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The International

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Big Tits

I’m wearing my best suit – midnight blue, tailor made, perfect. I adjust my cufflinks as I survey the bar of the International hotel. It’s the kind of bar where buying more than one drink necessitates a meeting with a Financial Advisor – expensive-looking drinks, expensive-looking decor, and expensive-looking people. She must be one of them.

I’ve never actually met her before. Just pictures. But oh, what pictures. We’ve been speaking for months. Well, messaging. As these things are prone to do, they began to escalate until one day I got a message saying: ‘I’m in your city on business. I’ll be at the bar of the International hotel at 9PM. Don’t let me down 😉 “

And there’s one woman in the bar who stands out, not just from the rest of the patrons but from the world itself. She looks amazing in a sexy. figure-hugging dress and I can see the outlines of her curves as I approach her from behind and put my hands around her waist. I whisper in her ear, close enough that she can feel my breath on her neck as if I was kissing it.

‘Which room’s yours?’

Without saying a word, she fixes me in the eye. Without breaking contact, she slowly finishes her drink and then silently slips me her room key. I look her in the eye and command her:

‘I want you naked and blindfolded.’

She is up in her room now, alone. She lies on her bed, completely unable to see but her remaining senses heightened by the sense of anticipation. I let myself into the Room quietly. So quietly she can’t hear me over the sound of her own heartbeat, so it’s an electric shock when she feels my mouth on her nipple.

I sex hikayeleri gently suck and very, very lightly bite it, bringing my hand up to her other nipple and gently squeezing it between my fingertips. I move my mouth to her neck and kiss it with my mouth open, slightly sucking and biting her skin as I graze it with my teeth.

She still can’t see a thing, so I stop completely. She arches herself towards me urgently but I’m making her wait. I get up off the bed and watch her trying to work out where the next sensation is coming from.

I very lightly trace the tips of my fingers all the way up her leg. By the time she can feel my fingertips across the top of her thighs and my thumbs between them, she’s already parting her legs. Urging me onwards. She’s getting wet. I put my finger in her mouth and make her suck it.

Now wet, I slide my finger inside her suddenly, then all the way back out. She gasps and bucks against my hand, I draw light circles with my fingers around her pussy without quite touching, just brushing her lips and darting across her clit every few seconds. I keep this up until she starts to moan. As her voice rises in pitch I can feel the blood rushing to my cock, filling it, making it hard as steel. I stand up and walk around so she can hear that i’m stood over her. I pull her face towards me

‘Open your mouth. Wide.’

She dutifuly opens her mouth, her tongue sliding out to lick her lips. She lets her tongue hang out of her mouth slightly and I take out my cock, still stiffening, and put it on her tongue. She draws sikiş hikayeleri the length of it into her mouth. I allow her to suck my cock for a while teasing me and licking its ridge. I put one of my balls into her mouth and she hungrily sucks it.

My huge circumcised cock now hard enough to slice diamonds, and glistening with her spit, I kneel over her and rub her nipples with its tip. One side, then the other, as my free hand finds her clit and starts to stroke it gently in a circular motion. As I feel her getting even wetter, my finger moves down over her clit and slides inside her just enough to press her g-spot. Then I pull it out again, over her clit again. I continue this until she starts to pant, grasping short breaths, and in between each breath begs me to fuck her.

I roll her over onto her front, and lightly smack her bum. Her legs are open for me and I can see her pussy – beautiful, wet, inviting. I position myself between her legs and very slowly move myself toward her. She can feel the ridge of my cock as it moves up her inner thigh, until the head is almost touching her clit.

‘Fuck me, fuck me’ She says. I press my cock against her pussy lips and they give way immediately. I slide just the tip inside her, then all the way back out. I slide the tip in again, and again pull it out of her completely. Then, I slide myself into her, slow and deep so she can feel every inch as I fill her up. I pull my cock all the way out of her again…

then i thrust myself deep, all the way back into her. I’m slapping her a bit harder now but she can barely sex hikaye feel the electric shock of my hand touching her bum over the sensation of my cock slamming into her G-spot while my balls rub against her clit.

I pull out and she bucks back against me, desperate for more cock. I turn her over so she’s lying on her back and then I lower my face to her pussy. I start to softly but firmly lick her clit, pressing my tongue hard on her as I make little circles. I lock her clit between my lips and suck it hard, applying suction around my tongue as it continues to stroke her..

With two fingers inside her, circling her g spot, and her clit being licked and sucked simultaneously she is so close to coming. But I want that to happen later. I lie at a right angle to her and my cock finds its way back into her wet pussy with a delicious sound. I’m fucking her while my mouth goes to work on her nipple and I use my spare hand to stroke her clit in time with my thrusts. As my cock, simultaneously hard as hard can be but but soft and heavenly, stimulates her inside, and my fingers work her clit she feels an shattering, quivering orgasm building from her clit and from deep in her pussy.

My cock is almost ready to explode and she can feel it growing inside her, getting bigger and harder with every stroke. She comes! Her pussy spasms around my dick and almost pushes me to the edge so I slide myself out of her and, as she pants and screams her seemingly never-ending orgasm, I put my cock straight into her mouth and her lips close around it as I start to cum deep into her throat.

We lay there, both trembling, goosebumps shooting down our backs. I absent mindedly start to play with her pussy, just sliding my finger over her pussy lips as she recovers. She takes my hand from her pussy, licks her own juices from her finger, and asks

“So. How do I compare to my photos?”

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