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The Lemonade

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The lemonade had been so cold and the small sunroom, so hot, the glass perspired on her knee. Alison shook it by the rim, coaxing the droplets into a stream running down her leg, toward the opening of her shorts. Richly tanned skin from her bare foot to her proud nose, Scott could only stare as she stared back, smiling watching his eyes at her crotch then up her bare stomach to red bikini top and the drizzles of strawberry blonde hair that tickles the tops of her breasts.

Uncle John was on the ocean again today, and Alison was free to tease mercilessly. Alison was twenty now, Scott, just eighteen, had been visiting his Aunt at the beach every summer tortured and waiting for Alison to come visit her Uncle.

As the years passed she had grown into her long luscious body, and had come to enjoy fumbling with Scott in the evenings after supper when they met to catch fireflies. His hands would shake and his lips were too dry when they kissed, but her true pleasure came when she would not show on the next day and choose, instead, to watch him from the windows running back and forth burning off the pubescent energy she had awakened in him.

This year she had chosen to push all teasing aside and sleep with him, but, teasing would have to be a part of it. Definitely!

Scott had not said a word for twenty minutes, choosing to watch Alison stretch on the sofa in her cut offs and bikini top. His cock wedged awkwardly in his pants and leaked, but he was too nervous to adjust it. Alison leaned her head back over the arm of the sofa to drain the last of the lemonade from the ice, pushing her breasts up so the fabric of her top moved to reveal the soft white patches on the bottom and sides. She heard Scott moan and clear his throat to cover it. She almost choked on the ice laughing.

He moved to stand and, possibly, leave the room, but as he rolled to his right Alison sprung from the couch and caught him, mounting him, knocking him onto his back and pinning his elbows with her knees. Her very small shorts stared at him, her unseen vagina blooming and flushing with heat.

“Now, I’m sex hikayeleri gonna move, but you be good and stay right there,” she ordered.

He nodded as a promise, his eyes wavering on the edge of confidence as he took in the vision of her breasts dancing above him. Everything smelled like coconut oil and sun dried clothes.

Alison ran her hands down to the top button of her shorts and pried it open, peeling it back showing an inch more skin. She pulled the halves of the snap in opposing directions, the bright bronze zipper traversed down, revealing more and more skin, smoothed and tanned courtesy of the nearby Spa until the top of her low rise bikini bottoms showed. To add to the affect she arched her back, pushing her slim belly forward and stretched her arms behind her head. Her hair cascaded down like a darkened halo. Her weight came forward onto her knees, pinning Scott’s arms painfully, but he quickly recovered as the small triangles of bikini top tumbled down, the long ties that had been attached behind her neck, hitting his face lightly.

She got down on her hands, letting her nipples come close to his lips, then straightened her legs to stand, running her hands up her legs to her breasts, she stopped to squeeze and jiggle them toward him.

“Stay.” She emphasized.

He squirmed in his jeans, but obeyed her otherwise.

As gracefully as possible she slid her shorts down and off, kicking them aside she loosed the tie between her shoulder blades, discarding her top. She felt very dominant and posed above him, pouting her full lips, turning around to show off her ass. Then she squatted, allowing her practically naked ass and crotch to rest on Scott’s chest while she pulled apart the button and fly of his jeans. But she stopped there and stood, turning around she knelt again moving his arms up she let her clit come to his chin. She smiled, eyes dangerous and pulled the strings on her hips letting her bottoms fall off onto Scott’s face.

He blew them off and moved them with his tongue, showing surprising a agility. His eyes became a bit duller than normal, Alison thought, porno hikayeleri and he picked his head up to have a taste. She pulled back, out of reach, running her right hand down to twirl her clit and open her lips, giving him the most inviting visual experience known to man, well, its definitely in the top five.

Just as she got back to her clit she pressed forward onto his mouth and held his head with her left hand.

When Scott was younger he had had a speech impediment and the oral training he had received made him overqualified to suck Alison’s pussy. With his lips and tongue and teeth he pressed back, creating an overall pressure and stimulation that she had not planned on. She forgot him. She forgot herself. Her hips rode his face all by themselves, the tight muscles of her thighs and buttocks moving subtly to indicate points of stimulation for his attention. Through some combination of his tongue and lips he shocked her and hit the button, sucking the orgasm out of her vagina, pushing every muscle of her body to spasm, he made her cum in his mouth.

They both rested for a minute out of breath.

“Good God,” Alison slurred and kissed him. She stood and leaned on the door jam, still inhaling the pleasure throughout her body. “Take off your pants.”

Scott stood and pulled everything off at once. His cock bouncing as he slowed down to unbutton his shirt. He wiped the sweat from his face and felt Alison grab his penis and pull him to the sofa, pushing him down and coming to her knees.

Alison squeezed her breasts together and draped them over his cock, sliding down and back up three times resting with them on his thighs, nipples deep brown. She pushed his cock to his belly and massaged with her breasts, crushing his balls lightly and arching back down to lick him between her tits. She used quick swipes of her flattened tongue for full sensation. All that he could see was her hair, but he could feel her tongue like electricity and her nipples pressing into his hips. She opened her lips and held him, sucking the juice from a peach and flicking alternately.

She sikiş hikayeleri pulled back so he stood erect, gripping with her right and pushing her whole body into him she stroked him and looked into his eyes, sucking just the tip as he kicked his legs and encouraged her. This would be quick, she knew, and he would love it.

She stroked faster pressing her thumb to the underside and fluffing his balls with the left hand, she kept up stroking and licking as he came. His sperm streaming up to her lips and onto her tongue, covering her hand and his cock. They kissed.

As he rested she cleaned herself up, and washed him off. But he stayed erect and her pussy ached, her mind constantly on the cock in the next room. She got more lemonade and returned to him. She slowly drank after she entered the room, letting him watch her, she turned and put the glass on the table and dipped a finger in it. She lay down on the carpet where Scott and laid as he licked her, and let the drops of lemonade splash on her nipples. Scott dropped down, kneeling at her side and kissed her breasts like he had kissed her pussy, working from top to bottom before he sucked at the lemonade. She rubbed his cock to encourage him to the task she had in mind.

He sat back and ran his fingers down her body to her legs. Pulling up her closest leg with both hands he moved toward her. She pulled her knees up and let him press forward, his length warm as it slipped past her lips, he was slow and deliberate, squeezing the most depth and pull from each movement, coming out so far her plump vaginal lips almost came together. He changed angles and moved faster, leaning in to suckle and kiss her. As they both drew closer, she pushed him out and sat him on the sofa, straddling and mounting his cock again. She bounced and pressed her clit down on him as they sped to orgasm. She froze at the top of her thrust as his cock wrenched free from her spasming pussy and entered again giving up his orgasm as she moaned through her open mouth. They came in a final push, her body rigid and over sensitive as he held her hips and finished.

He let her move off of him and leaned into her hair, smelling the sea and the sun. Their bodies glistened. It was almost eleven in the morning, they had had sex for breakfast and the hottest part of the day was yet to come.

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