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The Hikers

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The trail wound through the woods, making you feel isolated and, at this time of a weekday, it was actually so. David and Julie had met at the trailhead, leaving their parked cars in the small empty lot. Even full there could only be three other cars parked there and neither of them had actually ever seen another car there that wasn’t to meet their small hiking group. Of course, with all the little innuendos and the flirtatious teasing between the two of them, it was only a matter of time before they came up with a reason for just the two of them to meet out there alone.

Once out on the trail, they traded off lead depending on the conditions and David liked following her almost so much that he didn’t pay much attention to where Julie led. He didn’t care. He was enjoying watching her and thinking about what he was going to do once he could get his hands on that body of hers. He also knew he was definitely going to get his hands on her today.

They had been in the hiking group together for years and there had been an instant spark of attraction that had only built up over time. Julie had been seriously involved until a few months ago and he had had his string of flings so their relationship had gone to that place where he talked about sex all the time around her and she gave him suggestions rather than being surprised or shocked by anything he said any more.

It was clear to both of them that if the situation were different they’d have a lot of fire between them but she was beginning to doubt if he was actually attracted to her or just liked the teasing, etc. In fact, with her recent bad breakup she was paying more attention to his random sex comments and had convinced herself that he didn’t necessarily want more than that from her. She knew she had put on about 15 pounds and, while still very curvy, her last relationship ended because her boyfriend just didn’t seem to be interested in taking advantage of her strong sex drive although they had started off very hot. Maybe she just wasn’t David’s type at all. Maybe that was why he felt comfortable saying the things he did to her. All of these defeating thoughts went through her mind as she drove up the mountain and she was seriously second-guessing this hike until she saw him waiting for her. She told herself that it didn’t really matter. She didn’t want a relationship with David and she knew he didn’t want one with her. There’d be too many complications within their group and anything that’d happen would have to be kept secret.

They had been walking about an hour along the twisted trail when David couldn’t stand it any more. They had been laughing at a story about a girl he had briefly dated and who had hated having oral sex performed on her. Julie was saying, in a mocking tone, how nuts that was especially since he had always gone on and on about how good he was at it.

David could see the sweat dripping down the back of her neck and he suddenly wanted her now. She walked ahead of him slowly following the stream and he decided this was a perfect place to see how far he could take this. “Maybe I should just show you?” He reached Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir his hands out to her sides and moved his body up against her as he pulled her tight against him. She gasped as she hadn’t been expecting him to actually touch her and the second she felt his hot hands she knew he wasn’t just teasing this time.

David pulled away briefly to pull off her small backpack and drop his before pulling her back against him again. His hands moved up and crossed to each grab a large handful of her tits. He rubbed his body up against her and felt her push back against him as she arched her back. He could feel her nipples get rock hard and when looking over her shoulder he could look straight down her thin light blue v-neck hiking shirt to be able to see her full DD cups cradled in his palms as his fingers pinched at her nipples poking through the thin material. She may have been self conscious of her slight weight gain but he very much liked what he could see and feel.

His mouth was against her neck and he licked up from her shoulder to breathe against her ear as she blew out softly. Julie’s head was thrown back and as David licked and kissed her neck her hands covered his as they roamed her body. He pushed his knee between her legs as he pulled her up along his body still feeling those big breasts with his hot hands. She was straddling his knee as his hands moved her hips the way he wanted… back and arched farther back. She was clearly very turned on. His cock twitched through his shorts as he began to rub her body against his cock as she pushed hard against him. His left hand continued to hold her hips against him as he slipped his right hand down into her shorts slipping under the panties and right to her already wet aching clit. She was so turned on that his fingers sliding all over her clit and finally slipping deep into her wet pussy was almost enough to bring her to her first climax of the day when he slowed down from the frenzy his fingers had been in just a second ago to very slowly slipping deep into her pussy and slowly fucking her until she began to buck against him and he slipped another finger into her, pinching her clit and rubbing it with his thumb as she began to hold her breath as he fingered her faster and deeper as she began to cum. Ohh, it was sooo good to finally feel his fingers inside her and she came almost too quickly.

David pulled his two fingers out sliding her wetness all over her pussy and clit as he let her slide her feet down to the ground again. He pulled a blanket out of his backpack spreading it out over the very small clearing they stumbled into. He pulled her over to the blanket and she was almost trembling with her need as he laid her back and began pulling off her clothes while kissing her body.

Once she was completely naked David opened Julie’s legs and began to toy with her clit again. She shuddered and moaned as he slipped one finger and then the other into her pussy and back out to slide against her clit again. She was so wet and so turned on that he was giving her multiple mini- orgasms İstanbul Escort every few minutes as his fingers performed on her clit and pulsed deep inside again and again. He got her close to cumming, thrusting deeper into her and really finger fucking her when he suddenly pulled his fingers out and slipped his tongue deep into her pussy, flicking her clit and sliding a finger back inside as he licked and sucked all over her wet pussy, feeling her orgasms rush through her body as his tongue licked her deep inside. She came over and over again before she gasped “wait, wait…” and tried to catch her breath. David reluctantly pulled his thick tongue out of her dripping pussy and laid back on the blanket.

