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The Hunt

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Riley stepped from the van, helped down by one of the hunt organisers and squinted in the bright sunlight. It was heading towards midday and the heat already drew a covering of sweat over her fair skin.

Clear skies and open countryside stretched out towards the horizon without a sign of human habitation. It was hard for a city dweller like Riley to comprehend such places still existed. But here it was. Open, Sandy grass lands with sparse trees and low rocky outcrops in the distance. That would be her only cover until this was over.

She turned her attention to the hunters. There were six of them. Fit men in their thirties and forties, equipped with everything they needed for a successful hunt. These were no ordinary hunters. Each was a wealthy man who’d paid handsomely for the thrill of a human hunt. Ominously each carried a rifle slung over his shoulder.

Riley stood quietly with the other girls, twelve in all, waiting for the signal. They were all young and pretty like herself.

“Listen up.

The hunt organiser stood in front of the two groups and waiting until he had everyone’s attention.

“When I blow the whistle, girls you have ten minutes head start. Keep heading north until you see the old water tower with the flag on it. That’s the end point.


He shrugged before just saying.

“Enjoy the hunt.”

Apprehension for what was about to happen engulfed Riley and she felt slightly sick at the prospect of running while these men hunted her like a wild animal.

She flushed red as she saw them studying her along with the other girls. They were just meat to them. Something to be chased down.

Riley started running as soon as the whistle blew. She had ten minutes head start and the safety line was ten miles across mixed terrain.

She knew it wouldn’t be easy going. Naked except for a pair of small ankle boots and with her hands chained loosely behind her back to disadvantage her, she would have to take care not to fall or find herself trying to cross any rivers.

The hunters would be hot on her trail soon enough. Binoculars scanning the countryside looking for movement. A rifle sight with crosshairs on the naked flesh of her butt.

The ground was stony under her feet and she had to watch her step to avoid toppling. Ahead long grass offered the promise of cover from gun sights and binoculars. The other girls were spreading out, looking for their own escape. Some had paired off or grouped together. Others like her were choosing to go it alone.

The grass wasn’t as long as she’d hoped when she reached it. Sparser than it looked from a distance and only reaching to her waist. She slowed to ease her burning lungs and looked about for better cover. Trees lay to the east but that meant moving off line. She decided to keep going, hoping the head start would keep her clear of her pursuers. Riley was young and healthy. Fit with strong shapely legs that would carry her to the end.

Her hands were cuffed loosely behind her back, Avcılar Escort “to add to the excitement of the experience” they’d said. But it meant she couldn’t hold her wildly bouncing tits that we’re becoming increasingly uncomfortable. They weren’t the biggest, modest compared to a couple of the other girls but right now she wished for a tiny fried eggs adorning her chest.

Eventually she had to slow. Out of breath, aching tits and feet that hurt from slipping on rough stones took their toll. The boots were sturdy enough, but there was always the risk of a twisted ankle. Then she’d be a sitting duck.

Now she kept going at a walking pace, occasionally glancing back to be certain no one was there. Surely the hunters couldn’t close her down with the head start they’d been given.

It was hot. Hotter than she’d expected. This wasn’t the best activity for someone with fair skin and blonde hair in hindsight. The sun was high in the sky and she could feel her flesh burning. Sweat dripped from her, running into her eyes. Just another of the discomforts she hadn’t thought of when answering the advertisement for ‘young open minded and outgoing girls with a sense of adventure’.

Running naked across private land had seemed exciting to a natural exhibitionist like Riley. Five thousand dollars for a days work with a bonus if she could make the finish line unscathed was easy money. There was no way she’d get caught.

With her lungs easing she started up a trot again, determined to keep distance between her and the hunters. She wondered what the other girls were doing. We’re they evading their hunters as successfully. In a way she hoped not. Time spent taking them down was fine not used on her.

The shot hit her square on the back with a sharp slap. Blue paint splattered around the impact point and she stopped running, slightly shocked at her bad luck.

“Okay.” Riley gasped trying to catch her breath.

“You got me.”

She dropped to her knees and waited, accepting her fate.

“Good girl.”

The hunter stood in front of her and looked her over.

“First catch.”

“Yeah.” She answered.

“You know what that means.”

Riley had read the rules. She knew what was expected for each time she was caught. Obviously in her mind, capture hadn’t been in the plan. She’d dreamt it would be a clear run. The other girls would be the ones captured. Not her.

Oh well. It was only one capture she reasoned. She could do this.

“Yeah. I know.”

The hunter dropped his gun to the side and unhooked the binoculars hanging from his neck, placing them down with the gun.

“Gotta say, you’re the best of the girls. I noticed that at the start line. Sure glad I’m the one to hunt you down first.


It felt a little surreal thanking him. She didn’t know his name. She’d never seen him before. And after today she’d never see him again. In a way that made it easier.

“How do you want it?” She asked matter Beylikdüzü Escort of factly.

“Stand up.”

Riley did as she was told, resigned to paying her forfeit.

