including her in his early-to-bed plan.

Douglass seemed visibly disappointed, “oh, that’s fine, that fine. Work trip?”

“Yea, unfortunately, will be gone for a week or so.”

“But I’m around,” Jenni chimed in to change the mood, “you won’t be too lonely I hope.”

“Oh that’s great, well, I’ll let you have an evening together alone, a week’s a long time to be apart.”

Jenni blushed at the implication he was making, “yes, well..okay, good night!”

Later that night, Jenni indeed made a pass at Bryan. Their sex life was fairly quiet these days, even when they were both at home the mood never seemed right. Bryan was fast asleep soon after the lights went out, leaving Jenni to her lonesome. After an hour or so of tossing and turning in bed, she decided to sneak out of the room and read for a while in the living room. She wandered out in her typical sleepwear: no bra, old t-shirt, and boxers. Walking past the kitchen, she was slightly taken aback to find her father in law there, hunched over the fridge, appearing to wear a robe.

“Settling in okay?” She asked him.

He turned around, and that’s when she got an eyeful. His robe was open down the middle, with nothing underneath it, revealing the full sight of his body. Douglass had a reasonable old-man paunch around his belly, well tanned, and surprising to her he was shaved everywhere. And, she couldn’t help but take a peak at her father in law’s penis. And holy cow was it a member. Long and thick, even when completely flaccid.

“Oh don’t mind me, just seeing what I can find to eat.” An awkward pause filled the room as she kept staring at his penis. Is he a little hard, she wondered, it’s already so big. How big could it get? She had no complaints about Bryan’s cock, but he wasn’t like that. And how did he shave it so well, there wasn’t a fleck of hair on there.

He cleared his throat, laughed softly, then said “my eyes are up here.” His comment broke the spell, and she realized what she was doing. She shot her eyes up to his.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, I don’t mean to stare, you just surprised me.”

Douglass made a half-hearted effort to close his robe, but Jenni interjected “oh don’t worry about that. Bryan told me you sometimes go around like that.”

“What did he say, that I’m a bit of a nudist?”

Jenni was now forcing herself to make eye contact, almost to an unnerving level. “Yea, and it’s totally fine. We want you to be as comfortable here as you are in your home. Please, let us know if you need anything. I’m just going to head back to our room now, good night.”

Jenni now bounded back to their bedroom, completely oblivious to the fact she was looking to read for a bit. Once there, she slammed the door, still wide eyed and stifling back a giggle.

Bryan woke up, and sleepily asked “everything okay?”

Biting her lip, she told Bryan “I saw your father.”

Bryan nodded slightly, “Oh? He need anything?”

She shook her head, smirking the whole time “No, I mean, I saw all of your father.”

“Ohhhh……” he replied, “Are you okay with that? Wait, what’s so funny?”

“Okay, so I snuck a peak, and his, you know and it was….” and she motioned with her two hands to indicate “big.” At this, she couldn’t hold back anymore and just laughed. Looking at Bryan’s face, she could tell he didn’t find the situation as humorous as she did. “I’m sorry, was that too awkward?”

He shrugged. “No, I mean I’ve seen it too. If I had a massive hog I’d probably wander around naked too.”

“Honey….” she said, apologetically. “Yours is wonderful. But I guess he’s just comfortable in who he is. Honestly I bet it’s really freeing to just always walk around like that.”

“What…” he replied, “you want to wander around our house naked too?”

Honestly the thought hadn’t crossed her mind, and she rolled the idea around in her head for the first time. “I dunno, maybe.”

“Well, fine by me.” Bryan replied almost a little too casually. “He’s probably seen a bunch of naked women in his lifestyle, what’s one more? Anyway, it’s a real early morning for me..”

“Oh, you sure you don’t want me to send you off with a little something tonight?”

Bryan smiled, “it’s fine, I really got to sleep. Promise you, when I’m back, I’ll explore up and down your body.”

Jenni vaguely remembered Bryan kissing her around 4am, on his way out. She wandered out to the kitchen, to find her father-in-law on a barstool, nake sipping mecidiyeköy escort coffee and reading his phone.

“Morning, glad to see a face around here,” he said.

“Hope you slept well?”

“Perfect night! And the coffee’s good too.”