She just rested, slowing her breath for just a moment, before her pussy began to cry out for more and she sat up looking over at his still bulging shorts before grabbing either side and lifting the edge up over his prick and sliding the shorts down his legs as his big dick began to twitch in anticipation. She leaned over to his tip as soon as it was clear of the fabric and licked his precum off before sucking the whole thick head into her mouth. He moaned with delight as she grabbed his thickening cock with one hand stroking him as she sucked his dick deeper into her mouth sliding his hard shaft deeper into throat.

Looking down as Julie began to bob up and down sucking and licking his penis, David thrust up as she moaned and he slipped deeper into her mouth again and again. He couldn’t hold back any longer and he began to pump his cum down her throat holding her head and feeling her gobbling him up greedily. David had been dreaming about her sucking him off for years and this was better than anything he had imagined. As she licked him clean, he firmed up quickly and he pulled her up against him to straddle his body. Her pussy slid against his shaft as she sat upright and he could feel her dripping with wanting him. She was very excited and didn’t want to wait any longer, climbing farther up his body so she could slip her pussy down onto his big waiting dick.

Julie gasped as she felt her body slide down onto his still growing shaft and he grabbed her waist pulling her farther down onto his cock. He held her tight against his body grinding up into her wet pussy as she began to thrust and grind against his cock filling her up. David sat up licking her nipples and sucking them into his mouth as his other hand wrapped around her waist pulling her down again as he shoved up into her pulsating pussy. She continued to ride him until she came hard and then hard again when he shifted inside her.

As soon as he began to pull out of her, her pussy tightened down on his shaft and he pushed back deep inside her. He lifted her up as he sat and grabbed her around the shoulders leaning her back as he began to fuck her slippery pussy. She arched her back and he banged her pussy as hard as he could feeling how wet she was and how close she was to exploding yet again. He always knew fucking her would feel good but he was really turned on by how turned on she was. Escort İstanbul Julie clearly wasn’t worried about someone hearing her cum and that was really exciting him.

David held her up as he began to use his thumb on her clit as he grinded up deep inside her. She began to push back on his big hard dick faster and as she got louder and he was feeling his own explosion cumming, she grabbed onto his body and fucked against him, feeling him sliding deeper into her wet pussy as she tightened down with her orgasm, fucking him hard and fast as she came again and he thrust one more time before shooting his hot cum deep inside her.

She was dripping with their combined cum as he slid from her and they both laid back on the blanket sweaty and so fucking satisfied. David could smell her sex all over his body and she was still shuddering with her relief when he leaned over her and slid a finger back into her sopping wet cunt. Julie immediately opened her legs as he leaned in and began to lick and suck on her pussy again.

Julie has always loved having her pussy licked and sucked on and has even had a few “relationships” with guys who only did that for her. She can and has requested to just have her pussy licked and fingered and sucked all night long before. Of course, David’s constant bragging about his skills was always a source of great interest and lots of fantasy for Julie and typically left her with wet panties after a hike with him.

He dove his tongue deep into her pussy, bringing her back to reality, licking between her lips and sucking her clit as he slipped a finger deep into her pussy again. As his finger sped up he sucked harder and licked up her clit with the flat of his tongue before diving into her pussy again. Julie surprisingly wanted his cock again, moaning and licking her lips, getting louder with his ministrations.

David always got rock hard at just the idea of her noises but hearing them in person brought him right to the brink too. He quickly moved back up her body licking her nipple as he pushed her legs up and open and slid deep into her pussy feeling his cock being squeezed by her tight cunt as he began to slowly ease all the way out and then drop deep into her burying his dick in her throbbing wetness. This is going to be the big explosion he’s been building towards and he leaned up, grabbing both of her big tits in his hands while pounding his hard cock deep into her. Faster and deeper, he moved into her tight hole. He thrust a few more times as she began to cum loudly, arching against him and finally he released deep inside her, cumming so hard and loudly that he was sure any other hikers within the area were sure to hear them.

They cleaned themselves up and David packed away the sex-stained blanket into the backpack. As they walked back to the trailhead, she handed him a small remote with a twinkle in her eyes. He immediately flips it on and she shudders and her nipples harden again. He’s going to enjoy the hike back knowing that once they’re back at the cars he’ll have his fingers on her clit again. His dick, while not ready yet, twitches thinking about her sucking him in the woods. Meanwhile, Julie is thinking about going down on him again before they leave the trail. He’s bound to turn the vibe up once she’s sucking his cock head into her mouth again. They both keep walking thinking this is going to be one of the best hikes either of them has ever been on.

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