He started unbuckling his trousers as his eyes run over her with the hunger of a true game hunter that’d just taken down his prize. Riley could feel them as they hovered over her vulva with its neat little crack.

“Turn around and bend over.”

Riley followed the instruction, feeling butterflies take flight in her belly.

Fingers stroked gently up her exposed snatch.


She shuddered, spreading her feet to balance herself. With her hands tied and no way to support herself it wasn’t easy.

His finger entered her and started exploring her velvet walls with a dexterity that excited a thousand nerve endings and brought her juices running down to lubricate his movements.


Riley was no innocent. She knew this was part of the game and had accepted it willingly. But out here in the wilderness actually having to deliver was something very different. Fear and excitement mixed as one, leaving her skin tingling.

“Very nice. I’m gonna enjoy this.”

Riley swallowed back her anxiety. She’d fucked strangers before. No big deal she told herself.

He entered her slowly, spreading and stretching her internal muscles. Riley quivered. To be fucked by a complete stranger she’d met just minutes ago while tied was both scary and arousing. A strange combination. But she’d agreed to it she reminded herself. And a large sun of money would be sitting in her bank at the end of it.

Even without the bonus it was easy money for someone who was comfortable with nudity and had a healthy appetite for sex. But it was one thing letting a guy pick you up in a bar. Another to give yourself to a stranger in the open air just because he’d randomly marked you with a paintball gun.

“Oh my God.”

He gripped the chain linking her wrists like the reigns of a horse and pulled her tight to his groin. His cock was buried deep in her. She could feel it, hard and hot.

He began with an urgency, fucking her hole smoothly and quickly. Riley’s legs weakened as her body quivered under his touch. The slap of her butt cheeks echoed as he buried himself into her with each hard thrust.

“Uhh. Uhh. Uhh.”

Unsteady on her feet she was bounced back and forth as he pulled her arms back and rode her. Riley stared forward at the open landscape, submitting as though she were a native girl on some Victorian age island, and taken against her will by the sailor of a European sail ship

Harder and faster he went at her, bouncing her tits beneath her until they hurt again. Like small pendulums they bounced back and forth pulling at the tissue holding them to her chest.

“Oh Christ.”

The pressure built inside her with an intensity that could only come with the shear rawness of the situation. No love or romance. No getting to know this man. Esenyurt Escort Not even lust. This was just pure fucking. A price to pay for being tracked and shot. No different to standing on a street corner until a car stopped and offered cash for services.

Riley came with a shudder that almost sent her crashing to the ground had it not been for the hand pulling her arms back.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” She cried.

Her legs buckled as the wave of ecstasy rode up her spine and convulsed her muscles.

The hunter felt her snatch grip his cock and he responded.


Hot cum filled her and he slowed. She felt his cock slip from her and she straightened up before she fell. A little of his cum dribbled down the inside of her thigh and she realised it would dry there. When she reached the finish line it would be like a badge of her failure just as the blue paint on her back was.

“On your knees.”

Riley had thought it was over. Now she realised he wanted more. To guarantee her payment refusal wasn’t an option. It wasn’t like she hadn’t sucked a good few lads off before. While she liked the illusion of choice and control, she had to admit this was little different to her weekends partying that almost always ended up in someone’s bed. It just lacked the alcohol.

She knelt, careful to put her knees on soft grass and watched his cock closing in. She opened her mouth and took it in, tasting the saline of his seed as his smooth crown slid over her tongue.

Riley closed her eyes to the mass of pubic hair filling her vision and breathed in his scent. It was masculine. Sweaty from the hot day and the excursion of the hunt. Not unpleasant. Fresh and down to Earth. It kind of excited her and she began working him with her mouth. Riding his hot flesh with her lips.

“That’s good.” He gasped.

“Like a pro.”

Experienced yes. But Riley was no pro. Money and sex had never mixed in her life until today. Even as she had signed the agreement it still hadn’t really occurred to her that she wouldn’t just run the course and collect the two thousand dollar bonus.

That would go to one of the other girls, perhaps. There were no guarantees. Each of those could be caught just as easily as she’d been. Perhaps more than once.

More cum exploded from his cock, filling her mouth and running into her throat. His hand held her head impaled by his cock as it twitched and she was forced to swallow.

Finally he released her and she fell back onto her thighs taking a great gasp of air.

“That was great girl.”

He was already pulling his trousers up and glancing around.

“Now I’m hoping to bag the redhead. She looked just as juicy as you.”

Riley sat catching her breath as the hunter started out for his next victim. He couldn’t catch her again. It was in the rules that once she was marked by his colour she was off limits. But there were another five just like him out there and she wasn’t half way to the finish line.

“Oh shit.” She muttered.

Riley scrambled to her feet and took her bearings. She began running, now conscious that another shot could come out of nowhere and she’d be fucked again. A tiny part of her was excited at the prospect. There was something raw and primal about being used and left for the next target. But she wasn’t going to make it easy.

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