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The Nude Bar

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Many years ago, I went to a nude bar on the east coast, Kingsport, I think was the name of the town. That was the last one I ever saw, until last Sunday night. I was down in Laredo and had a little time to kill. Not knowing the town, I stopped in a restaurant that had a bar. I struck up a conversation with the bartender about how dead the place was.

He told me that it always was on Sunday night, so I asked him where he would go, if he wasn’t working. He told me about the two titty bars in town. One was topless and the other was fully nude. I told him that I was a little old for those places and asked for something more normal. He gave me the names of two other places.

To make a long story short, I checked out the first regular place and it was all college kids and loud as hell. The second place was about the same. So, I drove out to the topless bar and went in for a beer.

The girls were beautiful and wore these tiny g-stings but the place was too big and the girls were too stuck up for an old cowboy like me or maybe they just didn’t like old cowboys. The all mighty dollar sign seemed to rule the place and I didn’t have the look of money.

I started to go on back to work but turned around and went looking for the nude bar. When I finally found it, the sign out front said, “BYOB. Bring Your Own Booze.” Damn, now I had to find a place to buy a six-pack.

I ended up at a little convenience store down the road and bought a twelve pack, as that is all they had. What the hell, I probably wouldn’t drink half of it but I might find someone to share with and a little extra goes a long ways.

Back at the bar, I paid the cover charge and handed the guy at the desk my beer. He passed it through a window and charged me a couple of bucks to have it iced down in a bucket. Once, I was through the main door, a cute young lady handed me a plastic number on a stand and told me that she would bring my beer to the table.

I went through a second door and stopped to look the place over. It was a long, fairly narrow room with raised seating on both ends marked VIP. I wondered about that. There were about a dozen guys and about an equal number of scantily dressed young ladies scattered throughout the room. There was a large stage with the obligatory brass pole against the back wall and an area with some empty tables on the other side of it.

There was a chunky, little dark haired girl dancing on stage as I crossed the room. She had on the usual g-string that you see in any titty bar. I chose the middle table of the three along the side of the stage and sat down.

The music ended and the MC or DJ, whatever you want to call him, started talking about song number three and the girl on stage disappeared through an open doorway in the back of the stage. The next song started and she reappeared nude.

She danced around the pole for a time and then went to dance for a guy standing at the end of the stage. I couldn’t see much of what he could, but she had it right in his face.

Then the girl showed up with my beer. She spread a towel on the table and sat the beer in front of me. Not knowing what to do, I tipped her a couple of bucks. It must have been right, because she gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.

When I looked back at the stage, the dark haired girl was down flat on her back with her legs under her. Her hips were raised, humping her sex in a girls face. The girl was a customer and looked a little shocked but stayed right where she was, staring at the pussy displayed so wantonly in front of her.

I couldn’t help but chuckle as she licked her lips, tossed some money on the stage, and hurried back to sit with her boyfriend or husband. She was whispering excitedly in his ear, as soon as her butt hit the seat. When I returned my attention to the stage, the dark haired girl was gone.

I opened a beer and looked around. I’d already had four beers, so I needed to take it slow and easy. As I looked the place and the people over, I noticed another sign on a couple of small rooms, with one-way glass. The sign said, “High Rollers Only.” That had me wondering, also.

I went back to looking the people over, well, the women anyway. There were three or four couples mixed in with the single guys or groups of guys and even two women by themselves.

The DJ called the next dancer, after a minute or so the music started, and another dark haired girl came out of the door in the back of the stage. The first dancer coming down a set of steps to my left, still naked as a jaybird, attracted my attention.

She saw me looking and grinned at me as she shook her large natural boobs in my direction. I grinned back at her as she walked on behind me. I turned my head and watched her walk on toward the ladies room in the back corner of the place.

For some reason, I found that watching her walk naked through a room full of people was more erotic than watching her dance on stage. Anyway, she had a nice swing to that well-rounded ass of hers.

I turned my attention back to the stage and tecavüz hikayeleri watched the next girl dance. She was not a bad looking young lady, wearing a very short mini dress, and these ridicules clear plastic high-heeled lift shoes. They must have been five or six inches tall. She was very awkward on them and nearly fell once. After that, she held onto the pole a lot.

