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The Meeting

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Shayna rushed to finish getting ready. Michael was coming to pick her up soon and she was only halfway dressed. She giggled at that thought. Michael would probably enjoy it if she were only partially dressed when he arrived but then they would never make it to the party. As she started to put on her make-up she thought about the night she met Michael.

“Hi, would you care to dance?” the tall, handsome man asked Shayna.God is he ever sexy. She took his outstretched hand and was lead to the dance floor. The music was pounding as she danced close with this man whose name she didn’t yet know.

When a slow number started he swept her up into his strong arms. “Hi, I’m Michael Sloane and you are?” he said into her ear just loud enough for her to hear him.

“Shayna Banks,” she answered before lightly kissing his neck.What am I doing?! I barely know this man!She silently scolded herself but found him irresistible. He pulled her closer and returned her kiss. He worked his way to her mouth and kissed her passionately. As the song ended and another hard number began he whisked her off the dance floor to an empty table.

As she sat down she looked at him and smiled. “That was very nice. You are a wonderful dancer…” she let the last word trail off. She wanted to say more but felt she had already been too bold.

He took her hand and kissed it softly. “As are you, gorgeous, as are you.” His smile made Shayna blush, something she had rarely done since high school. She watched him as he ordered drinks and then turned his attention back to her. “You know, I have seen you in here before. I have thought about asking you to dance many times, but never did. I am glad I did tonight.”

“So am I,” she said with a small smile. What was he doing to her? He seemed to have a hold over her and she didn’t want it to stop. She felt that he could do anything he wanted and she would be a willing participant. She looked at him again. He was about 6’2 and well built, erotik hikaye probably in his early thirties. His golden brown hair was cut short and his blue eyes were like two sapphires. He appeared to be checking her out too. She knew that many men found her attractive. She was 5’9 with long blonde hair. She had curves in all the right places and wore the clothes to show it off. That night she was wearing a black leather mini and a tight white angora sweater. Just then, he reached out and touched her sweater.

“I love the feel of angora,” he said with a mischievous smile on his face. “Perhaps I could persuade you to come with me to my place for a drink. It is quieter there and we can get to know each other better.”

Shayna was surprised to hear herself saying yes. She got up with him and they went outside to their cars. He gave her directions to his house and kissed her long and hard against the door of her car before leaving. She was incredibly turned on by this man and knew that his house would include more than just talking.

They arrived at his house a few minutes later and he took the opportunity to kiss her again before taking her inside. He told her to sit on the couch while he went to fix them some drinks. Somehow, she felt very comfortable in his house and she removed her shoes before sitting on the couch and stretching her legs across it. As he came back into the room she noticed that he hesitated to admire her long legs. After a long look he finally brought her the drink. She moved her legs to the floor so he could sit next to her but as soon as he was seated he put her legs across his lap. Only slightly surprised at this action she decided to just enjoy his hands on her legs.

He soon began gently massaging her legs. He started with her right leg moving his way slowly from her feet upward. Her small moans confirmed that she wanted him to continue. She began to relax more as he continued up her leg. Slowly, he came closer to adult sikiş hikaye her wet lips barely hidden behind the light pink silk of her panties. As he reached her sex, his fingers strayed to it for just a moment before he moved to the bottom of her other leg. At this injustice she whined slightly and lifted her head. He smiled at her, “Patience, my dear, is a virtue.” It was the first words he had spoken since they had entered his house and the last ones that she wanted to hear. Again, he moved slowly up her leg. As he again neared her wet lips he let his hand stray just a bit longer. She pushed herself toward his hand wanting more. However, instead he scooped her up into his arms and carried her to his bedroom.

He laid her down gently and told her not to move. She tried to stay still as she watched him undress, finally removing his underwear and revealing his erect cock. She raised her hand to touch it but he grabbed her hand and laid it to her side with a tsking sound. He climbed on top of her. He rubbed her breasts through the angora sweater before pushing the fabric up to reveal her breasts. He paid attention to each with his tongue and teeth. His gentle nibbles eliciting soft moans. Then to her surprise he pulled the sweater back down over her breasts. He then moved up and with a smile began to rub his cock between her breasts. Again she reached up to grab it, but he stopped her. Quickly he moved again and deftly removed her skirt. He stopped before removing her panties and traced the outline of them with his finger making her quiver as he approached her pussy. His fingers strayed again to her wet lips and then to her clit. She moaned as he lightly flicked her clit with his finger. He stopped and removed her panties.

“Please. Don’t stop,” she said with a tremble. He wouldn’t listen. He had intentions of his own. He moved up her body again until he was to her neck and started kissing it lightly. She moaned as he worked his way down her body, erotik hikaye headed for the place she wanted him most. As he neared her pussy he kissed around it coming only close enough to drive her crazy. Finally, when she felt she couldn’t stand the tease any longer she felt his tongue outline her wet lips. She moaned again and then felt his tongue move to her clit. She shivered as he expertly nibbled and tongued her clit bringing her to the most earth shattering climax of her life. She raised up off the bed as she came screaming.

He wasn’t done with her yet. She didn’t even have time to relax before he moved again and quickly entered her. His sudden entrance caused her to gasp. Quickly pleasure overtook her surprise and she started moaning. He slowly moved in and out of her, pulling her toward him with each pump. Then, with one quick movement, she was on top of him and it was her turn to control the action. She started to ride his hard member fast at first pulling him closer to his climax, then as she saw him getting close, she slowed. It was his turn to go crazy as she slowly slid up and down his cock. He reached up to pull her to him but she put his arms next to his sides as he had done her. She finally felt she had returned the favor and started to moved more quickly up and down his cock. Both of them panted hard as she moved on him fast and hard. They both were moaning loudly as they got closer to a mutual climax. She started screaming as he exploded inside her. She was trembling as he pulled her close for a kiss. She lay on top of him for a moment before he pulled her to his side. Only then did she realize she was still wearing her sweater. He seemed to realize the same and moved to take it off. They lay there together until they both fell asleep.

Shayna smiled as she realized that she had been gently rubbing herself thinking about that first meeting. She stopped when she looked at the clock and realized he would be there to pick her up at any moment. She quickly finished getting ready and had just slipped her shoes on with the doorbell rang. As a last minute thought, she slid her panties off before answering the door. Tonight was going to be very interesting indeed.

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