As she put her own coffee together, curiosity got the better of her. “So can I ask, when did you start feeling, comfortable to be like that?”

“What, being nude? Oh, after Helen died, I guess. Not someone in the house, just found myself wandering around like this. Over time it became more and more comfortable. Then, I took a vacation to France for a while. Stumbled on a nude beach, and thought, what the hell? It was glorious, sun on my skin, nothing holding me back. Have you ever participated in it?”

That innocent question almost caused her a little pain. “Oh, absolutely not, I’m not comfortable enough in my own skin. Feel like I need to lose 20 pounds before I even try it around the house.”

“Well, all shapes and sizes are welcome and beautiful. But if I may forward, you have no problem in that department.”

“Thanks, well, I’m going to shower,” she replied “I’ll try and save the hot water for now.”

“No problem for me! Have all day to shower.”

As she let the water hit her, she contemplated the feeling of being in just her skin, and what would it feel like to walk around a near-stranger like Douglass like this. Honestly, it wasn’t nerves that stopped her, maybe it was some sense of decorum. Or maybe, it was still that insecurity she felt in her own body. Would letting others see it so casually help her overcome that? Would bearing her imperfections so openly help her realize they are no big deal at all? It was an intriguing, and slightly titillating thought. Before finishing up, she took a razor to her pubic hair. She’d never gone completely shaven before, but liked how it looked on Douglass and was willing to try it out.

She turned off the water, and, stepping out of the shower, realized there were no clean towels. In her haste to straighten up the day before she must’ve taken them all to the laundry room and left them there. Her options now were to air dry for awhile, put on some clothes while she was still wet, or…head to the laundry room as she was. “Fuck it.” she thought and wandered out.

Douglass was still in the kitchen, sipping his coffee casually. “Good shower?” he said, but not even a double take that she was naked.

Jenni was walking briskly by to the laundry room, not exactly lingering but also not trying to draw attention to the fact she was naked “I’m just grabbing a towel.”

“Sure, it looked like you forgot to put something on.”

She stopped in her tracks, and placing her hand on her hip, replied to him in a joking fashion “you mind?”

“Oh absolutely not! Feels freeing huh?”

“I guess it is, huh?”

Now she was feeling a little bit titillated, and almost desired to get a rise out of him, so she stopped going for the laundry room and started grabbing herself a cup of coffee. “So what’s your plan for the day?”

“Oh, probably stay around here for most of it, is your backyard pretty private?”

She nodded. “You can see it’s tree-lined, closest neighbor is a half-mile in all directions.”

“Oh good…maybe sun out there for a back. You think it’s freeing to be naked in the house, wait until you feel the sun on your body. What do you have today?”

The thought of doing actual work broke the spell, “oh, just a few things to take care of at my job. Don’t need to leave the house for it.”

“Well, why don’t you join me out back when you have some time, clothing optional?”

She smiled, “why not?”

Jenni decided to fully embrace the nudist lifestyle, but found it a little distracting and silly to try and work that way. After an hour or so of some half-assed work, she saw her father-in-law out back, and decided to join him. Grabbing seltzer water from the fridge, she walked out.

Douglass turned to acknowledge her presence, “there, how does that feel?”

“Gotta admit, it feels pretty great!”

“Right? Right now, I’m back sunning on the French riviera.”

She sat in a patio chair opposite him. “Yea, Bryan’s been telling me you’ve taken some big vacations recently/.”

Douglass’s demeanor changed somewhat “he also say he’s worried about my money? Those kids have no clue, I’m quite well off from investments I’ve never told them about.”

“Oh?” Jenni replied.

“Yup, that’s why I’m here. I’m having some big repairs done on our house at the moment. Rented another house, but can’t get in there for a few more weeks.”

“Well, feel free to stay as long as you want, hell, you can cancel the rental and just move in.”

“That’s awfully kind,” he replied, “I have been a bit lonely recently.”

That last comment hit Jenni. He no longer seemed like her father-in-law, but for the first time, saw him as a sensitive, older gentleman who was trying to find a new lease on life. And of course, naked with a decent body and large penis. She felt that sense istanbul escort of titillation come back, and a desire to embrace it. She was so desperate for arousal, to embrace her sexuality again.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I have to ask. I’m always turned on when I’m naked like this. Look” she parted the lips of her vulva, swiping a finger up and down “It’s not like we’re talking about anything sexual right now, but I’m really wet. Is this common?”