The guy, who had told me about these places, had said the girls at the topless place were prettier. He was right, if you like the tall cookie cutter girls with the silly putty, I mean, silicone tits and reworked asses. These girls were a hell of a lot more real for my money and it was my money, after all.

No one seemed to tip during the first song and only a few during the second. Most waited until the third song and the girls were nude. The song ended and the girl turned to head through the door, taking off the mini dress as she went. Nice ass, flashed across my mind just before she disappeared.

When she reappeared with just a g-string on, I grinned and stood up. This I had to check out from closer up. Not only did she have a very nice ass but also small well-rounded titties, with what I call ski jump nipples. You know the kind that are curved and point slightly upward.

She smiled at me as she saw me approaching the side of the stage and moved over to dance right in front of me. When she squatted down, still swaying her hips, those nipples were right in my face and even brushed across my cheeks.

I found myself licking my lips and grinned. She grinned back at me and brushed them a little harder across my face. I nearly took a lick, but decided I’d better cool it, until I knew the rules a little better. I did lick my lips again.

She stood up, turned around, and bent over, shaking that beautiful ass very close to my face. Damn, I wanted to lick that even more than I wanted to suck on those nipples. I found myself chewing on my bottom lip to keep from do it. She grinned at me from over her shoulder and then pulled out the elastic band just above her left ass cheek.

I stuck a couple of dollar bills under the strap and let my fingers accidentally brush the satiny skin as I pulled my hand back. She winked at me and moved across the stage to dance for someone else.

As I sat down at the table, I became aware of the hard-on that ran down the inside of my left pants leg. I shifted my position in the low chair, trying to get it in a more comfortable position, without being to obvious.

Damn, I had forgotten how uncomfortable tight levies were with a hard-on. I must be getting old but you couldn’t have told it from the bulge in my levies.

When that song ended, the girl went back stage and returned nude. I mean, nude, nude. There wasn’t even a hair on her sex. I felt my manhood twitch and I got up with a soft groan as I walked the few steps to the side of the stage.

Someone else had beaten me and she was dancing on the other side. She was squatting down and leaned back on her hands, lifting and rotating her bare sex in front of this guys face. He had a smile on, as he stared openly. After a moment, she held out her hand and he gave her some money.

She stood up, looked around, and saw me. With a grin, she danced over in my direction. She didn’t stop until her mound was less than an inch from my nose. Then she made tiny circles with her hips. Once, the smooth skin actually grazed across the tip of my nose. My tongue shot out automatically but not quick enough.

I heard her giggle as she moved back and turned around. She went down to her knees and then bent forward until her tits were nearly on the floor. Then she scooted back toward me working her back, making her ass rock up and down. My eyes were glued to her low-slung sex and the brown circle of her asshole. Oh God, what a meal I could make of those, among other things.

She watched me over her shoulder and then reached down between her legs and rubbed her sex for a second before holding her hand out for her tip. As I put it in her hand, my hand was only an inch or so from her sex. I swear I could feel her heat. My hand shook slightly as I moved it away from her.

Again, she winked at me, before she got up. I licked my lips and winked back. She grinned and moved on to dance for the girls that had been sitting together. Now my hard-on was in full bloom and almost painful, trapped in the pants leg like it was.

I sat down at the table, turned toward it, and adjusted my manhood to a more comfortable position. I hoped the tablecloth covered up what I was doing. It was toward the main room but when I turned back to the stage, the dark haired girl was looking at me with a big grin on her face. She winked before she squatted down and then lay down on her back, with her hips raised.

From my angle, it almost looked like she was hunching both of the women’s faces, that’s how close they were together and to her. She was still at it as the song ended. She sat up, collected her money, and whispered with the women for a second or two. sex hikayeleri Then she stood up, glanced my way, and headed back stage.

I was watching the top of the stairs, when she came through the curtain. She saw me looking and smiled. I figured that she would walk on to the dressing room like the last girl did, but she didn’t.