Douglass was dumbfounded and blushing like mad; she even saw his cock twitch just a little. “What?” was all he could get out.

“I mean, if I had a penis right now I’d be so hard. Why aren’t guys just walking around in erections or something?”

He tried to collect himself, “I guess some of the younger ones, maybe, but those feelings go away pretty quickly and you get used to it. Hell, most of the beaches I’ve been to are a bunch of nude old farts like me, not alot of attractive women like,” and he caught himself, ever so awkwardly. He noticed she was still parting vaginal lips, with one finger working up and down her slit.

“Are you…touching yourself?” he managed to get out.

“Oh gosh, honestly I hadn’t noticed, I guess I was just doing it subconsciously. Do you want me to stop?”

Douglass shook his head slightly. “Not if you don’t want to.”

He didn’t know what else to say, it was the most sexually charged in years. Since his wife died, he’d taken no interest in pursuing such things. Oh sure, the occasional woman caught his eye, but he put those things out of his mind, figuring that part of him was gone for good. But now, watching a beautiful woman touch herself in front of him, he felt his cock begin to swell. He could see her cheeks becoming flush, the hard nipples of her ample breasts, her wetness, her perfect, gleaming pussy lips.

“Looks like you’re enjoying yourself now too.” she said. “You can touch yourself if you want.”


He was still too frozen in the shock of the moment to move. She worked two fingers around her clitoris in a circular pattern, and with her other hand working three fingers inside. She stared intensely at his now fully erect cock, with a craven look of wanton lust. He’d never seen such a look before; she didn’t desire love or intimacy, just his body, as she was in the midst of carnal pleasure. She moaned, deep and long, until her body spasmed from the pleasure and came hard. She kept working her fingers hard as the orgasm rolled over her for a full minute.

After finally coming back to the moment, she saw Douglass, now with a look of half shock and half desire, and still hadn’t moved a hand to his now fully erect cock.

“Want a hand with that?” she said, pointing to his member.

His mouth was too dry to speak, but he did nod slightly. She got the signal. She stood up, and began walking seductively over “Probably going to need both hands there big guy.”

Kneeling between his legs, she started by licking every inch of his manhood. Up and down her tongue worked, pressure on the shaft and lightly flicking it across his tip. “Ohh Christ…” he moaned out. She then worked her hands, twisting up and down, with firm pleasure. He felt deep pleasure once again for the longest time, as a women’s hands worshiped his cock.

“Let me know what you like.”

“Helen….” he managed to speak out his wife’s name, which almost broke the spell, but continued, “would juggle my balls as she worked her tongue around”.

“Like this?” She lightly held and tickled his balls with one hand, holding his shaft with the other, and working her tongue all around the tip.

“Yes….god….” he grunted, as the pleasure came to him.

“God you’ve got such a big cock.” she said, in between breaths and working her tongue.

Helen never used language like that. Sure, they did such “dirty” things together, but never crossed the puritanical lines when it came to language. But hearing a woman say that to him stirred a deep kink in him.

“Yea, you like that….cock?”

“Oh it’s amazing, it’s so hot. I couldn’t take it anymore, seeing you swing around with it. I needed to taste.”

Her words drove him mad, and before he knew it, he could feel an orgasm stir. Then, just as she was leaning in to take him in her mouth again, he came. Streaks of cum exploded from him, hitting her face and hair. Even though she found the concept of a facial demeaning, she didn’t pull back, but instead let him defile her.

“Usually get a warning,” she said, wiping the cum from her eyes.

“Oh I’m so sorry, it came on so quick.”

“It’s alright, god it’s alot though. Been awhile for you too, huh?” she asked.

“You have no idea.”

“Glad you could enjoy yourself. I’m going to go inside and clean up a bit, enjoy the sun.”

Douglass leaned back in his chair. As the cum kept dribbling out of his penis, he felt shame creep into him. Not only was it his daughter-in-law, but it was so dirty. Sure, he finally realized the sexual gratificaition he’s been missing, but it was at a deep cost. Did his embrace of nudity make him the creepy old man he always feared he was? Did he unknowingly seduce and ruin this poor woman? He slunk back inside, took his own shower, and, for the first time since getting there, put on some clothes.

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