She came over, sat down in the chair next to me, and started to get dressed as I watched. She turned the chair towards me and slipped the g-string on over her shoes. She was sitting well down in the chair and when she lifted each leg, she rolled the knee outward, giving me an excellent view of her sex.

To say that she was wet was an understatement. Her clit was standing up hard and proud at the top her slit. It wasn’t large but it was a beautiful rosy pink, a shade or two darker than the thin inner lips spread out to either side of her slit.

Dancing nude and displaying her body seemed to turn her on immensely. Then she stood up, to pull the g-string up. Next, she picked up the dress, slipped it over her head, and worked it down to her waist. Leaving it there, she sat back down and rolled her chair over close to me.

I gave her a low soft wolf whistle and she grinned. Leaning over close to my ear, she ran her tongue around its edge for a second and then whispered, “I hope you got that little problem of yours solved, I hate to see a man in pain.”

I grinned and nodded as I turned to her and whispered, “Yes, I did but what are you going to do about that flood you have going on?”

She laughed and shrugged. “Occupational hazard,” she whispered back. “And you weren’t helping it a bit.”

“Hey, I was a good little boy,” I whispered in her ear, before I licked the outline of it as she had mine.

She gave a little shiver and whispered, “Yes, you were a little too good and you are definitely not a boy, or little for that matter, from what I could see.” Her hand wandered up and down my left thigh as she said the last part.

As it passed over my hard manhood, it paused and gave me a light squeeze. “Damn, not little at all and hard as a rock.”

“That’s all your fault,” I whispered back.

She grinned and kissed me on the cheek as she gave me another light squeeze. “My pleasure I assure you. I’m so wet right now that I don’t dare put my dress under me. I’d leave a wet spot if I did.”

“I’d volunteer to clean up the problem but you have to work and probably have a husband or a boyfriend or two waiting for you after work,” I said with a wolfish grin.

“Oh, I bet you would and could but like you say, I have to work for another couple of hours,” she replied and then added with a wicked grin of her own, “I don’t have a husband anymore and at the moment, no boyfriends. I do have a girlfriend and her husband for roommates.”

“Hmmmm, I don’t like the sound of that,” I replied. “I wonder if there’s a nice motel somewhere close by?”

She laughed and gave me a harder squeeze. “I think I know of one.”

She looked at me for a few seconds and then whispered, “Maybe I can get out of here a little early, its awfully slow tonight.”

To no one in particular I said, “I think I’m in trouble.”

She laughed and nodded. “Good guess. Now let me run to the ladies room and dry off. Don’t you go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

“Oh, I’m not going anywhere. First of all, you have a death grip on something I can’t leave here without and anyway, I’d embarrass myself if I tried to walk out.” I told her with a grin and then added, “Last but not least, is the fact that I’m not crazy and I’d have to be to leave here without you.”

With a sigh, she released me and then kissed me on the cheek. “I’ll be right back and don’t you dare even talk to any of the other women in here. They are all whores and bitches.”

“Does that include the lesbian couple at the corner table?” I asked jokingly.

I think she blushed slightly and whispered, “Yes, even them. I think you’re as big a lesbian as they are together and I’m not talking size either.” She gave a sharp giggle and stood up. “I shall return,” she said in a husky voice and then winked at me.


I watched the next dancer, a small, cute blonde. I considered going up to tip her and have a closer look but decided against it. My hard-on was still there and I didn’t want to endanger what I already had lined up.

The girl came back wearing a short silk blouse that seemed to mold itself to her breasts and a very short green skirt. The fake glass shoes were gone and now she wore a pair of sandals. She rolled the chair around to the table next to me and sat down.

“Is the flood under control?” I asked softly.

She grinned and nodded, “For the moment.”

“Would you like a beer? I brought way more than I’ll ever drink.”

“Thank you, I can’t open it though and I can’t drink it out of the bottle. I’ll have to go get a cup. I’ll be right back,” she said and then glanced up at the blonde dancing. “Why don’t you go tip her, I don’t mind, I might even join you tipping a sex hikaye lady or two, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind in the least but right now I still have this problem.” I replied with a chuckle, moving my ass around in the chair.

She glanced down at my lap and grinned. “I seem to have done a good job on you.”

“That’s a fact,” I said with a laugh.

She laughed and leaned over to whisper, “I’ll have to do something about that after while.” Then she stood up and went for a cup.


When she came back, I opened and poured her a beer. She took a sip and then another as she looked at me over the rim of the cup.

When she sat the cup down, she said, “I’m trying to figure out what I find so damned attractive about you. You’re not bad looking, in a rough sort of way. You look old enough to be my father but you’re still in pretty good shape. You’re dressed in faded levies and a Levi shirt, so you don’t look like money. That old cowboy hat is all beat up but it fits you as a person, perfectly.”

She paused a moment and shook her head. “You just seem to look right into me and not just at me. It turns me on like crazy. You look so out of place here, also. Kind of lost. That’s all I can say about it.”

Not knowing what to say and slightly embarrassed, I just shrugged and then said, “I don’t know, I’m just me and what you see is all there is.”

She smiled and shook her head again. “No, there far more to you than meets the eye, I definitely know that for sure.”

To change the subject I said, “I don’t even know your name? Mines, Randy.”

“Rita,” she said softly.

“Glad to meet you Rita,” I said with a grin.

“Same here.” She replied with a like grin.

After a moment of us looking like two fools, grinning at each other. I asked, “What’s with the VIP and High Rolls signs?”

She shrugged and said, “The usual. The VIP section costs a little extra but you get better service. This area down here is called the pit and you get very little, if any service. You can also drink mixed drinks in the VIP area and only beer down here.”

She paused a moment and looked at me. “You don’t come to places like this very often do you?”

“The last nude bar I was in was almost twenty years ago and half a continent away. I hit a titty bar every once in a blue moon, but not very often. Probably not more than a couple of dozen times, in my whole life.” I told her.

She nodded and said, “I can believe that. I wouldn’t believe a lot of guys but for some reason I do believe you.” She paused a second and took a sip of beer.

“The High Rollers Room is for special services and dances. It can get rather expensive. You can get a lap or table dance out here but the girl has to keep her bottoms on. In there, she can take them off and the rules are far more relaxed on touching and what not. I usually stay out of there except for dances and then it has to be someone I like or know.”

I nodded and said, “That’s kind of what I figured. Money talks and bullshit walks as usual.”

She laughed and nodded, “Exactly.”

“Are there set prices on the things that go on in there and just how much of it, does the house take?” I asked, being nosy.

She laughed and asked, “Why, are you interested or just making conversation?”

“Both, ” I said with a grin.

She grinned and said, “Yes, the prices are set by the house and they get half in most cases.”

“Yeah, kind of what I figured, also,” I said softly.

“A table dance out here is fifteen and I get ten. A nude dance in there is thirty and I get fifteen. No one likes the split except the house,” she said with a frown.

“That’s about par for the course,” I said and then grinned. “I think I might be able to afford a dance or two in there, if you want to dance nude, just for me.”

She chuckled and shook her head. “You just want to get me all wet again, and in there, I would probably come all over you. I get even messier when I do that. I’ve even been known to gush, if you know what I mean.”

Still grinning, I said, “Oh, I think I can chance it but just in case, do they sell flood insurance around here.”

She hit me on the leg and laughed. “Just for that, I’m going to sit on your face when I do gush.”

“Yummy,” I said and licked my lips.

She laughed and hit me again. “Just about the answer I expected from you.” She looked at me for a second and asked, “Are you serous? About the nude dance, I mean, I know you’re serious about the other.”

“Oh yeah.” I replied with a grin. “I’d love to see you gush, on or off my face.”

She glanced up at my hat and grinned as she whispered, “I think you will see just that, among other things. I’ll show you where to hang your hat when we go in there. It’ll give us more privacy.”

Then she stood up and held out her hand. “Follow close behind me and I’ll try and hide that problem that’s still in your levies. Damn, doesn’t that thing ever go down?”

“Not around you, for some reason.” I replied with a big smile.


I paid the guy at the door for two dances and then we went inside the darkened room. The deeply tinted windows gave enough light to see well enough by, but just barely. She pointed to a nail on the wall and I hung my hat up on it.

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